Thursday, 12 February 2015


Picture: (George Galloway handing money to Hamas)

George Galloway is an unscrupulous character and malignant opportunist, who will align himself with almost any sovereign with “anti-imperialistic” manifestations, including absolutist dictatorships like Syria, Iran, and Sudan.

He is a mouthpiece for Iran’s contentious propaganda media-network, where he hosts a weekly radio-show. Press-TV entails no journalistic credibility whatsoever and frequently propounds batshit-crazy, borderline delusional conspiracy-theories pertaining to an international conspiracy of “imperialists” and “Zionists”.  Their unadulterated insanity has no inhibition: they previously suggested that the USA’s military deployment to West-African countries was illustrative of their deliberate engineering of the Ebola crisis; as to provide a pretext for an expansionist incursion into continental Africa.

His controversial appearance on Question-Time validated his reputation as a pathological-liar. When confronted with details of his past misdemeanours and indiscretions (such as his anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and friendly temperament towards terrorist-organisations such as Hamas and Hezbollah) he cleverly prevaricated and digressed away from this topic, preferring instead to launch into a vituperative, rebarbative tirade against  Israel, accusing them of “murder” and extrajudicial incarceration of five-hundred Palestinian children. 

We’ve come to expect certain predictable characteristics of George; such as providing almost no evidence for corroborating his claims and no calumniation of the terrorist-organisations (such as Hamas, who he has openly professed support towards and funded) who are primarily responsible for and continually perpetuate the violence.

Conversely, prevarication is somewhat preferable to refusing to answer the question outright and dismissing the questioner – as he has a proclivity for doing so, before proceeding to terminate the call, when someone calls-up on his weekly radio-show and mentions the discrepancies and inconsistencies in his accusations.

George Galloway is truly a deplorable individual. Let’s declare our neighbourhoods a “Galloway-free zone”; in a similar fashion to how he disparaged the entire Israeli population - notwithstanding of their personal opinions and political persuasions.



N. Singh - Sikh Activist for JDL UK

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  1. Galloway is the lowest form of life on our planet. A poisonous parasite on the scrotum of humanity.