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Yachad - very much on their own

Yachad, very much on their own
On 19th June 2012 a few of us from the Jewish Defence League attended a conference arranged by Yachad, which was advertised here on their website:

The organisation Yachad claims to be a pro-Israel group, but a brief perusal on their site shows they are anything but. Essentially Yachad has been created by what we refer to as Self-Hating Israel-Threatening "Jews" (kapos really).

Our aim was to expose their lies and deceit. Despite their eloquence these thinly veiled leftists are only able to fool the historically illiterate or the ideologically driven. And when challenged with the truth, they stutter, hesitate and finally fail to reply in a coherent manner. See the videos below. 

The way Yachad covertly forward their aim is by constantly "debating" issues that should not even be debated. Let's be serious, why debate if Israel should be criticised? Why debate if Jerusalem should be divided? Their "debates" are provocations and a means to make money by charging people to come and attend such hatefests.

Why don't they debate whether Palestine Fakestine history and identity should be questioned? Or why Arabs can live in Israel without fear and Jews cannot live in any Islamic country? Why don't they debate the fact Jews cannot vote in Gaza but Muslims can vote in Israel? There are many issues to choose from but Yachad deliberately chooses the issues which plainly set Israel up as the aggressor.
When we challenged their stance on Israel, they accused us of "spoiling" the conference (?) and unsurprisingly the audience was with them. You may judge for yourselves with the video we filmed, and another film being done by a Norwegian film crew which was following us. This will also be featured in a Counter-Jihad TV documentary later this year. Watch this space...

Regardless, the event consisted of Yachad's own short film regarding the problem of land claims and counter-claims in and around Jerusalem called My Neighbourhood, produced by Nadav Greenberg. However, when later questioned, quite amazingly, his attempts to justify his film along with those of his colleague, Daniel Seidmann, were even worse than the film itself. In short, these people weren't there to inform, they were there to preach to the 'converted'. Daniel Seidmann calls Israeli land as Palestine Fakestine and even went as far as to refer to the "Settlers" as "The worst thing Israel ever had". This outraged another one of our members who spoke out to express his disgust. 

The film "My neighbourhood", this 25 min work of fiction, operated according to the standard leftist narrative regarding the Israel-Arab conflict, and 'proved' once again that Israelis can do no right and Arabs can do no wrong. Any crimes committed by Arabs were overlooked, and history was distorted to the point that any action committed by Israel was portrayed as aggressive and totally without reason.

In order to make their case, in one segment a Palestinian fakestinian boy is shown complaining that the Israelis removed his family from their home, while blatantly ignoring the invasion and ethnic cleansing in 1929 by Arabs (Hebron being the most famous example) and by Jordan in 1948.

Nadav Greenberg the film maker, also deliberately chose not to inform the audience that Jews were simply re-claiming their own homes in Jerusalem, which were stolen by Muslim Arabs (prior to the creation of Jordan) during their riots of 1929 and 1936. In the final war of 1967, Jews won against the Arab invaders thus began the long legal battle to discover who owned what and what rights each owner and/or occupant possessed. Today, using the law courts to bring these cases are suitably called 'lawfare', and tomorrow in Bet El, 30 Jewish familes are being removed from their homes in what many are saying is based on evidence which, if presented to any other court in the world, would have been thrown out. But not in Israel, where many supreme court justices have connections to the NIF (New Israel Fund, more on that in a minute).

This incredibly important part of history and the attempts to resolve these issues was left out of the documentary so that the audience would see Israelis as simply having marched into Jerusalem, taking control of the territory and then deciding which houses they'd like (using the courts, to make it look legitimate, of course). 

Jerusalem 1948 - A Jordanian Soldier Oversees
The Evacuation of Jews From Their Properties
This intentional distortion of the truth would be sickening were it not for the fact that by now the left's tactics bore us to tears. 

If the situation was not so serious we could simply dismiss these efforts. But we cannot. There are no words to describe the contempt that Yachad and these like-minded organisations deserve.

The indisputable facts here are that these people are working against Israel and Jewish interests, do not represent a single Jew I know, and are more interested in placing the blame of the Israeli - Palestinian Fakestinian conflict solely on the Israeli side. 

Back in October 2011 Richard Millett's blog had an article addressing Yachad's pro-Palestinian stance on the following question Should Israel's friends be critical of her conduct? 
And another one in November, headed Halloween horror for Israel as Yachad appears on Campus.
CiF Watch also wrote: Yachad how much of the UK Jewish left possess contempt for Israeli democracyArutz Sheva has the following about Yachad Activist: London anti-Lieberman Protest Boomerangs on the Left

Yachad is not interested in an informed, democratic debate. It is interested only in framing this issue in a certain light, and only interested in hearing the 'inevitable' conclusion from this demagoguery. 

It is difficult to overstate Yachad's criminal actions here. Yachad is not only about being against Israel but also lends itself to jihad. Previously, we have written about the importance of migration in preparation for jihad in Islam.

Yachad has upset many people in the community, therefore given the importance of this issue we decided to take this to the International Counter-Jihad arena (where the Norwegian documentary will be shown), where other Jews and Righteous Gentiles will see what Yachad gets up to behind closed doors. 

