Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Muslims once again terrorising the streets of Britain

For the last few years we have seen a drastic increase of Muslims intimidating non-Muslims in the streets of Britain, and this is not only due to the increase of Muslim immigration into the country but also to the lack of honest and decent policing in these areas. 
The police has been covering up Muslim violence for many decades now and it was only after the English patriotic group EDL - English Defence League - protesting in the streets that this has come to surface. 

The English Defence League was also responsible for raising awareness of Muslim rape gangs operating not only with the full knowledge of the police but with their cover up too. This is something we feel the British public should know. There has been enough lies, enough cover ups and enough appeasement about these issues, and we can no longer remain silent. 

Islam is a fascist, authoritarian and antisemitic ideology. The proof is in the actions of its followers. Some may disagree with our views but the fact is that we are right and they are wrong. Others will claim that Christianity and Judaism are also violent religions. Let them claim what they wish. Again, the facts prove that the followers of Christianity and Judaism are not violent, do not blow themselves up, and certainly do not take to the streets of any country to demand their laws be upheld before the laws of the countries they live in. Only the followers of Islam do so.

But now this situation is getting out of control, with Muslim vigilantes taking to the streets of London, intimidating and harassing people to comply with their "laws", with their ways of life, which we all abhor and despise.

The following article in Arabic shows the video of a gang of Muslim vigilantes harassing Londoners in the streets, claiming the area as "Muslim areas", taking alcohol from their hands and criticising the way they dress. This is unacceptable! Where is the policing of these dangerous areas? Why isn't the police doing their job defending British citizens against this menace? On who's orders are they acting? 

A couple of years back they slashed the face of a male model on Whitechapel Road, destroying his career. They stabbed artist Oliver Hemsley through the spine with a broken bottle, leaving him in a wheelchair for life.

We demand the government to carry out a full investigation into the police's culture of appeasement and their cowardly protocols. We must have these areas policed and the police must be constantly on full alert, doing the job they are paid to do. If they deliberately fail to do this, then the British people will have their full right and duty to police themselves, and do everything necessary to stop these people for good and protect themselves and their families.  This is not negotiable. 

Last year we were shocked and extremely angry when we saw Muslims putting the following signs up in East London:

These Muslims are trying to intimidate the Gay community in the area, and have been seen physically attacking them. The police is not doing enough to prevent these attacks or to stop them from happening. We demand action immediately.

The internet is thankfully filled with real facts and videos proving Islamic terrorism, intimidation and harassment in several countries, and what is sickening is that no government is willing to take charge and end these waves of violence against their people. One should wonder why. 

They want to disarm us and make all weapons illegal and yet they allow such criminals free run of our streets, carrying all these illegal weapons and using them against us. This is intolerable, unacceptable and should not happen. A free man is a man with a weapon to defend himself. 

The media will not tell you this but Muslims in East London are constantly hiding weapons on peoples' gardens and they are NEVER more than 3 metres away from a weapon they can use against non-Muslims. These range from small kitchen knives to machetes and axes. Many also hide baseball bats and swords. We have seen them. We have reported them to the police and the police has done NOTHING AT ALL to stop it. Make no mistake, they know about it, but they are not acting on it. Why not? Why are they hiding this from the British public? Why are they allowing Muslims to carry weapons while telling us to give up ours, and jailing those who carry them for their own protection? 

One of our friends has been jailed for 3 months for carrying a telescopic cosh baton, but the police carry them themselves but only use them on law abiding citizens and not on those criminals who harass law abiding people. This can no longer be acceptable. British people have the rights to defend themselves. Full stop. The law needs to change and the police behaviour too.  
If they are not part of the solution they are part of the problem and will be treated as such. 

The Tower Hamlets Council has also released a statement about these vigilante gangs. See here.
However we do not trust this council any more than we trust the police or the Muslim residents of the area. Their words are cheap. Anybody can release such statements and bleat about "interfaith" and all sorts of rubbish. If Tower Hamlets council truly wishes to be part of the solution they better employ non-Muslim armed police to watch over the area, as it is becoming increasingly violent. 

In their statement they are "urging" the people who have been harassed to contact the police, but what will the police really do other than take their statements? They must stop this pathetic game and put personnel on the ground in order to prevent these attacks from happening and not remediate them after they happen. That is not good enough! 

Also we got this from their statement: 

"A Metropolitan Police Service spokesperson said: "We are aware of incidents over the weekend of 12/13 January where members of the community had suffered harassment by as yet unidentified individuals stating the area was a "Muslim Area" and claiming to be a "Muslim Patrol".  These incidents were filmed and posted onto "Youtube" until police intervened and they were removed."  

Now, ask yourselves WHY has the police REMOVED these videos that prove Muslim violence, from youtube? Why are they trying to cover this up? This is sickening! The police has no business trying to hide this from public view, their job is to ensure this never happens again. So what's with the removal of the video?  Demand answers from this "Metropolitan police service spokesperson" whoever this person may be. Notice that they never give any names. Interesting.. such a pathetic cover up will not go unnoticed. 

The council also lies, saying it is not something that occurs frequently. It is. It occurs all the time. Just ask the residents of the area who are constantly complaining to the useless police that does nothing to help them. 

The East London Mosque - the terrorist nest that was exposed by Andrew Gillingham in Dispatches on channel 4. 

This mosque is still operating and still producing terrorists. Why hasn't it been shut down yet?  

The EDL LGBT community reports that: "3 days after they were provided with all the relevant information, the Quisling gay media finally report on these muslim fascists. See here:  http://www.gaystarnews.com/article/muslim-patrol-harrass-men-looking-gay-london220113 

They did not dare report on this until after the mainstream media reported on it. 
So what's the point of "the gay community" mafia? The gay media CONCEALED that the attempted murder of Oliver Hemsley in 2008 was a homophobic atttack. They did not discuss it, or the subsequent attack on the gay bar until 2011. 
And these people supposedly represent us? These are our "community leaders"?"

They also reported: "Three days after we reported on the muslim gangs telling gay men to get out of Tower Hamlets, the premier gay news site has finally picked up the story. Of course, the clueless twats haven't connected this incident with the men being told to get away from the mosque, or the women being told that they are dressed indecently."

These issues will not go away. Not until we, the citizens of Britain take a stand against it and mean it. We must not only demand answers from our pathetically appeasing government, but protect ourselves at all costs, and I mean, AT ALL COSTS. There is not a single judge or police officer that can stop you from protecting yourself. If someone pulls a knife at me I know what I would do. But do you? 

We must not let the fear of "prison" cripple you thoughts or retard your defences. It's your life you are fighting for and believe you me, the police cares nothing for your life. None of those imbeciles who sit on a judging chair care for your life as you do. And when it comes to defending it, you must do what you must do. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

We urge you all to contact the Metropolitan police demanding answers to these attacks and cover ups. You have the right to know why the police is not acting as they should. 
Be apathetic about it and it will be your life that you will be fighting for next.

Don't let them win. Fight back. 

Stand with the civilized man.
Smash the barbaric Jihadists. 


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