Friday, 8 July 2016

JDL chapters of UK, Canada and US take a stand against the Racism and Hatred for Jews spouted by Iranian-backed-Savages celebrating al-quds day

On 3rd July 2016 the Jewish communities, activist groups and their supporters, took a stand against the genocide-preaching cockroaches of the "pro-fakestinian" movement, funded by the homophobic, xenophobic, mysogynistic and child abusing Iranian regime, while they celebrated Jerusalem day, which they refer to, under their made up bastardised name, as "al-quds" day.

 We prefer to call it "ALL C**TS day, because it seems somehow far more appropriate. After all, only vermin bring their children on hate marches with the sole purpose of brainwashing them to hate Jews and Israel.  

But we also like ALL TURDS day too, because let's face it, these people don't just look it, they smell like turds too.

The rally happened outside the US Embassy in London, a place which has been dessecrated yearly by the presence of child abusing, Jew hating racists and homophobic Islamofascist infidels.  Perhaps that place should be fumigated after their unholy feet touched our British ground.

The rally was organized by groups such as Stand With Us, Zionist Federation, Sussex Friends of Israel, Christian friends of Israel, JDL UK, CST, and several unafilliated individuals who were there to show their support for the Jewish State.  Several of our members, together with a bunch of Krav Maga fighters were mingled  incognito in the crowd, watching for any problems that could occur.

The New English Review blog has also some good photos of the event. Worth checking.

For those who are not aware, "all c**ts" day is a hatefest against Israel and Jews, sponsored by Iran, which is one of the vilest regimes on the planet, and a place where homosexuals are hanged from cranes, women are stoned to death after receiving a few lashes, bloggers are whipped ferociously for the crime of wishing a more democratic country,  innocent stray dogs are injected with acid to die a slow death, children are raped by their own parents, uncles, and other members of their families, and of course, where women are nothing more than an expendable commodity, where the Iranian Police rapes them at will, and imprison them for "adultery". Stoning them afterwards of course.

The people who attend such rallies, and support them financially, are Muslims and their useful idiots from the radical, fanatical, racist and fascist Left. Logically it is also safe to point out that those people are child abusers, since they bring their children to poison their minds with the same hate they feel for anything Jewish and Israeli.

An article from Breitbart shows these child abusing racist cockroaches flying the flag of Hezbollah, a proscribed terrorist group that has caused the murder of not only hundreds of Jews but also thousands of their own people, going unchallenged by the police, while others held placards calling a whole nation as a"cancer", and somewhat suggesting these very vermin to be a "cure".

Oh, and the irony of "boycott Israel", which they seem to vomit out of their brains constantly, forgetting of course that the very technology they use, the food they eat and the medicine they take are ALL from Israel.  You can see now why no one can say that these people are "smart" in any way, shape or form.

The Hezbollah sharmutas - credit to Blazing Cat Fur

The difference in the messages shown by these groups is astounding. While the Israel supporting groups held messages asking for "Peace Not Hate", the Islamofascist lobby showed opposite messages, asking for the boycott of a whole country, and calling Israel a "Cancer".  Funny that even the putrid fakestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, send his wife to be treated in the "Cancerous" Israeli hospitals. The sad thing is that the world is so accostumed to see hypocrisy that they no longer take any notice of it. 

The rally passed with no major incidents and we have been approached by more people wanting to join our ever growing and strong oganization. People are beginning to realise that the JDL is the only group of Jews who do not back down at the face of danger. The JDL does not mince their words, and we are not going to succumb to political correctness or appeasements of any sort.

I like to think of the JDL as being like wolves, who do not do things to please their masters, like dogs do. Wolves do things when it is in their interest to do so, to protect their families and their pack. Wolves are loyal and they work as a team for they know there is strength in unity. 

All our members are warriors in their own right, every single one of us have a job to do, and we do it with pride.
All the work that JDL does is legal and honourable.

The JDL exists to give the Jewish community hope and to teach them how to fight back against their enemies. 

We are glad that our enemies have now learned - the hard way - that we owe them absolutely no answers and no satisfaction. We will do whatever it takes to keep our people safe, and our enemies humiliated.

Their blogs, their articles, their insults, and whatever else they throw at us, do not move a single thread of our hair. Wolves do not answer to cockroaches. They squash them. We are delighted that we are living in our enemies' minds "rent free", for their hate for us is music to our ears. Their obsession with us exposes the sad and miserable lives they lead, and this gives us great joy.

Israel is here to stay and these vermin will have a very hard time trying to defeat us. We are growing a lot stronger, we are multiplying, and we are everywhere. 

Well done to everyone who participated in this rally, for showing bravery and courage in the face of their putrid hatred. Col ha'cavod to all those who showed support for Israel and for the civilized world; a world where cockroaches like the pro-fakestinian scum have no place in.  

JDL CANADA facing off the hateful IslamoNazi scum in Toronto on 1st July 2016 by Blogwrath. 

Never again will we remain silent while these racist cockroaches call for the genocide of our people. 


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