With all this, it may not surprise anyone to learn that Yachad is funded by the NIF - New Israel Fund - a group funded by George Soros. Soros is infamous for having been widely acknowledged to have broken the British currency in 1992, brought about revolutions, destabilised many countries and kick-started the Asian economic crash of the late '90s, by trying to bring down Thailand's currency, the Bhat. George Soros' comment when asked about the 2008 world economic crash? A culmination of his life's work.

However, when challenging Yachad director Hannah Weisfeld about the Soros-link she pretended not to know. However, the following screen-grab provides sufficient evidence.

As you can see, the NIF is funding Yachad.

Here is an article from Ha'aretz that alludes to Yachad's Hannah Weisfeld being cosy with NIF.

From the above article: 

"One Friday morning two weeks ago, the great and good of Britain's Jewish establishment converged on a London hotel for the Israeli Embassy's annual Independence Day bash. Meanwhile, across town, Hannah Weisfeld - the director of the young "pro-Israel, pro-peace" Jewish organization Yachad – was sitting down with an executive from the New Israel Fund for breakfast." 

Thanks to the efforts of others, Yachad has been exposed for what it really is and even though it has been around for some years, possesses less than 500 "likes" on their facebook page. Even still, those who have "liked" the page certainly haven't kept their displeasure to themselves, as this next screen grab shows. 

This is a photo of this same conference at the Hampstead  Synagogue where a certain Shmuel Weisfeld expresses his disgust towards Yachad. 

Since the photo is small here is what Mr. Shmuel Weisfeld said:

Shmuel Weisfeld "
it would be so much more powerful, and more respectful, if you would "discuss" the "future" of Jerusalem, in Jerusalem with those of us that live here, pay taxes, go to the army and actually have to live with any results said discussion may have. you actually do not have any idea how offensive this is to the people that live here. It is quite extraordinary how you have deeply alienated and offended the very people whose future you say you care for. you carry on as if you have no concern for the sentiments of population of this country, as if you "know" whats best. if you could only catch for a second what is like for us being on the receiving end of you i have no doubt your tactics would not be received as a slap in the face of contempt and egotistical indignation but actually be received as an act of genuine concern as you try to convey but so painfully fail."

There are no further depths to which these people can stoop. Yachad like to portray themselves as a grass roots organisation. They are not. 

They enjoy no popular support at any level, and the only reason they continue to exist is because of billionaires such as George Soros who continue to fund their lobbying efforts on public opinion and assault Israeli victim's rights through Israel's corrupt supreme court

Yachad exists to 'correct' public opinion, not represent it. It seeks to persuade the Jewish community that what they feel is wrong, and that only Yachad's propaganda events provide the solution. Unfortunately for them, they are not preaching to an uninformed community. A great many Jews know all too well what is really going on in Israel (and speaking to some of the elderly in our community, some would have even fought in WWII and in the '48 war for liberation).

In addition, most Jews know that they don't need to attend a Yachad event to see Israel maligned, they can watch that nightly on the news in their own homes.

Considering the NIF's resources and power, our only hope is to spread the word about the tactics of NGOs such as Yachad, and make them political issues (much like the Islamic veil) which our politicians will no longer be able to ignore. Only then will they be forced to confront the NIF, Yachad, and other subversive NGOs which already yield far too much power.

Please share these articles.

G-d and truth are on our side.

See the videos here:

1. Exposing Yachad Part 1 

2. Exposing Yachad Part 2 

3. Exposing Yachad Part 3 

4. Exposing Yachad - Part 4 


- JDL UK Team - 

Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Co-op's Boycott of Israel: The Email War

An update about the Co-op's boycott of Israel.

Recently, a spokesman sent us this mail explaining how and why the Co-op reached their decision (or at least why they're boycotting Israeli goods produced beyond the Green Line). Their language is pretty forceful using all the usual suspects to back up their claims, so we countered with a mail, peppered with little research on these organisations...

This is mainly to provide some resources for those interested in wanting more info when discussing Israel, the 'settlements', and all the usual 'illegal under international law' fetish sentences that are parroted endlessly by the media and the left.

We await news on any change in the Co op's policy towards Israel.

(If you don't want to read all this on screen, just copy and paste the text into a word or notepad file, and print it out from there.)

First their mail to us:

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Tom Foynes (Customer Relations)  
Sent: Monday, 11 June 2012, 8:44
Subject: Co-operative Careline

   Dear Jewish Defence League

  Many thanks for your email of 21/05/2012 relating to our Board’s decision to withdraw trade from suppliers of produce known to be sourcing from the illegal Israeli settlements.

  Further to our initial email, we would like to clarify the basis of our statement that there is a ‘broad international consensus’ that Israeli settlements in the Occupied Territories are illegal.

  The status of the settlements in international law is clear. Settlements present a breach of Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which prohibits the transfer of an occupying power’s civilian population into an occupied territory. The settlements have been confirmed as illegal by the International Court of Justice, the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention and the United Nations Security Council, as well as successive UK governments and the European Union. Furthermore, the World Bank has noted that the presence of the illegal settlements has a direct and detrimental impact on Palestinian economic development.

