Thursday, 29 November 2012

Moroccan Muslim Jew-Hating-Scum from Holland only gets 16 hours community service

Nazi Jew-hater and Racist vermin Moroccan "Dutch" Muslim Omar E.

In an outrageous travesty of justice, this young rabid anti-Semite Moroccan Muslim, Omar E. only got 16 hours of community service, at the Anne Frank's house at that, for the vile, racist, anti-Semitic and hateful rants he made in the video below. At the time of this article, the video had been viewed by 569,206 people.


We have translated his words below.

Q. What do you think of these anti-Israel actions?

A. We are against Israel. Because the Jews should be exterminated.

Q. Why?

A. Because they are ruining our palestinian muslimbrothers. They are ruining our land.

Q. Our land?

A. Yes. They are muslims so we see that as our land as well. Every muslim is our land.

Q. But you are not palestinian?

A. No, but because my muslim brothers live there.

Q. So you think that what these people are doing is good?

A. I think the actions are very good that they fight against Israel there. Because they have those temples on their heads. I don't like that.

Q. What kind of temples?

A. You know, those temple.. eeh those hats.

Q. You hate those hats?

A. Yes, I immediately want to 'djuke' them, I immediately want to stab them. I have a scriber here. Yes, but I have a scriber here.

Q. But is it about Jews or about Israelis?

A. It's about the Jews. The Israelis. All of them. They are all one.

Q. But aren't Jews and Israelis 2 different things?

A. No, for me they are the same. I hate the Israelis, then I hate the Jews as well.

I am not a racist. But I do hate Jews and Israelis. When it comes to them I am a racist.

Q. So you are not a racist, only when it concerns Jews...

A. Yes, then I am a racist. A very vile racist.
I think Geert Wilders can drop dead right now. I hope he gets cancer and I hate all Jews. Done with. Finished.

While this perversion of justice goes on in The Netherlands, others like Geert Wilders for example, are taken to court to be prosecuted as “Racists” even though Muslims are not a race but followers of a mad and fake “prophet”. 

Everything Wilders said was right. No one can deny it. 

Surely it is not pleasant for some Muslims to hear the truth, however the truth can be seen from their own behaviour throughout the world. There is tons of material available for those who truly wish to learn about Islam and Muslims, so there is no longer the excuse of ignorance. There is however the apathy, and the nonsensical attitude of “turning a blind eye”, as well as the dhimmified attitude of 'appeasement'.

Unlike the infamous and rabid anti-Zionist and anti-Semite organisations such as CAIR, BDS, IFE, etc... etc... who persistently regurgitate their vile Jew-hating lies and defamations about Jews and Israel, the counter-Jihad movement are only concerned with exposing the truth about Muslims and Islam. Our educational material come not only from Historical research but from observation, learning from their own books, and ultimately from the horse’s mouth.

The horror of it all is that there are still certain individuals as well as groups that keep on wasting public funds and police time by demanding prosecution for those who criticise Islam and expose the reality of the Muslim world, by claiming their motive is racism, when they know full well that it isn't.

Must we keep on repeating to the ignorant masses that Islam is not a race and neither are Muslims? 

The counter-jihad idea is not a new one, it has been in existence for over 100 years; one only has to read the right books to realise that criticism of Islam and Muslims is not a new trend, but a very old one indeed. And why? Because throughout the times, Muslims have behaved in the same manner that they do today, only in olden times the information was slower to be divulged and the truth was not as widely available as it is now. 

Furthermore, in the old days there were not many Muslims living in Western countries, but with Europe opening its gates to all sorts and sundries, they have overflowed our countries bringing with them their abhorrent "culture" and customs, which are not only utterly alien to us but at its worse barbaric and at best laughable. 

The Netherlands have been plagued by riots, rapes and countless crimes committed mainly by Muslims, and it baffles us all that the authorities that are paid by the Dutch people, to protect them from these very crimes are turning a blind eye to their vicious and unforgivable crimes and failing in their job. 

Furthermore the politicians and the government threaten to prosecute and jail all those who attempt to fight against this barbarity and protect their families from such violence.

This is nothing but sheer betrayal of the people who put their trust in them.

Consequently the victimized people are now within their g-d given rights to fight (and I wholeheartedly encourage and hope they do fight as hard as they can) against their government and this bunch of dhimmi appeasers. 

If the government in The Netherlands think that they can allow barbarians to come into the country to spout their filthy hate speech in the streets, they will have to accept what their own people may do to them in return. Every action has a reaction, and the consequences of not applying the justice the people demand may be extremely dangerous. 

