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A Hundred Police Deployed to Contain Violent Mass Brawl in Munich Mosque

The trigger happy .. I mean peace happy Islamic bunch have been at it again. Last night, shortly after prayers began at the: Islamic Centre for Afghan Exiles in Bavaria, A Masjid in Munich, a mass brawl broke out amongst the Muslims.

It appears the cause of the dispute was the fact that the married imam was following Mohammed's example and helping a female member of his flock acquire a more intimate knowledge of Islam. Around 50 of Mohammed's minions went at it with knives and bits of wood. 

Score card: 5 people stabbed, 1 ear almost completely bitten off.

A hundred-strong contingent of police was deployed to contain the incident. Criminal proceedings have been opened against several people.

In mid-June the S├╝ddeutsche Zeitung published a report about internal ructions at the same mosque, involving threats, insults and beatings. The peace just never stops flowing with these guys.

Article Source: Islam Versus Europe Blog.

  Jewish Defence League UK  


Seven years ago:

On the news, we have heard reported that the US tax-payer/citizens are now paying some $70 a barrel for oil. This is that funny smelling stuff that costs the Saud family $3 to produce (the cost of its production it not related to political considerations).

They are now making some $67+ dollars on each barrel; while they produce some 11,500,000 barrels, per day. That means they are making some $770,500,000 dollars per day (that is some 23 billion dollars a month). Imagine, there are still some fools that think that the US is winning against the Islamic fascists! How quaint!

How much more today?

Mordechai Ben-Menachem is at Ben-Gurion University. He can be reached by email at quality@computer.org 


A look back at Filisteen terrorism when Israel handed Gaza to the Arabs

The actors have changed but has the play??

From here: http://www.tomgrossmedia.com/ExodusFromGaza.html

"I talk to you today thanking God for his support for our people's jihad (holy war) and for the liberation of our beloved Gaza. I pray to God to assist us in liberating Jerusalem, the West Bank, Acre, Haifa, Safed, Nazareth, Ashkelon and the rest of Palestine." - Hamas leader Mohammed Deif, still wanted by Israel for his terrorist role in killing hundreds of Israelis since 1992. August 27, 2005.

Whose Victory?

Palestinians have celebrated their so called victory at Israel's Gaza pull-out by deluding themselves, once more, that their terrorism defeated Israel. This was palpably untrue; Israel in fact had gotten the better of the terrorists.

Israel scored one success after another using its armed drones to target terrorist leaders, planners, Kassam rocketeers and mortar bombers. And the anti-terrorist barrier was doing its job of keeping suicide terrorists out. The Arabs were desperately fighting a losing battle and they knew it.

Gaza after Arab invasion, from here: http://www.arabnews.com/node/34076

Palestine Terrorist Authority Rejoices

No one should be surprised that the Palestine Terrorist Authority encouraged and praised the "victory" celebrations of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, various Martyrs? Brigades and others. For there is no visible line between the terrorist factions and their mentor and protector. Many of the PA?s factions are registered on the State department?s official list of terrorist organizations.

Why all have not been listed may be clear to State, but is unclear to the rest of us since all have deliberately participated in the slaughter of Israeli civilians. (In contrast, "Kahanne Chai" - the only Jewish organization listed by State - has never killed any Arab civilians and has, in any event, been out of existence many years.)

The PA itself deserves to be listed by State because it is the direct descended from the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) which was itself listed. The change in name never represented a change of heart. State recognized that terrorism was the main intent of the PLO and had correctly given them top billing in its list of Palestine terrorist organizations. (See the State ANNEXURE below.)

Kangaroo Trials

Israel's security services have seldom, if ever, had any difficulty identifying the perpetrators of Palestinian terrorist crimes. In point of fact, neither has the Palestine Terrorist Authority. However, it will surprise no one that the few who were arrested by the PAT all "escaped" before or after "trial" and never again found (except by Israeli intelligence).

Kangaroo trials were reserved exclusively for "collaborators". No "collaborators" ever lived long enough to escape - they were taken outside and unceremoniously executed.

Aiding, Abetting, Harboring

The Palestine Terrorist Authority undoubtedly earned the "terrorist" appellation because:

1. No terrorist has ever been searched or disarmed on the Palestine Terrorist Authority's side of crossing points. Few indeed have ever been arrested no matter how heinous the murders committed against Jews.

2. Israel's security services have seldom, if ever, had difficulty identifying the perpetrators of terrorist crimes. So there can be little doubt that the Palestine Terrorist Authority knew exactly who they were, too.

3. The Palestine Terrorist Authority provides safe houses to protect wanted terrorists being hunted down by Israeli security.

Omissions and Commissions

4. The Palestine Terrorist Authority permits members of its terrorist factions comprehensive training facilities in its territory.

5. It also permits foreign Arabs to come in and become active partners in their terrorist activities.

6. It provides political protection and uses fungible money to pay living allowances to activists and pensions to bereaved families.