  Our Human Rights and Trade Policy brochure is attached as requested. We have sought with this Policy to set out our approach to human rights in a clear, transparent and consistent manner. We would again emphasise that our position does not constitute a boycott of Israeli businesses, and that we remain firmly committed to sourcing produce from Israel .

  I hope this email clarifies our position in this regard.

  Yours sincerely

  Tom Foynes 

Our response:

  Dear Mr. Foynes,

  Thank you for your email of 11th June 2012 regarding the Co Op's position on Israel and its legality over contested territories etc.

  We feel that your statements regarding Israel are indeed common in the international community, but they are not the consensus. The opinions stated were highly distorted and have been reached by ignoring vast swathes of readily available information, in order to prosecute Israel regarding the various issues. Unfortunately, this is quite understandable seeing as the organisations you referenced are thought by many to be beyond reproach. In light of this we feel compelled to answer these grave accusations.

The Famous Image From China's 1989
massacre at Tianamen Sqare
  We were, however, delighted to read of your remarkably moral stance as an organisation. May we ask whether you also plan to refuse to stock Chinese products in light of that country's occupation of Tibet and many and varied gross human rights abuses? Do you plan to refuse trade with Turkey over its refusal to acknowledge the Armenian genocide, its illegal occupation of Cyprus, and the highest number of imprisoned journalists in the world?

The organisations you quoted ignore gross human rights abusers and single out Israel for censure. These organisations are essentially of the same origin; connected to the UN. The UN may operate a democratic system, but most of its member states are not democratic. Many of these regimes seek to place Israel front and centre on the world stage in order to hide their abominable crimes (Syria being just one of them). There are always two sides to a story and we ask you to consider the information provided herein. I hope you find the enclosed informative, we have only enclosed one link per topic, but the first two links contain libraries of information, should you wish to investigate further.

We have addressed the issues in the order mentioned in your email.

Regarding illegality of the settlements

“For over fifty years, in countless United Nations resolutions adopted virtually verbatim year after year on various aspects of the Middle East problem, and specifically on issues regarding the territories, the reference to Israel is almost exclusively couched in terms of “Israel, the occupying Power” and the reference to the territories is termed “the occupied Palestinian territories.” Similarly, reference to Israel’s settlement policy consistently includes the element of illegitimacy or illegality.

These general and all-embracing terms have become the “lingua franca” of the United Nations
– accepted phrases that neither generate nor attract any thought or discussion as to their legal,
historical, or political accuracy.”

Page 66 of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs report titled ‘Israel’s Rights as a Nation State in International Diplomacy. A site headed by Dore Gold, Israel’s former ambassador to the United Nations.

The web page with the report

The report itself (PDF)

The use of the term ‘illegally occupied’ stems from UN Security Council Resolution 242 which was drafted following the 1967 Arab-Israel war.

“Israel’s presence in the West Bank today is not illegal under international law. Israel entered the West Bank lawfully in June 1967 in the exercise of its right of self-defence against Jordanian attack. The occupation in and of itself is not unlawful.

In 1948-49, Israel fought its war of independence against the Arab residents of Mandatory Palestine, and five neighbouring states.

In 1950, Jordan illegally annexed the West Bank, of which it had taken control in the course of the war.  

In June 1967, Jordan launched a massive bombardment of civilian Israeli targets from the West Bank on the first day of the Six Day War and despite appeals from Israel to Jordan to stay out of the war which had started with Egypt.

Resolution 242, which is the centrepiece of relevant international law on this topic, does not require Israeli withdrawal from all West Bank territory. Thus, Israel’s entry into the West Bank was lawful. And its continued presence there is lawful too.  It is for all the parties to the conflict to reach a negotiated peace agreement under which Israel would withdraw.”

Logically, therefore, if Israel’s occupation is not illegal, then Article 49 is non-applicable.

Regarding the Higher Contracting Parties and the common misapplication of Article 49 of the Geneva Conventions

This article provides some background to this ruling which showed that the US, Israel and Australia (all democracies) refused to attend in light of the highly charged, and predictable nature of the outcome. The meeting took place in 2001, and shows that during the 2nd intifada, the Palestinian dictatorship was attempting to use the international community to harass Israel, rather than engage in peace talks; diplomatic channels which provided access to American and European policy-makers.

Yasser Arafat, head of terror organisation the PLO,
with Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the UN
“Unfortunately, this reconvening [of the Higher Contracting Parties] served to legitimize the Palestinian tactic of using the international community, and the U.N. in particular, as a forum for airing grievances against Israel, rather than resolving such matters through bilateral negotiations.

Moreover, the reconvening of High Contracting Parties to discuss these issues dangerously politicized and violated the spirit of the Geneva Convention and its important humanitarian purpose.

At this crucial time, the international community should play a constructive role by encouraging an end to Palestinian violence and terrorism followed by a resumption of negotiations, rather than participating in forums organized solely for the purpose of singling out Israel for criticism.”

Regarding the International Court of Justice

Harvard University human rights expert Alan Dershowitz, advised Israel not to appear before the UN International Court of Justice "charging that the judges took orders from their governments and did not administer justice.”Israel cannot win a case at the ICJ," he said "It is an insult to kangaroos to call the ICJ a kangaroo court". "I wouldn't appear before it, just like I wouldn't appear before an all-white court in Mississippi."

