Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Community Security Traitors & Al Quds Nazi Rally 2013

Some time ago we exposed the Community Security Traitors - CST - for working alongside Muslims of dubious character, legitimizing Islamic groups with a suspicious agenda, and twisting their own figures to mislead people into believing that the white British people are the main aggressors against Jews. 

The CST reports and figures clearly show more Muslims committing crimes than "White British natives", so why does the CST say these crimes are committed by a "white British" majority?

Rather than use facts to tell the truth, we see the CST again and again, misusing information, and concealing the evidence that Muslims are the main aggressors against Jews and non-Jews in the UK.

The article in question is here:

Of course, the CST is not the only group that is now dhimmified and using Jewish resources to appease Muslims. We will speak about them too later.

First the CST, that has stooped to a new low. The question is, how low are they prepared to go in their quest to appease Islam and Muslims? And how far are they willing to go in attempting to silence the JDL or Jews who have simply had enough of their antics, before this whole thing blows up on their faces?

The fact is, we have been receiving several emails on a daily basis, from Liberal Jews who are extremely worried about what the CST and the JLC are doing.  
Let's be frank about it. Liberal Jews do not like us very much. We are far too blunt for their liking. We speak the truth and we don't try to sugar coat lies. We call a spade a spade. 

Now for liberal Jews to be contacting the "thuggish" JDL, things must be getting pretty bad within the Jewish community.

Their complaints start with CST not taking anti-Semitic threats, abuse and behaviour seriously. We have email evidence of people who have contacted the CST asking them for help in reporting anti-Semitic abuse and harassment they have been subjected to but the CST refuses to help. 

On the same line, we have emails from a particular individual who has contacted the CST several times, scolding them for helping perpetuate the Muslim lie and claims of "victimhood", while pointing out that the CST is constantly absconding from condemning the criminal Muslim rape gangs that destroyed the lives and innocence of so many young girls in this country.

Here is one email which we are sharing. The name of the writer will not be divulged for safety reasons. 


Sent: 2013/05/28 06:42:17 PM
Subject: FW: Letter of protest

As a Zionist Jew who loves Israel and Britain, I am ashamed and enraged by your campaigns against British people who oppose Islamic terror in the UK such as the English Defence League. You are declaring war on the working class  Christian British people on behalf
of Muslims who want to destroy the Jewish homeland anyway.
You are silent when innocent white children are kidnapped, raped and forced into child prostitution. You were silent when Lee Rigby was slashed to death by A Muslim terrorist. You were silent when white pensioners and young women are assaulted by Muslim immigrants, and
when the followers of Anjem Choudary declare large parts of British cities 'Sharia Zones' You were silent when homecoming British soldiers were attacked and spat at in Luton, but condemned the response of English working class people when they formed the eDL.

You are so worried about being seen to discriminate against Muslims that you discriminate against everyone, else-and in so doing are making anti-Semites of good people. Why do you protect mosques and not churches, unless you hate British Christians and love British Muslims, and particularly hate white working class British people. Why have you done nothing against child-grooming of white children but protect Muslims when the community reacts. Why dont you monitor attacks on British people by Muslims as you do 'Islamophobia' with your pro-Islamic 'Tell Mamma' initiative.

You make me ashamed as  Jewish person of your hateful attitude to working class British Christians, on behalf of people who want to destroy the Jewish homeland anyway-i.e Muslims
You willl reply that not all Muslims are terrorists, but so also you dont realize not all white working class British people are 'Fascists' or 'Nazis'
I cannot even reply when ordinary British people complaining that Jews want to swamp Britain with Muslim immigrants as that seems to be what official Jewish organizations like yourselves seem to be doing.
You are making the future of the Jews in Britain very dangerous by antagonizing working class Christian Britain.

Yours in disgust


This is just one of the several letters the CST gets from worried members of our community. 

We share the same sentiments of the writer above, of course. We believe that groups like the CST, that depend solely (they are possibly receiving government funding for associating with TellMamaUK) on funding from Jews, are abusing our trust and using our money for projects that are not only against but extremely dangerous to Jewish interests and safety.

