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White Genocide in South Africa

South Africa: A Reminder of the Past:

Nelson Mandela's ANC Atrocities.
The Present :
"The other day a friend of mine said that a fair fight is a fight where there are set rules and both parties abide by those rules, only then is it a fair fight. Fighting against Africans cannot be a fair fight, because they do not abide by the rules, which is why whites cannot win against them, unless they adapt themselves appropriately, which seems unlikely at this stage.

 Here we have a video of South African Prime Minister singing Racist anthem, Kill the Boer,calling for the murder of White farmers, the wealth creators of South Africa.

Sound familiar? to Americans in particular?

We know not all blacks behave like this, nor want this kind of genocidal Nazi rhetoric, but these people are the countries leaders. They have been sanctioned by the West.

The UN does not call them out as they do for non-existent racism by Jews in Israel.

 We know how complicit the UN is in the murder of millions around the globe and that their real agenda is not to help but to dominate and control all countries on earth.

But racism against Whites is now sanctioned by the US regime of Barack Hussein Obama, Eric Holder and Valerie Jarrett, as well as South Africa.

Incidentally, here is a black South African woman who had travelled to Israel, speaking about the lies of apartheid that were and are, levelled against Israel, initiated by the black Nazis in power in South Africa, at the Durban Conference:

These are the same lies now being spread in America; that all Whites are racists and it is OK to murder them.

We have received this post from a follower in South Africa:

 The Past and Future as War:

South Africa won a huge war against the combined forces of mighty Russia and communist Cuba, because it was a fair fight. the South African Defence Force had the superior motivation, determination, the superior strategy and equipment. Our men had superior training under the command of the best tacticians and experts in warfare. In a fair fight where it was strength measured against strength South Africa had to win against the strongest military forces in the World, because at the time South Africa was recognised as the third strongest military force on earth. There were numerous other factors of course, such the fact that we knew the terrain, our vehicles and equipment were developed and tested for the terrain and for the particular battle, we are the masters of guerilla warfare, and many other factors. The fact remains that it was a fair fight where the strongest, best adapted, best prepared and equipped WON!

The difference is that currently it is a completely different ball-game altogether. The SA Right-Wing easily talks of war, but they have not even studied their opponent, they do not understand their opponent and they think they are going to a gunfight governed by set rules that both parties would abide by, but they are being ignorant and foolish, because they have no idea what they would be up against.

The French and the Americans learned this lesson in Vietnam, because they thought they were entering a conventional war, a fair fight, where strength would be measured against strength, but the Vietnamese do not fight that way, they do not fight a fair fight. The Vietnamese caught them and held them in cages where they had the rats eat them alive. They caught them, kicked open ant-heaps and lay the American soldiers over those ant-heaps, then painted them with honey and let the ants eat them, slowly, while dying of thirst and hunger at the same time. They would chop down the bamboo, then tie the American soldiers down across those chopped down bamboo and allow the bamboo to grow through them, slowly killing them in the most inhumane ways, while the other soldiers in cages would watch their friends die. They would hang them upside down, bury them alive, chop them up with knives and let them scream themselves to death from sheer pain. That was not a fair fight, they could not win the fight, because the Americans did not expect what they confronted with. They Vietnamese broke their spirit, drove them mad and insane, they demotivated and demoralised them in the most atrocious, unthinkable of ways. The Vietnamese did not abide by the rules and they broke all the rules, they made their own rules, which rendered it an unfair fight. The Americans were not prepared for such a fight and were not able to fight the same fight, because they were not mentally or physically capable of such inhumane behaviour.

The Boers were winning the Anglo-Boer war, because it was a fair fight, a fight they could fight, that they were able to fight, and once again they were the inventors of guerilla warfare, a much superior approach particularly at the time. The Boers started losing when the British stopped abiding by the rules, which made it an unfair fight. The British started burning down their farms, killing their cattle, destroying their land and homes, burning them to death, rather than shooting them in a fair fight. The British then caught their wives and children, threw them into concentration camps where they murdered the women and children by starving them to death, letting them die from thirst and disease. The rules were no longer being equally applied and they broke the spirit of the Boers, the broke their morale and the Boers had to capitulate, because they could not win an unfair fight. They held the Boer soldiers to ransom and forced them into submission. That is why the Boers lost, because they were no longer fighting a fair fight. In a fair fight they would have won the British, but they could not stand-up to the inhumane strategies of the British.

