Saturday, 20 June 2015


This is an update following the article  UK Judge favours assailants over jewish woman, where UK district "judge" Julia Newton wrongly convicted Roberta Moore for 2 counts of assault and 1 count of possessing an offensive weapon. 

Yesterday 19th June 2015, at the Crown Court in Wood Green, Roberta Moore was found innocent, and all charges were dropped.

Fortunately, all the judges unanimously saw through the lies of members of the Israel-hating - BDS-loving group Haringey "Justice for Palestinians", namely Andy Simons, Simon Assaf and Paul Scott.

The Judges decreed that FARBGEL is not an offensive weapon, but a 100% legal product, which cannot be used or modified to cause injury or harm. And since the prosecution has convicted Ms. Moore on 2 counts of assault by using farbgel as a weapon, the assault charges were also quashed. 

One point we want to make is that Mr. Andy Simons lied FOR A SECOND TIME UNDER OATH,  throughout the whole trial. He was desperately trying to deny he was the one pulling Ms. Roberta Moore to the ground, he tried to deny he physically assaulted her and the coward Mr. Ayman Shalash, who goes by the name "Orim Shimshon". All this despite the video evidence playing on the screens over and over again. 
The video evidence can be found on the previous article mentioned above.

Woman violator Andy Simons attempted to play the "old man card" by claiming he was a fragile 62 years old man, but the judges saw through his lies when video evidence showed he was an aggressive savage, attacking both Mr. Ayman Shalash first and then Ms. Roberta Moore with uncalled for violence.
His aggressive facial expression was on screen for everyone to see.

 Paul Scott (Who sported a gray beard since we exposed his clean shaven face),  another deceiving & lying scumbag who committed PERJURY in court under oath, is seen here crying his sorrows to corrupt and thuggish Muslim officer, DC Saima Shaukat Hussain, who "had it in for Ms. Moore" according to her barrister. 

After the court case, Simon Assaf (One of the lying accusers of Ms. Moore) was threatening and intimidating the defence witness.

Seeing with what ease Simon Assaf grabbed Ms Moores throat, he clearly is no stranger to violence, and the same goes for Andy Simons.

We have learned that there is nothing these people wouldn't do to convict innocent people just because they disagree with their political views. We learned that lying comes as naturally to them as drinking water.

We, and the judges, have seen how Mr. Andy Simons attempted on several occasions to change his statement before the video evidence being played on the screen, how he tried desperately to worm his way out of the violence he was clearly displaying. How he lied about being hit with a punch (on his statement) and then tried to change it to say he was hit with a "metal bar" when no metal bar was seen in the video. How he lied about being sprayed in his eyes when he was actually sprayed on the forehead.... lies, lies and more lies. What pissed me off immensely (and perhaps pissed the Judges off even more) was the arrogant face Mr. Simons kept throughout his lies.

It was a shame that in his utter arrogance he failed to grasp the fact that he was truly irritating the Judges (And the prosecution barrister too) with his absurd denials and lies, while his crimes were playing over and over in front of the judges.

We, and the judges, have seen how Mr. Paul Scott has lied about someone hitting Mr. Andy Simons with a metal bar rolled into a bunch of papers. He did this to make their story more credible, despite evidence from the hospital showing Mr Simons suffered NO concussions, NO injuries and NO harm whatsoever. Here is another foolish arrogant piece of garbage who believed that attending court with a gray beard would make him somewhat "respectable".

I wonder how these vermin sleep at night. But hey... KARMA is a beautiful thing.

DC Saima Shaukat Hussain also LIED saying she saw someone hit Mr. Andy Simons with a shining pole, and lied again when she said she watched the video in slow motion, painstakingly... (her words).  And here we prove this lying police officer is untrustwothy and unworthy of her job to defend the public. We too have watched the video and made it into slow motion. Guess we are better at her job than she is.

The rolled bunch of paper that was used to hit Mr. Andy Simons, causing him a tiny little cut above his cheek. No metal bar. No metal pole. Just "Palestinian literature papers". 

When Saima Hussain presented Ms Moores statement to the Judges, there were 6 from the 16 pages missing.

Naturally, this did not happen by mistake, just like Saima Hussains LEGAL JIHAD against Ms Moore was intentional.
This is a DETECTIVE CONSTABLE who uses her position to prosecute innocent people she does not like. From the beginning DETECTIVE CONSTABLE SAIMA HUSSAIN has been plotting and corroborating her JIHAD against Ms Moore with Andy Simons, Simon Assaf, Paul Scott and Asa Winstanley from electronic Intifada. Even during the trial she was discussing strategy outside the court with 'witness' Paul Scott as can be seen in the pictures.


The indigents from "Haringey Justice for Palestine" ASHAMED of being caught lying in court, begged the court security guards to keep us inside a bit longer (At the end of the session) while they ran across the other side of the street. Of course they could not keep us inside, but it was funny to know they asked them. 

Haringey "Justice for Palestinians" is a BDS-supporting, Israel-hating group, that works tirelessly to demonize Israel and Jews who support and speak up for Israel.  

They support Hamas - a terrorist organization that has a charter condoning Jewish genocide- as a "legitimate" government for the "Palestinians" and they continuously harass people and shops to boycott Israel. 
Their idea of "Freedom for Palestine" is the genocide of all Jews who live in Israel (Which they call "Palestine" due to their historical ignorance). 
They are vicious liars and savage thugs. They have attacked a man who was silently protesting against their conference and they violently attacked a Jewish woman who came to the man's defence. 
Their hatred for Jews is obvious and the attacks have proven this. 

About Ayman Shalash:

 Once again we call to your attention that the coward weasel, Mr. Ayman Shalash, (Orim Shimshon) the man who got up on the stage to cause trouble and as a consequence was firstly assaulted by Mr. Andy Simons, had refused to provide a statement to the defence and refused to press charges against the pro-Palestinian thugs who assaulted him and Ms. Roberta Moore who went to his aid. 
It is because of Mr Ayman Shalash's cowardice and lies that Ms. Roberta Moore and Mr. Robert de Jonge were convicted in the first place.

Ayman Shalash has also withheld evidence from the assault on Ms Moore taken with his phone. During the event, Ayman Shalash's cameraman can be seen filming Simon Assaf going after Ms Moore.

On the video Ayman Shalash / Orim Shimshon uploaded, this part was cut out since it not directly added to promoting himself, which is fine.
But why would he deny helping a 'friend' who got arrested and charged because she went to physically defend him?

Here is his facebook profile. 



We wonder if the rats from 'jewishnews uk' and the 'jewish chronice' will delete the articles they chose to copy/paste from Electronic Intifada or will report on this at all. Probably not, since it is not in any interest of their Socialist agenda.