7. It finances the purchase of arms and munitions etc for its terrorists.

PLO Weapons Cache aboard Karin A
Karin(e) A - The Proof Positive  - click title for details

8. Proof, if more was ever needed, was the Karin A which was apprehended by the Israel navy off the coast of Gaza in January 2002. 50 tons of military materiel were confiscated. The Palestinian captain was tried in Israel and sentenced to 25 years.

9. This freighter had been purchased by Yasser Arafat and loaded with exactly the kind of lethal stuff used by the Palestine terrorist organizations.

10. Yasser Arafat had been caught red-handed. His fingerprints and the signatures of his chief executives were on the invoices. Arafat lied about his direct involvement (naturally) but though he was condemned and no longer persona grata in the White House, that was as far as the US would go.

11. The shipment contained Katyusha rockets, mortars, sniper rifles, bullets, anti-tank mines, anti-tank missiles, plus over two and a half tons of pure explosives. All items, used and needed by the PA terrorists, were enough to kill hundreds, even thousands of Israeli civilians.

Arming Of The Palestine Terrorist Authority

Israel had clearly flubbed the PR value of the Karin A's interdiction. As a result of this failure no one focused on the unique fact that the ship was delivering specifically selected weaponry ordered by the Palestine Authority itself. (Not by a terrorist faction.)

It was at this stage that Israel should have immediately declared the PA to be a Terrorist Authority. For although there was clearly a difference in scale, the event was comparable in our situation, to the discovery of the missile base constructed by the Russians in Cuba. Regrettably, Israel missed the opportunity to influence world opinion with the significance of the Karin A's capture.

Nevertheless, this lost opportunity did not alter the facts. The PA, representing all the terrorist factions, is a Terrorist Authority. Yet incredibly, the US and the UK continue to exert pressure on Israel to make peace with a terrorist entity. Something they would never do themselves.

Moreover the US and UK know the Palestinians are hell bent on a final Jewish solution of their own. Their terrorist factions have made no secret of their intention to obliterate Israel from the map. (In anticipation of which Israel is never shown on their maps.)

What is there about Arab terrorism upon Israeli civilians that is so acceptable to great moral nations like the US and the UK - Why does Arab terrorism garner so much sympathy from these governments? How come they only act tough on terrorism when their own civilians are subjected to Muslim terrorism?

It's about time tough-talking Condoleezza Rice gave the world some frank answers.


Extract from the US Department of State's List of Foreign Terrorist Organizations listing the PLO as a terrorist organization: (Updated 2004): [See http://www.wordiq.com for additional information on the groups listed below.]


1. Palestinian Liberation Organization (June 1964-Present)

o Formed as an umbrella group of eight Palestinian nationalist organizations devoted to dismantling Israel headquartered in Damascus, Syria and Beirut, Lebanon.

o Used the name Black September during the 1972 Munich Olympic Massacre )

Groups within the PLO

1. Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) (1967-present)

o Left-wing Palestinian separatists

o Joined the PLO in 1968 and became the second-largest PLO faction, after Arafat's al-Fatah, but withdrew in 1974, accusing the group of moving away from the goal of destroying Israel outright.

$ PFLP's splinter groups:

2. Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC) (1968-present) *

o Splinter group from the PFLP, founded by Ahmed Jibril. Declared its focus would be military, not political. Was a member of the PLO, but left in 1974 for the same reasons as PFLP.

3. Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) (1969-present)

o Marxist-Leninist group that believes Palestinian national goals can be achieved only through revolution of the masses. Split into two factions in 1991; Nayif Hawatmah leads the majority and more hard-line faction, which continue to dominate the group. Joined with other rejectionist groups to form the Alliance of Palestinian Forces (APF) to oppose the Declaration of Principals signed in 1993. Broke from the APF - along with the PFLP - over ideological differences. Has made limited moves toward merging with the PFLP since the mid-1990s.

4. Abu Nidal organization (ANO) (1974-2002?; Anti-PLO extremists) *

o Split from PLO but is not considered primarily a Palestinian nationalist organization. See ANO entry above.

5. Fatah (early 1960s-present; Palestinian nationalist political party; sponsors terrorism)

o In Arabic, "conquest by means of jihad."

o Reverse acronym for "Harekat at-Tahrir al-Wataniyyeh al-Falastiniyyeh."

o Also known as the movement for the National Liberation of Palestine.

o Founded by Yasser Arafat in the early 1960s. Took control of the PLO in 1960, with Arafat as chairman, forming the Palestine.

$ Groups associated with Fatah:

6. Al Aqsa Marytrs Brigade *

o Responsible of many suicide bombings and shooting attacks against Israeli civilian.

o Responsible of executing suspected collaberators and opposition leaders to Arafat.

o Funded by Fatah and the Palestine.

7. Tanzim (1995-present)

o In Arabic, "organization."

o Loosely organized Fatah militia.

8. Force 17 (early 1970s-present)

o Elite unit of the PLO under Yasser Arafat's direct guidance.

o Acts as a versatile unit for terrorism, combat, and intelligence-gathering.

9. Hawari (1980s-1991)

o Also known as the Fatah Special Operations Group, Martyrs of Tal Al Za'atar, and Amn Araissi.

o Has not carried out terrrorist attacks recently.

