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London Olympics Website Lists Jerusalem as “Palestine” Capital, Israel – No Capital

This year’s Summer Olympic Games in London will take place almost 40 years after the murder of Israeli Olympic athletes by Islamic terrorists.  The anti-Israel International Olympic Committee still refuses to memorialize the Israeli athletes who were slain there, lest it offend Muslims. And, yet, the Palestinian terrorists were rewarded with a UN mission not long after the murders.  And, now, they have an official Olympic delegation, which they’ve had for years, despite the fact that there is no official country called, “Palestine.”  

The Olympics have even dropped the bikini requirement from women’s beach volleyball to appease Muslims. And to add insult to injury, until this morning, the London Olympics website listed Jerusalem as the capital of “Palestine” and listed Israel as a country with no capital at all.  (Now, neither has a capital listed.)  Here is the screenshot:

- Jewish Defence League UK -

Muslim Councillors in Britain - Firearms, Sickening Behaviour and Blunt Disrespect

When it comes to Muslim councillors in Britain, you will need to dig pretty deep to find something to praise them for, here is just four examples of what Muslim councillors in the UK get up to:

Bradford Councillor Amir Hussain pictured holding an RPG whilst on an "Aid Mission" to Afghanistan:

A Councillor in Bradford was exposed recently after a photograph depicting him holding a rocket-propelled grenade launcher was sent to the UK press.

Councillor Amir Hussain, executive member for health and social care, said he believed the picture was taken 20 years ago when he was on a "charitable trip to Afghanistan" before his time on Bradford Council.

Amir Hussain with RPG
The photograph also shows two fire arms propped up against a wall next to him.

Muslim pawn Respect MP for Bradford West George Galloway said: “Respect was vehemently attacked by the Labour party after they made public a Facebook photograph of one of our candidates with a rifle on a charitable aid mission in Afghanistan. Labour claimed he was unsuitable to stand for office. What will Labour say or do now about Councillor Hussain? It would be completely hypocritical of them if they don't immediately suspend him and demand that he steps down from the Council.”

Well George, although whenever members of the Respect Party are exposed you spit your dummy out and play the "Islamophobic" card or accuse the exposer of being behind a conspiracy. But there is nothing charitable about holding a rifle in a region that is locked in conflict with the country you are from, there is nothing charitable about holding an RPG which, at the time, was probably used to shoot Russian troops in the Afghan War of the late 1980's.

Councillor Hussain said he had been on a trip to Afghanistan 20 years ago, as a "local businessman", to distribute funds raised as part of a Bradford radio appeal.

"It is a photo which was taken around 20 years ago by a friend who I understand has recently joined Respect. I have never owned a copy of this photo, far less paraded it on any social media site and would never consider such behaviour as acceptable.

So the person who took the photograph also joined an extreme Left Respect party? Why do the Leftist run organizations always attract wannabe Taliban fighters?

"I am extremely sorry for any offence this photo causes and would like to stress my opposition to firearms of any sort and the need for the gun crime problems Bradford suffers to be confronted and dealt with."

No apology for his past would have been made if the picture had remained hidden, gun crime must be ok when it is aimed at shooting "Infidel Troops" but when the Muslim youth of Bradford are shooting each other left, right and centre over various drug and territory feuds it is a sorrowful event.

Asif Khan pictured holding a Military Assault Rifle in 2002 whilst on an aid mission to Afghanistan:

Asif Khan (left) with a Military Assault Rifle

last week the Labour party drew attention to a photograph on Facebook showing Respect Party candidate Asif Khan holding a gun. It was said to have been taken on an aid mission to Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan in 2002. Asif did not apologize, instead he called those who uncovered the picture "Childish and desperate"

Asif Khan is standing in a ward of Bradford, Respect Party figurehead  George Galloway has just became MP for.

Khan also had many pictures of himself posing with shotguns from when he attended a shooting range in Skipton.

It is frightening how many Muslim figures in the British political scene may have had access to arms training and have slipped under the radar. You tell me how many non Muslim political figures in the UK have had first hand access to military firearms training, there is a serious Muslim agenda behind this.

Muslim Councillors refused to stand to honour Afghan War hero who was awarded the George Cross:

When a 26 year old Afghanistan war hero appeared before a city council, it seemed the least worphy thing anybody could do was to give him a standing ovation.

Lance Corporal Matthew Croucher, had been awarded the George Cross for throwing himself on a Taliban hand grenade to save his comrades. He survived only because his backpack took the force of the blast.

But to the horror of the rest of the council chamber, while most leapt to their feet to applaud him, two Muslim councillors remained firmly in their seats. Salma Yaqoob and Mohammed Ishtiaq, both from the Respect party, what a suprise, insisted that their refusal to clap the Royal Marine was a point of principle.

Following the meeting at Birmingham City Council, fellow councillors said they had grossly disrespected the soldier.

I would place a wager that 100% of those who support the Respect party could not compare one event in their lives were they could come close to what LC Matthew Croucher did that day, he showed disregard for his own life to save the lives of the men around him and he is more of a good hearted human being than any member of the Respect Party.

This event turned the Respect Party into the Dis-respect party.

Two Muslim Councillors give their support to child grooming suspects:

Two Muslim councillors have told a court that a taxi driver accused of grooming under-age girls for sex is a "hard-working family man"

Abdul Qayyum
Members of Rochdale council and a solicitor spoke in support for Abdul Qayyum, 44, one of 11 men accused of sexually abusing girls as young as 13.

The married father-of-two, who is from Rochdale, denies one count of conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child.

One of the five girls to have given evidence during the trial at Liverpool Crown Court has said she had sex with Mr Qayyum, who she knew as "Tiger".

His barrister read out a series of references speaking up for his client to the jury.

One of them from Councillor Aftab Hussain said: “I have known Abdul Qayyum for the last 10 years as a local resident in the area. He lives with his wife and two children. Mr Qayyum is a hard-working person. He has worked hard throughout his life. Within the community, he comes across very well and I have never seen or heard of any wrongdoing before this case. I personally was shocked to hear about this news.”

