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CST is betraying the Jewish Community

CST is betraying Jewish Community

For a while now the CST has been seen proudly advertising their mutual cooperation with Faith Matters and Tell Mama UK, organizations owned by Fiyaz Mughal, a person who has links with several Islamic organizations, including extremely radical ones, Iranian sponsored PRESS TV, Searchlight, Hope Not Hate, SWP, UAF, among others. 

Since CST has attended the launch meeting of Tell Mama on February 21st, 2012 They have been seen sending “flattering” tweets to one another on several occasions, from their twitter accounts, pathetically patting each other on the back (for jobs that were never done). See below a few examples.

TellMama “flattering” the CST

CST “flattering” TellMama

The truth is that CST has done nothing to curb Muslim Jew-hatred. Appallingly the CST is more concerned in libelling, and labelling white people (including us Jews) as Nazis, and racists, and pushing for them to get the blame for a crime which is vastly and evidently committed by a Muslim majority. This is a very serious thing because many people who look up to the CST are unfortunately being fooled by the CST’s new Islamic-appeasing agenda.
It seems that even the “Jewish” Police association is in cahoots with these Islamist radicals of Tell Mama. The whole thing is utterly deranged. It’s sickening.

The “Jewish police Association” have not been able to prevent or remediate attacks from Muslims against Jews, despite them being reported over and over again.

Here is the proof: These are photos of the home of a Jewish resident of the London borough of Newham, where the majority of the population is Muslim. See how the Muslims have drawn Swastikas on his walls and written things such as: Jew Die, Fuck Jew, etc. This man has also been beaten up by Muslim gangs several times.

HNH, UAF & Searchlight, which are some of the organizations that the CST chose to work with, have all known about these grooming gangs since 2005.

They claim in those quotes that the police say these grooming gangs don't exist.  Yet Fiyaz Mughal set up Tell Mama because the police statistics don't show what he considers to be a sufficient number of Muslim victims of religious hatred.  [And that is because perhaps there aren’t.]  So, professional agitators say that the police information can’t be relied on when it comes to “anti-Muslim attacks”, yet they claim that the information can be relied on when the police said “there were no Muslim grooming gangs”! 

They want to have things both ways: when the victims are Muslims the police are liars or incompetent; when the victims are young white girls and the villains are Muslims, the police are to be considered reliable! What is this but bias and discrimination in favour of Muslims and against non-Muslims?  Is that what we want from a publicly-funded "inter-faith conflict-resolution" organisation?  Is that the kind of sectarian politics the Jewish community should be supporting?

If Fiyaz Mughal was genuinely interested in “conflict resolution”, when Anne Cryer went public in 2003 saying that Muslim grooming gangs were getting away with raping & pimping young girls, why didn’t Fiyaz Mughal set up an organisation for those vulnerable white girls to report what was happening to them?  Is it because he will do nothing that makes Islam or Muslims look bad?  

Now, why exactly is the CST willing to get involved when Muslims are supposedly the victims of white villains, yet they do nothing when it is non-Muslims who are the victims and Muslims who are the villains?

In helping Tell Mama and Faith Matters, the CST is assisting in the Muslim narrative that they are such victims, when in fact they are one of the principal groups victimising gay people and Jews, not to mention murdering people in the streets.  The CST are not just enabling the concealment of Muslim racist attacks, but also Muslim homophobic attacks. Such thing cannot go unnoticed or unchallenged. 

There ought to be questions relating to some companies owned by Fiyaz Mughal. One example is that one claims to run a charity that helps Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem.
Apart from the fact that this is most likely dawah, there is a question regarding the legitimacy of this business. Perhaps they can provide a list of the names of the people who have been the recipients of these loans and how the availability of these loads is advertised? Or if they are only advertised to Muslims?

Faith Matters - another of Mughal's companies have also created a sharia-compliant fund like this before (in London). See here:

Ironically, Stephen Timms MP was at that launch (The same man later stabbed by a Muslima!)

Again, this is Islamic dawah being pushed into our society under all sorts of disguises. It is clear that these companies are pushing Islam and sharia law, but the sinister thing is that now they are seen to be using Jewish organizations to legitimize their intentions.

That the CST is one of these organizations is even more sinister, since in their website they pledge to “Protecting the Jewish Community”, a job which they are obviously not doing any longer.
One cannot protect the Jewish Community when one is in cahoots with questionable organizations that have questionable links with questionable people and other groups. 

