Sunday, 16 March 2014

Facebook Approves Nazi Style Propaganda to Demonize Israel

The middle class, wannabe thug, far left and anti-Israel group Antifa have sunk to yet another new low in one of their countless attempts to demonize the state of Israel.

On the Facebook page of West London Antifa, they posted a picture of a demonic rat set against the backdrop of the flag of Israel.

It looks like a piece of propaganda taken straight from the pages of Der Sturmer:

Note the similarities to the propaganda the used by Nazi's against the Jews. So blatantly obvious, they don't even bother hide their venomous Antisemitism anymore.

When a complaint was filed with Facebook to have the photo removed, Facebook (who take down countless Counter Jihad pages for pathetic reasons) found nothing wrong with the photo:

"The Fascists of the future will be called anti-Fascists!" - Winston Churchill

Jewish Defence League UK

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