Currently, China sits as head of this court. If you or the Co Op were to be placed on trial for anything, would you voluntarily accept this court's impartiality knowing that China would have a political interest in the verdict?

However, all of these disputes may yet prove academic as new information has come to light surrounding Israel’s founding legal documents, thanks to Howard Grief, a legal scholar. Here you will find a variety of articles and multimedia on the subject. Should Howard Grief’s thesis be accepted (and there is every sign that it will be) these documents, which precede Res 242, would make that resolution null and void.

Lastly, with regards to the World Bank and Palestinian development being inhibited due to Jewish presence, you cite no references for this and I am at a loss to explain it. This is indeed a puzzling declaration since it flies in the face of the reality on the ground, and the World Bank’s own reports in my possession. There is no correlation between a Jewish presence on Jewish land, and other minority’s inability to prosper. In fact, quite the opposite.

By the beginning of 1999, according to the World Bank, the West Bank and Gaza had fully recovered from the economic decline of the previous years and their position continued to improve well into the summer of 2000. GDP grew by 1.6 percent during the first half of 2000, and job creation in the territories continued to significantly increase, both in the public and the private sectors. Economic activity was particularly vibrant along the West Bank ‘fault line’ in the Sharon and Lower Galilee, where Israelis continued to frequent Palestinian towns and villages by the thousands for shopping and services, one of the many unspoken dividends of peace.”

Taken from Efraim Karsh’s (professor, King’s College, University of London) “Arafat’s War” p.190

Here is a web page with pictorial evidence of conditions in the so-called Gaza ‘prison camp’. I’m sure that, as an employee of the Co Op, you will envy the stunning look of their market’s fresh produce.

Much like ‘successive British governments’ the EU and others, we fear the Co Op has adopted this posture against Israel for political/economic reasons. The singling out of the world’s only Jewish democracy for defamation (that is defamation, not criticism) over the world’s worst human rights abusers displays a disturbing level of myopia which can only be explained by ulterior motives.

We hope, however, that we are wrong in this instance and that your board will at least consider the additional evidence provided here in your decision making process.

Should you require any more information, we will be only too happy to provide it.



We await their reply...

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Jihad In Your Supermarket

This week we’re seeing yet another tiring campaign by the PSC (Palestine Solidarity Campaign) to boycott Israeli goods in supermarkets across Britain, despite previous attempts having failed spectacularly. The PSC is a stealth jihad group whose members consist of extreme Muslim and far left students. Robert Wistrich, considered to be the world’s leading scholar on the history of anti-Semitism, said the PSC is at the forefront of a deliberate campaign of Israel de-legitimatisation, designed to invoke anti-Semitic sentiments. The JPost reports that two leading supermarkets in Britain are being targeted, Morrisons and Waitrose.

Hysteria & Hate
The group use the language of justice and dignity saying they are for human rights. But they are anything but.

It would be easy to look at this as an anti-Israel campaign and to get into a point by point rebuttal of why Israel isn't this or that. And while that may be important, the real target is Britain, where slowly but surely, the PSC is introducing Islamic cultural norms into the West whereby Jews are especially singled out for persecution and harassment.

The PSC therefore, is the soft face of an ugly project where none of its claims about Israel are accurate, and its sole purpose (in the short term) is to sensitise and outrage uninformed Brits so that their viewpoints more closely match those of Muslims. They thereby rally recruits to their cause, with the ultimate hope of converting them to Islam. Most of the activists aren't even aware that they're being used, simply thinking about the 'injustice' of some invented Israeli crime.

In addition, considering the sheer number of genocides (a couple of which we’ve written about here), loss of life at the hands of ‘holy warriors’ throughout the centuries, and their boasting about it in Islamic chronicles, manufacturing hatred is a key asset in Islam and in potential converts. The example of Lauren Boothe, Tony Blair’s sister in law, being the perfect example. The more incitement she was exposed to by the BBC and others, the more extreme her anger, thus eventually leading to a sympathetic position towards Islamic terrorism, which obviously led to her giving up her original faith.

But in business too, British shops and supermarkets are learning that the ‘brand name’ of Israel is not worth troubling with, even if they don’t believe the lies about Israel. Everything is about image, and with the PSC’s manpower on the ground, if a shop stocks Israeli goods, they’re liable to face intimidation tactics, shop ‘raids’ where everything from stickers saying ‘from illegal Israel’ to the ‘offending’ goods being swiped off the shelves and carried out the store.
Evokes Images of Kristalnacht

The campaign by the PSC to close down Israel’s Ahava beauty store in Covent Garden was achieved only because neighbouring stores complained to their landlords of the noise the activists made. Once this store closed, it was easy to get the chain closed in its entirety by also recruiting a rival cosmetic chain store Lush, who all too willingly engaged in slandering Ahava.

War isn’t about two armies facing each other on the battlefield any more. Today with the Alinsky tactics of community organising (class warfare), people don’t even know they’re being used as pawns, let alone being distracted and having their eyes taken off the ball. 