We have been warning of this situation for a long time now and fools are those who choose to ignore the warnings.

Muslims intend to cause a second holocaust, but Jews are no longer silent. The JDL continues the struggle from where Rabbi Kahane left off. 
We want Jews all over the world to fight back against such Nazis wherever you find them. This is a matter of survival. 

What we are seeing is the result of Muslims brainwashing their children to hate Jews. This is unacceptable, and we must ensure that these people are held fully responsible for their actions. Crimes must be punished. If the law fails to act, you can be sure we will not. 



Iranian Muslims Murder a Jewish Woman to Make Way for Mosque

A Jewish woman has been brutally murdered by barbaric Muslims in the Islamo-Nazi state of Iran.

Original News Source

ISFAHAN, Iran, Nov. 29 (UPI) - A Jewish woman was stabbed to death in Isfahan, Iran, in what her family said was a religiously motivated crime.

Menashe Amir, an Iranian Jewry expert, told The Times of Israel the 57-year-old woman, identified as Tuba N., was killed Monday, allegedly by her Muslim neighbors, who had been trying to drive the family from their home and confiscate their property, which is adjacent to a mosque.

"The religious radicals even expropriated part of the house and attached it to the mosque's courtyard," Amir said. "The Jewish family appealed to the courts ... despite the threats to their lives."

The killing occurred while the woman's husband was in Tehran.

"Thugs broke into her home, tied up her two sisters who were living with her, and repeatedly stabbed her to death," Amir said. The attackers then removed her hands.

Relatives living in the United States were informed of the killing by one of the sisters and they in turn told Amir, The Times said Thursday.

Amir said members of the city's dwindling Jewish community fear further bloodshed. Isfahan, the third largest city in Iran, was home to some 1,200 Jews in 2009. Now, however, Amir estimates fewer than 100 families remain.

The Times said Iranian authorities attempted to cover up the killing and have yet to return the woman's body to her family.


Monday, 26 November 2012

There is nothing British about Muslims in Britain

Demented and retarded UN-British Muslims burning poppies in London and holding placards telling British soldiers to burn in hell. 

It's time we stopped referring to Muslims in the UK as "British" Muslims, because there is absolutely nothing British about these people. Not even those who were born here!

Most of them came here from Islamic countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc... and the majority of those who were born here are children from immigrants. They are citizens of the countries they came from and not British. 

In most countries outside Great Britain, the children of foreign nationals are NOT automatically considered nationals of the country they were born in, unless one of the parents is from that country. So when both parents are not from the country they should not be considered citizens at all, unless their parents were citizens when the children were born. 

Being British is more than just being born in Britain. Being British means that you stand for Britain, that you obey British laws, and that you accept British customs and values as your own. 

Muslims in Britain have none of these qualities. Most are of Pakistani origin, most do not obey the country's laws and want sharia law to replace our own laws. They do not have an inch of Britishness in them. 

Being British does not mean wearing jeans and high heels, it does not mean studying in our schools and universities, and it surely does not mean speaking English (although most speak it very badly too. Even that they cannot learn properly).

Muslims in Britain are simply unable to assimilate. They have a complete (and immoral) set of "values" - if you can call it that - and they harbour a deep hate for Britain and anything British, as much as they hate any free society, even though these demented individuals would not have the same freedom anywhere else in the Islamic countries their parents ran away from. 

Muslims in Britain are constantly causing trouble for British society, demanding rights they have no right to have, demanding special treatment, and treating indigenous British people as second class citizens. Muslims in Britain commit the most atrocious crimes and somehow manage to get away with it, because our society has been brainwashed to accept their vile and immoral behaviour as "cultural". We have been told to tolerate intolerable things, such as Muslim paedophile gangs that prey on our white girls, rape them, drug them and use them as sex playthings.

We are constantly being forced to stop all criticism of these people least we are called "Racist". 

Most shocking of all, is the fact that the UK police force take the side of Muslims in their extreme actions, for example, read how a JDL UK member was arrested for trying to debate hate filled, anti-Semitic Muslims in the center of London.. a few months later, just a few minutes from were the incident took place, a picture was taken of the officer involved in the arrest of our member, pussy footing around with a violent Muslim who was openly showing his allegiance to the Mujahideen.

Of course, the tolerance shown by the British police to Extremist Muslims is not exactly returned in kind. This video shows a 1000+ strong Muslim mob who, after attending a 'free Gaza' rally, decided to riot in central London and attack police officers.