10. Ahmed Abu Reish Brigade

o Extreme off-shoot of Fatah.

o Was involved in July 17, 2004 kidnappings in the Gaza Strip.

o Possible link to the Popular Resistance Committees.

11. The Popular Resistance Committees - Gaza Strip

Posted by Jock L. Falkson, August 29, 2005. 

To be put on Jock Falkson's email list, contact him at falkson@barak-online.net 

From http://www.think-israel.org/aug05bloged.html

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Radical Islamic sect 'has half of Britain's mosques in its grip'

A hardline Islamic movement, whose leading UK imam preaches hatred of Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims and calls on British Muslims to "shed blood for Allah", is controlling almost half of Britain's mosques, a police report has found.

The rapidly growing influence of the ultra-conservative Deobandi sect, which is characterised by its total rejection of western values, has grown to such an extent that police now believe it runs more than 600 of Britain's 1,350 mosques.

The revelations will put further scrutiny on plans for a "mega mosque" in east London by a group called Tablighi Jamaat, who are closely linked to the Deobandi movement.

The £100 million plan to build the "Islamic village" next to the Olympic site is already mired in controversy after intelligence services said the group was a recruiting ground for al Qaeda.

The Deobandi- controlled mosques are predominantly found in the Midlands and the North - such as the Tablighi Jamaat mosque which 7/7 bombers Mohammad Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer were known to attend.

But about 170 London mosques are classified as Deobandi-run compared with less than 100 run by the moderate Sufi-based Barelwi movement.

Seventeen of Britain's 26 Islamic seminaries are also run by Deobandis, producing 80 per cent of clerics trained here.

The most vocal preacher in Britain, Sheikh Riyadh ul Haq, supports armed jihad and openly spouts his contempt and hatred of Christians, Jews and Hindus.

Sheikh Riyadh ul Haq
Mr ul Haq, 36, who runs an Islamic academy in Leicester, gained notoriety with a series of outspoken lectures after 9/11 when he was Imam of Birmingham Central Mosque. He has since travelled the world preaching that America and its allies are seeking to wipe out Islam.

Tapes of his sermons reveal an open hatred of Western culture, an admiration for the Taliban and a passion for martyrdom - although he does say in one lecture that "British Muslims should not rise here".

A favourite talk of his, however, warns Muslims of the perils of befriending the "kuffar", or non-believer. He says: "The Koran teaches Muslims not to follow in the footsteps of the Jews and the Christians, yet of our own choice we decide to live, act, work, behave, enjoy and play just like the kuffar".

"Do not befriend the kuffarî was Allah's warning to Muslims, and Muhammad told his companions "to distance themselves and fear this alignment with the kuffar in every way, even to the manner of dressing".


Mitt Romney's 9th of Av Jerusalem Speech: Music to our ears

Oh, too long it has been that we were denied hearing such sensible statements from a person in a position of power!

Romney’s much discussed 9th of Av speech in Jerusalem sounded all the right notes. He knows he's up against one of the most anti-Israel US Presidents of all time, so showing Obama up shouldn't be that hard. But Romney went much further than that...

You can watch it all here.

First and foremost, Romney's speech contained the magic words ‘Jerusalem: Israel’s capital city’. At which he received a standing ovation.

He also made reference to Israel’s wars, stating that “...you’ve [Israel] managed against all odds, time and again throughout your history, to persevere, to rise up, and to emerge stronger. [...] it’s a deeply moving experience to be in Jerusalem, the Capital of Israel.”

He went on with an even more firm statement: “we [US, Israel] speak the same language of freedom, justice, and the right of every person to live in peace. We serve the same cause, and provoke the same hatreds by the enemies of civilisation.”

So going well beyond the Obama administration's fawning over the Muslim world and refusing to make a link between Islamic terrorism and, err well, Islamic terrorists, Romney implied they are un-civilised.

In his acknowledgement of the solemn period of Jewish mourning before the 9th of Av, Romney defiantly flew in the face of the conventional left-wing talking points about achieving peace (which we all know is about making Israel surrender). In contrast to statements such as ‘history is my enemy’ by Shimon Peres, or that us Jews should forget the past in order to move forward, Romney stated that the Hebrew University canteen massacre, which occurred ten years ago this week, was not a part of the past, but "reminders of the current reality of hate and the will with which that hate is executed upon the innocent." And that’s before he even got onto Iran...

True, among one of his friends is current Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, a man who is about as resistant to changing political winds as a sail on a boat. But with someone like Romney in the White House, the pressure is sure to ease up on Israel, and thus Netanyahu will likely not be under the same pressure to harass Israelis and the orthodox. 

If Romney wins in November we’ll certainly see the ‘price tag’ activism die down, which was born as a result of hostile military leaders being placed in charge of Judea & Samaria by Netanyahu. 

But one note of real concern is the fact that Romney was also a Mormon missionary and as such we're unlikely to see a reduction in missionary activity in Israel (a painful, sensitive issue for many Jews in light of the history of Jewish persecution under Christian rule, even though we here at the JDL UK work to correct the PC propaganda that life under Muslim rule was somehow better!). 

