Sunday, 11 August 2013

Zionist Federation betrays Zionist principles and continues to work with Islamonazis

Last week we saw yet another horrific Muslim attack on two teenage British Jewish girls in the vile city of Zanzibar. Apart from the fact that Muslims attacks on non-Muslims have increased at an unprecedented rate in modern times, we must point out that the truth of the matter is that these attacks have never stopped.

Katie Gee and Kirstie Trup - Victims of an acid attack by Muslims in Zanzibar

The fact that the Muslim preacher who inspired the attack has been shot is no comfort to these two naive girls. Her parents should have never let them go in the first place. And the preacher should have been shot in the head. It would be a blessing to rid the world of this hateful soul.

Katie Gee and Kirstie Trup were victims of Islamonazism. They were casualties caused by the irresponsibility of the organizations they chose to help and by the sheer stupidity of their own parents. 

The girls have been attacked twice previously, in the same area. This should have been a wake up call, and they should have had protection.

The truth is that for centuries Muslims have been targeting non-Muslims, raping, committing genocide and horrific assaults in order to steal their land and place it under Waqf. The internet only made it easier for people to finally see what has been happening for the last 1,400 years, although there are thousands of books which have described these facts ever since those days. 

What is staggering is the sheer irresponsibility of the parents of these two teenagers, in encouraging them to go to a Muslim dominated country such as Zanzibar, with a "charity" that is mainly run by Muslims! Have they no common sense? 

It's not as if Muslims are hiding their murderous intentions towards Jews and the State of Israel! They are pretty clear on those! It's all over the news, in every single newspapers, every single day, EXCEPT in the "Jewish" Chronicle that has a responsibility to inform Jews about the threats to their lives from the Muslim enemies, and certain Jewish organizations, that rather work against Jewish interests and appease our IslamoNazi enemies, putting Jewish lives at risk.

One of these organizations is the so called "Zionist" Federation, that has been a subject of one of our articles recently, for promoting Palestinian interests over Jewish ones. Here in this article, we expose their intentions to "Meet Palestinians and learn their points of view", as if their murderous intentions towards Jews are not already clear enough.  

After we contacted them, they amended their flyer but we see that they are at it AGAIN, and here is the evidence.

Now the Anti-"Zionist" federation is once again referring to Judea and Samaria as "West Bank" and asking for Jews to join them in their pro-Palestinian appeasing mission to "understand" Palestinians' point of view, a most irresponsible act that calls for questioning and investigation into their intentions. 

I certainly would never let my children anywhere near this organization, which I have seen fall into disrepute again and again, and turn from Zionist to blatant Muslim appeasing

At first glance you may not see their true intentions, and their wording makes it sound quite "genuine" but we know these people, and we know what these trips to Israel have achieved. More and more we see people from our own community brainwashed into a Palestinian way of thinking, and extremely critical of Israel. This is because irresponsible groups like the ZF, do not show Jews the real Israel and the true situation between Jews and Palestinians. 
They fail to take them to meet true Zionists in Judea and Samaria to see for themselves what the Palestinians have done to our people and to our beautiful country; the threats, the attacks, the rapes, the kidnappings, the murders and the pillaging.   

You don't need to meet the Palestinians to know their point of view. It's all written down in black and white in the Hamas charter.
And if you still don't believe them, then you are a fool, a dangerous fool. 

Organizations and parents who continue to misinform their children of the true reality of things are fully responsible for these tragedies whenever they occur. What we are experiencing is a tragic failure from both parts.  

It does not matter if you are politically right or left wing, you have a responsibility to keep your children and your loved ones informed of the dangers of Islam and Muslims. If you do not know it, then get learning and fast. There is no excuse to be in such blissful ignorance anymore. The internet is full of facts and so are the major newspapers. 

The holocaust happened because many Jews took the stance of appeasing Hitler and helping him to murder Jews, thinking they would escape somehow. They were the Kapos and today we still see many of these Kapos around.

It's time to wise up and see Islam for what it truly is, an evil and murderous ideology that hates everything we hold sacred.

If you don't know about Islam, contact the JDL and we will tell you everything you need to know. We will arm you with knowledge and give you a chance to fight back. 

Irresponsibility costs lives. We are not prepared to lose a single Jewish life any longer.  
Join us and help us save Jewish lives. 

We say NEVER AGAIN and we mean it.



  1. Have to agree with you, You either believe in greater Israel or you don't. Palestine was never a country...EVER! They are the sons of the Arab and Turkish invaders. As for appeasement? Well, you cannot reason with these people, they want what they want and that is the destruction of Israel, it's suicide.

  2. That wasn't the point, dummy. They were saying that they would hear the povs of the arabs who work at yishuvim in yehuda and shomron. The western media talks about how unhappy they are, but I'm pretty sure that this part is talking about having those workers comment on how happy they are to work for jewish settlers (vs the highly negative picture shown in the media.