"British" Muslim terrorist supporter, and anti-Semitic scum - holding a flag promoting Hezbollah, the terrorist group that invaded Lebanon, murdered most Christians, and who are now trying to murder Jews in Israel. 

It has been observed that most Muslims in the UK are terrorist supporters, a huge percentage of them (65%) want sharia law in Britain and a staggering 75% are anti-Jewish too. So what exactly is "British" about these indigents? Why are they here?

It is obvious that the majority of these people do not wish to follow British law and are constantly causing trouble in our streets with their violent behaviour. They are unable to behave themselves in a civilized manner and when they take to the streets to protest, it is ALWAYS about some other country which they have absolutely no link to, such as the City of Gaza in Israel. 

It has been noted that they do not care about Britain at all and only want to use our democracy and our laws to push their own laws. They use our own democracy to demand the end of democracy. They use our own freedom of speech to demand an end of freedom of speech. 

So why are we tolerating these imbeciles, I ask you? What makes our society so brain dead that some of us are simply unable to see what these people are trying to do to our country?

72% of British people believe that Muslims do not wish to assimilate. This is also a staggering figure. And who is to blame but Muslims themselves and their antics?

The UK may be diverse. There are a myriad of immigrants here and all of them bring with them their cultural background, which in most cases is a good thing. I am very keen on the Hindus and their food and culture, which I find phenomenal. I am also very keen on the Japanese, the Chinese, the Germans, the Brazilians, the Spanish, the Koreans, and even on the Lebanese (Christian and Jews) culture! But I am definitely not keen on the Muslim "culture", since it offends me. Muslims follow a book which is deprived of anything and everything spiritual, or decent. I do not appreciate the way they treat women and children, I do not appreciate their beliefs, and I do not appreciate their laws (sharia law). And I don't have to either. I find these people utterly disrespectful of our society and customs and I do not agree they have any right to demand any special treatment whatsoever. 

Furthermore I do not appreciate the manner in which these Muslims from all kinds of Islamic countries, try to get involved in issues about countries they know nothing about, such as Israel. These people leave their countries but bring their wars with them, and quite frankly we don't need this crap over here.

You will have noticed how many times these indigents go out in the streets to protest about the "apartheid" in Israel, when Israel is the most multicultural and achieving country in the whole of the Middle East, not to mention that these people have never set a foot in Israel.

They protest about the "starving Palestinians in Gaza" but fail to realize Gaza is the 8th country with the most obese people in the planet. So much for "starving", heh? 

They have the front to turn out in thousands to protest for 'Palestine', yet when it is revealed that their Muslim brothers are grooming underage British girls in many towns in the North of England.. their silence is deafening.

These people just piss me off. They are ignorant, brainwashed and utterly violent. 

Most people can debate with others and disagree on things without having to use physical violence, but not Muslims. Oh no! These individuals are aggressive, violent and cannot tolerate the slightest criticism to their "religion" or fake prophet. It's appalling and pathetic to say the least. 

But it becomes our problem when we allow them to get away with it. It affects us all and our whole society. It's time to put a stop to this and use our freedom of speech to fight against this disgusting intolerance for the truth.

I am just waiting for some idiot to comment and call us "racist" or use the rhetoric of "inciting racial hatred" or even say that they "feel offended" with our comments. Well, let me make a few things very clear to all our readers:

1. Islam is not a race. We are free to criticize and ridicularize it if we want. This is our right. It is called Freedom of Speech, and freedom of speech consists of telling things that some may find offensive.

2. In order to incite "racial" hatred, one has to focus on a particular race. Since Islam is not a race and neither are Muslims, this old and stupid misused rhetoric does not apply either.

3. We do not care if you are offended with our comments. Your very customs and beliefs offend us greatly, they offend us even more than any offence we could possibly cause you. And if the truth offends you, tough! Deal with it by growing a thick skin. 

If any Muslims wish to complain that they do not like this article, our reply is that this is simply a reaction to the constant anti-Semitism, Jew hatred and lies, propaganda and hatred against the state of Israel, all of these being constantly purported from many British Muslims.

And quite frankly we don't give a shit.
If you don't like how things are done in this country, get the hell out of here. No one is forcing you to stay. Return back to the countries you came from or go to any Islamic country of your preference. Go and live under your evil sharia law elsewhere, and return to the repressive society you so dearly crave! 

We call on all our politicians to take note of this and act now! If they don't, it is only a matter of time before the people of this country take the law into their own hands, and mark my words, it WILL happen. And those who enabled this madness shall be the first to be fed to the crocodiles. 

