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Fiyaz Mughal's Faith Matters & TellMamaUK are trying to silence JDL UK

Fiyaz Mughal - of Faith Matters and TellMamaUK

We have avoided (until now) wasting our time exposing yet another Islamic with anti-Zionist/Jew connections, hate-mongering group called "TellMamaUK" because frankly they are too insignificant for us to bother with them. 

However the reason we feel we must now mention them is to make the Jewish community aware of the disgusting treason committed by the irrationally dhimmified CST (Community Security Trust) and Board of Deputies of British Jews. The same Board of Deputies of British Jews who claims to speak for all British Jews, but doesn't of course. The vast majority of Jews in the UK are becoming more and more aware of what these deceitful people are doing behind our backs.

For those who don't know, TellMamaUK is a group created by a Muslim called Fiyaz Mughal

TellMamaUK is linked to people who promote the anti-Semitic, anti-Western, Iranian regime mouthpiece, PressTV. In the link here, every word spoken by the muslim women in the video, is a complete lie, and these lies or taqqiya are crafted to paint muslims as victims. The truth is they are the perpetrators  of violence; against their own women, as well as against white non-Muslim women, practising honour murders and rape.

The women also perpetrate violence, blocking the pavement so non-muslims people cannot pass, squatting down in people's front gardens and going to the toilet, parking their cars in people's driveways and going shopping or going to the mosque.

They have produced no evidence whatsoever of the attacks mentioned in the PressTV report.

The same Fiyaz Mughal also created a group called "Faith Matters", although the only faith this individual cares about is his own Islamic one. When it comes to Jewish faith, obviously he uses Taqqiya, like most Muslims do. They pretend to be all sympathetic but in reality they don't lose an opportunity to attack and belittle Jews and Zionists.

Let's face it. The Jews never accepted the fake "prophet" Muhammad, so the Muslims hold it against all Jews to this very day. Pathetic really, but that is how Islamic mentality works. 

Fiyaz Mughal's group goes out of its way to ensure they are seen cavorting with Jews everywhere, and the pathetic Board of Deputies and the CST have fallen for their taqqiya trap, since they are totally and utterly ignorant on Islamic issues. 

We on the other hand,  scorn anything that relates to "interfaith" when it comes from Muslims, because we have plenty of experience in this field and we have learned that Muslims never cease to use Taqqiya (deceit) when it comes to dealing with the Western world. Only in this manner can they truly conceal what is in their hearts. By deceit. 

Fiyaz Mughal has infiltrated British society through taqqiya and although allegedly being appointed as the Advisor to Nick Clegg (The liberal fool in the coalition) on interfaith and preventing radicalization and extremism during 2009-2010, he was incapable of EVER addressing a single condemnation of Muslim rape gangs in the UK or of Muslim attacking Jews in London.

Also the fact that Mughal was "honoured" by the Queen of England is proof enough that these honours are now given to any Tom, Dick and Harry without any research into their background. It has become a joke. Just like the "Peace" Nobel Prize given to "Yasser Arafat", real name: Rahman Abdul Rauf al-Qudwa al-Husseini, the biggest murderous terrorist in History, (Yemach shmo ve zichro)!  A bloody disgrace! 

Mughal, despite his "qualifications" and self praise on interfaith, knows nothing about Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Paganism, Christianity, Catholicism, and so on. So his "interfaith" organization is a cover to promote Islam in UK soil, or more appropriately, to push DAWAH. 

Only idiots cannot see this. And it seems the Board of Deputies of British Jews is one of them.

Words such as "Interfaith"& "Coexistence", for example, are nothing but true applied taqqiya and dawah. The people who preach such are incapable of actually having any interfaith coexistence. You can see the truth all around you. Muslims murdering Jews in Israel, Muslims murdering Hindus in Kashmir, Muslims murdering Christians in Pakistan and Egypt, Muslims murdering Buddhists in Indonesia, and the list goes on... where is this "interfaith coexistence"? Nowhere. It's just taqqiya. Open your eyes and get wised up. 

Above left, Joseph Hayyim Brenner, alive and well. Above right, Joseph Hayyim Brenner, a victim of Muslim Arab-Jewish "co-existence" in Jaffa ... stabbed to death during these riots presumably because of the land Israel would be forced to occupy sixty-six years later!
This is precisely what Muslims mean by "COEXISTENCE". 

Anyone who is familiar with Islamic and Jewish History will know that we are telling you the truth. You don't even need to take our word for it, just go and get some good History books and you will find out for yourself. Islam brings terror wherever it goes. It brings death to all other faiths and cares absolutely nothing for "interfaith" or "coexistence". 

The question now should be: 

WHY are the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the CST behaving like Dhimmis and endangering our lives in such manner? 

Why are they cavorting with anti-Zionist Muslims behind our backs and lying to us when they are confronted? Why are they even working together with those who despise and strive to de-legitimize Israel at every single given opportunity? 

This is treason against the Jewish community which will not go unnoticed. The CST for example has never condemned Muslims-on-Jews crimes, despite the fact they are widely reported to them. Why are they silent on this? Why are they appeasing the enemy? 