Councillor Zulfiqar Ali, a former Mayor of Rochdale, wrote: “I have known Mr Abdul Qayyum since the 1990s when he arrived in Rochdale.

“All the years he has lived in Rochdale he has always been involved in community activities and always makes time to help others, for example cleaning the neighbourhood, helping out in the local youth club and most importantly he looks after his family."

Yes, after all why would a suspected Peadophile want to work in a Youth Club were there are children!! Those who allowed him to work in a Youth Club should be under investigation also!

“Abdul is one of those men the community has really taken to – they are really proud to have him as part of the wider family. He is hard-working and dedicated.”

“He has fully adopted the British way of life and has made many friends because of this.

If these are the type of people British Muslims vote into the political scene, I do not believe Muslims should hold the right to vote any longer until they clean up their act, which will take a good few hundred/thousand years!

Feel free to share this article.

- Jewish Defence League UK -

Everything You Know About Islamic History Is Wrong

In light of comments we received about a post we did on Islam, we decided to write a separate post collecting some of the real facts about Islam's history together.

First up is Spain, and Islam's occupation there for some 700 years.

Some user posted a video which raves about this period, essentially peddling the usual bilge about how wonderful Islam was and how it was 'light years' ahead of anything in Europe.

Screen Shot

Link to the vid

The first thing I noticed was the thumbnail of the vid. It shows the presenter sitting in a relaxed, funky pose, something she'd never be allowed to do were Spain still occupied by the Muslims!

But here's the text:

In 711 AD, a tribe of newly converted Muslims from North Africa crossed the straits of Gibraltar and invaded Spain. Known as The Moors, they went on to build a rich and powerful society.
Its capital, Cordoba, was the largest and most civilised city in Europe, with hospitals, libraries and a public infrastructure light years ahead of anything in England at the time. 

- And the most probable reason it was "so far ahead of anywhere else in England" is because A) Islam all but destroyed the Christian empire, causing complete economic ruin wherever it conquered (by killing and/or enslaving all the tradesmen), and B) by blocking most traditional trade routes, it decimated trade in places it hadn't physically conquered.

- Also this description of the Islamic invasion is deceptive. You could easily get the impression that the Muslims simply invaded Spain, and that was it. But the reality was that for the entire time Spain was occupied by Islam, it was at war, and having a foothold in Spain meant the jihadists were able to reach places in Europe they wouldn't have been able to otherwise. But internally, with the Muslims getting a foothold in the land (in Cordoba), they then had a base from which they could launch raids (razzias) on neighbouring towns and villages, killing or taking captive any enemies they wished, as well as young children, either to become sex slaves or for the boys, brought up as Muslims and later used as soldiers. (All of this, and much more, comes from Andrew G Bostom's The Legacy Of Jihad, quoted later.)

But in a Machiavellian kind of way, it makes sense to kill tradesmen such as ironmongers and farmers. Because ironmongers makes shields and swords, and farmers provide food. The less of these (especially food), the harder it is to fight...

In John J O'Neil's amazing 'Holy Warriors' the author systematically dismantles much surrounding the claim of a golden age. He writes:

"...what archaeology tells us has been devastating to the traditional view [of a golden age]. On the word of the written histories... archaeologists expected to find, from Spain to eastern Iran, a flourishing and vibrant culture. An Islamic world of enormous cities endowed with all the wealth of antiquity and the plunder gathered in the Muslim wars of conquest. They hoped to find palaces, public baths, universities and mosques; all richly decorated with marble, ceramic and carved stone. In fact, they found nothing of the sort..."

Then O'Neil then states, quite incredibly, that virtually NOTHING was found:

"The archaeological non-appearance of the Islamic Golden Age is surely one of the most remarkable discoveries to come to light in the past century. It has not achieved the sensational headlines we might expect, for the simple reason that a non-discovery is of much less interest to the public than a discovery."

Back to the video text::

Amongst the many things that were introduced to Europe by Muslims at this time were: a huge body of classical Greek texts that had been lost to the rest of Europe for centuries (kick-starting the Renaissance); mathematics and the numbers we use today...

- And what about these famous Greek texts introduced to the West via Arabic translations? If the Arabs and Muslims had really been as great as we're being told, why didn't they amount to anything? Look at what the civilised world has become in a few hundred short years with these texts (including mathematics). This is simply more proof that Islam was no different then, as it is now.

- The Muslims in Spain did not kick-start the Renaissance! If anything, the Renaissance happened in spite of Islam, not because of it!

In actual fact, the Renaissance started after the fall of Constantinople in 1453 (now Istanbul, capital of Turkey). Bat Ye'or writes in 'The Decline Of Eastern Christianity Under Islam' that it was when the writers, thinkers and artists from Eastern Christendom fled the conquest of Constantinople and went to Western Europe and Venice etc. that the meeting of these minds sparked off what was to become the Renaissance.

But what of the many things in the Christian world, such as the Spanish Inquisition, the ruthless puritanical way in which the Church, during the dark ages enforced it's teachings?

Again, these were all a result of the Christian world's contact with Islam. The Inquisition started in 1492, the same year Spain liberated itself from Islam.

The whole period of history where Islam was subjugating Christendom, was a time where the Christian world copied many Islamic practices. Not only this, but the launching of holy wars (Crusades, which in this case was justified wars of defence after Islam conquered Jerusalem), and the idea that ANY sin would be forgiven upon liberating Jerusalem (redemption through conquest), is not much different to the ideology of jihad...

In an excerpt from Andrew G Bostom's weighty tome "The Legacy of Jihad" Jacques Ellul has a short essay writing about Islam's influence on the Christian world. In Islam there was no separation of Mosque and state. Religious rules were not just spiritual, but every day commandments. Thus with Islam being a political religion (much like Nazism or communism), the word of god was no different to the rule of law. Thus the Christian world, with its pleading of hell-fire for eternity for all sinners seemed at somewhat of a disadvantage.