Furthermore,  it looks like Mughal was also involved in setting up the anti-EDL organisation "Not In Our Name".

That's not all though. 
 Mughal created what it seems to be a bogus "Muslims Against Anti-Semitism" group.
The ONLY blog post by MA-AS was published (22 Nov 2010) in the aftermath of the Panorama expose of Muslim schools teaching Jew-hatred and how to kill gay people.

MA-AS' only comment on anti-Semitism was done with the intent to diminish the impact of the Panorama programme.
[Quilliam did something similar, implying that there were 5000 kids a year being taught in BNP-run schools, later proven to be utter rubbish].

Fiyaz Mughal used certain words regarding the Panorama report, that looks as if he is playing down the report, and attempting to shift the attention elsewhere. Here are the words he used:

* "A small number of Muslim pupils"
"Misuse of Islam" [yet these books were coming from Muslim countries, so who knows best   what Islam is, him or the Ummah?]
"All three Abrahamic faiths have some very difficult texts in relation to the world we live in" [is there any record of any Christian or Jewish school in Britain teaching such hatred?]
* "Usually leads someone to question, reframe and reconsider these texts " [precisely what Muslims cannot do]
* " Written by people who would have been insulated from the super-diversity that we see around... they have left a legacy that is completely out of tune with where Islam and Muslims are" [The CST stats from 2009 show that these texts are in tune with the behaviour of Muslims in Britain].
* "Books funded and written by individuals within the Middle East are not taken up in the large numbers that they previously were..." 
[Fiyaz Mughal most likely pays (With kuffar money) for studies into the EDL and other groups who speak against Islamisation of Britain, but why is it they were not paying for studies into what was being taught in Islamic schools?]

Given his actions with “Muslims Against Anti Semitism” (MAAS) it looks like he is just using Jews to stop organizations like the JDL and the EDL, because they provide an accurate picture of Islam and Muslims, without the usual PC whitewashing of Muslim crimes. The organization does not even highlight the CST's own findings (that Muslims are identified in 2009 for over 50% of anti-Semitic attacks in London).

 “Muslims Against Anti Semitism” is dead and buried. Nothing has ever been done on that group. Yet the CST continues to fall for their taqqiya. What kind of dhimmified people run the CST, one may ask? Ask yourselves now, how can such an organization that only seems to distort their own figures in the name of appeasement, “protect” the Jewish community?

Let’s not ignore the fact that it was the English Defence League that brought awareness of these Muslim rape gangs operating in the UK, to the public eye. More than any media or Liberal organization has ever done.  In fact, they were hiding the evidence which they knew existed all along.

When we see people trying to silence those who make others aware of the truth, or sabotaging their efforts with lies and libels, we see them as complicit in the crime.  All those groups, organizations and even individuals who work incessantly to silence us, are enabling these horrendous crimes, and this only makes us more determined to expose them.

We don’t remember seeing him discussing the Muslim Waffen SS or the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al-Husseini, the uncle of Yasser Arafat. I can find no mention of those topics on Faith Matters, or in any google search with his name.

Still, this is not all.

 Mughal also created a group called Concilio CIC (Community Interest Company), which again is another company created to attack groups like the JDL, EDL and British Resistance, or any other that speaks against the evils, the immorality and the cycle of violence that sprouts from Islam and its followers.

At the bottom of their website you can read this:

“Concilio Community Interest Company (CIC) is a legal consortia partnership of the following organisations: Faith Matters, the Christian and Muslim Forum & Searchlight Educational Trust - Hope Not Hate. The consortia also includes social researchers from universities across the UK & civil society practitioners specialising in cohesion, research work on Far Right groups & equality work, as well as the Turban Campaign. The Turban campaign co-ordinates the Sikhs Against the English Defence League campaign.

In our opinion and experience, all these are hate-mongering groups who work to cause divisions rather than peaceful coexistence.. And we were here thinking that Mughal was interested in "Community Cohesion, Interfaith bridging, Conflict Resolution" and all that PC Palava....

Fiyaz Mughal and his associates find plenty of time and money to attempt to silence groups which they determine to be “far right” or “extremist”, although it has been proven time and time again they are everything but.  (Every group that speaks against Islam and Islamic violence is considered “far right” or “extremist” by Muslims and their associates). By labelling groups as “far right, racists, extremists, etc” they believe they can silence people and avoid debate on the subject. But facts and the sheer determination of these counter-jihad groups have proven otherwise.