The Whites of South Africa today may have the guts and they maybe willing to go to war, but they have it all wrong. They think they would be going up against a conventional enemy in a fair fight where the rules would apply as expected in conventional warfare. Unfortunately this is not the case and they would be killed like flies, unless they learn to understand and adapt accordingly to meet the requirements for this challenge.

At the Battle of Stalingrad the Russian army used civilians of all ages as cannon fodder, which drove the German soldiers crazy. The German soldiers forced to shoot civilian women and children armed with nothing but axes and spades. Those women and children, forced to the front-line by the Russian army, were understandably ferocious and unforgiving in their attacks on the German soldiers, because in their will to survive they fought with everything they had, in the hope of making it out alive. Being confronted by thousands of innocent, "unarmed" women and children literally drove many of the German soldiers mad and many of them committed suicide right there on the battle field, while others threw down their rifles and surrendered. It was an unfair fight, an unexpected unconventional approach for which the Germans were not prepared.

In Somalia the American soldiers lost their minds, because they were expecting to fight a fair fight, but they were confronted by 8, 10 and 12 year old uneducated black African children bearing AK47's and the American soldiers could not bring themselves to shooting armed "children", because it was against their morals, their values and their upbringing, it was against their very nature.

Africans do not abide by rules, they do not fight conventional warfare. In a fight whites would take a gun and shoot their enemy, but Africans do not, they surprise you in an ambush, they then tie you up, then they rape your wife and daughters many, many times over-and-over in-front of your eyes and then they slowly trample and kick and hit them to death, then they start stabbing them, over-and-over again-and-again then they rape and sodomise them again while they're bleeding and screaming themselves to death, then they would string your beautiful young daughter up against a wall, by her feet and slit open her stomach and pull out her gut alive, then while they are dying they start hitting you with knob-kieries and sticks, then they would stone you then they would stab you and cut you open with knives, then they would rape you, sodomise you while you're dying then they would chop you up alive with pangas and then if they feel like it they would shoot you in the knees and then in the hips after they had kicked you and jumped on you and then they leave you and your family to die a slow and horrible death. To round it off they would cut out your heart and liver, sometimes even while you're alive and have it for dinner. This is not a fair fight, this is not a simple gunfight or one-on-one hand-to-hand combat. They are like pack-animals, they never come one-by-one, because they are too cowardly for that, they are a gutless breed that always come in numbers in packs like wild dogs, which is not a fair fight. They will break you, they will devour your soul, they will break your spirit. They would catch one of you, pull a tire over your shoulders, fill it with petrol and light you up so that all your soldier friends can watch you being burned to death and make sure everyone can and hear you screaming for help and pleading for mercy. They are not your standard proud conventional enemy, they do not have rules, while you do. They do not have remorse, while you do. They are inhumane and do not have a conscience, while you do. They are rapists by nature and you are not, They are cannibals by nature and you are not...... That is why the largely Christian convert white South Africans would lose it in a straight-forward fight against Africans.

While the Boers were fighting a conventional war with newly invented guerilla tactics on the battle fields the British soldiers were raping and murdering their wives and children back on the farms and in the concentration camps, forcing the Boers into submission and the same would happen to the whites today, because they have not contemplated the nature of the African enemy.

Too many of the white right think that if they were holding a 30.06 fitted with a telescopic sight they could have the upper hand, because they know how to use their weapons effectively with deadly accuracy and they could shoot over long distances, but that is not the fight they're up against. I sometimes laugh when I read the notices calling on whites to go for training, conventional military training, in anticipation of a conventional enemy that would abide by the rules. This tendency proves that they had learned nothing from the experiences of the Boers or the French or the Americans or any other similar war where the enemy did not fight a fair fight.

Particularly over the past 18 years the blacks have been fighting their favourite kind of fight, the inhumane, cannibalistic, typically cowardly style of terrorism intended to instil the fear of hell into their opponents.

The media and the liberals can call them freedom fighters as much as they like, but terrorists will be terrorists and they will remain terrorists. Terrorists are cowards. They plant bombs in primary school playgrounds and restaurants, like the ANC did and they murder and maim innocent children and unsuspecting civilians, children, babies and pregnant women alike. Terrorists do not have the guts to fight a fair fight, they cannot fight a conventional war, because they know they are not soldiers, but cowards that murder innocent children, just like the ANC did. Terrorists rape, burn down houses, kill nuns and priests, emergency medical personnel, they rape and kill babies, they have no morals, no respect for life, they are like reptiles.