You will no longer find the British people tolerating this crap, and neither should we.

Your place is NOT amongst us. We do not appreciate SAVAGERY. The 7th century is gone. This is the 21st century, and if Muslims are unable to come to grips with CIVILIZATION, they have no place in civilized countries.

Enough is enough! NEVER AGAIN! 

JDL UK Team 

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Serbian - Jewish Friendship

This brief article aims to remind people of the friendship that has lasted through the centuries, the friendship between Serbs and Jews. 

Perhaps you didn't know, but Serbia is one of the few countries in Europe where Jews were not persecuted by the natives (Serbs) throughout the countries history, only by invaders, who also persecuted the Serbs too.

Another country that has never persecuted Jews is Georgia, Jews were only persecuted and suffered in Georgia under the Tsarist government in the second half of the 19th century and the constant military conflicts and invasions by Timur, Ottoman Empire, and Muslim Persia.

Ottomans, Germans, Albanians, Croats and other Nazi or Muslim scum committed many atrocities against Serbs and Jews. 

Throughout history, Jews have fought alongside Serbs against many enemies, including Muslims and more recently during the second world war, Nazis.

Many have given testimony to the Serbian - Jewish heroism demonstrated throughout Serbian history, especially during the Second World War.

Heroic Jews also fought alongside Serbs during the war in Bosnia, 1992-1995, against Bosnian Muslim terrorists, and in 1999 against Albanian Nazi Muslims in the Serbian province of Kosovo.

This is link to a Serbian wartime song, which was made during the war in Bosnia. The song is about the Serbian hero commander, Mitar Maksimovic, who is in the middle of the photo. On the far right side of the photograph you can see his a Jewish member of his military brigade, with the star of David on his uniform.

Also read our article entitled: Ratko Mladic and Serbia on Trial.

Jewish Defence League UK

(Norway) Muslim MP Wishes for Renewed Nazi Genocide

H/T: Tundra Tabloids

The excellent Norway, Israel and the Jews blog has all the details, here is a portion of McGonagall’s post on NIJ.

Labor MP Khalid Haji Ahmed hard at work dissing the Jews:

“Damn Jew whores (…) wish Hitler could come back and shower you a little more.”

UPDATE: Khalid Haji Ahmed tries desperately to spin his antisemitic remarks, ”it’s all in jest!” :

– Jeg beklager at jeg ble kastet inn i dette, og jeg beklager også at det skapte så mye oppstyr. Det var ingen mening bak det jeg skrev, det var ment humoristisk, sier Ahmed til NRK.

- I regret that I was thrown into this, and I’m sorry that it caused so much fuss. There was no meaning behind what I wrote, it was meant humorously, says Ahmed told NRK.

NOTE: How ”hoping for Hitler to come back and finish the job” could be considered humour, is beyond me.

Norwegian Muslim Labor politician serves anti-Semitic slurs on Facebook.

November 20, 2012

By McGonagall

Abysmal translation from google translate… but you get the gist…

Jews harassed on facebook

From Nettavisen today, November 20th

It says that Jews are being harassed on facebook by AUF members (youth labor party) AND Ap politician Khalid Haji Ahmed. As a reaction to the escalation of the conflict with Hamas.

On Monday afternoon, an AUF member shared this message on Facebook, according to Hamar Arbeiderblad.

“Damn Jew whores (…) wish Hitler could come back and shower you a little more.”

The Facebook entry is a response to the escalating conflict between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza.

The comment provoked a strong reaction, especially when AP-politician Khalid Haji Ahmed decided to join the debate. Instead of reprimanding the Labor youth politician who posted the harassment, he wrote a flippant, slightly sarcastic comment back to one of the participants in the discussion.

When asked why Ahmed did not take more distance from harassment, says Labor politician to Nettavisen that he often uses humor to promote/prove a political point.

- I know the young people, and in dialogue with young people use their language. I tried to say “Oh, good luck, then, if you want to do silly things,” says Ahmed.

Ahmed says that he feels misunderstood, and that he really talked to the youngsters, but in a private chat, and not on his facebook wall. He also says to Nettavisen that the youth who posted the harassment is no longer a member of the Labor youth.

On Saturday, Ahmed participated in a ceremony where they lit torches for the 71 victims that had been killed in the ongoing conflict between Palestinians and Israelis.

- Three of the torches were for those who died in Israel, he said.