But in John Alimbillah Azumah's excellent book, he writes much more extensively about this, as well as another piece of hidden history, Islam's colossal slave trade in Africa, of which the trans-Atlantic slave trade was only a small part.

All this was a convulsion in the history of Christendom. The various authors here write that the Christian world strayed far from the teachings of Christ during this period. Yet ironically, one of the key reasons most people claim themselves to be atheist today is exactly because of this period of history, and the marriage between Church and State.

As for the Church's persecution of the Jews, this is not attempting to excuse anything, but to study the history. After this phase, the Christian West went on to do such things as ban slavery (Britain). And as an important footnote, the campaign to ban it was led by what many today would call Christian 'fundamentalists'. It was free-trade capitalists who engaged in slavery, but this is not to suggest communism as an alternative (!) but to emphasize the need for Judeo-Christian values to guide democracy within a free-market. That lesson is as relevant now, as it has been at any time in the West.

But finally in this long list of what should be HOWLERS to any half educated Westerner, the writer of the video lets their hair down revealing what they really wanted to say all along:

[Islam introduced to Spain] fine dining; the concept of romantic love; paper; deodorant; and even erection creams. 

This wasn't the rigid, fundamentalist Islam of some people's imaginations, but a progressive, sensuous and intellectually curious culture. But when the society collapsed, Spain was fanatically re-Christianised; almost every trace of seven centuries of Islamic rule was ruthlessly removed.

Clearly those erection creams are beginning to get to the author. Again, from Bostom's 'Legacy Of Jihad' on Spain: 
"Ibn Abdun also forbade the selling of scientific books to dhimmis under the pretext that they translated them and attributed them to their co-religionists and bishops. (In fact, plagiarism is difficult to prove since whole Jewish and Christian libraries were looted and destroyed.) 

Another prominent Andalusian jurist, Ibn Hazm of Cordoba (died 1064), wrote that Allah has established the infidels' ownership of their property merely to provide booty for Muslims.

In Granada, the Jewish viziers Samuel Ibn Naghrela and his son, Joseph, who protected the Jewish community, were both assassinated between 1056 to 1066, followed by the annihilation of the Jewish population by the local Muslims. It is estimated that up to five thousand Jews perished in the pogrom by Muslims that accompanied the 1066 assassination. This figure equals or exceeds the number of Jews reportedly killed by the Crusaders during their pillage of the Rhineland, some thirty years later, at the outset of the First Crusade.

The Granada pogrom was likely to have been incited, in part by the bitter anti-Jewish ode of Abu Ishaq, a well-known Muslim jurist and poet of the times..."  

- 'Only' five thousand killed? I shan't quote what Bostom writes about the Islamic conquest of the Holy Land (Israel), but suffice it to say that in Cesaria alone, some 40,000 were butchered.

- Also we find that elsewhere in Bostom's book, the Nazis received the idea of Jews having to wear a yellow star came from the Muslim practice in Spain.

So "not the fundamentalist Islam of some people's imaginations"? You be the judge.

Another reason for posting this article is after having a discussion with an alarmingly ignorant Israeli student about Islam's history. If they're teaching students the kinds of trash we've seen above, it's no wonder we're in such dire straits when it comes to tackling Islam... 

These students are our future journalists, politicians, and citizens. When you see the difference between what the media peddles, and fact, you'll understand that these myths simply cannot be left unchallenged any longer. With millions of Muslims pouring into Europe, we are sowing the seeds of a devastating future for us all.

Caped Crusader

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Here is a video about the Islamic slave trade in Africa narrated by the historian John Alimbillah Azumah

Please share this post with any Islam apologist you come across, let them try and explain their way out of this lot. Heh.

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The Evolution of European Gaza Strips

Example of Jihad In Europe

In countries all over Europe, Islamic parallel societies are developing. Many of them seem to move towards becoming Gaza-like areas, characterized by overpopulation, an extremely low level of education, high crime rates, racism against Jews and other non-Muslim groups or groups that do not fit the Muslim agenda, an Islamic political and economic infrastructure, and a general hateful and often violent attitude against non-Islamic authorities and the surrounding non-Islamic areas.

This is the five-step evolution model of how European areas develops into violent areas violently fighting for autonomy and secession. Each steps naturally leads to and supports the next.

1) Social housing areas: Low income and the natural wish to live with people of same faith and culture lead Muslims to move together into areas with cheap apartments. Social housing areas thus develop into Muslim areas. 

2) Muslim areas: Muslim culture and religion become dominant in the areas, which allows Islamic values to take root. Muslim areas develop into Islamic areas.

3) Islamic areas: Homemade sharia courts, police-like groups of adult men, imams, and Islamic havala banking appear. An unofficial political and economic Islamic infrastructure is in place, and its political identity and influence grows.

4) Political areas: Demands for official recognition of the unofficial religious infrastructure appear. Islamic areas develop into political forces that are steering towards conflict with secular laws.

5) Violent areas: Religious fanatics see it as their religious right to use threats and violence in order to get their demands fulfilled. They are born and raised in the country, they have citizenship, and they feel they have just as much right to live as they wish to as democratic-minded citizens feel. Besides: According to the Quran, it is a sin to submit to secular law and non-Islamic authorities. Islamic politics have developed into a continuous conflict, that often erupts into violence.


Islamic areas in China, Thailand, Russia, the Balkans and Africa already reached step five many years ago. Dozens of countries surrounding the birthplace of the Muslims' prophet were once Christian, Hindu, Buddhist etc. but have now reached step 6: Severe lack of human rights especially for women, no free speech, no real democracy, no scientific development etc. In short: they have become Islamic countries.

In Europe, thousands of cities already have Muslim areas. Hundreds of European cities have Islamic areas. Islamic organisations already made political demands that a handful of European areas should receive autonomy under Sharia law. A scenario in which Islamic supremacists will forget about their demands and not use undemocratic methods in order to reach their goal is unlikely.

