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Haj Mohammed Effendi Amin el-Husseini and Adolf Hitler

Kuwaiti-born Mohammed Emwazi (the individual whose identity was disclosed as the eponymous ‘Jihadi-John’) frequently muttered anti-Semitic remarks during lessons, according to a former classmate interviewed by the Daily-Mail.

When their teacher was informing the class about the Holocaust in a Year-Nine lesson - Nazi Germany’s systematic and methodical genocide of approximately six-million Jews - Emwazi purportedly remarked: “Good, they deserved it.”

Emwazi allegedly harboured a resentful attitude towards Jewish populations, and deemed them accountable for the suffering of Muslims across the Middle-East, according to a fellow pupil.

The teacher told us the Nazis drew up plans to get rid of all the Jews. I heard Mohammed mutter: ‘Good, they deserved it’. I thought he was joking,” the student explained, “But later he told me that he hated all Jews and blamed them for the plight of Muslims.”

Jihadi John excercising his Islamic Culture

This type of behaviour and vituperative temperament is symptomatic of the anti-Semitic mentality that frequently accompanies the adoption of an Islamist identity.

The ubiquitous abhorrence towards Jews has been routinely appeased, and permitted to develop throughout the preposterous BDS agenda, under the disingenuous facade of “anti-Zionism”. The countenancing of anti-Semitic discrimination has demonstrably culminated in devastating consequences, accompanying a considerable increase of anti-Semitic attacks across continental Europe.

The exclusive denunciation of the Israeli state - whilst simultaneously disregarding the atrocities perpetrated by neighbouring governments - is somewhat illustrative of subconscious anti-Semitism.

With prominent journalists like Mehdi Hasan conceding that anti-Jewish sentiments are pervasive across contemporary Muslim communities - it is now incontrovertible that anti-Semitic convictions are being propagated by Islamic fundamentalists, in addition to quintessential neo-Nazis and white-supremacists.

The widespread circulation of anti-Zionist propaganda that mirrors traditional anti-Semitic conspiracy-theories (such as an international collusion of Jews who surreptitiously dictate international affairs) is indisputably exacerbating these attitudes and formulating a very poisonous attitude for Jews across continental Europe.

The abhorrent demagogue George Galloway attempts to pander to his predominantly-Muslim constituency by declaring neighbourhoods in Bradford an Israeli-free zone. People like Galloway know full well that the concepts of Israel and Judaism are inextricably linked, but still persist in arraigning the country, and presumably the population, as a whole.

Additionally, travel-advice for the city of Malmo, in Sweden, advises Jewish individuals not to conspicuously display their religion or ethnicity, for fear of retributory violence. Incidentally, Malmo has the largest Muslim population in the country.

Jews are having bricks thrown through their windows. Jews are being assaulted on the streets. European Jews are subsequently returning to Israel, their ancestral homeland, on an unprecedented scale.

Amidst the shockingly high Aliyah (repatriation) statistics, the real question remains: why are innocent European Jews being subjected to indiscriminate violence? How are they, as European citizens, responsible for geopolitical machinations that occur thousands of miles away?

The hysterical castigation of Israel and the aggrandising hyperbole that accompanies this anathematisation must be considered partially responsible for the significant increase of anti-Semitic violence.

Furthermore, vindictive attacks on synagogues in Denmark and France, respectively, and an innumerable volume of anti-Semitic assaults - of which the perpetrators are predominantly Muslim – have exemplified the numerous corresponding aspects between Islamism and Nazism.

They are essentially morally-equivalent persuasions –respectively totalitarian, fascistic, expansionist, supremacist, and uncompromisingly anti-Semitic.

When walking past houses that were known to have Jew occupants, the contemptible Emwazi was also known to shout obscenities such as “fu**ing pigs”.

This contradicts the impression carefully manufactured by terrorist-apologist organisation CAGE at their press-conference. CAGE, formerly Cageprisoners, undertook a concerted effort to portray Emwazi as an innocuous, benign young-man who was radicalised to decapitation by the security-services’ persistent harassment.

Irrespective of the fact that Emwazi had connections with many individuals implicated in terrorist-related offences, CAGE indignantly asserted that Emwazi’s trip to Tanzania was one of a tourist nature. Despite Emwazi cultivating relationships with disreputable characters - according to CAGE, Emwazi simply intended to embark on a safari. This alibi is a ridiculous attempt to vindicate an aspiring terrorist.

This whole episode clearly displays the defensive, passive-aggressive techniques of “victimhood” that are sinisterly employed by Islamists to perpetuate their insidious agendas. Facilitated by ridiculous neologisms such as “Islamophobia”, Islamists stealthily assume the role of the “victim” whilst simultaneously oppressing others.

The inexorable rise of anti-Semitism will result in significant areas of Western-Europe effectively becoming a no-go area for Jews. The Jewish contribution to European culture is inestimable, but our Governments have essentially abandoned them. As the politically-correct media painstakingly assuages the Muslim demographics, anti-Semitism in continental Europe is being swept under the carpet.

N. Singh - Sikh Activist for JDL


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  3. Islamists stealthily assume the role of the “victim” whilst simultaneously oppressing others.

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