Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Pro-Palestinian Hackers Target Israeli NGO Site for Children with Cancer

An Arab branch of the international hackers' movement Anonymous is threatening to mount a large scale cyberattack on Israeli government websites on April 7.

Source: Israel National News
A similar attack took place last year on April 7. Israeli government web sites came under heavy attack on that day, but the hackers failed to bring down any Israeli sites, the Foreign Ministry said on April 7, 2013.

A Ministry spokesperson said that users had been unable to access its site for several seconds Sunday afternoon. The situation was corrected, and all Israeli government sites were running as usual. According to the Ministry, Israeli experts had successfully fought back the attacks, with the cooperation of internet service providers.

The hackers' group claimed at the time that 9,000 Israeli Facebook accounts were hacked, and that personal details of students from Haifa University were compromised, as were hundreds of passwords to Israeli email accounts. However, terrorism commentator Yoni Alpher said that the damage to government and security-related websites had been minor: sites were slowed down or hacked for short periods of time, he explained, and the data that was compromised had not been significant.

One of the primary targets of the attack was Larger than Life, an NGO for children with cancer.

"The website of Larger than Life has been under attack from pro-Palestinian hackers for a week," Larger than Life wrote on its Facebook page several days after the attack began, "and every day they take down our site and plant different content – flags, a skull, symbols and all sorts of hate-related things."

"It is too bad that this is happening, of all places, to a website for an organization whose purpose is one of love, and assistance to every cancer stricken child under treatment in Israel, without differentiating on the basis of religion, race or nationality."

Jewish Defence League UK

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Facebook Approves Nazi Style Propaganda to Demonize Israel

The middle class, wannabe thug, far left and anti-Israel group Antifa have sunk to yet another new low in one of their countless attempts to demonize the state of Israel.

On the Facebook page of West London Antifa, they posted a picture of a demonic rat set against the backdrop of the flag of Israel.

It looks like a piece of propaganda taken straight from the pages of Der Sturmer:

Note the similarities to the propaganda the used by Nazi's against the Jews. So blatantly obvious, they don't even bother hide their venomous Antisemitism anymore.

When a complaint was filed with Facebook to have the photo removed, Facebook (who take down countless Counter Jihad pages for pathetic reasons) found nothing wrong with the photo:

"The Fascists of the future will be called anti-Fascists!" - Winston Churchill

Jewish Defence League UK

Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Erev Rav Rabbis of London who ignore victims of abuse and cover up the actions of the abusers

As this week we celebrated the International Women's day, we decided to post a story that should wake up the London Jewish Community, and bring awareness about the actions of some so-called "Rabbis", who claim to stand up for the victims of abuse, including of domestic violence, but who do not act exactly as they claim to.

It concerns two Prominent United Synagogue "Rabbis" - "Rabbi" Harvey Belovski from the Golders Green Synagogue and former candidate for Chief Rabbi, and "Rabbi" David Mason of Muswell Hill, who have been complicit in furthering a harassment campaign over a community member.

Recently the Jewish Women's Aid (JWA) organization, a group that works with and supports victims of Domestic Violence, achieved the support of the community rabbis but the hypocrisy of these rabbis in particular only gives women a false sense of security and leads to private anguish. 

The JWA do a fantastic work for victims of domestic violence, and I would personally recommend anyone suffering from this kind of abuse to contact them. They have done wonders for many women I know, and for their families, and we strongly support and commend their work. These are people who are extremely professional and understand the plight of these victims, unlike the named rabbis above.

The community member in reference is a lady (Whom we will refer to as Mrs.I) who has been constantly and mercilessly harassed by her ex-husband (Whom we will refer to as MR.K), for the last 15 years, while he goes out of his way to make life a living hell for her. 

Despite the fact that both Mr.K and Mrs.I are now married to different people, Mr.K insists in continuing his campaign of harassment, and now has the help or complicity of the above mentioned rabbis. 

Prior to their divorce, Mr.K had shown extremely unstable behaviour and physically attacked Mrs.I.
In addition to the physical and mental abuse Mr.K inflicted on Mrs. I, he has also hacked into her emails, put a phone app software in their child's phone (so he could send harassing messages to other people but blame on Mrs. I) and also sent pornographic photos from Mrs.I email to the above rabbis and friends of Mrs. I. 

Through this phone app software, Mr.K sent several messages from his own computer to people linked to Mrs.I, including people she had in the past fallen out with, but the messages would show as coming from the phone where the app was installed, i.e. their child's phone, and not from the computer he was using. We can tell by this that the man is extremely dangerous and cunning.

So In July 2013 a bomb threat was received by Kinloss shul, but the message was sent to a rabbi in a neighbouring borough. Interesting to note that the rabbi who received the bomb threat in the form of a text message was "Rabbi" David Mason, an acquaintance of Mrs.I, and not the rabbi from the Kinloss shul.  Alarm bells should be ringing by now, as it would be obvious that whoever sent that message was not Mrs.I but Mr.K, who had installed the app in their child's phone, since the message was traced back to that phone.

