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The Kapos of British Jewry

Kapo on the left forcing other Jews to work, while he receives benefits and temporary immunity from persecution from his Nazi masters. During the WW2, Kapos were Jewish enablers for Nazism. Today Kapos are Jewish enablers for Islam. 

British Board of Deputies joins Oxfam, at the insistence of Matthew Gould, UK Ambasssador to Israel!!

Is this what British Jews should be donating to? This disgraceful and shameless organization is filled with anti-Zionist kapo individuals who care nothing for Israel or Jews. All they care about is wearing suits and ties, holding lavish parties (with your money) and using the same donated money to promote Islam in the UK. They are truly the lowest of the low! We urge all Jews to PLEASE STOP DONATING TO THE BBOD IMMEDIATELY!

Read the rest of the article (further below) to see how Oxfam is a truly hateful anti-Israel "charity" organization and how the BBOD is helping them continue to be so.

We will be expecting the Board of Deputies to address our comments and challenge them to prove us wrong. Furthermore, we also challenge the CST to prove what they have done so far to address the Islamic violence against Jews in the UK, and what have been the "fruits" of their association with Islamic radical groups. Did they manage to get Muslims to agree that Israel has a right to exist? Did they manage to get them to control radical Muslim behaviour?
What have the CST actually achieved from their cavorting with these Islamo-fascist radicals who do not waste a single opportunity to crucify Israel and attack Jewish Zionists wherever and whenever they can?

CST and BBOD, we await to hear from you!

What these groups have managed to show us, is that they are the scourge of all diaspora Jews, the leftist-liberal-spineless-coward-dhimmi-enablers-collaborators that wish to force us all to accept Islamic supremacy.  Yes, you read it right. This is precisely what these groups are!
No, they no longer represent Jews. In fact they haven’t done so in many years, but unfortunately it takes a while for people to open their eyes and suss them out. Only those who are intent on saving Jewish lives can see through their veil of deceit, and we have done so from the start.

Let’s get some facts straight here:

Regarding the JDL UK what WE stand for and against:

We stand against Islamization of the UK.
We stand against Islamic violence against Jews, homosexuals, women and animals.
We stand against mosques being used to radicalize young Muslims.
We stand against enablement and appeasement of Islamic radicals.
We stand against the supremacist, authoritarian and violent Islamic doctrine and ideology.
We stand against foreign Islamic governments funding radical and separatist madrassas in the UK.
We stand against segregation of sexes.
We stand against Nazism, Fascism, Socialism, Communism and Anarchism.
We stand against general Muslim and Palestinian lies and propaganda against Israel.
We stand against the two tier system in Britain.
We stand against immigration of foreigners who simply come to the UK to abuse our system. 
We stand against racial violence and abuse.
We stand against violence against apostates of Islam.
We stand against all religious persecution.
And the list goes on.....

Now to what WE stand for:

We stand for Liberty.
We stand for equality.
We stand for Human Rights.
We stand for Freedom.
We stand for Israel.
We stand for Jews.
We stand for Zionism. 
We stand for freedom of and from religion. 
We stand for justice.
We stand for immigration of foreigners that can contribute to the growth of the country. 
And the list goes on....

And the likes of BBod, CST, Faith Matters, TellMamaUK and other degenerates have the utmost shameless audacity to call us "extremists"
Labelling us with words which should be reserved for themselves! It surely makes them look pathetically desperate, which they are. 

“As we have done so consistently in the past, the Board of Deputies of British Jews condemns unreservedly the JDL, their ideology and their actions. It is clear for all to see that the JDL are solely intent on causing divisions and mistrust between different groups in British society. When they wave Israeli flags at a rally or demonstration, they do so only to goad the Muslim community and to stir communal tensions. This, and everything that the JDL stands for, is utterly abhorrent. Equally sickening were the scenes of demonstrators attacking America and celebrating 9/11.  All right thinking people should be repulsed by extremism from any quarter.”

