Community Matters

Here are a few things you can do for your community:

1. Stop the building of mosques in your area. Contact the Law and Freedom Foundation.

2. Join and donate to the JDL, so that we can continue to highlight Jew hatred from Islamic organizations, fight for Jews in the streets and fight against Islamization, as well as provide material for public education.

3. Contact us to report Jew hating crimes, biased articles, anti-Semitic situations and anything else you wish to report to us, and we will deal with it. You can also email us articles that you wish us to post on our site. If you want to join our writing team, please send us a sample of your writing to us and we will get back to you.

4. We like to hear from local Jews and we want to hear about people who are making a difference in your communities. We have no specifications whatsoever, you can praise anyone in your family, friends and even your pet for something worthy they have done for you or for the community. Just email us with the story and photos you wish to publish and we will do so. We want to have our community involved in what we do.


  1. as a member of the jdl socialist wing, i don't understrand why you hate socialists if what we mean by a socialist is someone who believes in raising the minimum wage, support kyoto, make the rich corporations pay their fair share of taxes,support obama's national health care plan, support a strong military and exterminate the enemies of israel, fght small c conservative plans to cut health care coverage, support the occupy wall street movement,etc. what does all this have to do with not caring about israel? after all,rabbi kahane had similar socio-economic views to mine when i spoke to him. please comment on my views. with love of israel.

    1. I don't know any "Socialist" wing of the JDL, but let me clarify our stance:

      We have nothing against raising the minimum wage. This is not as much "Socialism" but common sense. All corporations should pay tax as well as every working individual. We do not believe in taking more from the rich to give to the poor. We believe that our taxes should be better managed by the government so that we do not have to resort to robbing the rich to give to the poor, while the ones who supposedly manage our cash, spend it on THEMSELVES instead.

      We do NOT support Obama's national health care plan because it is a farce. We in the UK pay already a huge amount of money for our NHS and we do not even get the treatment that we are supposed to get. The same will happen to the US. I personally pay an extortionate amount to the NHS and my money does not go to the English people but to the scumbag immigrants or tourists who come over here to exploit the system. I would rather pay this same amount for a PRIVATE medical care system which I could be 100% sure would cover me and my family and not foreigners and immigrants who never contributed to our NHS.

      Supporting the military and Israel are not traits of Socialism.

      If you support the "Occupy wall street" movement, then you are a hypocrite, because in case you did not realize most of the "occupy" people are well off and don't need to work as their parents have plenty of cash. These idiots are protesting against businesses making money (Or their rich parents in any case). How stupid is that?
      Are you against people WORKING FOR MONEY? Are you against people getting rich from their talents? If so, why??

      There has to be an incentive in life, don't you think?

      You are confused regarding your stance.

      There is nothing wrong with fighting against the cuts, fighting against spiraling education costs, fighting against unfair wages, etc... but Socialism is NOT what you are describing.

      Besides, Rabbi Kahane was never a socialist. He was a man who fought for justice. There is a HUGE difference between Justice and Socialism.
      The comment that Kahane was a socialist is misleading.

  2. I do not agree with this. A big part of the OCCUPY movement was about getting rid of corruption within the banking system etc...and the big corporations and claiming what is ours as human beings even if they were themselves ccupied by a lot of marxist crap stuff , and other , they had a lot of ponts and in the US for instance they knew what they were talking about and took real action to make the abuse ceaze. Perhaps in the UK it was different but American kids are not used to protesting for nothing, they are not expecting anybody to pay for them. and no they did not all have money as a matter of fact , it was all class protest . A lot of people fed up. V.

  3. They were NOT getting rid of any corruption as they were drinking Starbucks coffee and using their laptops while in this "OCCUPY" movement. Bunch of hypocrites. These OCCUPY kids are all well off. They wouldn't be doing this crap if they had a JOB and were WORKING on a daily basis like most of us.
    Furthermore they are anti-Semitic scumbags, like all socialist Nazi types.

    1. 'Alternative' society types are ALL nazis. Even a Gentile like me knows that.

    2. I agree with you 100%. There is a wonderful photo from Brighton's Argus newspaper during the time that the Occupy movement took place in the town. Essentially, it is a photo of a young girl sitting cross-legged, behind a sign that says 'Smash Capitalism'. Young girl is wearing a Berghaus coat, tapping-away on a MacBook Pro, with a Starbucks coffee at her side

  4. left wing same as Nazis no good scum,no socialist in the jdl.go play with the uaf.