Once a terrorist always a terrorist. The ANC terrorised South Africans of all colours and backgrounds for more than half a century and they cannot change their ways, because they are still terrorising us to this very day. The media, the churches and the liberals turned them into hero's for having murdered, raped and maimed children, babies, women, girls and other innocent civilians. They promoted and supported them to become the government so that they could be free to terrorise everyone even more, to be free to steal the state coffers to bankruptcy. They the liberals, the churches and the media, supported and promoted them, they financed them and helped them to become the government so they could become drug-lords, turn South Africa into the rape capitol of the world and to be free to commit genocide against the whites of this country WITH THE SUPPORT AND BACKING OF ALL SOUTH AFRICAN CHURCHES, THE LIBERALS AND THE MEDIA TO THIS DAY! The churches, liberals and the media are denying that these murders are taking place, they are denying the high rates of crime and rapes, because they WANT them to continue terrorising us, because they support it today as much as they supported it back then.

We are still being terrorised by the same terrorists. Terrorists kill, the murder and rape, and they can see nothing wrong with it. That is why the ANC Regime can see nothing wrong with the 50 to 100 people being murdered everyday in South Africa, because to them it is normal, to them it is the right thing to do, because they have been doing it for more than 50 years. They are terrorising people in this country with the unthinkable number of high-jackings, armed robberies, the world record breaking number of rapes every minute of every day. The ANC has done nothing and can see nothing wrong with the high incidence of rapes in this country and they turned it the RAPE CAPITOL OF THE WORLD, because it is in their nature of the African male to rape. People are living in prisons with burglar bars and fencing, armed guards, dogs, and alarm systems. The number of private security armed response businesses shot up by 264% while total active registered security businesses grew by 61% over a five-year period. It is highly sophisticated terrorism. BEE and transformation is nothing other than economic terrorism. They are slowly but surely killing the white race, breaking their spirit and demoralising them, terrorising them by threats of being fired and replaced by unqualified, uneducated, unskilled blacks, taking away their means to earn a living and providing for their families, sophisticated commercial and labour terrorism. This is not a conventional enemy.

They make examples of every case of murder they commit by being as inhumane as possible and then hail the murderers hero's. The ANC's black Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu defends a man accused of hiring three black men to gang-rape his estranged wife, then cutting off her breasts with an angle-grinder and shooting her 19-year-old son dead at point-blank range, by saying he is "a child of God", with the "capacity to become a saint", because ANC leaders who had also killed and ordered the killings, murders and maiming of thousands of innocent civilian people, had also been raised to the status of "Saint" with the help of the immoral SA churches, liberals and media. Remember that the ANC invented Necklace Murders, pulling tires over people's shoulders, filling it with petrol and lighting them up to make an example of them, terrorising everyone so that no one would dare go up against them for fear of also being killed in such monstrous (or should we say "saintly") ways. They rule by fear, because they are terrorists called freedom fighters. They are freedom fighters because they were free to commit these terrorist acts thanks to the support of the churches, the World's media and the immoral liberals of this sick world. Today they are free to do as they please and they are doing it in every way they please with the support of those very churches, media and liberals.

The white right would lose against this enemy, they do not even stand a chance against this enemy, because this is not a fair fight. While the white men would be out fighting in the streets and alleys of major cities, the Africans would be raping, burning and murdering their wives and daughters back in their homes, breaking those men, stealing their souls and their motivation to fight. They would hang the whites from lamp posts and burn them to death for their friends to see, to break them and steal their spirit. Africans rape babies to death, they bash their skulls against concrete walls and as we have seen so many times since the ANC took over, they bash white babies to death with their bare fists, without remorse.

Every murderer admits that only their first murder was a challenge, but once they had crossed that obstacle of the initial murder, it is easy to kill again and again and again. Not one single member of the ANC ever admitted to their crimes against humanity as a terrorist organisation. They were never expected to say they were sorry for any of their murders and vicious cowardly terrorist acts and they never did say they were sorry, because they never had any remorse, not even the messiah of the liberal world, Nelson Mandela himself.

Moral whites do not have the ability to fight the Africans according to their own rules, because their conscience and religious convictions would not allow them to do so. Whites would be fools for thinking they would be fighting a fair fight. They think that by going to a shooting range and shooting at stationary targets, being fit and learning about conventional warfare they would be well trained, ready and prepared to face this enemy in a fair fight. Unfortunately this is not a fair fight, it has never been a fair fight and it never will be a fair fight.