The Islamisation isn’t happening (for the moment) with running street battles, with Charing Cross being turned into downtown Beirut, and patrols of ‘morality’ police attempting to ensure Shari’ah is forced on everyone, it is here in the form of lies and deceit. In the form of a false call to take a stand against something supposedly immoral.

Israel is an $80 billion a year economy. It is a tech power house and scientific and medical innovator, and it has avoided the economic stagnation of the recent economic crisis. Its economy will hardly be weakened if you don’t buy its plums or peppers. Its award-winning produce and alcohol will simply be sold in another country (and most likely replaced in Britain with an Islamic-friendly alternative).

The real battle here is the Islamisation of Britain (and Europe, USA), and coupled with the Halal hijacking of our food industry, represents yet another form of attack from these stealth jihadists on our culture and communities.

Fight Back!

You don’t need to be a soldier or built like a bouncer to fight this. All you need to do is go out, when you’re on your shopping round, buy Israeli produce and make sure it sells out (tell your friends and recommend it to other shoppers as you chat with them), and take away the stores economic incentive to cease trading with Israel.

Anti-jihad crusading has never been tastier!

 Caped Crusader

Monday, 18 June 2012

Official Response to UKIP Creation of Pro-'Palestine' Section

We here at the JDL (UK) like so many other Brits over the years have enjoyed seeing Nigel Farage lambaste the members of the European aristocratic elite. It combined intelligence, wit, and a principled stance against a totalitarian-leaning bureaucracy (not unlike the UN), the kind of utopia-driven project which we should've learned to shun at the end of the last century. Today however, we see that UKIP has decided, in response to a 'Friends of Israel in UKIP' division, to create a 'UKIP Friends of Palestine' section too.

This is the anti-semite in charge of the UKIP Friends of Fakestine, 

Ollie Neville claims this on his twitter page: UKIP's progressive Anarchist, YI Social Media Director, If you think anything I say here represents UKIP you clearly know nothing about politics, me, or UKIP

This from a discussion thread  here:
To Julia Gasper: "But it is not really true that UKIP has no clear stance on Israel. In the UKIP election manifesto they call UKIP and ally of Israel and defend Israel`s right to exist and to defend itself against attack.
Concerning UKIP Friends Of Israel I have to say that this group is very important. In which way does it bully other party members or try to impose its opinion on them? I always experienced UKIP FOI members as tolerant and nice people who are greatly respected among other party members. If there wasn`t such a strong support for Israel in UKIP the UKIP FOI group would have never been founded. 
So the call for disowning UKIP FOI is crazy and balony: The majority of the party supports Israel and UKIP FOI is very popular within the party. The group does excellent work and provides the party with important links to the jewish community. Are you in favour of keeping the UKIP FOI or not? In my view it is a necessary part of the party."
This from a "junior member" of the forum:
"I have not heard one mention of the original inhabitants of this area called Palestinians, who have had land taken by settlers , had a massive wall built through their communities and suffer daily indignation from Israeli soldiers. I base my opinion on having actually lived in Israel for a while. Is not the FOI just an attempt to suck up to jews to get party funding. Where is there the mention of the word justice?"

And from Mitchell Risbrook:
UKIP is NOT a far right party. It is an anti-EU party with a Transatlantic slant to their foreign policy that can't decide between following a mainstream Conservative path or a libertarian path on their other issues. There are of course countless rank and file UKIP members who follow all sorts of political ideologies and beliefs including some who are quite critical of Israel in its present shape and form. 

I think the BNP supports Israel more strongly than UKIP does. Nationalists in the west have supported Palestine for decades and see the Palestinian struggle as having many parallels with their own struggles back in their home country against the establishment elite, but any BNP members who back Palestine today will surely fall foul of the Welshpool Clique if they happen to find out. 

Until now we thought it was logical to assume that since UKIP was the only voice against the leftist EU project in Britain, that it would naturally be against other such lunacies in the world. We therefore are shocked and saddened that UKIP should seek to state it is for an equally dubious con such as the Arab colonial project called 'Palestine'.

The Deira hotel lobby, in the Gaza 'prison camp'
Being pro-Palestinian is not like standing up for the Syrian people or the victims of Turkey's Armenian genocide or the plight of the Kurds. Unlike these issues, there is the overwhelming absence of evidence when it comes to the 'Palestinians'. A lack of evidence for 'atrocities', 'ethnic cleansing', and certainly no 'genocide'. What evidence there is, shows quite the opposite.

If there is Arab suffering in these territories, it is the result of war. A war the Islamic fundamentalists are keen to wage, at whatever expense to their people. A people that voted for Hamas.

In Bat Ye'or's Eurabia, the French born scholar on Islam described how Israel, and Judeophobia, are central to the EU plan for more power. Uniting the Mediterranean countries (North African Islamic countries, as well as the traditionally European states) in a bid to integrate them. The Islamisation of Europe, therefore, being the ultimate consequence of this short-sighted concoction.

With UKIP's stance against the EU, it was naturally assumed that the members of this party were naturally against the main ideas of the EU. Unfortunately, and quite counter-intuitively, that seems not to be the case.