Recently too, there was controversy over the Mormon Church's conversion of dead Shoah victims to Mormonism, however the Mormon Church condemned this. The issue of proselyting is about the biggest deal we can expect from Romney, nothing in comparison to Obama's achievement of installing the Muslim Brotherhood into neighbouring countries and giving Iran enough time to develop nuclear weapons.

Lastly, we would hope it isn't too much to ask that finally, a President Romney would see fit to grant Jonathan Pollard a long overdue clemency. While there may be doubts as to Romney’s right wing credentials, there’s certainly enough here to irritate the left, which is a good enough first step towards putting America, and the free world, back on track. 

 Written By The Jewish Defence League UK 

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The story of modern Hero Sheriff Joe Arpaio

This uplifting story should be read by everyone. It is a story of one of those great American Heroes that make you feel proud to be human:

You all remember Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona , who painted the jail cells pink and made the inmates wear pink prison garb. Well.........

Oh, there's MUCH more to know about Sheriff Joe!

Maricopa County was spending approx. $18 million dollars a year on stray animals, like cats and dogs. Sheriff Joe offered to take the department over, and the County Supervisors said okay.

The animal shelters are now all staffed and operated by prisoners. They feed and care for the strays. Every animal in his care is taken out and walked twice daily. He now has prisoners who are experts in animal nutrition and behavior. They give great classes for anyone who'd like to adopt an animal. He has literally taken stray dogs off the street, given them to the care of prisoners, and had them place in dog shows.

The best part? His budget for the entire department is now under $3 million. Teresa and I adopted a Weimaraner from a Maricopa County shelter two years ago. He was neutered and current on all shots, in great health, and even had a microchip inserted the day we got him. Cost us $78.

The prisoners get the benefit of about $0.28 an hour for working, but most would work for free, just to be out of their cells for the day. Most of his budget is for utilities, building maintenance, etc. He pays the prisoners out of the fees collected for adopted animals.

I have long wondered when the rest of the country would take a look at the way he runs the jail system and copy some of his ideas. He has a huge farm, donated to the county years ago, where inmates can work, and they grow most of their own fresh vegetables and food, doing all the work and harvesting by hand.

He has a pretty good sized hog farm, which provides meat and fertilizer. It fertilizes the Christmas tree nursery, where prisoners work, and you can buy a living Christmas tree for $6 - $8 for the holidays and plant it later. We have six trees in our yard from the prison.

Yup, he was re-elected last year with 83% of the vote.
Now he's in trouble with the ACLU again. He painted all his buses and vehicles with a mural that has a special hotline phone number painted on it, where you can call and report suspected illegal aliens. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement wasn't doing enough in his eyes, so he had 40 deputies trained specifically for enforcing immigration laws, started up his hotline, and bought 4 new buses just for hauling folks back to the border. He's kind of a 'Git-R-Dun' kind of Sheriff.





Sheriff Joe Arpaio (in Arizona ) who created the 'Tent City Jail':
**He has jail meals down to 40 cents a serving and charges the inmates for them.
**He stopped smoking and porno magazines in the jail.
**Took away their weights.
**Cut off all but 'G' movies.
**He started chain gangs so the inmates could do free work on county and city projects.
**Then he started chain gangs for women so he wouldn't get sued for discrimination.

**He took away cable TV until he found out there was a federal court order that required cable TV for jails, so he hooked up the cable TV again.....BUT
 only let in the Disney channel and the Weather channel.

**When asked why the weather channel, he replied, "So they will know how hot it's gonna be while they are working on my chain gangs."

**He cut off coffee since it has zero nutritional value.

**When the inmates complained, he told them, "This isn't The Ritz/Carlton...... If you don't like it, don't come back." 

More On The Arizona Sheriff:

With temperatures being even hotter than usual in Phoenix (116 degrees just set a new record), the Associated Press reports:
About 2,000 inmates living in a barbed-wire-surrounded tent encampment at the Maricopa County jail have been given permission to strip down to their government-issued
pink boxer shorts.

On Wednesday, hundreds of men wearing boxers were either curled up on their bunk beds or chatted in the tents, which reached 138 degrees inside the week before.

Many were also swathed in wet, pink towels as sweat collected on their chests and dripped down to their PINK SOCKS.

"It feels like we are in a furnace," said James Zanzot, an inmate who has lived in the TENTS for 1 year. "It's inhumane."

Joe Arpaio, the tough-guy sheriff who created the tent city and long ago started making his prisoners wear pink and eat bologna sandwiches, is not one bit sympathetic. He said Wednesday that he told all of the inmates, "It's 120 degrees in Iraq and our soldiers are living in tents too, and they have to wear full battle gear, but they didn't commit any crimes, so shut your mouths!"

Way to go, Sheriff!

Maybe if all prisons were like this one there would be a lot less crime and/or repeat offenders. Criminals should be punished for their crimes - not live in luxury until it's time for their parole, only to go out and commit another crime so they can get back in to live on taxpayers' money and enjoy things taxpayers can't afford to have for themselves. 