If you want to fight, first study your enemy, study the way he thinks, understand his behaviour and his survival mechanisms, but never underestimate your enemy and least of all never go up against an enemy that does not fight according to the rules you expect him to follow, because you will lose.

"Why Blacks Certainly Would Lose A Fight Against White South Africans" is another discussion altogether that I may just consider publishing one day ....."

More here about anti-White Hate-Speech:

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Zionist Federation betrays Zionist principles and continues to work with Islamonazis

Last week we saw yet another horrific Muslim attack on two teenage British Jewish girls in the vile city of Zanzibar. Apart from the fact that Muslims attacks on non-Muslims have increased at an unprecedented rate in modern times, we must point out that the truth of the matter is that these attacks have never stopped.

Katie Gee and Kirstie Trup - Victims of an acid attack by Muslims in Zanzibar

The fact that the Muslim preacher who inspired the attack has been shot is no comfort to these two naive girls. Her parents should have never let them go in the first place. And the preacher should have been shot in the head. It would be a blessing to rid the world of this hateful soul.

Katie Gee and Kirstie Trup were victims of Islamonazism. They were casualties caused by the irresponsibility of the organizations they chose to help and by the sheer stupidity of their own parents. 

The girls have been attacked twice previously, in the same area. This should have been a wake up call, and they should have had protection.

The truth is that for centuries Muslims have been targeting non-Muslims, raping, committing genocide and horrific assaults in order to steal their land and place it under Waqf. The internet only made it easier for people to finally see what has been happening for the last 1,400 years, although there are thousands of books which have described these facts ever since those days. 

What is staggering is the sheer irresponsibility of the parents of these two teenagers, in encouraging them to go to a Muslim dominated country such as Zanzibar, with a "charity" that is mainly run by Muslims! Have they no common sense? 

It's not as if Muslims are hiding their murderous intentions towards Jews and the State of Israel! They are pretty clear on those! It's all over the news, in every single newspapers, every single day, EXCEPT in the "Jewish" Chronicle that has a responsibility to inform Jews about the threats to their lives from the Muslim enemies, and certain Jewish organizations, that rather work against Jewish interests and appease our IslamoNazi enemies, putting Jewish lives at risk.

One of these organizations is the so called "Zionist" Federation, that has been a subject of one of our articles recently, for promoting Palestinian interests over Jewish ones. Here in this article, we expose their intentions to "Meet Palestinians and learn their points of view", as if their murderous intentions towards Jews are not already clear enough.  

After we contacted them, they amended their flyer but we see that they are at it AGAIN, and here is the evidence.

Now the Anti-"Zionist" federation is once again referring to Judea and Samaria as "West Bank" and asking for Jews to join them in their pro-Palestinian appeasing mission to "understand" Palestinians' point of view, a most irresponsible act that calls for questioning and investigation into their intentions. 

I certainly would never let my children anywhere near this organization, which I have seen fall into disrepute again and again, and turn from Zionist to blatant Muslim appeasing

At first glance you may not see their true intentions, and their wording makes it sound quite "genuine" but we know these people, and we know what these trips to Israel have achieved. More and more we see people from our own community brainwashed into a Palestinian way of thinking, and extremely critical of Israel. This is because irresponsible groups like the ZF, do not show Jews the real Israel and the true situation between Jews and Palestinians. 
They fail to take them to meet true Zionists in Judea and Samaria to see for themselves what the Palestinians have done to our people and to our beautiful country; the threats, the attacks, the rapes, the kidnappings, the murders and the pillaging.   

You don't need to meet the Palestinians to know their point of view. It's all written down in black and white in the Hamas charter.
And if you still don't believe them, then you are a fool, a dangerous fool. 

Organizations and parents who continue to misinform their children of the true reality of things are fully responsible for these tragedies whenever they occur. What we are experiencing is a tragic failure from both parts.  

It does not matter if you are politically right or left wing, you have a responsibility to keep your children and your loved ones informed of the dangers of Islam and Muslims. If you do not know it, then get learning and fast. There is no excuse to be in such blissful ignorance anymore. The internet is full of facts and so are the major newspapers. 

The holocaust happened because many Jews took the stance of appeasing Hitler and helping him to murder Jews, thinking they would escape somehow. They were the Kapos and today we still see many of these Kapos around.

It's time to wise up and see Islam for what it truly is, an evil and murderous ideology that hates everything we hold sacred.

If you don't know about Islam, contact the JDL and we will tell you everything you need to know. We will arm you with knowledge and give you a chance to fight back. 