Khalid Haji Ahmed says he strongly opposes what was written on the facebook status

He says that he thinks it is wrong to judge people based on what religion they belong to, whether they are Muslim, Jew or Christian.

More here.

Jewish Defence League UK

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Pro-Palestine Mob Chant 'Jews to the Gas Chambers'

A video of a Pro-Palestine, Pro-Hamas demo.

Several demonstrators can be heard chanting “Hamas, Hamas, all Jews to the gas” in recordings from the demonstration, which Joods Actueel posted on its news website. They will be filed to police along with an official complaint over hate speech, the paper reported.

In true Fascist style of the Leftist/Islamic bloc, the demonstrators gathered outside the Provinciehuis, a concert hall in the Flemish capital, to protest the Israel Defense Forces Orchestra’s performance there, according to the online edition of the Flemish-Jewish magazine Joods Actueel.

See our related articles entitled: Brave Zionist Tears Up Palestine Flag in Front of Rabid Islamic Mob and Palestine Solidarity Campaign Linked to Neo Nazi's.

What the gullible, morons taking part in the demonstration fail to realize is that, Gaza is actually already free. There is no Israeli law and order there. It's all controlled by Hamas who install rocket systems in schools, children's play grounds, mosques etc. They also terrorize their own people. 

See the video, the horrors of Hamas and the Stupidity of Westerners for an in depth look.

Jewish Defence League UK

Monday, 19 November 2012

Video: Brave Zionist Tears Up Palestine Flag in Front of Rabid Islamic Mob

One of our supporters recently sent us this great video, as he took part in a pro-Israel demonstration in the US, opposite a baying Muslim/Leftist mob, he decided to let them know what he thought of their false state and their representative flag of hatred and anti-Semitism, by doing the only worthwhile act anybody can do with a Islamo-Nazi, Palestine flag.. tearing it to pieces and standing on top of it.

To add insult to injury, he then entered the Pro-Palestine hate mob to capture their sulking faces on camera and to remind them that Zionists are not afraid of their anti-Jewish, anti-Israel hatred.

To the Zionist who took part, we commend you. 

Part 1

Part 2

Jewish Defence League UK

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Palestine Solidarity Campaign Linked to Neo-Nazi's

Scottish PSC member John Wight recently provided links to an extremist far-right website called – the ‘Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust’ on the Engage website. Wight has said:
“As soon as the scales fall from the eyes of international Jewry with regard to the racist and fascist ideology that is Zionism, the world will begin to emerge from the iron heel of war and brutality in the Middle East.”
Similarly, Edinburgh PSC chair Mike Napier has referenced a number of neo-Nazi websites in an article vindicating the murder of eight Jewish students.
Endorsement of the far-right and overt anti-semitism now appears commonplace within the PSC. Reading PSC member Anthony Gratrex recently wrote:
“You state that the jews do not control the media but that it is under self censorship. This is patently wrong and only a cursory glance using the internet will show that a majority of the media is Jewish owned or controlled. During the interview you use the expression “who pays the piper calls the tune” and that is precisely the problem when one considers who controls the international banking system.”
Infamous lunatic Gilad Atzmon is also a favourite of many PSC members. Atzmon claims that Fagin and Shylock accurately represent Jewish identity, the credit crunch was caused by the Jews, the Holocaust is a religion, and Hitler may be proved right about the Jews. These are some of his latest arguments, but he has been critical of what he sees as “Jewish” politics for quite some time now, envisaging a “Zio-Punch” causing the credit crunch, and a Jewish lobby in Germany that provoked the Nazis into fighting back.
Atzmon’s fans include Tony Gratrex of Reading PSC, Dave Chappell of Exeter PSC and Cliff Hanley of Bristol PSC (Hanley himself is also a big fan of notorious Holocaust denier Anthony Lawson)
In 2011, The PSC voted down a motion opposing Atzmon’s friends, far-right Holocaust deniers Paul Eisen and Israel Shamir.
Tony Gosling, resident far-Right lunatic (and homophobe) of Bristol PSC, believes that we shouldn’t doubt the authenticity of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a Russian forgery about Jews supposedly trying to take over the world (and used by the Nazis to justify their attempt to eradicate the Jewish people).
Gosling also believes the Bilderberg Group is a sinister attempt by Jews to run the world – an invocation of the most ancient ‘power-grabbing’ anti-semitic tropes.