Palestine is not the problem, it's the excuse. Not just the excuse for Muslims to act violently, but the excuse to Islamise the UK (and need we say Europe). The problems, in spite of what many claim, does not exist. To reiterate, there is no 'Palestinian' persecution, genocide, ethnic cleansing, or whatever else they'll think up. 
The friends of totalitarianism in this country usually tend to argue that since absolute truth is not attainable, a big lie is no worse than a little lie.

A totalitarian society which succeeded in perpetuating itself would probably set up a schizophrenic system of thought, in which the laws of common sense held good in everyday life and in certain exact sciences, but could be disregarded by the politician, the historian, and the sociologist.

Already there are countless people who would think it scandalous to falsify a scientific textbook, but would see nothing wrong in falsifying a historical fact. It is at the point where literature and politics cross that totalitarianism exerts its greatest pressure on the intellectual.
George Orwell
Source Here
It doesn't take much to get to the bottom of the 'Palestinian' 'problem' when one simply asks for evidence. To ask for evidence from the pro-Palestine mob yields two things; first, absolutely hysteria. As if the mere suggestion of wanting proof of the pro-Palestinian camp's claims is tantamount to Holocaust denial. And second, you'll find no evidence being put forward.

What you might find, among the more well-trained propagandists, are endless hours of selectively edited footage of clashes of protesters with Israeli solders or police, or incidents arising from provocations the leftist activists have instigated, such as throwing stones at Jews on their Sabbath, or attempting to steal water from Jewish owned property, under the all-inclusive justification that every criminal action of theirs is done because 'this is stolen land' (for which, of course they can provide no proof, as many Israeli court cases will show). Or you may be presented with report after report from so-called human rights organisations who, oddly enough, are funded by OPEC (among others) and some of the same countries that have funded al Qaeda. The list also includes various EU member states as well as Britain.

Infants with weapons, common in Islamic culture
Along side this, we see that with an increase of Muslims on European soil, we get a corresponding increase in Anti-Semitism. Normally, we're under no obligation to even consider what a racist says, because racism isn't based on logic or reason, and shouldn't be justified. But with immigrants from oil-rich lands the exact opposite is the case. Not only is the Islamic anti-Semitism listened to, it is championed by much of the leftists and political classes. Not for moral motives, but because of the Muslim vote (even though the Muslim vote tends to go for enemies of democracy, such as George Galloway).

Therefore, the creation of the UKIP friends of Palestine is not only politically motivated, but intellectually and morally dishonest.

Much like the EU project, if the Islamisation of Europe continues down it's current path it is headed towards oblivion along with Britain. What is needed, and what we thought UKIP understood, was that in order to tackle our problems we need to solve them, not yield to them.

There are always two sides to every story and in a democracy, all sides should be able to express themselves freely. We understand that UKIP under Nigel Farage represents some the finest values of democracy Britain has to offer. But as we have shown throughout this article, campaigning for "the plight of the Palestinians" is not part of a legitimate democratic debate, much like Holocaust denial or 9/11 conspiracy theories. This is the morally defining issue of our time.

Until and when UKIP rejects these enemies from within, with heavy hearts we categorically reject UKIP as being part of the solution to Europe's problems, and renounce any support for them. We urge our members to do the same.

UPDATE - 29/08/12 

We have been informed by Ms. Kim Gandy (on our page)  that Mr. Leon Georgiou (Member of UKIP and of Friends of "Palestine" of UKIP) has been posting some nasty Nazi stuff on the profile of a certain Ms. Claire Khaw (Another UKIP member), without any rebuke, which means that both are on the "same field level" of ignorance.

We have checked Mr. Georgiou's profile and came across this: 
Here is Mr. Leon Georgiou praising General Gaddafi. 

I guess we don't need any excuses to despise the UKIP leadership for allowing corruption and pro-terrorists to be part of their ranks.

See here our article on another fake supporter of Israel - Jacob Campbell, and his pseudo-Zionist friends. 

 JDL UK team

Sunday, 17 June 2012

American Politicians finally question the Ikhwan Infiltration in US Politics.

"Finally some American politicians are taking action about the threat of Ikhwan infiltration into the security apparatus.

Among them is Michelle Bachmann, the former presidential candidate. 

One of her letters can be found here:

Serious question remain:  

-The material by Frank Gaffney she bases her letters upon was released April 24, 2012. That means she waited two full months before she started with her questioning. 
-Bachmann gives the Inspector General 90 days to come up with answers. 

It seems to me that Michelle Bachmann had a very slow awakening. Her giving 90 days to respond shows us she still hasn't grasped the urgency of this national security crisis or what the links with the Muslim Brotherhood means for Americans. 

I have asked a member of Geert Wilders' party to demand that the Dutch secret service (AIVD and MID) postpone its relations with the CIA until the US has fixed its security leaks due to Muslim Brotherhood infiltration."

The above was received today from our friend "Caesar the Nederlander".

If you read the PDF letter (Link above), you will also  note a couple of names that just keep on coming up, they are: Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton.

Now, we have heard many times that Huma Abedin is Hillary Clinton's lesbian lover, and we know that Hillary has a weakness for Muslims and is only interested in power and money, not the sad reality that women all over the world have to live with.