Irresponsibility costs lives. We are not prepared to lose a single Jewish life any longer.  
Join us and help us save Jewish lives. 

We say NEVER AGAIN and we mean it.


Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Community Security Traitors & Al Quds Nazi Rally 2013

Some time ago we exposed the Community Security Traitors - CST - for working alongside Muslims of dubious character, legitimizing Islamic groups with a suspicious agenda, and twisting their own figures to mislead people into believing that the white British people are the main aggressors against Jews. 

The CST reports and figures clearly show more Muslims committing crimes than "White British natives", so why does the CST say these crimes are committed by a "white British" majority?

Rather than use facts to tell the truth, we see the CST again and again, misusing information, and concealing the evidence that Muslims are the main aggressors against Jews and non-Jews in the UK.

The article in question is here:

Of course, the CST is not the only group that is now dhimmified and using Jewish resources to appease Muslims. We will speak about them too later.

First the CST, that has stooped to a new low. The question is, how low are they prepared to go in their quest to appease Islam and Muslims? And how far are they willing to go in attempting to silence the JDL or Jews who have simply had enough of their antics, before this whole thing blows up on their faces?

The fact is, we have been receiving several emails on a daily basis, from Liberal Jews who are extremely worried about what the CST and the JLC are doing.  
Let's be frank about it. Liberal Jews do not like us very much. We are far too blunt for their liking. We speak the truth and we don't try to sugar coat lies. We call a spade a spade. 

Now for liberal Jews to be contacting the "thuggish" JDL, things must be getting pretty bad within the Jewish community.

Their complaints start with CST not taking anti-Semitic threats, abuse and behaviour seriously. We have email evidence of people who have contacted the CST asking them for help in reporting anti-Semitic abuse and harassment they have been subjected to but the CST refuses to help. 

On the same line, we have emails from a particular individual who has contacted the CST several times, scolding them for helping perpetuate the Muslim lie and claims of "victimhood", while pointing out that the CST is constantly absconding from condemning the criminal Muslim rape gangs that destroyed the lives and innocence of so many young girls in this country.

Here is one email which we are sharing. The name of the writer will not be divulged for safety reasons. 


Sent: 2013/05/28 06:42:17 PM
Subject: FW: Letter of protest

As a Zionist Jew who loves Israel and Britain, I am ashamed and enraged by your campaigns against British people who oppose Islamic terror in the UK such as the English Defence League. You are declaring war on the working class  Christian British people on behalf
of Muslims who want to destroy the Jewish homeland anyway.
You are silent when innocent white children are kidnapped, raped and forced into child prostitution. You were silent when Lee Rigby was slashed to death by A Muslim terrorist. You were silent when white pensioners and young women are assaulted by Muslim immigrants, and
when the followers of Anjem Choudary declare large parts of British cities 'Sharia Zones' You were silent when homecoming British soldiers were attacked and spat at in Luton, but condemned the response of English working class people when they formed the eDL.

You are so worried about being seen to discriminate against Muslims that you discriminate against everyone, else-and in so doing are making anti-Semites of good people. Why do you protect mosques and not churches, unless you hate British Christians and love British Muslims, and particularly hate white working class British people. Why have you done nothing against child-grooming of white children but protect Muslims when the community reacts. Why dont you monitor attacks on British people by Muslims as you do 'Islamophobia' with your pro-Islamic 'Tell Mamma' initiative.

You make me ashamed as  Jewish person of your hateful attitude to working class British Christians, on behalf of people who want to destroy the Jewish homeland anyway-i.e Muslims
You willl reply that not all Muslims are terrorists, but so also you dont realize not all white working class British people are 'Fascists' or 'Nazis'
I cannot even reply when ordinary British people complaining that Jews want to swamp Britain with Muslim immigrants as that seems to be what official Jewish organizations like yourselves seem to be doing.
You are making the future of the Jews in Britain very dangerous by antagonizing working class Christian Britain.

Yours in disgust


This is just one of the several letters the CST gets from worried members of our community. 

We share the same sentiments of the writer above, of course. We believe that groups like the CST, that depend solely (they are possibly receiving government funding for associating with TellMamaUK) on funding from Jews, are abusing our trust and using our money for projects that are not only against but extremely dangerous to Jewish interests and safety.

