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When the Far Left and the Far Right Fuse on the Jews


It could be argued, logically, that this fusion of the Far Left and the Far Right on the subject of the Jews and Israel may simply display the fact that when some things are true, then all sorts of people will believe and propagate them; just as Conservatives, Liberals, socialists, etc. all believe in human rights and just as just about everyone denies that the world is flat.

I argue otherwise.

I argue that the Far Left and the Far Right fuse on the Jews because they fuse on so much else. Fusing on the Jews is a consequence of their fusing on much else.

They fuse on their commitment to totalitarianism, iliberalism, ‘lying for justice’, the acceptance of political violence/terrorism on any scale and for any purpose in line with their ideologies and aims, in their black-and-white world-versions and on so much more. But what really unites and fuses them is their penchant for conspiracy theories. And which social or ethnic group has become the favourite subject for political conspiracy theories? That’s right! The Jews!

Conspiratorial thinking is almost the very essence of the Far Left and the Far Right. Think of the many bogymen of the conspiritorialists and see if you can recognise if they are the favourites of the Far Left or the Far Right – or both! Take this list: neo-cons, neo-liberals, the Jewish Lobby (or ‘Cabal’), the Israel Lobby, the Zionist Lobby, the Jewish media (or just the plain Platonic Media), finance capitalists, bankers, corporatists, capitalists (generally), das System, Freemasons (sometimes in cahoots with Jews) and so on.

Not only Anti-Semitic Fusions

It’s not just anti-Semitism which unites - and united - the Far Left with the Far Right. For example, the socialism of National Socialism united the Nazis with, well, (left-wing) socialists. We have Adolph Hitler on that. He once wrote:

‘We did not defend Germany against Bolshevism back then because we were not intending to do anything like conserve a bourgeois world or go so far as to freshen it up. Had Communism really intended nothing more than a certain purification by eliminating isolated rotten elements from among the ranks of our so-called “upper ten thousand”… one could have sat back quietly and looked on for a while.’

Clearly, the difference highlighted here was deemed to be between internationalist socialism and Hitler’s own nationalist socialism. But that doesn’t work either because the Soviet Union, as well as Cuba, China, Vietnam, etc. were also fiercely nationalist communist regimes.

Even in 1969, fascists were still stressing their socialist credentials (as they do today, with or without the word ‘socialism’). Leon Degrelle cried out for

‘the people, worn down with long hours of work, miserably paid, inadequately protected against accidents at work, illnesses, or old age, waited full of impatience and anguish to be treated at last with humanity.’

And, in the end, only fascism could save them. Only fascism has a ‘respect for ordinary people and a desire for social justice’.

It is not surprising, then, by way of an example, that when communism, and Leftism generally, ‘took to the streets’ in 1960s America (just like our own ‘anti-Zionists’ today), the fusion of Leftism with Nazism became all too apparent.

Peter Berger, a Jewish refugee from Austria, peace activist and sociologist, wrote that 
when ‘observing the [American] radicals in action, I was repeatedly reminded of the storm troopers that marched through my childhood in Europe.’

Why are Some Leftist Jews Anti-Semitic?

So what’s going on with these Jewish far-leftist anti-Semites? How’s the circle squared exactly?

We can start by saying that Jewish leftists are only Jews on their ‘parents side’, as someone once joked. They are only Jews in terms of their race, DNA or blood! These leftist Jews don’t believe in Judaism or even Jewish culture. They certainly don’t practice such things. And they are also often ashamed of (most of) Jewish history too – especially what can be found in the holy books. More importantly, they completely reject the existence of the state of Israel.

For a start, these Jewish leftists are materialists and atheists. They are, well, communists of various kinds. They are only racial Jews. And that very same far left frequently tells the rest of us that ‘race doesn’t matter’ when it comes to such things.

Archie Brown, in his excellent book The Rise and Fall of Communism, also (sort of) puts the same point. He writes:

‘… since the individuals concerned [Jewish communists in the early days of the Soviet Union] had broken with Jewish traditions, it is hard to discern what difference their [Jewish] origin made on their ideas.’

Brown writes elsewhere that ‘joining the Communist Party meant distancing themselves not only from Judaism but also from distinctive Jewish customs.’