There are a few reasonable solutions:
  • Immigration from non-Western style countries must be stopped.
  • Illegal immigration must be punished with prison and fine.
  • Repatriation (state-paid emigration and resettlement) should be
  • offered to all Muslim immigrants from non-Western countries.
  • Islamization must be stopped, in order to make resident Islamic supremacists feel homesick and to counter development of Islamic areas and values in our societies.
  • The crushing power of secular law, secular police and secular Justice must be enforced in order to by all means reinstate law and order in lawless areas.
  • All who are voluntarily involved in the use of Sharia courts and honour-related crimes must be punished.
  • Lack of will or ability to integrate must be made so unpractical and economically non-beneficial that repatriation will be the only tempting offer (immigrants should: pay for their own interpreters; earn their right to free medical care, education, social benefits, etc.; pay for special education for their children if they as parents cannot speak the language, and thereby support their childrens' schooling, etc.).
  • Immigrants should only be offered citizenship if at least one of their parents have citizenship. They can stay as long as they can support themselves and obey the law, but we have enough citizens already.
  • Refugees should be offered safety, food and medical care in refugee camps close to their home country. A Western level of living standard in Western countries for refugees is far too expensive and not necessary.
Europe is a fortress, but it is built on strong rock that will keep Europe erect and weak sand that will cause Europe to collapse from within. The people who wish to see Europe survive are the rock, the Leftists and Liberals are the sand. The Islamic doctrine of Europe is creeping into our way of European life and ideals and the Liberal Left are gladly helping them, fortress Europe is certainly collapsing, from within. Just look at the how the Serb’s lost Kosovo: Through Demographic development and the assistance of the North American Terrorist Organization (NATO). This established the first official Islamic state on European soil.

When faith and resistance to an invading force collapses, the civilization goes with it.That is the main cause of the death of civilization in Europe, Islamization is simply the consequence. The actual word Islam translates as “submission” and the Leftists, Liberals and Secularists have submitted already. Many Europeans have already become Muslims, even though they do not realize it or do not want to admit it.

Jewish Defence League UK

British Supermarket Bows To The Left And Boycotts Israeli Goods

Britain's fifth largest supermarket chain the Co-Op is extending a boycott of goods from Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria and will now shun any supplier known to source from these areas.

The Co-Operative Group said, "Following an audit of the Group’s supply chain, it will no longer do business with four companies, accounting for £350,000 worth of sales, as there is evidence that they source from the Israeli settlements in the "Palestinian occupied territories."

They added that The Co-Op Group will also continue to actively work to increase trade links with "Palestinian" businesses in the occupied territories.

Boycotts of Israeli products made in Judea and Samaria are nothing new. A major Norwegian pharmaceutical retail chain recently announced that it will be stopping the sale of all products originating from settlements in the West Bank, including Ahava Dead Sea cosmetics.

Leftist protesters in London who ironically call themselves "working class" forced the closure of the Ahava beauty store and the job loss of its employee's by continually hassling and organizing protests outside the shop, although they are not keen to put as much effort into protesting the various Islamic bookshops in Tower Hamlets that sell Homophobic and Racist Muslim propaganda. 

In February, the anti-Israel Boycott, Dives
tment and Sanctions (BDS) movement invaded the Tesco supermarket in Birmingham, removing Israeli goods from the shelves, labeling them with stickers that read "Boycott Israeli Goods," and urging customers to refrain from buying products made in Israel.

If the Co-Op group want to turn their Racist noses up at £350,000 worth of sales proft because they are from Jewish owned land in Judea and Samaria I welcome them too as their business will take a severe loss as a consequence.

I urge all Pro-Israel standing people to boycott this supermarket chain, which is not hard in this day and age. There are 5 supermarkets within 2 miles of my home and Co-Op is one of them, If Co-Op is your supermarket I urge you to change your decision, they boycott our goods, we will boycott theirs and hit them were it hurts, their wallets.

The Boycott has the backing from members of the Muslim Bloc:

Let the Co-Operative know how you feel about the boycott of Israel goods by emailing or writing a letter of complaint via free post to them:

Feel free to use this example or modify it to send: 

It has come to my attention that your company the Co-Operative Group is boycotting Israeli goods. I want you to know the decent citizens of the world will not stand for this disgusting and frankly racist stance you have taken, and I will urge the general public to boycott you in return. We will make sure the word gets out by the thousands, every single day, until this Fascist Boycott of Israeli made goods stops. You rely on sales to people just like me to survive, let's see who's boycott has the greater effect.


And to think that I thought that Fascist Boycotts on Jewish Goods died in 1945, I can't believe a modern Supermarket Chain in the UK has dug the disgusting idea up again, You should be utterly ashamed of yourselves, I will urge everyone to boycott the Co-Operative chain and along with everybody else who is planning to do the same, you are going to lose a lot of business. Maybe you should look up the riots incited by Arabs in 1929 in Judea and Samaria when innocent Jews were beaten and murdered, 29 alone were murdered in Hevron, and you dare to call Jewish Settlements in the West Bank "illegal?" 


So is the co-op also going to boycott China over their occupation of Tibet? Turkey for their genocide against the Armenians and their occupation of Cyprus and Kurdistan ? Spain and France for occupying the Basque territories? Russia for their occupation of Chechnya? The US and UK for their occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan?How about boycotting Syria and Iran for persecuting their own populations?!

Why is it that with all the myriad of conflicts, persecution, human rights abuses and occupations going on all over this world of ours, the one country in the world you choose to boycott is the only Jewish state in the world?
Nazism cannot hide its ugly face for too long. 

Postal Address: 
The Co-Operative Group
Customer Relations
Freepost MR9473
M4 8BA

Co-Operative Facebook Page

Below is a picture of the Nazi Boycott of Jewish goods and business' in 1930's Germany, I wonder why the SA thug about to punch a Jewish woman is not wearing his Co-Operative employee badge? Make no mistake, times have not changed, Boycott the Co-Operative Chain!

Written by Jewish Defence League UK

On Israel's 64th...