Of course, the filthy left cannot let a man like this do justice without trying to harass and vilify him:

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Named ‘Worst Politician in America’ by Open-Borders PAC

Congratulations to Sheriff Joe Arpaio for being named the “worst” state or local politician in America, by a left-wing open-borders political action committee (PAC)  - one of many spending a fortune this year to try and defeat America’s Toughest Sheriff.
Immigrants’ List  unveiled the inductees into its second annual Local Hall of Shame. According to this far-left PAC, the “winners” share the following characteristics:
These are politicians who have benefited politically from spreading fear and misinformation about immigration, and have enacted harmful policies that are hurting local economies and hurting families.
Huh? Yes, we admit, the propaganda is a bit confusing, since illegal invaders are not “immigrants” or lawfully-residing “families”; the “harmful policies” are merely existing Federal immigration laws, and enforcement of such laws against illegal aliens have helped, not hurt local economies.
Allow us to translate: politicians on their “worst” list are those who have most effectively enforced Federal immigration laws on the books, including the Secure Communities program, and 287(g) Federal-Local partnership – all passed by bi-partisan majorities of Congress and signed by either Bill Clinton or George W. Bush.
That’s right, bi-partisan, broadly-supported laws and polices. But don’t expect to hear that from Immigrants’ List, National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the ACLU, MoveOn.org or MALDEF, or the host of other, massively-funded groups determined to undermine those laws in order to enable illegal alien voting, serve the interests of foreign governments, or promote mass amnesty for illegals.
And Sheriff Joe Arpaio is target #1 on their list

Read further and sign the petition to Stand with Joe here.

-business mentality
For G-d's sake...
make this man President
of the United States of America!!!

-JDL UK team-

Falafel tastes better in Golders Green

Where do cool people eat when the weather is this great in London? 
And where would you find such a great dog friendly and personal service? 

Our local bars, restaurants and shops are all great. But there is one which is quite special. It's the PITA No. 1 Falafel & Shwarma Grill place at Golders Green Road - Northwest London. 

JDL group with dogs and the friendly Israeli staff. 

JDL recommends the Pita place for the following reasons:

1) It's Kosher.

2) Definitely the best falafel in town (Both green and regular).

3) Its friendly services and the personal approach from the staff and the manager.

4) They serve the famous "Spring" juice from Israel; those amazing natural fruit juices that you cannot find anywhere but Israel and some Jewish shops.

5) The price is very reasonable.

6) They are dog friendly too. 

So if you are wondering where to eat a great falafel today, look no further. Make your way to Golders Green road, and stop at the PITA place. 

-JDL UK Team- 

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JDL Vice President, Ari Ephraim Rubin, Is Dead

Ari Ephraim Rubin
Another tragic loss for the Right Wing Jewish Leadership. First Rav Meir Kahane. Then Benyamin Kahane, Irv Rubin and now his Son, When will it end?

Ari Ephraim Rubin left all of us who loved him so much far too soon. He said goodbye on July 20, 2012, at 30 years of age. 

Ari lived all his life in Arcadia, most recently with his brother, Kelman, and previously with his mother, Shelley, and father, Irv, who predeceased him in 2002. Besides his loving mother and brother, Ari leaves his great uncle and aunt, Dr. Arthur and Frances Firestone, uncle Rick Speizer, aunts Ina Perlman and Terry Rubin-Ortiz, cousin Hara Shore Alarcon, cousins Paula and Geoff Sinfield, and many great aunts and uncles, cousins, and dear friends. He was preceded in death by his paternal grandparents, Morris and Doris Rubin, and his maternal grandparents, Dr. Herbert and Gilda Speizer.

Ari's extremely high intellect and gentle, caring spirit made him a bright light in the world. At Arcadia High, he was a dedicated student and member of Apache News and graduated in 2000 with academic and AP honors. He continued his education at Pasadena City College, also attaining high honors at graduation. In 2005, Ari received his bachelor's degree in political science with honors and magna cum laude distinction from Cal Poly Pomona.

He shared his family's passion and fearless advocacy for Jewish civil rights practically from birth. He taught himself conversational Hebrew. He designed the website of the Jewish Defense League and maintained its upkeep since the death of his father, JDL Chairman Irv Rubin. He realized his lifelong dream of visiting Israel in 2008, through the Birthright Israel organization. He later returned for studies at Aish HaTorah Jerusalem in the summer of 2010, embracing Orthodox Jewish life and striving to be a better Jewish man in this world.

His passions included vigorous political debates, computers (Apple, especially), rock and roll (The Doors and Nirvana, especially), the family pets, being a devoted and proud older brother to Kelly, and working as a securities trader.

Graveside services were held on Tuesday, July 24, at 11:00 a.m. at Sholom Memorial Park in Sylmar, with shiva being observed at the family home in Arcadia.

We will hold his bright light forever in our hearts. May Ari be greeted tenderly in heaven by his father and his grandparents, to whom he was so precious.

The JDL UK express our condolences to Ari Ruben and his family.

Ha'makom yenahem etkhem betokh she'ar avelei Tziyonvi'Yerushalayim.


