Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Board of Deputies embarrassing Jews in Britain

So, the Board of Deputies is in chaos... why is this not surprising?

The JC has published an article on the state of affairs of the Board of Deputies, exposing the chaos which is in. 
                                     Board of Deputies President, Vivian Wineman

The Board of Deputies President, Mr. Vivian Wineman has been accused of ignoring its standing orders and stifling debate. Hmmm, why are we not surprised? Given that the Board of Deputies claims to represent the Jewish community, we can now understand better the lack of "cojones" in the community.

If they won't stand up against someone who is being accused of bullying them and behaving as a dictator, then how can they stand up against the threat of Islam and its anti-Semitism?

Now the Board claims they can do better, but observing how they have not done any good lately, doing better seems an overstatement, principally after their utter fiasco of joining up (against many members' wishes) with Oxfam, a "charity" that has taken sides in demonizing Israel and playing into the false delusion of victimization of "Palestinians", as exposed here on the JC

The article states: 

" Many United Synagogue congregants - furious over the link with what they regard as anti-Israel NGO - have threatened to withhold their voluntary communal levy fees which go towards the running of the Board."

But Vivian Wineman is not listening. He couldn't care less about the opinions of those who pay his salary, as he said:

"There are cogent arguments presented by both sides, which created an excellent demonstration of democracy and debate. We are delighted that our project has been approved by a clear majority. We are, however, sensitive to the concerns of those who opposed the motion and hope that these can be addressed." 

Well, we hope so too. Majority or not, working with a rabidly anti-Israel "charity" that are a political entity with their own agenda, is a big NO NO for the Jewish community. There should not be any questions or debate about working with an anti-Israel group, charity or not. 

The Board under the "leadership" of Vivian Wineman has embarrassed us all, and I truly hope that people stop paying their levy fees to this kind of corruption. NOT IN OUR NAME!!

It's time to elect a new leader to the Board, and to ensure that he or she is capable of doing the job that the community is expecting them to do. 


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