Israelis Celebrating 64 Years Of Independence

Following the 64th birthday of the modern state of Israel, there is a great misunderstanding that needs to be corrected about the founding of Israel; Israel was not created by the UN or Ben Gurion, or the British. The modern state of Israel was reborn when the British decided to leave. They only decided to leave when Jewish freedom fighters (yes, real freedom fighters, not terrorists), made life too much trouble for the British to continue occupying the land of our forefathers.

The Jews fought with the British against the Nazis during the war, but the British authorities didn’t feel the need to return the favour. As always, the British elites thought it better to keep their new friends in Arabia happy (where oil had just been discovered), than to honour their word of the Promised Land for the Jews.

Chaim Weizmann
In fact, the British promised the Promised Land to the Jews, in part, because Chaim Weizman (later to be first president of Israel) helped develop explosives the British used during WWI (Weizman was a chemist). Also, the Jews already living in Palestine provided intelligence for the British during WWI, which facilitated Britain's entry into Ottoman controlled Palestine.

But no sooner had they laid in law the foundations of the State of Israel, did they renege on their offering and gave 70% of the Jewish people’s home to the Arabs. That’s how Jordan was born. Nevertheless, the Jews accepted. But that wasn’t the only slap in the face the Jews took.

As tension and Anti-Semitism heated up in Europe prior to WWII, more and more Jews started leaving for Palestine. The British, worried about the upset this might cause the Saudis, sought to allow illegal Arab immigration from all over the Mideast into British Mandate Palestine, in order to keep the Jews a minority. When WWII came, and millions of Jews from around Europe were being sent to gas chambers, the British passed the notorious White Paper, which halted Jewish immigration altogether.

From Myths &
Had the British not done this, many millions of Jews could have been saved. But the British were worried by the violence caused by the Arabs. So during WWII, when the British were stretched to the limit, the Muslims throughout the Mideast and British occupied India were threatening mass violence over the Jews in Palestine. In other words, the Arabs manipulated the British with the threat of violence.

For the world, the war ended in 1945, but not for the Jews. In British occupied Palestine, they were just beginning to turn the screws. There were millions of Jewish refugees in Europe which nobody knew what to do with, and in Palestine, the British were implementing policies more and more favourable to the Arabs, such as limiting Jewish immigration even more, jailing Jews found in possession of arms and giving them to the Arabs.
Menachem Begin

It was with this history and backdrop that Jews such as Menahem Begin and others felt they had no other choice but to take up arms. WWII was over, the Jews had done everything to help the British but received nothing but disdain in return, even while the Arabs had been allied with Hitler. It was in this environment that the King David Hotel bombing occurred. In fact, Begin, leader of the Irgun, later expressed his sorrow over that episode and it wasn’t until 1979 that a British official acknowledged that warning telephone calls had been made by the Irgun about the bomb in the hotel, which were ignored by various British officials.

That is the sad truth. But the Jewish people owe more to groups such as the Irgun, and the Palmach, than we do to the UN and Ben Gurion!

A short video of the Rav Kahane on the unfortunate necessity of violence (can't embed this video, sorry).

However, the Jewish elites in Israel and elsewhere don’t want you to know this version of how Israel was liberated because they are against that approach. They don’t want you to understand this version of events because they don’t want you to think that their current approach, the approach of the good Jew, the well behaved Jew, doesn’t work.

It doesn’t matter whether the the JDL has supporters of all faiths and from all backgrounds; it won’t matter how many people you represent, you’ll be branded an ‘enemy of the state’ and treated as such, because you’re in the way of political interests. The reason the great Rav Kahane was also expelled from Israel (in 1988) was not just because of what he said, but because of his popularity and opposition to the grovelling Jew mentality. Kahane would’ve taken away power from the current vagabond of mediocre tyrants occupying our Knesset, who were soon to betray the most fundamental requirement of any government: to protect the people, because they wanted to implement the dangerous and degrading Oslo Accords on the Jewish people.

But it wasn’t only ‘extremists’ who were removed from power by the grovelling Jew, Israel’s very own Prime Minister at the time, Yizhak Shamir, was also taken out of office because he wouldn’t entertain the idea of negotiating with terrorists such as Yasser Arafat. Shamir was also a former member of one of Israel's underground freedom fighting organisations: Lehi.

Again, as one of the interesting ‘coincidences’ when going against the beliefs of righteous men like Rav Kahane, following the signing of the Oslo Accords more Jews died from terror attacks in six years then they did since the founding of the State of Israel, 45 years before. And that was even before the 2nd intifada started...

But this is not to say the establishment are refrained from violence. On the contrary, when it came to violence these elites had no problem dishing out punishment to Jewish 'trouble-makers', with the most infamous incident being the sinking of the Altalena ship. On the shores of Tel Aviv, the Altalena filled with arms and Holocaust survivors ready to fight the impending invasion of Arab armies in 1948, they were shot at even while in the water attempting to swim ashore. This was done with David Ben Gurion's approval and carried out by Yizhak Rabin.

After 64 years, Israel is still at war. These appeasers of ours will continue to look for 'peace' because their masters tell them to keep going, despite the reality and despite their duty to protect the people of Israel. The Allies didn't negotiate with the Nazis, they crushed them. And until Israel and the West wake up to the fact that this is also what they must do, this war will continue indefinitely while we do barely enough to contain Islam, but not enough to defeat it.

While the left will continually attempt to exploit this sad fact and push to effectively weaken our defences (military cuts/pulling Jews out of their homes), we have to wake up and understand that in the Philippines jihad has been ongoing since the 14th Century (and they have recently suffered a huge set back by foolishly ceding some territory), and the West fought against Islam for many centuries. In fact as many have recently learned, the Crusades were launched not as wars of aggression, but as wars of defence after 450 years of Islamic colonialism; rape, pillage, and the destruction.

To use the peace process terminology, we have to accept that the current status quo, where Israel not only keeps its head above water, but thrives, is to win.

However, we must also know that the greatest danger to ourselves is not from the outside...