We have been sent several emails from people who have contacted the CST only to be rebuked and told that the CST does not get involved with anti-semitic attacks online, while on the other hand they encourage and help their Muslim friends from TellMamaUK and Faith Matters to perpetuate the exaggeration of "Islamophobic" attacks, which are of course mainly online, as it has been exposed already by Andrew Gilligan from the Daily Telegraph here:

An exposure which has caused the group to lose their government funding as exposed here:

The CST is fully aware of this but continues to misrepresent Jews and lend its support to these groups by using Jewish funds. Furthermore, the CST has been deliberately trying to smear those who are discontent or critical of their actions, as well as smearing legitimate groups like the JDL and the EDL, groups that actually fight against the Islamization of this country and for the freedom of all people, irrespective of race, colour, creed or gender. 

It is obviously too hard for some "liberals" to stomach the fact that neither JDL or EDL are racist groups. But we must point out that the groups that smear us are that and more. 

The CST for example, as we have pointed out above, insist in misleading the Jewish community (And whoever reads their blog) into thinking that WHITE BRITS are the majority of attackers against Jews (And Muslims). If the figures corroborated with such then we would not bring this up, but they don't. They show MUSLIMS are the main attackers if you understand mathematical percentages, and yet the CST opted to mislead the Jewish community into thinking White Brits are racist and violent. (Perhaps they forget they are also WHITE. Perhaps they do not have a mirror at home?)

By doing so, the CST is perpetuating the Muslim lie of victimhood, smearing decent White Brits by labeling them as racists, and deceiving people outright by claiming they are violent. Isn't this racism in itself?

The biggest deceit from the CST comes from telling people to stay away from the EDL & JDL, calling us all "racists", "radicals", "extremists" and other smears. But here is the catch, they work with Muslims who are linked with racists, radicals and extremists. Isn't this ironic?

One point to note is the issue of the Al-Quds day, that horrible anti-Semitic, Jew hating vile propaganda against Israel and Jews, where Muslims (Many of them linked to the groups that the CST supports) attended. 

We did not see the CST ask anyone to counter-demonstrate against these savages. Nor did we see any "Jewish" group doing so. Not EVEN the "Zionist" Federation, which by the way is also embarking on the path of dhimmitude!! 

None of these have arranged a counter-demonstration against the Nazi degenerates that use our streets as a sewage pipe to spread virulent antisemitism, call for the destruction of Israel, support the terrorists of  Hezbollah and the usual Muslim hate-slogans that appear on their placards. 
Al Quds Day, Trafalgar Square, 2012
The CST merely wrote a pathetic whingeing blog about the al-quds day but that was it. They are not even trying to get al-quds day banned! And yet they have the audacity to criticize those who are on the streets, trying to tackle the Islamic problem.

The Casuals United on the other hand, wrote a whole blog about it and we know for a fact that they, as well as the EDL and JDL work tirelessly to get Al-Quds day BANNED from our streets. Here is the Casual's blog

Perhaps the CST can point out to us what is "racist" about standing up against the ones who call for the boycott of Israel and praise terrorists in our streets?

Perhaps the CST can also let us know how much of Islam they truly understand, apart from the taqqiya they are fed with daily by their Muslim friends. 

Interesting to note that the racism spouted by the CST against White Brits is based on their typical denigration by the white working class, whom they may find "stupid", but ironically the White working class in Britain are the ones who have far more intellect and knowledge about what is actually happening in this country and about Islam, than these snobbish individuals who are happy enough to fleece Jewish money into their pockets and ignore the plight of Jews who contact them for help.

On the other hand, we had people taking to the streets to counter these demonstrations, and debating Muslims on al-quds day. Yes, on SHABBAT!!!
Here is one of them.

Our comrade "Ahmed Tikriti" an Iraqi-born ex-Muslim debating with a Pakistani Muslim who is perhaps one of the most ignorant individuals I have ever heard speak. 

Here is the video of the debate, so that you can see for yourselves. 

So, it takes a Muslim JDL supporter to take to the streets while "Jews" stay at home and do nothing!  While the CST and the "Zionist" Federation are simply incapable of organizing a counter-demonstration against those who take to the streets to call for our annihilation as a people! 

Now, where is this "Community Security Trust" when you actually need them? Where is the "security" they provide? If placing a couple of older people outside a Synagogue on a shabbat is what you call "security" while they REFUSE to come out and protect/stand by those who are ready to defend their people, then it is now pretty accurate to say that they no longer serve their purpose.  Those who encourage the lies and actions of our enemies, while smearing righteous Jews and Gentiles, cannot be trusted to protect us. 



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