The police informed "Rabbi" David Mason of who they thought the culprit was, and upon learning of this, "Rabbi Mason" decided to stop all contact with Mrs. I. 
When Mrs.I tried to contact him to explain the situation, and let him know who the real culprit was, he betrayed her trust and sent her email to the police, instead of listening to her at least. Interesting also to note that this "Rabbi" David Mason and Mrs.I lived together for 2 years at Hillel, so they knew each other pretty well. 

The attitude of "Rabbi" Mason beggars belief, and should worry all members of the community, for he has deliberately chosen to ignore his old friend's letters, and explanations, and instead chose to turn his back on her, thus making him complicit in such harassment.

Other rabbis, members of the board of his own shul and members of the community have also approached Rabbi Mason and asked him to listen to the "other side of the story" but he has blatantly refused to do so. One must ask WHY. 

As for "Rabbi" Harvey Belovski, he was the "rabbi" who firstly married Mr.K and Mrs.I. When all these things happened, Mrs.I and her new husband sat in Rabbi Harvey's house, cried and begged him for help. Rabbi Belovski is a witness to the abuse Mrs.I had been suffering, having himself been in receipt of pornographic emails and assisting with the "Get" process, and at the time he promised to help and give a statement to the courts - a statement simply of fact, not opinion.

However, when the time came to do what he had promised, the same Rabbi Harvey Belovski, who wrote that ”the community has a duty to report incidents to the police,” refused to provide a statement of the abuse he had personally witnessed towards this lady, citing “legal advice.”

Now, what kind of "legal advice" would stop a rabbi from telling the truth and helping a friend? 

Both of these rabbis are fully aware that this lady has suffered horrors at the hands of her ex-husband, and both of them failed miserably to provide any sort of help, despite knowing this could in effect place her much loved child into care.  Now, why would these men do such thing? Why won't they stand up for the truth and help this lady? 

Their actions are shameful, and this should worry all members of our community, for if these men are calling themselves rabbis, and exercising authority on that basis, then they are expected to behave in an appropriate manner, they are expected to stand for what is true, for what is just, and NOT to become complicit in the further harassment of this lady. Their actions are simply unjustifiable and intolerable! 

This lady has suffered many years of domestic violence, and has been supported for many years by the wonderful work of JWA.  Her ex-husband on the other hand, plays the "Jewish" card to his advantage, demanding kosher food whilst in prison.  And even though she is now remarried and settled,  her ex-husband continues a campaign of harassment by proxy and third party, constantly contacting the police with false allegations, social services, the NSPCC etc.  

This is likely to end up in the Crown Court, with a community "Rabbi" on one side and a Jewish domestic violence victim on the other. Based on the facts above, we should question the role that these two rabbis play in family matters and decide if we really want them representing us in positions of authority.

G-d forbid, this could happen to any of us!

We are writing this story now because we are worried about this lady, and we hope that for her sake the truth will come out quickly, so that she and her family can resume their family life together and move on. 

The actions of these rabbis is an utter embarrassment to the whole community and we sincerely hope that they will step up to defend and support her against these allegations before the media decides to pick up on this story. And as we all know, the media loves "Jews on Jews" dirty laundry. 

The issue here however is far more serious than that. If these rabbis sit and do nothing, this lady could end up losing the child she absolutely adores and does everything for, just because of their appalling complacency, and unwillingness to speak the truth in public.  

Perhaps it is time we should all ponder on these facts and decide if we really wish people like that to represent us.

We in the JDL take no pleasure in exposing Jews from our own community, but it would be against our principles if we too sat down and did nothing while we observe such actions unfold before our eyes.
We simply cannot turn our backs on those who need our help. This is what being Jewish is about. 

We care deeply for the people of our community. We care deeply for Jews everywhere. However, we are in desperate need of Rabbis who can truly show courage, firmness, and true leadership. Unfortunately  there aren't many anymore.

Our so-called "Rabbis" are more interested in profiting from the new trend called "Interfaith dialogue" and engaging themselves with delusional crap such as  "community cohesion" affairs, with the enemies of the Jewish people, while they ignore and neglect their duties as rabbis for the Jewish community.

For them it is far more important to be seen protecting mosques, and appeasing Muslims and liberals, than focusing on the job they supposedly trained to do. 
They would have learned that Domestic Violence is the cultural norm amongst their new friends, the Islamic community,but it is not and never will be the cultural norm amongst us Jews. 

People who turn a blind eye to such situations are not fit to represent us in the community. Therefore we demand they act now, and show us that they can take the responsibility that has been bestowed on them, or resign from their position. 

We don't need spineless weasels. We need strong leaders.