Caped Crusader

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Catherine Ashton's chutzpah in meddling in Israeli security affairs

Hamas supporter and Jew hater - National Socialist Catherine Ashton

The European Union Foreign Policy Chief, dhimmi Catherine Ashton has had the chutzpah in calling on Israel to reverse its decision to legalize three perfectly legal building works in Samaria, which she deliberately and maliciously calls "settler outposts in the West Bank". 

Apart from being obvious that dhimmi Hamas supporter Catherine Ashton has a problem with Jewish people building and residing in legally purchased (With Jewish money) Jewish land, she goes on to dramatise her point by claiming to be "extremely" concerned about the decision of Israeli authorities in this regard. Hamas friendly Catherine does not seem to be at all concerned with the barrage of attacks and vicious murders that her Fakestinian protegees commit against innocent Israeli people, including many children, but with Jewish people building homes (not arsenals or nukes as her beloved terrorists do) in their own land.

I quote her: "I am extremely concerned about the decision of the Israeli authorities regarding the status of the settlements of Sansana, Rachalim and Bruchin in the occupied Palestinian territory," said EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton."

Occupied Palestinian territory? Perhaps terrorist supporter Ms. Ashton would give us the courtesy of backing up such immoral, devious and deceitful claims with some proper evidence, starting with when was "Palestine" a sovereign country? This ignorant leftist is obviously an extremely poor choice to represent the EU on Foreign policies, principally when she adheres to the falsities of claims conjured by those who believe in the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion".

"I call upon them to reverse this decision," she said in a statement.

Well, Ms. Ashton, you can call all you like but what Israelis do in their own purchased land does not concern the EU, or you! Israel is in the Middle East not in Europe. Whatever gave you the idea that you could interfere in our affairs, while demonstrating such Historical ignorance? 

Ynet states: An Israeli ministerial committee decided Tuesday to legalize the status of the three communities, which were established in the 1990s but did not have Israeli status. 

Well, now they do, just as they should have had years ago. We are taking our country back from the Arab Muslim marauders who invaded it and tried to claim it as their own, through savagery and destruction of Ancient Jewish sites. 

"The EU has repeatedly called on Israel to end all settlement activity. Settlements are illegal under international law, an obstacle to peace and threaten the viability of a two-state solution," Ashton said.

Ms. Ashton continued to peddle her diabolical rhetoric by using the concocted word "settlements" as well as alluding to some idiotic and unrecognised "International Law" to put pressure on Israel to allow murderers to take our already tiny land. She even goes as far as claiming that building in our own land for our own defences is an obstacle to peace. What peace? What two State solution? We point out to Ms. Ashton that the second State already exists, it is called Jordan. 

The chief EU diplomat said the Israeli decision ran counter to the spirit of an April 11 statement by the Quartet of Middle East peacebrokers, the European Union, United States, Russia and United Nations.
The Quartet, she recalled, "expressed concern about unilateral and provocative actions, including continued settlement activity."

Ms. Ashton has failed miserably, as do all communists and leftist enablers, to fiercely condemn Palestinian attacks on Jews in Israel, to recognise Palestinian terror, and to understand that there is nothing provocative in building your home, but that the real provocation is from  her Arab-Muslim protegees and their murderous rocket attacks on Jews. The land is ours. We build wherever we want to build. We do not recognise these fascist so-called "peace-brokers" whose sole intentions are to hammer Israel into submission and suicide. 

The United States also voiced concern about the decision, saying it was unhelpful to efforts to make peace with the Palestinians. Washington asked the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for "clarification."

We have tried "peace" with the "Palestinians" several times, and it has been proven in all occasions that these people do not want peace but war. Furthermore we do not give a damn about the Muslim Barack Obama's corrupted administration voicing their concern for Jews building homes in their own land. Obama is a Muslim. He is as hateful towards Israel as communist/fascist Europe and their leftist enablers.  
We urge Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to show strong leadership (for once) and to tell these imbeciles to JOG ON! 

And a word of advice to Ms. Ashton: You should focus on solving the problems you have in the EU first before trying to meddle in our affairs. 

We will be calling upon Ms. Ashton soonest, and request explanations to the comments she made.  


UAF and Antifa Give Nazi Salutes in Brighton

The comical alliance between Antifa and Unite Against Fascism showed their hatred and hypocrisy in a major form at a Saint Georges Parade in the town of Brighton in United Kingdom.

At a family day out to celebrate the patron saint of England, The unholy alliance of Antifa, UAF and other Leftist groups gathered to throw abuse at the parade, they then decided to take it to the left level and rain down bottles full of alcohol and some filled of urine, bricks, coins and stones at the parade which was full of families and children celebrating the day.

The groups that took part in attacking those taking part in the parade were not provoked and they showed their true colours, once again, as a completely violent, Fascist, sickening alliance of Leftist hatred.

The hypocrisy then stepped up another notch when the pictures below were posted online of an Antifa/UAF member giving a sickening Nazi salute to the long lost political cousins of the Socialist Left, The National sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter partei AKA The Nazi Party. Lets not forget, the same people giving a Nazi salute here are the same people who sprayed "Racist War Criminal" on Churchill's monument in the Westminster riots.

The Leftists have managed to dig their hole in society even deeper, just when I thought them and their actions could not physically repulse me any further, they do.

Antifa have even used pictures of Jewish Children in Concentration camps to bolster support for "Anti-Fascist prisoners" then give Nazi Salutes? They make me sick!

The Fascists of the future will be called "Anti-Fascists" - Winston Churchill

You Cannot hide behind your flag for long you Leftist Ben Zona!

There we go, A nice shot of his ugly Leftist face

Not the First time, UAF Protester fined in Bolton in 2010 for giving a Nazi Salute

Although, Payback is a bitch, when this member of Brighton Antifa was knocked out cold last year, Yemach Shemo Vezichro to all Leftists and especially Antifa!