Leading PSC member and Green Party candidate Pippa Bartolotti has been photographed with PSC memorabilia while holding the flag of the Syrian neo-Nazi group, the SSNP.
Run by fundamentalist Christians and founded in 1932, the same year that the Nazi party won 230 seats in the Reichstag, the SSNP is one of the oldest fascist parties in the Middle East, and – as The Atlantic has noted – the group pays frequent homage to the 1930s European Nazism:
“They greet their leaders with a Hitlerian salute; sing their Arabic anthem, “Greetings to You, Syria,” to the strains of “Deutschland, Deutschland über alles”; and throng to the symbol of the red hurricane, a swastika in circular motion.
These are the hallmarks of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), the oldest terrorist organization in existence today and one of the most secret and deadly. Despite its long history of violence, Western security organs were recently taken by surprise when they learned that a well-camouflaged arm of the SSNP had succeeded in setting up a large terror network in Western Europe—complete with safe houses, weapons caches, and forged passports—and that it was the SSNP that had set off a series of deadly explosions in the heart of Paris, to gain the release of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah. The United States, too, has felt the effects of the SSNP. The explosion aboard a TWA flight nearing Athens in April of 1986, which cost the lives of four passengers—one of them an infant—has been traced to May Mansur, of Tripoli, a veteran member of the SSNP, who debarked at a previous stopover after placing a bomb under her seat.”
Jewish Defence League UK 

Elisheva Federman describes her life experiences in Hebron

We had the pleasure of meeting Elisheva Federman, one of the many Orthodox Jewish Warrior Queens of Israel, mother of 10 children, English Teacher and Wife to Noam Federman, Hero former leader of the Kach Party.

Noam and Elisheva's homes have been destroyed 6 times by Israeli Forces, which were most certainly under the command of some dhimmified mefakdim (Army commanders). 

Hear Elisheva tell us her story at Rav Kahane's memorial in Jerusalem, on November 1, 2012. 

Hear Elisheva speak exclusively at the Kahane memorial, here:

When I heard Elisheva speak, I had tears in my eyes. It was very emotional and despite the feeling of sadness I was also enraged with the injustice done to her and many others! Injustice done to us Jews, by other Jews. The spineless commanders of such missions should be ashamed of themselves for allowing themselves to be used as kapos once were. 

Army soldiers who remove Jews from their homes are kapos. There is no other word to describe them. Our own children who were born Sabras and joined the army as Sabras, to defend their country from invaders and terrorists, are now turning against us? Wake up and smell the Nana tea! 

There is a link online done by Gemma Blech, with some photos of one of the Federmans' homes being destroyed. Click here to see it. 

There is a revolution happening right now in Israel. This is the Jewish Spring! 
The Arabs have had theirs. Now it's our turn. 

If Arab terrorists want Jewish blood, then they will pay very high for it. Our lives do not come cheap. And these army soldiers who once removed us from our homes, are now having to fight for their own homes, just like we did. 

Perhaps they will tell us how does it feel being in the other person's shoes!

I believe that people only react when the problem hits home. Literally. And now that it has, perhaps it is wiser to start understanding that Jews from all over the world, and Israelis, must join together to save Israel and to destroy Hamas once and for all. We should not have to live in fear in our own land, in our own homes.

I ask you: What would you do if this was happening in your own country?

Roberta - JDL UK and Elisheva Federman - Hebron Nov 2012

Elisheva's home overlooks the beautiful hills of Samaria - A real mitzva to live here. 

Elisheva, Noam Federman and our Kahanist friend from JDL Canada, David (Wearing a Kahane t-shirt).

Elisheva explains that they are once again rebuilding their home. So far this last home has not been destroyed, and they hope they will be able to remain and lead a normal life, at the least. 

The Israeli government as well as Arabs have been harassing the Federmans for many years now, but they continue to fight back. Surrender is not an option. This is their home, this is their land, and G-d willing, as he surely is, they will remain. 

 The Israeli authorities opened Abraham's cave, our holy site, just to Arabs and Jews were not allowed to visit the cave of their patriarch.  Elisheva explains to us how she had to campaign day and night, bringing families together to force the Israeli authorities to open Abraham's cave to Jews again.

We encourage everyone to help families like the Federmans in Hebron and surrounding areas. We must ensure that Jews build as many homes as they wish in their land. We want Jews to get together to raise funds for these people, so we ask you for help. Contact us if you can donate and help these Israeli families in the most inhospitable areas of Israel. They are holding the country together. They are the ones defending our borders, every day of their lives, day and night. 

They need security fences, chicken wire, wood for building, security dogs, and several other defence tools. They have almost no security at all where they live, if not for the other Jewish families who live nearby. The Israeli authorities even took the only weapon Elisheva had to protect her family, her machine gun Uzi. 