On their site they have a link to what they call “Far right and EDL prosecutions”. They believe that by listing a few criminal cases (many have been thrown out of the courts and some didn't even make to the courts at that) and portraying people to be criminals, that what their counter-jihad organizations stand for will be discredited.
Old tactic. Lame too. 

Isn’t it time that counter-jihad groups start also to focus on the several members and associates of these Islamic groups and organizations? I bet we would have pages and pages of it. 

Tell Mama calls for the Jewish Defence League to be outlawed (see p.5).

But we can't find any trace of him calling for Islam4UK or Hizb ut Tahrir to be outlawed, just the JDL. See P.20 of this PDF: where he says he is opposed to banning Hizb ut Tahrir and Al Muhajiroun!

So, Hizb ut Tahrir is banned in many countries for the Jew hatred, but his organisation sees no reason to call for a ban on them in Britain.  Yet because JDL was unlawfully banned in the US, Fiyaz Mughal calls for JDL UK to be banned.

These are the people the CST is working with. 

The JC on Hizb ut Tahrir's anti-semitism.
Because the media keeps quiet about HuT, and because organisations like those of Fiyaz Mughal are not demanding they be banned, many people in Britain think HuT has been disbanded or even banned.

Now, we object to the racist comment from the CST where they said   "most of the anti-Semitic attacks in Britain are by white people".  Muslim is not synonymous with “coloured” people by any means. There are thousands of White Muslims in Britain, committing horrendous crimes too.

Well, since we are at least 80% of the people in Britain, if anti-Semitism was randomly distributed, white people would be responsible for 80% of such attacks. But they are not.
Muslims would have to be
 more than 20 times more anti-Semitic than white people in order to be responsible for more attacks than would occur with random distribution of anti-Semitism among white (non-Muslim) people.  
The CST reports and figures clearly show more Muslims committing crimes than "White British natives", so why does the CST say these crimes are committed by a "white British" majority?

When you bear in mind white people are 80% of the UK population, we are massively under-represented in those figures. "Asians" (Muslims actually) are 30% of the attackers, yet they are only about 6% of the population. It is not only perfectly possible but reasonable to say that 50% of those who are attacking Jews are Muslims.  Considering the number of Poles, Lithuanians, etc. who have come into Britain, native Britons could be far less than 51% of those in the attacks.

Also, the CST report from 2012 shows that the total number of attacks has declined from 2009 (when Muslims were responsible for more than 50% of attacks in London).  The decline in anti-Semitic attacks could well be mirroring the decline of Muslim racist attacks on white people (no white person has been murdered by racist Muslims in England since the EDL was formed).  It is the existence of a Zionist EDL and JDL that might have been protecting Jews, rather than the existence of the CST.
The 2012 report lists 2 cases of "extreme violence" (GBH or threat to life).  As the list of white people murdered by gangs of racist Muslims shows, white people in Britain have suffered more than Jews in this category.

This is a list of some of the white men killed by gangs of racist Muslims.

Ross Parker
The CST is helping to conceal this by supporting FM/Tell Mama make out that Muslims are the victims.  Nothing in Tell Mama's report gets close to any one of these cases.  Tell Mama only exists to provide exaggerated or misleading figures to the general public and the government. Through government funding they make their living. 
The CST is deliberately enabling them to continue to do that, and worse, they are doing it in the name of all Jews.

Can CST provide any evidence of Jews in Britain in the last 10 years who have been killed by white people for being Jewish? Or Muslims?  I doubt it.

After Muslims plastered Tower Hamlets with the Gay Free Zone signs, Fiyaz Mughal placed more blame on Jews and Christians than on Muslims:

He said:
"I would welcome the local authority and key partners in the area drafting a charter that all public institutions must sign up to...At the very least, seeing the charter pinned up in the foyer of a
 church, synagogue, mosque or temple..."

We denounce the CST for working with organizations which promote Jewish and homosexual hatred. We will never endorse or cooperate with any organization or individuals who use appeasement as priority in a resolution of conflicts.

It is well known world wide that most Islamic organizations, mosques and Muslim funded schools endorse the preaching of hatred against Jews, homosexuals and all non-Muslims. Islamic attacks are evident daily, hourly, and in all the news you can find, mainstream or internet based. There is no hiding it. There is no covering it up. These organizations also fail to uphold and promote women’s rights, as it conflicts with the Islamic sharia law.

We ask all Jews to challenge the CST on these issues. The Jewish community needs to be and feel safe. The CST is doing precisely the opposite.