- Written by Jewish Defence League UK -

Monday, 23 April 2012

Breivik is not alone

The amount of rubbish I read today at an article about Breivik, at the Herald Sun is unbelievable!! I don't know why the corrupt media only interviews imbeciles and people who haven't got a clue of what they are talking about.
We would like to address a few of the comments so that those who read it can have a clearer view of the situation we are facing. 

I quote:

"He is evil. Pure evil. A robot," Sihen Naidja says, her voice trembling, when asked how she experienced the trial.
"Just hearing his name makes me stressed," says the 42-year-old Algerian, straightening her grey headscarf and gripping the hand of her six-year-old daughter Fatima."

Interesting to note that Breivik killed not Muslims but National Socialists and Communists, and yet the journalist interviews Muslims. Surely Breivik is anti-Islam and so should anyone with a conscience be, but to interview only people who will undoubtedly condemn the man, is biased in my opinion. Shouldn't we hear both sides of the story? I personally do not think Breivik is evil. A criminal surely, as he committed a heinous crime, but according to his own words, I quote: "I didn't want to do it". Breivik had to take certain drugs to "encourage" himself to do it. An evil person would do it without the need for drugs. Muhammad did not need drugs to rape and mutilate people. 

"For Norway's Muslims, though, his horrifying account has an added dimension: he says he carried out his barbaric killing spree to help clear them out of the Scandinavian country, which he wants reserved for "pure" ethnic Norwegians."

This is a lie. Breivik never mentioned that he wanted Norway for "pure" ethnic Norwegians, but that he wanted Norway to remain in the hands of the indigenous people of Norway, and there is nothing wrong with it. What kind of people would want to see their land being taken over by people who profess a culture which the indigenous people disapprove of? Who in their sane mind would want to see their own country being dominated by a people who do not respect their laws? What kind of people would want to be subjugated? 

But the main point is, again I am forced to remind the reader, Breivik killed "ethically pure" Norwegians, not Muslims. The journalist is intellectually dishonest and his article lacks credibility, for he twists it malignantly to fulfil his own agenda.

"I think and hope he is alone. Most Norwegians are nothing like him," says Ms Naidja, shopping with her daughter at a large outdoor flea market in one of Oslo's most immigrant-dense neighbourhoods -- one of several described by Breivik this week as "ghettos" and "no-go zones" for anyone but Muslims."

Once again, another Muslim is interviewed, but I got news for you: Guess what? Breivik is not alone. There are thousands of people in this planet that think exactly like Breivik. Many people are fed up with the way our governments are ignoring the people's complaints. Many people have now lost faith in the "Justice" and political system and in the politicians too, including Norwegians. 

"The Muslim enclaves in Europe will grow as aggressively as cancer until they one day make up a dominant power," the 33-year-old right-wing extremist told the court Tuesday." 

And he is correct. The Muslim population is growing at an alarming rate, and immigration is just as much. Our governments have not yet put in place a proper immigration cap, and Muslims from all Islamic countries are simply pouring into Europe. If it wasn't for their demands for Sharia law and extreme barbaric violence, coupled with crimes such honour killings, acid attacks, female genital mutilation and the horrendous and barbaric "halal" killing of animals, this would not be a problem, but unfortunately all the things I mentioned above are particular traits of Islam, and of the majority of Muslim immigrants. They are simply unable and unwilling to assimilate and integrate. They continue to cause trouble in the countries that absorb them, by demanding special treatment. No other immigration group demands such things. And certainly no other immigration group becomes violent and fanatically belligerent when they don't get what they demand. Enough is enough!! 

One more thing I wish the reader to note is how the writer of that article refers to Breivik as a "right-wing extremist". This is how the corrupted leftist media refers to all those who are in the counter-jihad movement, or simply those who challenge their views. They will go to any length to discredit our opinions by throwing around such labels. 

"We are so sad to hear him. Muslims are not aggressive," insists Mohammed Naji, 50, from behind a table overflowing with electronic gadgets he is offering for sale at the bustling Groenland flea market."

Oh another Muslim being interviewed? What a surprise! Muslims are not aggressive? Really?

Let the reader decide, shall we? Maybe they would like to check this archive of violence and make their own minds. 

Breivik "is alone," he insists, stressing that "Norway is a country of very kind people. It is so strange that this happened here."

Oh no he isn't! And it is not strange at all. This is what happens when animals are cornered. A cornered animal is a dangerous animal.

"But after the confessed killer spent days spelling out his Islamophobic ideology, Mr Naji acknowledges: "Now I am worried. There might be somebody who wants to follow his lead."

Since Islam is an evil cult, that demands its followers to commit heinous crimes, to be racist and supremacists, I believe that if you are not an Islamophobe or better even, an Islamomisist then you are not sane. 

"Basim Gozlan, who runs the Norwegian website, meanwhile insists that it is a good thing that Breivik has been given so much time to explain his worldview.
"I think it is good and healthy that this comes out," he told AFP in a telephone interview, arguing that Breivik built his ideology largely on the basis of Islam-critical writings in the media and online and rumours he has heard about violent Muslims."

More lies. Breivik built his anger (not ideology) from seeing aggressive Muslims in action in his own country. If one looks deeply into these "Islam-critical writings" one will see the truth they expose of this sordid and immoral cult. Yes, it is good and healthy that this comes out. Hopefully many more "Islamophobes" will speak out against these Islamic atrocities, and maybe, just maybe, our ignorant dhimmified politicians will finally wake up from their Eurabia sturpor. 

"This should help show people that this kind of rhetoric can be very, very dangerous. It is a wake-up call, and I think many people will moderate the way they talk about these things," Mr Gozlan said."

Rhetoric? It is called a warning. And it is not more dangerous than Islam itself. The danger is to ignore such warnings, as we have seen with the atrocities of Utoya. 

"Back at the Groenland flea market, Hassana Mazzouj, 36, pushes a stroller with three children in tow.
Her brow creases with worry under her brown headscarf when asked about Breivik's testimony.
"It's really frightening the way he talks about Muslims," says Ms Mazzouj, who is originally from Morocco but who has lived in Norway since 1995.
She says she has been following the confessed killer's testimony through live reports on the Internet, but that she had to stop yesterday when he began describing in detail how he hunted and shot mainly teens attending a summer camp on Utoeya island, killing 69.
"It is very painful following his testimony, and it is very, very frightening," she said."

