Sunday, 23 June 2013

Jihadists Masquerading as Journalists

Over the past few days, journalists, politicians and jihadists have decried the arrival next week of two freedom fighters and brave exposers of islamic jihad: the wonderful Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

These two among many others in America have become symbols of the fight against the imposition, in Western democracies, African and Asian emerging democracies and South American communist lands, of Islamic rules, fake victimhood and Sharia law.

Sharia law brooks no dissent from the Koran, which is why, it seems, the so called socialists/progressives support it; in Sharia law and socialist/ progessive writings(Alinsky, Piven-Cloward) society must be crushed and free speech removed, in order to form a mass of people who can enforce a permanent revolution/warfare on those who do not share their point of view.

So here we have Independent journalist, Kevin Rawlinson, calling Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer:

"among America’s most notorious anti-Muslim campaigners"

This is a lie and he knows it. Or else he is speaking on behalf of jihadists who wish to denigrate and smear those who tell the truth about Islam.

Muslim girls murdered in so-called honour-killings that Kev Rawlinson could not give a damn about!

 Pamela Geller has helped a Muslim girl who converted out of Islam, to safety, or she would have been murdered by her parents.

Pamela Geller has exposed the real "War on Women" with articles exposing female genital mutiliation, family "honour" killings and all the girls who have died because of this.

But poor Kev is frothing at the mouth so  wildly he is unable to look at her blog and see her incredible record.

Among others, Rifka Bary:

 Pamela Geller has funded a memorial to a young Muslim girl who died as a result of being murdered by her family.

The Aksa Parvez Memorial in Israel:

And other Human Rights issues for AFDI/SIOA:

For Muslims, Allah and Mohammed are more important than actual real people. As Turkish Prime Minister said: "There is no such thing as moderate Islam, there is only Islam"
The words written in the Koran must be taken literally.

She is exposing Islam and poor Kev is so under the multi-culti Muslim supremacist thumb, he cannot think or act rationally.

Muslims prey on Muslims and non-Muslims alike. It is Islam that is the problem.

So, at the same time as these two free speech and freedom from Islamic sharia oppression heroes are coming for a much needed visit to the UK, a Muslim hate-preacher from Saudi Arabia is visiting.

Interestingly, Muslim leaders are doubtful abou this Saudi as he promoted division between Muslims.

The Huffington Post has this:

"Senior Muslim leaders in Britain have expressed concerns that a controversial Saudi preacher who arrived in London this week could exacerbate sectarian tensions.
They told HuffPost UK said they feared Mohammad Al-Arefe's presence could "negatively impact the peaceful co-existance amongst the Muslim community"."

Rawlinson's End

But Kevin Rawlinson is focussing his Pavlov's Dog type reactions on two Western freedom fighters who wish to educate people, as well as mourning the loss of a decent patriotic young man, assassinated, according to Koranic principles, in broad daylight, in London, while walking in the streets of his own country!

Of course there are many other "journalists" who are paid mouthpieces for jihad, but Kev needs the attention right now, so uses his independent column to attack Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

Even though he would not last 5 seconds in a discussion with either of them, regarding the reality of what Islam promotes.

So not only are Shia muslims in UK concerned, but more to the point, so are the general UK population. This is our country, we don't send hate preachers to Muslim countries saying unles you convert to whatever faith, we will behead you and you will go to hell!

So now this jihadist from woman-stoning, gay-killing Saudi Arabia is allowed to sneak into the UK with the help of the UK government - they have SAS bodyguards, so no skin off THEIR noses if a Muslim hacks off someone elses head!

From SKY News:

"Despite our enlightened cleric's dubious views on Shia Muslims and Jews, which the Swiss felt were not the sort of the thing people should be propagating in the land of cuckoo clocks, the Home Office seems to take a different view.
Mr al Arefe is expected to preach at a London mosque at the weekend.
The Home Office told Sky News it would not comment on individual cases."

The Home Office, run by rabbit in the islamic headlights Theresa May ...

Let's see if she is a liar too and only comments on non-Muslims entering the country.

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