Now, on another note, we came across this gem from the pathetic facebook page of "TellMamaUK". 

Well, I guess we must be doing something right for them to beg the Home Office to ban our group. Funny that. They never tried to ban the Hizb-ut-Tahrir which is a terrorist supporting group operating in UK soil, and that preaches death to homosexuals, and rabid anti-Semitism wherever they hold their conferences. 
Funny also that they never tried to ban the "East London Mosque", which is a nest of terrorists, already exposed by Dispatches,  or the MDL (Muslim Defence League) a group that incessantly spouts Jew hatred, Israel hatred, Christian hatred, British hatred, and all sorts of hatred on their facebook pages, as well as having violent members who are constantly encouraging their facebook followers to commit crimes and violence against British people in our streets. 

But they want to try and ban JDL UK because we expose the blunt truth about Islam and the behaviour of Muslims in the UK

They want to silence us so that they continue their taqqiya, unchallenged. Well, bring it on, Mr! We have never caused any terrorism in the UK, unlike the followers of Muhammad, who blew up buses and tubes on 7/7! We have never hijacked planes to hit the World Trade Centre, unlike the Mohammedans who follow a fake prophet who was full of hate in his heart. And we certainly do not murder our daughters for falling in love with non-Jews, or even perform cliterodectomy - also known as Female Genital Mutilation on them, unlike the savages of your "faith".  You will have a hard time trying to ban us without looking pathetically desperate to silence the truth. 

We have taken the liberty of using your own words to express our views on your group, as follows: 

"There comes a time when the volume of anti-Muslim anti-Jewish prejudice means that you have to write something public on a group or individual since they are so vocal and so tenacious in the hate that they feel against someone or a group of people. Well, for us, this is such a moment. 

We must, however, add that the following group TellMamaUK is a cover group that supports the Muslim brotherhood and other radical Islamic organizations, should not be seen as a reflection of Muslim Jewish relations in the UK. Granted, there are times of tension between these communities, 
 principally because Muslims are constantly attacking Jews on campuses and belittling their faith, but these are mainly because  international issues   Muslims cannot accept the fact that Israel is Jewish land and always was, and it was only taken back from Islamic invasion and not "taken from Muslims" as these liars like to claim. 

And both communities are thankfully increasingly coming together to resolve issues becoming more and more segregated because of Islamic violence affecting them here in the UK, whilst also because of the understanding that there may be different positions on matters in the Muslim brotherhood which is supported by most Muslims in the UK are trying to take over the Middle East; though and therefore such issues should not completely over-ride relations here. 

Also, with the excellent disgusting and treacherous interfaith dhimmified behaviour work of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the protection treachery towards Jewish and occasionally to Muslim communities that the Community Security Trust provides has so obviously shown us and the traitorous Muslim Jewish dhimmified behaviour between the Masorti and Liberal Jewish communities, the future of Muslim and the British Jewish relations communities is a bright doomed one. 

We therefore would like to reiterate here that the JDL UK supports the fight of the English Defence League, that we bear absolutely no animosity towards them, and encourage them to keep on fighting for the country, since they seem to be the ONLY ONES doing so. 

We also like to make it absolutely clear that we do not consider the English Defence League an anti-Semitic group but allow that some anti-Semitic individuals may infiltrate the organization. This is not different from anti-Semitic Muslims infiltrating our government, our schools and many organizations of our British society.

In addition to Mughal's TellMamaUK's accusations against JDL, it seems this MBH linked group called TellMamaUK is attacking us for comments made in regards to the dead paedophile Yasser Arafat and his thief of a wife Suha Arafat, who not only stole $40 billion US Dollars allocated to the "Palestinians" for building infrastructure, but also decided to blame Israel for the death of her estranged husband, whom everyone knows died of AIDS in a Paris hospital

We know this because one of the nurses in that hospital is our friend and told us of his death on a Monday, and she also told us that the official message of his death was going to be broadcast on a THURSDAY, because the officers in charge of Arafat's disease ridden body had to find an EXCUSE for his death. 

Mentioning the truth, AIDS, would compromise his sexuality, [we all knew he was homosexual]. Suha had not lived with Arafat for many many years. One would only wonder why she was so concerned about opening a new case into his death.  This is why Suha has remained shtum about the post-mortem. The whole world (Apart from gullible Muslims of course) know he died of AIDS. 

TellMamaUK - You are a bunch of idiots! 

You are welcome to try and get us "proscribed" but you will have a hard time trying to prove we are against "all Muslims" as you claim. We are not. We are against ISLAM and its barbarism. We are against those who murder in its name, who attack Jews and homosexuals in its name, who murder their own children in its name, and who commit all sorts of savageries in its name and in the name of your invented deity. If that means ALL MUSLIMS, then you are hereby stating that all Muslims are savages and violent. The ball is in your court.
And on a final note, we love all apostates, all those who were Muslims and are no longer following the cult of Islam. 
Islam is not a race. Muslims are not a race. 

We love freedom, we want freedom for all, including for Muslims who wish to leave Islam without the threat of death, and we will always defend our freedom of speech. The truth has to be told, and we will not give up anytime soon.

JDL UK Team 

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