To which we replied as follow: 

"It is clear for all to see that the BBOD is solely intent on brown nosing their way to personal knighthoods especially if it means stepping on the backs of Jews forced to endure daily taunts and worse from out of control Muslim youth.
When they attack the JDL they do this solely to cement their place, begging for scraps from the table of the British political establishment. This and everything the BBOD stand for is utterly abhorrent.

Equally sickening is the gross moral impotence of a group of Jews, unable and unwilling to realise that Muslims on the streets of London calling for the imposition of a fascist theocracy and end of the rule of Law and democracy bears absolutely no comparison with proud patriots who’s own inclusive brand of nationalism is a direct mirror to the spirit of inclusive Zionism that built Israel into the great hope it is for the Jewish people.”

We do hope you notice that the BBOD claims to stand AGAINST everything  we stand FOR, which is:

Liberty, Equality, Human Rights, Freedom, Israel, Jews, Zionism, Freedom of and from religion, Justice and the immigration of foreigners that can contribute to the growth of the country, amongst others. Now, this should clearly show you in whose side the BBOD is, and it is DEFINITELY NOT on our side. So it should now be obvious to you that they do NOT represent British Jewry in the slightest."
Where was board of deputies condemning the REAL dividers in society, putting wedges between Jews and Jewish groups, pretending to have interfaith but using churches for islamic propaganda and proselytising: The muslims! Who call for the destruction of the Jewish state, Israel and spread blood libels. 
Have these fat overpaid kapos in BBOD, who get their money from the very Jews they betray on a daily basis, bothered to wonder - to quote Winston Churchill, that if they appease the crocodile, they will be the last to be eaten, never mind the ordinary Jewish person who is at risk of personal attack from Muslims 24/7?
The dividers are the muslims, we are the canary in the mine, warning of their lies - taqqiya - their pretence at "interfaith" while they soothe the useful idiots at the BBOD with lies about islamophobia, when attacks on Jews by Muslims and others are at their highest?

This is why the BBOD has chosen instead to cavort with Islamic radicals from cover organizations such as Faith Matters, and Tell Mama UK, like the good dhimmis that they are. They are trying to sell Jewish soul to Islamic radicals very cheaply indeed, in exchange for a few mentions in corrupt newspapers and lavish dinners. How disgusting they are!

How dare these pathetic hypocrites claim that we were waving Israeli flags to “antagonize” Muslims? What are these idiots saying? Do they believe that when Jews take to the streets to hold demos in front of the Israeli embassy they are holding Israeli flags to “antagonize” Muslims? Or this ONLY applies when the JDL do it? How hypocritical of them!!

Are these people saying that the Israeli flag is an instrument of antagonism? How dare they speak about our flag in such manner? They have completely lost any common sense; they are totally out of their minds! Although they would have a very hard time trying to convince us they had any to start with. This is liberalism for you. Dhimmitude at its best. The humiliation of Jewish character plain and simple. 

We point out a video from a 16 year old brave student called Daniel, who held the Israeli flag alone during a hateful protest against Israel, organized by the Palestinians and their communist supporters, outside the Israeli consulate in LA.

So, was this boy carrying the Israeli flag to “antagonize” the Muslims as well?

There is no limit to the utter imbecility of the Board of Deputies, a bunch of old liberals who have no interest whatsoever in defending Jews or saving Israel from Islamic terrorism. They spend their waking hours counting up the money they receive from gullible Jews and spending it by arranging lavish gala dinners with the enemies of the Jewish people. 

Another thing we wanted to point out: Now this will make you heave.
Here is Henry Grunwald, the kapo-in-chief- President of the BBOD with Kapo Marxist David Miliband, who wants it both ways, celebrating (of all festivities) Hanukka!
Now, don't these idiots know what Hanukka represent? Perhaps not. So we will educate them.

Hanukka is the re-dedication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem - following the Jewish Maccabee's (Brave Jewish warriors) victory against the Syrian-Greeks around 165 B.C.E.
The Jewish Temple was seized by Syrian-Greek soldiers and they converted it into a temple to worship Zeus. (Like Muslims have seized churches and synagogues and converted them to places of worship for their moon-deity allah).