Another Muslim? Has this man interviewed any non-Muslim? 

Saber Bessid, a 31-year-old accountant originally from Tunisia, meanwhile flatly rejected Breivik's claim that he was forced to carry out his bloody attacks because he and those who share his opinions are "systematically censored" in Norway, which he insisted was not a democracy but a "dictatorship."

"It is okay to be against Muslims," Mr Bessid said. "But you don't kill people."

Ohh not another Muslim! Yes, it is also ok for you Muslims to be against Christians or Jews or Buddhists, but you don't KILL people. Are you listening? Or perhaps only Muslims have the G-d given right to murder non-Muslims...

"He added: "I won't agree with you, but there is freedom of expression in Norway. You can carry a sign saying you hate Muslims all over Oslo if you like. This is a democracy, so that is all right."

Yes, but chances are no one will carry such a sign because no one is as hateful as Muslim themselves who carry their own signs threatening more Jihads and holocausts in Europe and Israel. Our cultures are civilized and we don't feel the need to hold placards expressing hate like you lot! 

"Then Mr Bessid noted: "The people (Breivik) killed were not Muslims, they were simply human beings. Innocent human beings. There is just no excuse for what he has done. It is so gruesome."

That's right. They were not Muslims but "ethnic Norwegians". Breivik does not seem to have the need to give an excuse for what he has done, just reasons. And these reasons should be taken seriously if we are to avoid other similar atrocities from discontented souls. Although I must remind the reader that the crimes committed by Muslims are far more gruesome than the one committed by Breivik. And that is not just my opinion, but a factual observation.

Glen Beck also agrees these youth have a sinister resemblance to the Hitler Youth 

Click for an update on the Trial of Anders Breivik from our colleagues on the 4Freedoms group. What the media does not want you to see. 


Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Equality Jihad - They know it's coming!

Nothing can be more holy or more necessary than the fight for the liberation of our bodies and souls, our education, the emancipation of women, the protection of children, the equality of all people; and for these very reasons we have an obligation to succeed. Failure is not an option.
I shall call this the "Equality Jihad"

First I want to explore a few points on why we find ourselves in this position over and over again. Have you heard of misogyny in power? Well, this is precisely what it's happening again. History repeating itself.  In my opinion, the deliberate exclusion of women from decision-making and political power, from implementing their will, and from playing their role in the society are key reasons for our failure as a society. Power sharing is not the final equality status, it is the most basic step towards equality.

In many societies, women are still deprived from their right to choose. To choose a partner for themselves or to choose not to have one; to choose the clothes they wear, the role they play in the society, the education and job they want, and so on. Was it always like this? Not at all! Do not be fooled by the ones (Muslims usually use this ignorant rhetoric) who claim that in Ancient times women were oppressed or undervalued. The truth is quite the opposite. For millennia women have been warriors, leaders of their societies, queens, empresses, priestesses and prophetesses. History books are littered with numerous accounts of these brave females who gave their lives in order that others could progress. Many societies held women in very esteemed position, therefore let this be said to all who do not know much about History. 

While it is true that some societies deprived women from their rights to choose, others treated them as equals. This is because not all societies were male dominated. Here is the key of all problems! When one particular gender is hell-bent on dominating the other, problems will arise, and it will be incredibly harder to deal with this issue in the future as opposed to cutting the evil by its roots as soon as it starts.

It has been proven historically that success depends on power sharing, on the balance between firmness and compassion. Societies that lack these basics are doomed to fail, as many already have. Poverty, insanity, oppression, regression, ignorance, are just a few attributes of such societies. Not surprisingly, Islamic societies are plagued by all these attributes and a few others, depending on their geographic location. Places like Turkey, which are far more modern than say Saudi Arabia for example, cannot be credited for being democratic due to Islam but to Kemalism i.e. the political reforms of the military officer Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Regretfully nowadays, the Islamist government of Turkey is attempting to blacken Ataturk's name and remove it from its History, a most grave crime! 

Humans were born with free will, and this is manifest in the choices and decisions we make, specially in the most crucial issues of social life, then we cannot but conclude that women are still deprived of the right to choose. Is not the human being characterized by free will and the power to choose? What will remain if this power is lacking?
In my opinion it is about time that women stood firm on their ground, that they enforced the rules of matriarch in the society thus liberating themselves and at the same time, recapturing their birth right. The first step is to make a very firm and positive stand against fundamentalism, for fundamentalism is the worst form of misogyny.

Fundamentalists believe that women must be eliminated from political leadership, and they will use every weapon possible to achieve their inhuman goals. For example, misogyny is embedded, in the worst possible manner, in the inhuman mindset and within the constitution of the mullahs who rule Iran. Women are banned from leadership, from the presidency, and from serving as judges in the constitution of the Iranian regime. 

The mullahs view women as sinister and satanic; to them she is the embodiment of sin and seduction. Thus they maintain women as prisoners at home, forcing her to service her husband's carnal desires, and if she fails to comply she is compelling her man to "commit sin outside the home". This is not the thinking of a human being but of a being which has not yet fully developed his humanity. 

Iran is not the only place where fundamentalism is applied however. We will find the same mindset in several Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and others. Much progress is being achieved in these lands now in the 21st century, for example, the Iranian resistance leadership is composed of 52% of women. This is an incredible achievement within a country that is hell bent on oppressing and subjugating females.

The point is quite clear here. For eons, men with evil political and religious agenda, have omitted crucial facts of women's power in the political and social arena, with the sole intent to deprive them of the knowledge of their own strength. But they failed, and will continue to fail. We are just leaving behind an age of ignorance and entering the age of intellect and creative power.

"The truth that makes men free is for the most part the truth which men prefer not to hear."
-Herbert Agar-