Huma Abedin is a Muslim with strong connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. She is the wife of Rep. Anthony Weiner, a (Dhimmi) Jew. 
Huma was born in Michigan, grew up in Saudi Arabia and returned to the US to attend college. Her late father was Indian and allegedly a college professor, and her mother, also an alleged professor was from Pakistan.

According to an article published last year Here, Abedin is a long time senior aide to Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, starting out as an intern to the first lady in 1996. 
"Abedin has the energy of a woman in her 20s, the confidence of a woman in her 30s, the experience of a woman in her 40s, and the grace of a woman in her 50s", Clinton said in the Vogue article.

This is why the below extract from Bachmann's letter is so worrying. 

There are a few more letters that Bachmann sent, and these show how American Politicians are finally questioning the infiltration of Muslim Brotherhood members in US Politics. See below for more letters. 



3. Homeland Security:



That the US government is in cahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood is obvious, but what we want to see is the American people put a stop to it.

- JDL UK Team - 

Friday, 15 June 2012

Home Secretary Theresa May - Hacking Hypocrisy and Intellectual Rape

Home Secretary Theresa May has decided to push through a proposal to force internet providers to keep user data for 12 months, and of course to share all of it with the government and the "Big Brother (Britain) State".

In a disgraceful tactic reminiscent of Communist and other tyrannical countries, Ms. May wishes to snoop on every single citizen's personal messages in a blatant breach of people's privacy.This we call a pervasive intellectual rape.

This proposal will cost the taxpayer over £200 million a year. This kind of money could go to the RSPCA for example, or to hundreds of needy charities, that actually do productive and essential work for the people and animals of this country. But Ms. May does not really care about that, she never did. She rather steal our money to invest in her own personal agenda. 

Once again, without taxpayers being consulted, our taxes are being used for projects which are illegal, immoral, pervasive and against the citizens of this country. 

The article on the Daily mail states: 

"Plans for a hugely controversial ‘snoopers’ charter’ giving the police, security services and taxman the power to monitor the public’s every internet click are ‘a matter of life and death’, Britain’s most senior policeman warned."

A matter of "Life and Death"? The claim is as absurd as the actual proposal! This is pervasive intellectual rape. Simple as that.
They are not interested in stopping crime, they are interested in snooping people's opinions and intentions regarding the government. Fear generates  desire to control the citizens, and as we are seeing now, it includes invading people's innermost privacy, including their thoughts. 

The fact that Ms. May and her corrupt cohorts have absolute disregard for public opinion on this matter is obvious, but what is worrying is that no one seems to be firmly opposing such lunacy. 

"Metropolitan Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe (Photo below) backed Home Secretary Theresa May who today unveils new powers to force internet service providers to keep the data of every website visit, email, text message and visit to Facebook or Skype for a minimum of 12 months.

Mr Hogan-Howe said having greater ability to access data was essential to waging a 'total war on crime' and warned that police risked losing the fight against crime unless Parliament passes a law enabling them to collect more communications data."

The police knows full well that they will never be able to stop any crime with that. And all they will end up doing is chasing red herrings.

Furthermore, this is a sinister and perverse invasion of our privacy and of our human rights. Our thoughts and words are not to be shared with those we do not wish to, but with those we trust and love.

While Ms. May, together with her corrupt acolytes rant and rave about the "Hacking" done by NOTW (New of the World), she is doing much worse than they ever did. At least they had selected targets and it was done in the name of journalism. Not that we agree with it, but somehow their "crime" seems much less in our eyes than the crime Ms. May wishes to perpetrate against every single citizen of this country. 

They have used Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks as scapegoats, while committing a far worse crime than these two ever did!! 

Where is the "Left" now to fight against this absurd breach of our privacy? I tell you, nowhere. The left is spiritually dead now. They are good for nothing. They haven't been able to achieve a single positive thing in years, quite the opposite. They have betrayed the people as well, so they won't be taking up this war now.

We in the JDL request of every citizen to address Ms. May and to let her know your feelings in the matter. Demand this money to be spent on Animal Rescue teams, or any charitable work which will benefit the citizens of this country, and not to be squandered in such intrusive manner. 
Our civil liberties are not for sale or negotiable. 

This kind of attitude is typical of those who wish to control everything and everyone by force, and reminds me of the same Islamic tactic of trying to gain control through the creation of the "ummah" - a Caliphate. 

Read the rest of the article here:

Fight for your liberties! Do not allow such individuals to decide how best to control us. Do not let them use our hard earned tax money into projects which are totally and unequivocally against every citizen in this country! 

The war on crime is an excuse!  
When the government decides to legalize crime in such manner, it is time to replace the government. They must serve the people and not enslave them. 
Our government is using Islamic tactics to enslave its people and this cannot, shall not and will not be tolerated. 

-JDL UK Team- 

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Women in Green block access to Arab village of Tekoa

Women in Green did a wonderful job today by not only protesting against the murderous stone throwing Arabs from the village of Tekoa, but by also blocking its entrance with stones.

