Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Hypocrite Saudi Arabians to build Sex-Segregation Wall in Shops

Hmmmmm.......Obama says the Koran teaches that, "Be it man or woman, each of you is equal to the other."

Qur'an (4:11) - (Inheritance) "The male shall have the equal of the portion of two females"(see also verse 4:176).  

Qur'an (24:31) - Women are to lower their gaze around men, so they do not look them in the eye. 
Not only do Saudis have an apartheid system vis a vis Christians and Jews, not visiting their holy cess-pit of disease, Mecca (just as well!) they are now putting up walls to separate men and women in the same shop or store.

Of course, to the Leftist fascists and their muslim bosses, this is completely normal, does not infringe on people's human rights or even women's rights, of which there are precious little in this sandy hell-hole.

 The United Nazis (UN) so-called Human Rights group, headed by evil marxist South African hag, Navi Pillay, thinks that the most important thing is that Israel has a wall, to keep out the murderous suicide bombers, stone throwers and general criminals. And that wall is against the inhuman rights of Arabs to murder Jews.

Authorities in Saudi Arabia have ordered shops that employ both men and women to build separation walls to enforce segregation, local media reported on Monday.

The order was issued by Labor Minister Adel Faqih and was verified by Abdullatif al-Sheikh, the head of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, commonly known as ‘Mutawa’ or religious police.

The new rule states that a separation barrier, no shorter than 1.6 meters, should be erected to divide men and women in the workplace.

Authorities have been focused on promoting the kingdom’s conservative rules in the country’s shopping malls. 

More here: http://www.mfs-theothernews.com/2013/01/wac-mart-saudi-shops-to-build-sex.html

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