According to Mr. Tom Tugent , a contributing editor for the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles and the West Coast correspondent for the Jerusalem Post in Israel, Jewish Chronicle in Britain, and the Jewish telegraphic Agency in New York, Mr. Ari Rubin died of a self-inflicted gun shot wound on 20th July 2012.

Please see the full story here. 

- JDL UK Team -

Friday, 27 July 2012

On the 9th of Av

The Destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem - Francesco Hayez

Today, upon hearing of the sad loss of yet more Israelis around the world, this time in Bolivia, I couldn’t help but share some thoughts here. Since I started paying attention to this stuff, it really freaks me out. For any sceptics out there (atheists), this is the kind of thing that makes me believe life isn’t just a series of coincidences and that there is some higher power.

Tomorrow is the 9th of the Jewish month of Av. Many tragedies have befallen the Jewish people on this date, throughout the millennia.

Here are some of the great calamities:

  • 586 BCE (Jewish year: 3338)- The First Temple is destroyed by the Babylonians, led by Nebuchadnezzar. The Jews are sent into what later became known as the Babylonian Exile.
  • 70 CE (3830)- The Second Temple is destroyed by the Romans, led by Titus.
  • 135 CE (3895) - The Romans defeat Bar Kochba's last fortress, Betar, and destroy his army. Bar Kochba himself is killed along with more than 100,000 other Jews. The Roman Emperor Hadrian turns Jerusalem into a Roman city. [and renames the Holy Land ‘Palestina’]
  • 1290 (5050) - King Edward I of England signs an edict expelling all Jews from England.
  • 1492 (5252) - The Alhambra Decree takes effect, expelling the Jews from Spain and from all Spanish territories.
  • 1940 (5700) - Himmler presents his plan for the "Final Solution" to the Jewish problem to the Nazi Party.
  • 1942 (5702) - Nazis begin deporting Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto.
Add the Hebron massacre in 1929, the expulsion of the Jews from France in 1306 and you can see the clear pattern. There are more incidents, and unfortunately this year has been no different. But before we continue, it's important to note that the 9th of Av is primarily to mourn the loss of the Temples. In more recent times, other tragedies have been added on this date, as if these are also to be commemorated, but the destruction of the Temples is the most important.

The period of mourning leading up to the 9th of Av, begins in the previous Jewish month, on the 17th of Tamuz. Historically, the 17th of Tamuz is when the walls of Jerusalem fell in the battle to resist the Babylonians. The battle raged for 3 weeks and on the 9th of Av (586 BCE), the First Jewish Temple was destroyed.

This period is called ‘Ben ha-mey-tsa-rim’ (between two paths), in which a series of laws have been established to commemorate this period. Among them are that nothing new can be done, no weddings, no haircuts, not even buying clothes. But also no holidays.

Purely as commentary, isn’t it interesting that after a series of failed attacks throughout the world, the Iranians finally succeeded in Bulgaria during this period? And today Ynet reports that it has been a particularly bad time for Israelis abroad. At the end of a report about 3 Israelis dying in Bolivia it adds:

July has been a particularly tragic month for young Israeli backpackers as three other Israelis found their death in two separate incidents. On Tuesday, Hadas Ben Shushan [Z”L] died in a rockslide in India after losing large amounts of blood. Two weeks ago, Yamit Linniel [Z”L], 22, and Rotem Tavor [Z”L], 24, died in car crashes in Peru.”

Not only this, but the other week we lost a great Rabbi, who died at the age of 102. The Jewish world was in deep mourning. Israel Today reported:

“The Orthodox population was in deep mourning on Wednesday afternoon when rabbi Josef Shalom Elyashiv [Z”L] died. He was rabbi of the Lithuanian Orthodoxy for decisions in matters of the Jewish law (Halacha) and one of the greatest Torah scholars of the past few generations. A crowd of more than 250,000 people accompanied him on his last way in Jerusalem; among them were rabbis, politicians, his adherents and thousands of ordinary people.”

However, in spite of all this, seeing as this year the 9th of Av falls on a Sabbath (the most Holy day of the week), it is forbidden to mourn and be sad on the Sabbath. So the mourning and fast which would normally be done on the 9th is moved to Sunday the 10th, instead.  

Following the 9th of Av. Joy returns because normal life can resume. Weddings begin to take place, we're allowed to eat meat once more, and we can drink wine (!) again. We are joyful because we have Jerusalem (and we pray for the Temple to be rebuilt on the Temple Mount), we have Israel and above all we have Hashem protecting us. Therefore making one gesture (of course, all of them would be best) on the 9th of Av, is a show of respect and acknowledges the importance of this date.

Shabat Shalom.

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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Gush Katif - A Crime Against The Jewish People

More than seven years have passed since Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from Gaza and the accompanying tragic expulsion of nearly 9,000 Jews from their homes in Gush Katif, which saw the destruction of a community and the division of the nation of Israel, and the effects of this policy are as present as ever. Many of the people that were expelled from their homes are still living in temporary accommodation and many are yet to receive the funds that the government originally promised them.