Meanwhile Arab Muslims in Hebron are armed and never harassed by the Israeli authorities, thus they are a constant danger from the inside.

Arabs do not pay taxes either. Their homes are purposely left "unfinished" so that they do not have to pay taxes on "unfinished" typically 3-4 floor homes. 

Where is the justice in allowing Arabs to arm themselves and get rich at our expense, while removing Jews from their homes and every last thing a Jew can use for self-defence? How is it right or noble to allow Eretz Israel to be raped by murderous Arabs who are hell bent on a second Jewish Holocaust and the destruction of our country? 

Well, it won't happen. Just like the Federmans, my brothers and sisters in Israel are now fighting back. The lions roar. Can you hear them? Don't worry, you will. 

More on the Federmans here, from our friend of Blogwrath.  

JDL UK Team 

Thursday, 15 November 2012

G-d writes perfectly well even on crooked lines

Artwork from Zeev Ben Yosef

Whenever I complained of some injustice or moaned about the state of things in the world or even in my country of birth, my mother would say:  Learn this: "G-d writes perfectly well even on crooked lines".  
By that she meant that even when we think that something bad is happening, this may well be G-d's way of doing something good. The lines may be crooked but G-d's writing is always perfect on them. 

We Jews always hope G-d will write our names in the book of life, this is what we always wish one another during Rosh ha'shana, when we say: "Chatimah tova" - literally: Good signature, but meaning: "May your name be inscribed in the book of life".

Now, why am I saying all this?  I say this because as it happens we have just returned from Israel, where we were on a mission with our friends from JDL Canada, the guys from Blogwrath , Blazing Cat Fur, and others,  and on the very day we left, the murderous sub-humans from the cursed terrorist group Hamas started hitting Israel with missiles, with the purpose of killing Israelis of course!

We were at several parts of Israel, including Eshkol, Hebron, Kiryat Arba,  Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Eilat and others. We could have been hit too but somehow things only started after we left, on the last day of our mission. 

But what I want you to know is that when "G-d writes perfectly well even on crooked lines" it also applies to the situation in Israel at the moment. We may not see it this way but I think this war has arrived at a perfect time. Well, not so perfect because I and many of my friends (I am sure) would have preferred to stay in Israel and fight alongside our comrades in the IDF. I for example am gutted. I wish I had been given a few more days of action, so that I could put a few bullets in their rotten heads, but as fate would have it, we missed it by one day. 

So Hamas has re-started their offensive. In fact they never stopped, but this time it is because Mongrel-born Barack Hussein Obama (Yemach shmo ve'zichro), the Nazi US president in the White House, the one who won through a fraudulent voting system, has decided to once again cavort with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, reaffirming his commitment to Islamize America. This has given the Pisslamic Brotherhood the confidence to believe that their darlings, Hamas, can attack Israel with impunity. 

Perhaps they see this Nazi mongrel Obama's (fraudulent) victory as a green light to carry out a second holocaust against the Jews. 
Destruction of a house in Kyriat Malachi - Photo from Marc Israel 

Israelis taking cover behind their cars at Ayalon Highway in Tel Aviv

The good news however are that Israelis have had enough. Jews have had enough. And guess what? Those who support civilization and freedom also had enough. We are all rejoicing at the IDF's victories, and I hope we will continue to rejoice for many more to come.

I have just come across a post from the extreme left and degenerates from "Peace Now", who posted the above picture on their facebook page. I wonder what these Muslim appeasers are feeling now that Hamas is targeting their homes. I can only wish that in this case, their missiles do not miss. Good riddance to these imbeciles who have time and time again promoted a two solution state, and kept pushing Israelis to give their lands to these murderous sub-humans. I pray that Hamas missiles hit all their homes, and the homes of all those who still think there can be peace with these monsters. 

Now that the IDF has ELIMINATED the murderous sub-human Ahmed Jaabari, the gates of the HELL these beasts have come from are truly open and we should all now envision and pray for a speedy ELIMINATION of the remaining sub-humans that plague Gaza. 
Of course, innocents will inevitably die since the sub-humans of Hamas uses them as human shields, but if they are not targeted and pulverised from the face of the earth, they will continue their tirade and this will never stop.

Here is an amazing photo from the Iron Dome intercepting two missiles. Courtesy from IDF Elite. 
And to think that the leftards in Israel were at one point earlier this year protesting against the use of the Iron Dome.  Once again I hope other missiles will fall on their houses, so that they can understand how protesting against such defence was a very very dumb and idiotic thing to do. 

