Thursday, 7 February 2013

Is the Zionist Federation UK now Anti-Zionist and working against Israel's interests?

Theodore Herzl - The Father of the Jewish State - A true Zionist 

We have been watching for a while now, several groups that claim to be "Jewish" and "Zionist", and that claim to be working for Israel, on behalf of Israel and / or for Israel's interests. One of them, and the topic of this article today, is the Zionist Federation UK. Why? Because we have received the below flyer in our email today, and as you can see we have highlighted in red, the part which should concern every Jew, principally UK Jews.

The "Zionist" Federation UK is promoting a trip to Israel in June 2013, but amongst the itinerary you will see the following:  "Visit the West Bank and meet Palestinians and understand their point of view". 

Now, a true Zionist or a true Zionist organization would NEVER (in a million years) refer to Judea and Samaria (Israeli/Jewish land) as "West Bank". Neither would a true Zionist organization be promoting and quite shamelessly at that, a "meet and greet Palestinians" to "understand THEIR point of view".  Not to mention that by doing so, by bringing naive and unprepared young Jews into Judea and Samaria they are putting Jewish lives at risk.  

Unless of course, they intend to enter these areas with a bullet-proof bus and a couple of armed guards/soldiers... and if so,  then you can safely assume precisely what is "their point of view". Why would they need bullet-proof buses or armed guards IF these "Palestinians" were such a gentle people and no danger to Israelis or Jews? 

It is quite clear to us that the Zionist Federation UK has completely ceased working for Israeli's interests and is now promoting the "two-solution State" which is completely and utterly against any Zionist ideology. No true Zionist would dream of splitting Israel and giving away land which is essential for our security, leaving Israel virtually extremely vulnerable to Islamic Palestinian attacks. No Zionist would promote any kind of interest to "understand" the "Palestinian view" because true Zionists know very well what their true views are, and what they have done ever since Israel was formed.
No true Zionist would even entertain any idea of further dialogue with a people who democratically voted to be ruled by a tyrannical and terrorist group (Hamas), that in its very charter explicitly tells the world that they intend to destroy Israel, and Jews. (They also use the word Zionist to refer to Jews).

So, why is the "ZIONIST" Federation UK promoting anti-Zionism, under the guise of "understanding"? 
What interests can the "Zionist" Federation possibly have in "Meeting and understanding Palestinians' point of view" when we all know pretty well what their views truly are? Haven't we all done our research on this already? Haven't we experienced in our own skins the very terrorism Palestinians inflict on Israel on a daily basis?
Haven't we seen the news? Haven't we put enough of these savages in our prisons?
Haven't we seen how they murder sleeping families, stone cars that drive pass their homes, and even stone children who are playing in the streets?
Haven't we seen how Hamas treats their own people and how they rather spend money on missiles to hit Israeli towns (and cause as much damage as possible) instead of spending in infrastructure, education, hospitals and schools for their own people?

Interesting to note is that the "Zionist" Federation have not mentioned (even once) about visiting the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria (which some ignorant and bigoted individuals refer to as "settlers") to understand their point of view . And why not? Why don't they go and visit the Federmans, like we together with JDL Canada did 4 months ago?  Why don't they go and ask them why their homes have been destroyed several times, by Israeli soldiers? Why don't they try to "understand" the residents of Judea and Samaria's points of views too?  

The Zionist Federation UK has a lot to answer for and we will be requesting public answers to this. It is totally unacceptable that they use our money, and our donations to work against Israel and Zionist interests while claiming the opposite! This is dishonesty, and fraud. This is working against the principles it had been founded for.

We believe that the members and principally the leaders of the Zionist Federation UK should learn what Zionism truly means. They must stop claiming to be a Zionist organization when they are in fact working against Zionist interests.

Has Zionism become such a dirty word to these people that they feel the need to bend down like dhimmis and reject everything their ancestors died for? Has Zionism lost its appeal to the fickle-minded-left-leaning-individuals or is it that they feel in order to be "accepted" as Jews in British and European societies they have to somehow criticise Israel and jump into the deceitful "pro-Palestinian band wagon" as well? 

How shameful it is for us to see this! How dhimmified is this behaviour! How discouraging it is to see those who claim to be Zionist leaders expose their true spineless behaviour and instead of courageously and assertively defending Israel, its borders and its people, they try to "understand" the Palestinian terrorists' point of view! How abhorrent!! 

Haven't these people learned anything? Why do they cry about the Holocaust, when they are not prepared to fight again, and against the very people who inspired Hitler in exterminating 6 million of us? 
They, who are spineless cowards, keep on repeating OUR (JDL) mantra: "NEVER AGAIN", but they don't do anything to make this a reality. They expect us to fight for them and that will not happen. We will not defend dhimmis who willingly submit to the enemy. We will not defend  kapos who work against our people, and are happy enough to see us in danger to save their own miserable skins.  

The Zionist Federation must start taking a stronger position against Israel haters, Jewish haters, Zionist haters and start by being assertive and knowledgeable in our History and the History of our enemies, because as it stands, they do not seem to know much at all, least of all what Zionism is and what it truly represents to Jews all over the world. 

Zionism defined itself through bravery and sacrifice. What bravery can they boast of? What sacrifice? 
When they attempt to push Israeli issues under the carpet in order to give our own enemies a view, which we already know is rabidly anti-Semitic, that is when they lose the reason to exist as an organization that works for Jews and Israel, and when they expose their own ignorance and lack of knowledge not only of the conflict but of the Islamic mentality and agenda.  

The enemy we face is ruled body and soul by the ideology and doctrine of Islam. You will never be able to face it or defeat them if you are ignorant of their doctrine. Therefore you cannot even attempt to understand them because you fail to understand the basics of their doctrine. All that is left for you is to be (like many before you) fooled and deceived by them. And make no mistake, you will be deceived because you do not have the experience and the knowledge to defeat their arguments.  

As a final note here are a few questions to the Zionist Federation UK and all its representatives, that we need answering:  

1. Please explain what do you mean by: Going to "The West Bank" (as opposed to Judea and Samaria) to "Understand Palestinians' point of view" .

2. Explain how well do you know the Islamic doctrine, and how familiar are you with their books, the Qu'ran, Hadiths and Tafseer.

3. Explain what Taqqiya and Kitman mean by your own understanding of these subjects. 

4. Explain what you understand Sharia law to be and what are its implications in any society that adopts it. 

We await to receive a response from you.



  1. Absolutely GROTESQUE! These kapos think they can throw the Jews and Israel into the ovens, so long as mozlems and Lefturds love THEM!! As Churchill said: "Appeasing the crocodile, hoping it will eat them last!"
    Matthew Gould, anti-semitic tool of the Nazi UK Foreign Office, may you rot in hell.

  2. The only good muslim is a dead one. Once he or she has achieved this ultimate goal, I will happily listen to their views.