We have been sent several emails from people who have contacted the CST only to be rebuked and told that the CST does not get involved with anti-semitic attacks online, while on the other hand they encourage and help their Muslim friends from TellMamaUK and Faith Matters to perpetuate the exaggeration of "Islamophobic" attacks, which are of course mainly online, as it has been exposed already by Andrew Gilligan from the Daily Telegraph here:

An exposure which has caused the group to lose their government funding as exposed here:

The CST is fully aware of this but continues to misrepresent Jews and lend its support to these groups by using Jewish funds. Furthermore, the CST has been deliberately trying to smear those who are discontent or critical of their actions, as well as smearing legitimate groups like the JDL and the EDL, groups that actually fight against the Islamization of this country and for the freedom of all people, irrespective of race, colour, creed or gender. 

It is obviously too hard for some "liberals" to stomach the fact that neither JDL or EDL are racist groups. But we must point out that the groups that smear us are that and more. 

The CST for example, as we have pointed out above, insist in misleading the Jewish community (And whoever reads their blog) into thinking that WHITE BRITS are the majority of attackers against Jews (And Muslims). If the figures corroborated with such then we would not bring this up, but they don't. They show MUSLIMS are the main attackers if you understand mathematical percentages, and yet the CST opted to mislead the Jewish community into thinking White Brits are racist and violent. (Perhaps they forget they are also WHITE. Perhaps they do not have a mirror at home?)

By doing so, the CST is perpetuating the Muslim lie of victimhood, smearing decent White Brits by labeling them as racists, and deceiving people outright by claiming they are violent. Isn't this racism in itself?

The biggest deceit from the CST comes from telling people to stay away from the EDL & JDL, calling us all "racists", "radicals", "extremists" and other smears. But here is the catch, they work with Muslims who are linked with racists, radicals and extremists. Isn't this ironic?

One point to note is the issue of the Al-Quds day, that horrible anti-Semitic, Jew hating vile propaganda against Israel and Jews, where Muslims (Many of them linked to the groups that the CST supports) attended. 

We did not see the CST ask anyone to counter-demonstrate against these savages. Nor did we see any "Jewish" group doing so. Not EVEN the "Zionist" Federation, which by the way is also embarking on the path of dhimmitude!! 

None of these have arranged a counter-demonstration against the Nazi degenerates that use our streets as a sewage pipe to spread virulent antisemitism, call for the destruction of Israel, support the terrorists of  Hezbollah and the usual Muslim hate-slogans that appear on their placards. 
Al Quds Day, Trafalgar Square, 2012
The CST merely wrote a pathetic whingeing blog about the al-quds day but that was it. They are not even trying to get al-quds day banned! And yet they have the audacity to criticize those who are on the streets, trying to tackle the Islamic problem.

The Casuals United on the other hand, wrote a whole blog about it and we know for a fact that they, as well as the EDL and JDL work tirelessly to get Al-Quds day BANNED from our streets. Here is the Casual's blog

Perhaps the CST can point out to us what is "racist" about standing up against the ones who call for the boycott of Israel and praise terrorists in our streets?

Perhaps the CST can also let us know how much of Islam they truly understand, apart from the taqqiya they are fed with daily by their Muslim friends. 

Interesting to note that the racism spouted by the CST against White Brits is based on their typical denigration by the white working class, whom they may find "stupid", but ironically the White working class in Britain are the ones who have far more intellect and knowledge about what is actually happening in this country and about Islam, than these snobbish individuals who are happy enough to fleece Jewish money into their pockets and ignore the plight of Jews who contact them for help.

On the other hand, we had people taking to the streets to counter these demonstrations, and debating Muslims on al-quds day. Yes, on SHABBAT!!!
Here is one of them.

Our comrade "Ahmed Tikriti" an Iraqi-born ex-Muslim debating with a Pakistani Muslim who is perhaps one of the most ignorant individuals I have ever heard speak. 

Here is the video of the debate, so that you can see for yourselves. 

So, it takes a Muslim JDL supporter to take to the streets while "Jews" stay at home and do nothing!  While the CST and the "Zionist" Federation are simply incapable of organizing a counter-demonstration against those who take to the streets to call for our annihilation as a people! 

Now, where is this "Community Security Trust" when you actually need them? Where is the "security" they provide? If placing a couple of older people outside a Synagogue on a shabbat is what you call "security" while they REFUSE to come out and protect/stand by those who are ready to defend their people, then it is now pretty accurate to say that they no longer serve their purpose.  Those who encourage the lies and actions of our enemies, while smearing righteous Jews and Gentiles, cannot be trusted to protect us.