They shall learn the hard way and see how G-d writes perfectly well even on crooked lines. 


The Real Side of The Current Israel-Gaza Situation

Today we have written an article on how the Western media is now bending to keep Muslim propagandists in their midst happy.

No schools tomorrow in Southern Israel. 1 million Israeli's sleeping tonight in bomb shelters. 55 rockets and missiles fired this evening towards Southern Israel. Iranian Grad missiles exploding in Beer-Sheva, sirens going off in Ashdud, Ofakim, Eshkol, Shaar Ha'negev, Dimona, Ashkelon..

 Let's get the word out! Israel has the right to protect their citizens!
My Facebook feed is currently filled with updates on the Israel-Gaza situation, which is becoming worse by the day.
Yesterday, Israel did a fantastic job at eliminating a senior Hamas chief and launched operation pillar of defense in response to more than 12,000 rockets fired at Israel from Gaza is the last 12 years.
The latest update is that 3 Israeli's, including children, have been killed by Hamas rocket strikes.
Whilst reading through major media networks, I noticed that the they did not report on the death and suffering Israeli's are facing, instead deciding to report on a Palestinian propaganda picture of a dead child, as if all of a sudden, Hamas and Gazans are innocent in all of this.. despite forcing over one million Israeli's to sleep in bomb shelters for the coming nights.
What the Daily Mail did not show was the efforts the IDF made to ensure the least amount of civilian casualties, in effect even jepodising their operation in order to save civilian lives, something we could only dream of Hamas doing.
The Huffington Post also joined in on the Biased reporting:
What the Huffington post did not report, was the images of the 3 Israeli dead:
What the Western media also did not report is what happened today in Haifa university in Israel, 20 percent of the students are Arab and today, a crowd of them held a 2 minutes silence in memory of the Hamas leader that was killed yesterday  and still the West still foolishly call Israel an 'Apartheid State'
I only hope people see the truth about this conflict and support the civilized and rightous side, Israel.
I pray Israel and Operation Pillar of Defense is successful and the soil of Gaza is manured with Islamic terrorists. 
Jewish Defence League UK

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Israel Giving Free Electricity to Gaza While Rockets Rain Down on Israel

A Jewish Child and the Aftermath of a Hamas Rocket Strike
Is this what Israel is becoming: Jews get free used missiles and Muslim terrorists get free electricity?

Since the year 2000, over 13,000 high powered rockets have rained down on Israel, fired by Islamo-Nazi terrorists from Gaza at Israeli civilians. A new bombardment is currently taking place, meanwhile, instead of fighting back, the Israeli government are supplying Gaza with electricity!

To make things worse, the government are fully aware of the danger that the IEC workers face, as Gunmen in Gaza will try to kill them.. knowing fully that they are trying to help.

Sometimes, rockets fired from Gaza hit the electric wires and leave the poor 'Palestinians' without power. When that happens, believe it or not, the Israel Electric Company sends employees up to fix the wires. Yes, even while the shooting continues. After all, the Hamas rocket factories need to have power..

Jews are nickled and dimed in Israel and have to be very frugal with their water consumption and impose on themselves electricity quotas while the Arabs receive a free, unhindered and abundant supply!

This is why the Israeli government oppress Jewish nationalists in Judea and Samaria.

It appears that they only want appeasers running Israel. 

Click on the link to see more of the pictures. You will be shocked!

Exclusive Photos: This is How IEC Powers Up Gaza Terrorists

Photographs show Israel Electric Company worker hiding behind a large metal wall hoisted by a crane as he fixes Gaza power cable.

The photographs below were taken by an anonymous Arutz Sheva reader who witnessed a strange scene on the Gaza perimeter recently. They show an Israel Electric Company (IEC) employee hoisted on a crane in order to fix a malfunction that denied electricity to Gaza City.

The operation, which of course is carried out by Israel for the benefit of Gazans, has to be carried out with military protection, because Gaza terrorists regularly target Israelis on the perimeter fence, including those they know are trying to assist them by fixing infrastructure or letting in goods. Numerous Israelis have been killed and wounded in precisely this way since 2000.

Soldiers therefore fan out around the electrical pole where the fixing needs to be carried out. The IEC workers are briefed and they put on helmets and flak jackets. To top it all off, a large metal wall is hoisted into the air by a crane in order to protect the IEC worker as he supplies power to Gazans, including the very people who will shoot him dead if they get a clean shot.

Jewish Defence League UK