Another writer makes a similar point. He writes that

‘the involvement of [Jewish] individuals in this radical movement [Communism] was in most cases an act of rebellion against the traditional world of their [Jewish] parents or against the concern with particularistic Jewish issues as expressed by movements such as Zionism…’

Even Nazis admitted that many Communist Jews were not really Jews at all. For example, the Nazi apologist, Ernst Nolte, writing in 1987, wrote that ‘a conspicuous number of Jews took part in the Russian Revolution, most of them no longer saw themselves as Jews anyway.’

Despite that, these very same Jews, and many others, were ‘deprived of their rights [by the Soviet regime] and driven into immigration’.

Not only all that. Nolte goes on to say that no ‘other group was affected so much as Jewish communists by Stalin’s Great Purge’.

Again, these early Communists, like Chomsky today, stripped themselves bare of all Jewishness. The only thing that remained was their Jewish blood – but, again, that doesn’t count for anything, as Chomsky himself would argue (though perhaps not in this precise context).

 Noam Chomsky - Kapo 

It should not be a surprise that many Jewish Communists could be even more rabid than, say, Finkelstein.

 Norman Finkelstein - Kapo

Take the Jewish Communist, Ruth Fischer, writing in 1920s Germany:

‘Whoever cries out against Jewish capitalists is already a class warrior… Kick down the Jewish capitalists, hang them from the lampposts, and stamp upon them.’

After this psychotic communist outburst, the Soviet regime soon realised that ‘Marxist-Leninist ideology could not be twisted to such an extent as to embrace overt anti-Semitism…’

How was that problem overcome? Yes, you guessed it:

‘… when [anti-Semitism] was deployed as a weapon in the Soviet Union, it was in the guise of attacking cosmopolitanism or Zionism.’

Thus we got:

anti-Zionism = anti-Semitism

After all, in the Soviet Union, at this time, the Jews were rather cleverly turned from being a race, or a people, into being a nationality – and this was before 1948. And Stalin didn’t like any nationality in the Union causing him problems (real or imagined), least of all a nationality made up of Jews!

This tradition of Communist anti-Semitism reached its end in the Soviet purges of the 1940s and 50s. More bizarrely, for example, even the Communist regime of Poland, as late as 1968, carried out its own campaign against ‘Zionism’. Of course hatred of the Jews in this part of the world not only proceeded the creation of the state of Israel in 1948, but even proceeded the birth of Zionism in the second half of the 19th century – by hundreds of years!

It is only natural, then, that in the 21st century that Chomsky, Finkelstein and the rest should carry on this Communist tradition of anti-Semitism, which they have done with a kind of aplomb.

The Far Left and the Far Right find common ground against the Jews

We all love to hear the Far Left criticise Israel. Take Chomsky. He says that Israel is the ‘worst terrorist rogue state on earth’ (139). Actually, these aren’t the words of Chomsky. They are the words of the former leader of the American Nazi Party, as well as former Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan, David Duke.

Chomsky did say, however, that what ‘Israel is doing is imposing deliberate suffering on civilians, collective punishment on innocent people…. Such a policy violated international law…’

I’m lying again. That was the far right Pat Buchanan, the former anti-Semite and now a fulltime anti-Zionist.

You can suppose, prima facie, that both David Duke and Pat Buchanan go much further in their anti-Semitism… their anti-Zionism. For example, Pat Buchanan has expressed doubts about whether Jews were gassed at Treblinka. In addition, John Bemjanjuk, who was convicted of being Ivan the Terrible of Treblinka, a death camp in Poland in which some 870,000 Jews were murdered, was classed, by Buchanan, as being ‘the victim of an American Dreyfus case’.

Like Chomsky, Finkelstein, Ilan Pappe, and numerous other lesser leftists, Buchanan cries genuine tears in response to the ‘gratuitous brutality against Palestinian women, teenagers and children’.

Yes, but surely Chomsky is far from being a Nazi… surely. Maybe. However, it is now well known to all whom are not monomaniacal anti-Zionist Leftists that Chomsky has praised and championed the French writer, Robert Faurisson. Faurisson has, like many others, and not just Nazis and Muslims, denied the Holocaust. Not only that. He repeats the refrain that Israel is inflicting a ‘Holocaust’ on the Palestinians.

So what about Chomsky himself?

