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** The Jewish Defence League UK is a Fully Law Abiding Group. We are in NO WAY affiliated with the English Defence League or the unrecognised Jewish Defence League Great Britain, which is an unauthorized fraud set up created by an unscrupulous figure with the intent to discredit the Jewish Defence League and Zionism as a whole. **

We live in a time when the Jewish community in Europe is subjected to many forms of of anti-Semitic attacks, both verbal and physical, in the aftermath of the sickening and tragic Muslim atrocity in Toulouse - A declaration of war on European Jews.

The Jewish Defence League tries to be present everywhere to fight against anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism in all its forms. This requires a considerable mobilization of all Zionist activists, Jewish and non Jewish, to counter Pro-Palestine propaganda and hate rallies on the streets of Britain, to make the JDL voice heard across the UK and to help make our events happen.

The mission of the Jewish Defense League is multifaceted–to serve as the premier Galut-based activism force in defense of Jews, Judaism and righteous non-Jews; to advocate, educate and inspire the Jewish people in such notable areas as authentic Torah Judaism, self-defense and security; to vigorously oppose all manifestations of Jew-hatred. We are Kahanist and we are proud to be! 

Membership in the Jewish Defence League shows your commitment to the survival, defense and betterment of worldwide Jewry and is open to all who care about the Jewish people and Israel. Non-Jews are more than welcome as members as long as they respect Judaism. One of the greatest and most powerful commitments you can make to the Jewish people, Judaism and Israel is to become an active member in good standing of the Jewish Defence League.

 The Jewish Defence League is powered by your active involvement in the movement. If you are an upstanding person, Jew or non-Jew, who agrees with JDL philosophy, you should strongly consider joining us.

If, however, you fall into a different category entirely and loathe us rather than love us, we have some recommendations for you as well. You could take a long walk off a short pier. If you're of the terrorist persuasion, you could involve yourself in a "work accident." If you hate JDL and you happen to be Jewish, you could reverse your Bris Milah, thats if you even have one, and give up your birthright. However, our fervent hope for you is that you take a second, refrain from hating us for a brief moment, and think critically about your positions and world-view. If you think hard enough, you may be able to see the light. If instead you wish to continue hating us, JDL will always be prepared for the fight and we will not give up no matter what you throw at us, Zionism defined itself through bravery and sacrifice, that will not change any time soon. 

To continue to work and advance our objectives, the Jewish Defence League United Kingdom needs your help! We are always seeking new activists to join us and help our cause and any donations are greatly appreciated, If you are interested in becoming an activist within the JDL UK or would like to make a secure donation, Get in touch with us.
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Od Kahane Chai!