The following is an overview of what Gush Katif’s past and accomplishments were – and its goals for the immediate and long-range future.

Approximately 350 family farms and agricultural enterprises, producing $120 million in flowers and produce, were based in the Katif Bloc of Jewish towns in Gaza. Almost 70% of Israel’s organic produce originated in Gaza, as did nearly 15% of its agricultural exports, 90% of bug-free leafy vegetables, 45% of tomato exports, 95% of cherry tomato exports, and 60% of herb exports. Some 60% of Israel’s geranium exports came solely from one community, Ganei Tal.

The farms employed 5,000 Jews and 5,000 Gazan Arabs. Total annual revenues were $60-70 million.

History in Brief 

The first community to be built in modern Jewish Gaza was Netzer Hazani, which was established in 1976. Three other IDF Nachal outposts were already there – Kfar Darom, Morag, and Katif – and they later turned into full-fledged towns as well.

The entire area was originally filled with vast stretches of empty sand dunes “with no birds, insects or even weeds,” one former resident said. “Even the amount of rain was small compared to today’s rainfall measurements, old-timers say.

Local Arabs, who called the area El Gerara, ‘the cursed land,’ were later happy when the Jews returned, because the land began to produce and the rain started again… When we first arrived, two Arab mukhtars came to welcome us, and asked us, ‘Don’t you know you can’t grow anything here in this cursed land? According to our tradition, the last people who lived here who grew anything were Abraham and Isaac…’”

In time, the “cursed land” that became Netzer Hazani absorbed 70 families working in greenhouse farming of flowers, celery, peppers, spices, and more.

Within two years, Kfar Darom and Moshav Katif were formed – the latter by a group of new immigrants from the United States – and it became time to establish the Gaza Coast Regional Council.

In 1979, Ganei Tal was established, creating a bloc of three towns together with Moshav Katif and Netzer Hazani, while Gadid was built some ten kilometers to the south. Later, the “city” of N’vei Dekalim was built adjacent to Gadid, forming the hub and center of the Katif bloc of Jewish communities.

At the same time, plans were underway to build more farming towns in the north and south of the Gaza area, as well as Netzarim in central Gaza. By 1984, there were 16 Jewish towns in Gaza. The area’s last two towns – Shirat Hayam, literally on the beach, and Kerem Atzmona – were established in 2000, bringing the final tally to 21.

Winds of Destruction 

In late 2003, with Gush Katif in its prime – featuring the best in settlement and blossoming of the Land of Israel, religious values and national idealism, heroic withstanding of terrorist and rocket attacks, and international acclaim for its agriculture – the first winds of destruction began to blow. Ariel Sharon, who had arguably been the prime force behind the plans to develop and settle Gaza with Jewish towns, announced his plan to destroy Gush Katif at a conference in Herzliya in December.

Within 20 months, the deed was done: Nearly 9,000 men, women, and children – described by all as the “salt of the earth” – found themselves without homes, livelihoods, schools, and physical roots. In motions reminiscent of the Holocaust in Europe, these Jewish families were dragged out of their homes, by their own people. 

The colour orange was used as a rallying symbol for the plight of Gush Katif and anti-Withdrawal campaigns, The orange symbolized the Citrus Groves that thrived in Jewish Gaza.

Here is not the place to describe the next five years of wandering, uncertainty and general suffering; suffice it to say that retired Supreme Court Judge Eliyahu Matza, who headed the official commission of inquiry into the government’s treatment of the expellees, described it as a "complete and utter failure of the executive branch."

The expulsion was nothing short of terrorism of Jews against Jews in order to appease Muslims. Unfortunately it seems the "Jews of Arabia" have not yet learned their lesson. The Arabian Jews who appeased the Muslims during Islamic conquests by Muhammad and his band of Arab marauders were the ones who suffered the worst fate of all the Jews.

Their children and women were enslaved and the men were decapitated. 

See this article called "What happened to the Jews of Arabia" by Sarah Yocheved Rigler telling the story of what happened to those ancient Kapos. 

" The vanquished wine merchants tribe, who had twice refused to help the other besieged Jewish tribes, suffered the worst fate. The children were sold as slaves; the women were given to the victorious soldiers “for the Muslims to use,” and the men (except for three who agreed to convert to Islam) were decapitated in the marketplace. According to Muslim tradition, the blood of the decapitated Jews flooded the marketplace of Medina. "

Plans for the Future 

Though scattered around the country, most in the northern Negev and environs, the residents of Gush Katif are still united and still have big plans. Under the theme of Od Katif Chai – which means Katif Still Lives – they intend to build 18 (the numerical equivalent of Chai) new communities and initiate 18 new projects.

Among the new towns to be built or already in the initial stages thereof is Be’er Ganim, literally: Well of Gardens, north of Ashkelon. The name is an acronym of the communities from whence the new residents hail: Bdolach, Rafiah Yam, Gadid, Nisanit, Morag and others with one of those initials. Be’er Ganim was the name of a town in the Netanya region, which later merged with Or Yehuda and changed its name to Pe’er Ganim, or Beauty of the Gardens.
Jewish Pioneers Are Now Able To Defend Themselves
Other new towns will be built in the northern Negev: Katif Amatzia is to be populated by former residents of Moshav Katif, while Neta (Mirsham) will be built by residents from Tel Katifa and Kfar Darom. The former residents of the beachfront Shirat HaYam (Song of the Sea) community have changed scenery and are well into the process of building Maskiyot in the near-desert conditions of the Jordan Valley.

