Saturday, 31 January 2015

Islamophobia - The attempt to racialise Muslims

How do you counter someone who accuses you of being “Islamophobic” as a knee-jerk response to legitimate criticism of particular ideologies? 

You retort with three simple statements:

- (#1): Criticising Islam does not necessarily constitute criticising Muslims

- (#2): Criticising Muslims does not necessarily constitute discrimination

- (#2): Discrimination does not necessarily constitute an irrational-fear or anxiety-disorder (phobia)

“Islamophobia” is an imaginary, manufactured and synthetic allegation that has no depth or meaning whatsoever. It is word that has been “invented by fascists and used by cowards, to manipulate morons”, to paraphrase Andrew Cummins (commonly misattributed to the late, great Christopher Hitchens).

The difference between Islamophobia and anti-Semitism? 

One is unadulterated racism, the other is an ambiguous misnomer which has an equivocal and fuzzy definition. The two are terminologies, and are typically used to denote discriminatory prejudices towards particular demographics – Jews and Muslims, respectively.

In this case, anti-Semitism represents pejorative discrimination against Jews as an ethnoreligious population, distinct from the religious denominations. Under no circumstances does criticising Judaism and Jewish religious philosophy constitute anti-Semitic prejudices. Castigating, demonising, and disparaging an ethnic community however, is an entirely different matter whatsoever – as it encompasses prejudices against innate, biological factors as opposed to ideological variables.

Being an atheist Jew isn’t an oxymoron. There is nothing contradictory or antithetical between the two elements. Why? Because “Jew” does not denote religion - it denotes ethnicity.

Conversely, the adjective “Muslim” does not denote ethnicity – it denotes religion.

Religions are philosophical and theological beliefs that are susceptible to change and differing interpretations throughout. The international population of Muslims is indisputably heterogeneous. You can get Turkic Muslims, Tamil Muslims, and Polynesian Muslims – Muslims are a multifarious community comprising an assortment of ethnicities and nationalities.

“Islamophobia” is an ambiguous portmanteau with profoundly nonsensical connotations. The prefix, “Islam”, amalgamated with the suffix, “phobia”, insinuates that the neologism can be defined as an “irrational fear of Islam, as a religion”. By characterising “Islamophobia” as a form of racism, Muslims have effectively racialised their identity and stifled legitimate (and incidentally non-racist) debate pertaining to the precepts of their religious beliefs and practices.

‘Islamophobia’ is indiscriminately utilised by Muslims to describe anything that they consider unacceptable or insulting. It is additionally cited by the politically-correct cowards and professional obscurantists to undermine criticism or scepticism expressed towards the religion, to the point where even questioning certain elements of Islam is considered tantamount to “racism”.

So, in a nutshell, why is “Islamophobia” a preposterous word?

– The definition is nebulous, equivocal and ambiguous – as opposed to anti-Semitism, (which is clearly defined as prejudice towards ethnic Jew populations): the word conflates two different  concepts altogether (freedom-of-thought) with anathematising stigma towards people (pejorative prejudices)

– There are rational reasons to be perturbed by certain elements of Islamic ideology: Islamic scripture entails belligerent and supremacist exhortations that correspond to the contemporary violence that pervades the Muslim world, and is threatening to encroach onto ours.

– It inaccurately and disingenuously characterises discriminatory attitudes as anxiety-disorders: hatred or discrimination is disgusting. But it is not necessarily indicative of a neurological impairment or anxiety-disorders.

As we know from the excellent video “Three-Stages-of-Jihad” (, Muslim-expansionists have an intractable disposition towards feigning victimhood since the inception of Islam. They absolutely love playing the victim and indignantly insisting that they are the ones who are oppressed, even whilst simultaneously oppressing others. The assumption of victimhood provided an impetus against perceived anti-Muslim “persecution” and facilitated their expansionist conquests of the Arabian Peninsula, and beyond.

The concoction of such a despicable neologism - “Islamophobia” - has undoubtedly accommodated this insufferable methodology of subjugating the non-Muslim world.

N.Singh - Sikh Activist for JDL UK

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