JDL UK Blogroll

Please Note: The views of the JDL UK may not, in some instances, represent those of the groups and causes we support.

The groups and Causes listed are in no particular order:


Aliyah Magazine
Allen West (Lieutenant Colonel)
Ann Barnhardt
Caroline Glick
Daniel Pipes
Debbie Schlussel
Edgar 1981
Elder of Zion
Faith Freedom
Geert Wilders
Im Tirtzu
Jewish Defense League Canada
Jewish Defense League South Cook County
Juniper in the desert
JTF - Ha'yamin amiti
Law and Freedom Foundation
Light Bearer's Realm
Ligue Defense Juive - JDL France
Long horn project for Israel
Masada 2000
New York Middle East Institute
Paul Austin Murphy's blog
The Aha foundation
The Body of Truth
The Mad Jewess
The Religion of Peace
The Wolf of the Caucasus
Think Israel
Voice of the Copts
Women in Green
Exposing The Palestine Solidarity Campaign


  1. Thanks for keeping the world great! Freedom isn't worth giving up even if it means ridding the world of these thugs who hate us for our freedom!

    1. What a predictable, small and pathetic comment, 'PC Watch'...