In addition, new neighborhoods are being added to existing cities or communities, such as N’vei Herzog in Ashkelon, Avnei Eitan in the Golan, Ganei Tal in Kibbutz Chafetz Chaim, and Shvut Katif in Yad Binyamin.

Among the 18 new projects the down-but-not-out pioneers are kicking off are: The construction of synagogues in Talmei Yafeh, Yesodot and Maskiyot; two regional community centers and four youth centers for extra-curricular, cultural and supportive activities; a family unit lecture series and workshop; 150 student scholarships; financial, medical, and vocational assistance to families; the establishment of the Gush Katif Legacy Center; and more.

Jewish Defence League UK:

Kahane was right! Everybody who ordered the expulsion of Gush Katif should be put on trial for treason against the Israeli State and its people.

Arial Sharon was a moronic traitor for doing what he did, you simply cannot reason with Arabs who want to wipe you off the face of the earth.

Sharon made his gullible decision, thinking if Israel gave the Arabs some of our land they would automatically give us peace in return, They wanted our land, and we gave them our land.

The only things the disengagement has given us are rockets and mortars being fired deeper into Israeli towns and cities.

Jews have the duty and the obligation to study and remember their history, for they are unfortunately committing the very same mistakes committed by the Jews of Arabia.  

Anachnu Od Nashuv!

We Will Return!

- JDL UK Team -

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Our Debt To Irene Sandler

REMEMBER THIS LADY! Look at this lady - Let us never forget!

[With thanks to Angela Frances Monchar]

Irena Sendler

During WWII, Irena Sandler was given permission to work in the Warsaw ghetto, as a Plumbing/Sewer specialist. She had an 'ulterior motive'. She KNEW what the Nazi's plans were for the Jews (being German). Irena bravely smuggled infants out of the Warsaw Ghetto, in the bottom of the tool box she carried and in the back of her truck a burlap sack, (for larger children). 

She also had a dog in the back, that she trained to bark when the Nazi soldiers let her in and out of the ghetto. The soldiers of course wanted nothing to do with the dog and the loud barking covered the kids/infants noises. 

During her time doing this, she managed to smuggle out and save 2500 children/infants. She was caught, and the Nazi's broke both her legs, arms and beat her severely. 

Irena kept a record of the names of all the kids she smuggled out and kept them in a glass jar, buried underneath a tree in her back yard. After the war, she tried to locate any parents that may have survived it and reunited the family. Most of them had been gassed. 

The children she saved were placed into foster family homes or adopted. Last year Irena was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. She was not selected. President Obama won, one year before becoming President for his work as a community organizer for ACORN and Al Gore won also - for a slide show on Global Warming (A mockery of the once prestigious Nobel Prize).

In MEMORIAM - 63 YEARS LATER It is now more than 60 years after the Second World War in Europe ended, in memory of the six million Jews, 20 million Russians, 10 million Christians and 1,900 Catholic priests who were murdered, massacred, raped, burned, starved and humiliated!


Scandalous lack of security at Israeli swimmers’ training camp

In an article by Nadav Zenziper we learn that there was no security at all for the Israeli team during their training at the Olympic camp in Corby.

"The Israeli team – swimmers Nimrod Shapira Bar-Or, Imri Ganiel, Yonatan Kopelev, Gal Nevo and Yakov-Yan Toumarkin and coaches Leonid Kaufman and Hanan Sterling arrived in Corby last Thursday and trained there for five days, on Tuesday they returned to London ahead of the opening ceremonies.

The decision to train at a local university pool was made two years ago. Now it has been revealed that the swimmers and coaches did not receive a security briefing before heading to Corby."

So here we have the most scandalous lack of security of the Olympic games. The training place was decided two years ago, and there was enough time to prepare the security for the Israeli athletes. Moreover, the Israeli government had promised to send Mossad and Shin Bet agents to protect the athletes. So what exactly happened? Why has the Israeli government failed our athletes in such disgraceful and callous manner?

This is unacceptable! 

"Moreover, according to team testimonies, there was no security whatsoever on site – neither Israeli security nor local British security."

So not only the Israeli government fails our athletes, the British government made no plans whatsoever to protect them either. Why do I feel that this sounds like a deliberate negligent act?

"This approach, which left the Israeli swimmers exposed, is puzzling especially when it follows statements by security officials in Israel and around the world who expressed concerns over possible terror attack in London. The failing was exposed after the swimmers complained about the matter to their families.

It was especially frightening because this is the Olympics, with all its security implications and global terror," said one senior delegation member. "It is also odd considering what happened in Bulgaria. From our perspective it seems irresponsible."

If anything happens to any of our Israeli athletes, heads will roll...