Chomsky has written that Robert Faurisson is a ‘relatively apolitical liberal’, despite him saying that the gas chambers are a ‘hoax’ and a ‘fraud’. Nevertheless, according to Chomsky, Faurisson has done ‘extensive historical research’, all of which backed up his ‘findings’.

Unbelievably, or perhaps not so unbelievably if you have the measure of this American academic, Chomsky has said that there is not even a ‘hint of anti-Semitic implications’ about Faurisson’s claims about the Holocaust.

Chomsky continues by saying that ‘nobody believes there is an anti-Semitic connotation to the denial of the Holocaust.’

Take Alexander Cockburn too. This guy has a column in the American Nation, as well as having his own far-left online journal, CounterPunch. He also champions the work of his fellow Far Leftists, Chomsky and Finkelstein – especially when they are talking about the Jews and Israel.

But let’s get down to business.

Cockburn was once asked whether or not he believed the stories about Israel had a hand in the 9/11 slaughter, as well as in the anthrax attacks. He answered:

‘I don’t know there’s enough exterior evidence to determine whether they are true or not.’

But of course Chomsky, Finkelstein and the rest can’t be anti-Semites because they are Jews.

If that is the case, then Marx (a Jew) wasn’t an anti-Semite either. Was then  Marx, who wrote the following, an anti-Semite? –

‘Marx talked of ‘the chimerical nationality of the Jews’. He also wrote the following:

             'What is the profane basis of Judaism?

             Practical need, self-interest.

             What is the world cult of the Jews?


             What is his worldly god?


Not only all that. Mark’s also wrote of ‘niggerlike Jews’ (two racisms for the price of one) and the ‘dirty Jews’.

What about Chomsky? He can’t be an anti-Semite. –

‘The Jews do not merit a ‘second homeland’ because they already have New York [despite the fact that 8500,000 Jews were kicked out of Arab-Muslim countries before and during 1948]… Jewish-run media, a Jewish mayor, and domination of cultural and economic life [Jews ‘dominate cultural and economic life?].’

Now I know that Finkelstein is an academic (is he an academic?) Bad Boy; or, better still, an academic exhibitionist. Surely he keeps his anti-Semitism under wraps.

Not quite:

‘Who profits [from the film Schindler’s List]?… American Jews…

‘In 1978, NBC produced the series Holocaust. Do you believe it was a coincidence, 1978? Just at this time, when peace negotiations between Israel and Egypt took place in Camp David.’

Elsewhere Finkelstein exhibits his Bad Boy’s big bollocks with these words:

‘Should people like Abraham Foxman, Edgar Bronfman, and Rabbi Israel Singer get a free ride because they resemble stereotypes straight out of Des Sturmer?’

This man even rejected his own (Jewish) mother when he noted that there was something very Jewish about the way she pushed into queues and other such "Jewish crimes".

Social corruption is our society is now ingrained. Whereas once the left had the reputation of fighting for human rights, now they are famous for: Turning a blind eye to human rights abuse, their blatant anti-Semitism and for their Islamic appeasement. Hence they gave birth to the NEW ANTISEMITISM.

We quote from the link:

"New antisemitism is the concept that a new form of antisemitism has developed in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, emanating simultaneously from the far-left, radical Islam, and the far-right, and tending to manifest itself as opposition to Zionism and the State of Israel. The concept generally posits that much of what purports to be criticism of Israel by various individuals and world bodies, is, in fact, tantamount to demonization, and that, together with an alleged international resurgence of attacks on Jews and Jewish symbols, and an increased acceptance of antisemitic beliefs in public discourse, such demonization represents an evolution in the appearance of antisemitic beliefs.
Proponents of the concept argue that anti-Zionism, anti-Americanism, anti-globalization, third worldism, and demonization of Israel, or double standards applied to its conduct, may be linked to antisemitism, or constitute disguised antisemitism. Critics of the concept argue that it conflates anti-Zionism with antisemitism, defines legitimate criticism of Israel too narrowly and demonization too broadly, trivializes the meaning of antisemitism, and exploits antisemitism in order to silence debate."

We must therefore learn how to recognize the signs from individuals and groups that expose their New Antisemitism, and campaign to ban them, for such attitude is nothing more than a disease, a cancer in our societies.

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