The whole episode was a defiant slap on the face of the Jewish people but many (such as the kapos from BBOD, CST and other pathetic organizations) were afraid to fight back for fear of "reprisals". In those days, reprisals meant death, but these days, it only means labelling people as "racist".
Anyway, the Emperor Antiochus decided to really rub the Jewish people's face in and prohibited the worship of Judaism on penalty of death. Antiochus also forced the Jews to worship Greek g-ds. And yet, despite all this, the kapos of those days continued to do nothing but cower in fear, like the dhimmis they were. (See how History repeats itself?)

So one fine day, some Greek soldiers decided to harass the Jews even more, so they gathered the Jewish villages and told them to bow down to an idol of Zeus and eat the flesh of a pig (both things forbidden to Jews). The Greek officer chose Mattathias the High Priest to do this, but he refused. When another villager stepped forward to take Mattathias' place and do as commanded, Mattathias was outraged. He pulled his sword out, killed the villager and the Greek officer. Then Mattathias five sons and the other villagers attacked the remaining Greek soldiers killing them all.
These heroes were called the Maccabees or Hasmoneans. They were the ones who did what the rest of the kapos could not do out of fear.

The Maccabees of those days are the JDL and the EDL of the modern times. Those who are willing to fight even for those kapos who not only do not have enough guts to do so, but criticise those who do. The Maccabees were the ones who would not allow Jewish soul to be sold cheaply. They had no fear. They were heroes.

So why are these kapos from BBOD and the Marxist appeaser David Miliband celebrating Hanukka? What right do they have to celebrate a heroes' day when they belong to the same class as the kapos of those days?

Do these idiots think they can take the credit for the fights the Maccabbees (The real right wingers of those days) won?  Sure, they are pretty happy now that Jewish life was saved, otherwise they wouldn't be here. But they are only here because others died for them. Others who had no fear of fighting against what was evil. Those were the heroes who gave their lives defending Jewish heritage, Jewish culture and Jewish lives, when others like those who belong to the BoD and CST, sit on their fat asses, counting money from their donors, and appeasing the Islamic aggressors, as they are doing right now in front of your very eyes.

The sight of these kapos celebrating Hannuka makes us ill to our stomachs. How dare they celebrate a victory which does not belong to them, neither physically nor ideologically? No leftie/Communist/Socialist scumbag has the right to celebrate a right-wing victory!!

It's a shame their rabbis don't tell them the true story, huh? I guess they "feel Jewish" celebrating Hannuka, but they are not.  They are just the same kapos as the ones from the times of Mattathias. The same spineless individuals who rather suck up to the enemy to be spared condemnation or oy va voy, a "racist" label!  Twats!! They shame us all. They are the scourge of British Jewry.

If that was not enough to convince you of how the Board of Deputies have become a KAPO organization, please read this.
The article refers to the BBOD engaging in mutual cooperation with the "charity" OXFAM. As the article states:

"An organization which has a notorious reputation for engaging in anti-Israeli initiatives totally beyond the normal province of a charity.

Oxfam's hostility toward Israel goes back over a decade. One particularly troubling example of this was when in the wake of the Durban hate fest, when the Belgian branch produced huge posters with oranges dripping in blood titled "Israeli fruits have a bitter taste: Reject the occupation of Palestine, don't buy Israeli fruits and vegetables." Following a storm of protest, this blood libel was withdrawn."

Kahane was right. We should do away with the likes of you! Why don't you go and join your Muslim friends in Saudi Arabia, Gaza, Syria or Iran?
Do you truly think you are safe from their claws? Idiots! Once they conquer everyone else they will come for you too.

It's time for all righteous Jews to join the JDL and make a difference. Contact us and together we will achieve grander things. Remember the Maccabees' victory can also be yours. All you need is the courage to fight. Do you have what it takes?


JDL UK Team 

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