Operation "Stones for stones" was achieved successfully today.  
Tens of Tekoa residents  protested this evening (Wednesday 13/6) against the continued Arab stone-throwing. They went to the entrance of the Arab village of Tekoa and built terraces of stones on the main road, blocking the entire entrance. 
"We hope that the army will act and prevent further Arab stonethrowing against us so we can live here without fear. But if the situation continues, we will intensify our protest" says Karni Eldad, Tekoa resident 
Pictures of the roadblock are attached 

Women for Israel's Tomorrow - Women in Green was founded in 1993 by Ruth and Michael Matar. The organization is a grassroots movement of women and men, young and old, secular and religious, all bound together by a shared concern, love, devotion and loyalty to the Land of Israel. 

These brave people are the pride of Israel. Their motto is "Eretz Israel Le'Am Israel" -"The Land of Israel belongs to the People of Israel".

Women in Green, the JDL UK Salutes you! 

Artwork Zeev Ben Yosef

- JDL UK Team - 

Monday, 11 June 2012

Islam, a fraudulent ideology

 Islam: a fraudulent ideology
By Richard Mather

There is nothing legitimate about Islam’s claim to be the original faith. Similarly, there is nothing legitimate about the Palestinian aspiration for nationhood.

The Islamic desire to eradicate the Jewish people can perhaps be explained by the following proposition: Muslims subconsciously recognize that Islam is an inferior and destructive imitation of Judaism.
Rather than seeking to emulate the goodness of the Torah, Muslims have instead subverted and sabotaged the Jewish faith, and this has had dire consequences for Jews.

The towering figures of the Tanakh, which include Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Moses, Aaron and David, have all been claimed by Muslims to suit their own agenda. Indeed, Muslims downplay the importance of Isaac by claiming it was Ishmael who was taken up to Mount Moriah. Ishmael, of course, is considered to be the ancestor of the Arabs.
Examples of imitation abound. Islamic dietary laws mimic Kashrut. Muslims circumcise their children, just like Jews do. The Temple Mount, revered by Jews as the place where God chose to rest the Divine Presence, is  now home to the Dome of the Rock, a caricature of the Jewish temple.  And it is because of the Dome of the Rock that Jews are unable to build the Third Temple.

Muslims claim the Quran is the word of God recited by an angel to Mohammed, despite the fact that it is merely a mishmash of stories from both the Hebrew Bible and the Christian New Testament. The Torah, however, is revered by Jews because it was/is the ultimate manifestation of God’s will. And unlike the Quran, the Torah is the bedrock of Judeo-Christian civilisation.
Although the Christian New Testament does contain some anti-Judaic statements, the Quran is far worse. Islam is mired in anti-Semitism because of its ambiguous relationship with Judaism.  Several verses in the Quran describe the transformation of Jews into apes and pigs as punishment for breaking the Sabbath or “worshipping evil.” 

Before ordering that every adult male of a particular Jewish tribe be killed, Mohammed referred to the Jews as “brothers of monkeys.” So it is no surprise that today’s Islamists refer to Jews as the “descendants of apes and swine,” or why Hamas says that Jews are sub-human.
What’s also pernicious about Islam is its claim to be the original faith of Adam and Abraham, and that the Jews (and Christians) perverted God’s true intentions for mankind. All the major figures in the Tanakh (e.g. Noah, David, Solomon etc) are appropriated by Islam and turned into Muslim prophets. From the very beginning, Islam was an ideology designed to delegitimize Judaism. So it is hardly surprising that Muslims today seek to delegitimize the State of Israel by claiming the land is part of the Islamic caliphate.

This habit of appropriating Jewish identity and then seeking to destroy it perhaps explains why Palestinian nationalism is so unstable. The Palestinian Arabs did not seek to establish a homeland until after the formation of the State of Israel, and even then they were more concerned with destroying the Jewish state than actually focusing on how to build their own democratic institutions.
Once it was clear that the Arab states could not defeat Israel, the Palestinians had no choice but to invent their own nationalism, which is quite obviously a parody of Zionism. Palestinian nationalism came into being because the Jews did it first.  

Indeed, some Palestinians go further by claiming they are descendants of the biblical Jebusites and Canaanites. According to this narrative, the Palestinians have been occupied and usurped twice – first, by the Israelites and then by the Zionists.
But this is wishful thinking. Arabs are not indigenous to Eretz Israel. They are ethnically and culturally identical to Arabs living in Jordan, Syria, Egypt etc.
Arabs occupied Eretz Israel in the 7th century during the Muslim conquests. In contrast, Jews have lived on the land for the past 3,300 years. Jerusalem has always been considered the focus of Judaism and Jewish identity. Jerusalem has never been the capital of any Arab or Muslim entity.

Likewise, Jerusalem is mentioned at least 700 times in the Jewish scriptures. Jerusalem is not mentioned once in the Koran. It is unlikely that Muhammad ever went to Jerusalem. Moreover, Jews pray facing Jerusalem, while Muslims pray with their backsides toward Jerusalem. This is surely a tasteless caricature of Judaism.

The Palestinian desire to appropriate the land of Israel is simply the latest manifestation of the ongoing attempt to emulate Judaism by subverting and ultimately destroying Jewish identity. Therefore, it is important to keep reminding the world that the Jewish people have a much stronger claim to Judea and Samaria. There are many political and legal reasons why the State of Israel is entitled to the “West Bank.” But at the heart of the matter is the Jewish right to fulfil Israel’s destiny as keeper of the land, which was, after all, promised in the Torah.