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The Islamic Trojan Horse George Galloway Wins Bradford By-election

Today is a sickening day for the mostly "democratic state" of Britain, First we will give you a brief explanation of who we are talking about, George Galloway is the man who saluted Sadam, called for Arabs to attack British soldiers and stated Israel has no right to exist, holds a Gazan passport, has shaken hands with high ranking members of Hamas and openly supports vile Islam terror groups such as Hizbullah and Hamas. 

Galloway holds a talk show on a British station called talksport and he has free reign to spew his bile, anybody who calls in to the show to show their disgust is called "Ignorant, racist, fascist, islamophobe" before they are cut off and George then explains in his own words how they are "not as clever as him and do not deserve to speak". George should be banned from the air waves due to his vile and hateful views on Israel, the United States and support for Muslim terrorists, yet Talk sport continue to employ him because his views provoke a lot of angry calls, calls at premium rates which brings a large profit to Talk sport.

Below is a shocking but also quite amusing must see video of George Galloway acting very angry towards the director of "undercover Mosque" which exposed the vile scholars and speeches being given in many London Mosques, George attacked Jews, Christians and non-Jewish Zionists (But not Muslims, ever!) George starts democratically and then finishes by becoming very annoyed and shouting, slandering and insulting and refusing to listen to what the director (A smart man who has very good view points) has to say to defend himself against the Muslim crocodile tears. (The debate begins to become very heated at around 3:40)

George Galloway is a traitor to the country he lives in, his Islamic influenced Marxist-filled rants are the epitome of multiculturalism and Dhimmitude. Traitors like him will deliver the UK and its population to the fascist theocrats of Islam whose agenda is an Islamic Republic of Britain. These Dhimmi politicians must be stopped before they succeed in stabbing their peoples in the back and delivering them to an alien ideology that is determined to wage war on British society until it submits to their will, using a trojan horse tactic.

Below is a video of george threatening anybody who threatens to change the Muslim way of life, they will have "to fight their way through 10,000 dead bodies first", this is the man who has the Muslim block vote behind his foothold in British politics? G-d help us...

Here is more footage of Galloway on a British reality TV show Big Brother, pretending to be ... a cat, yes, you read that correct, a cat. Very Bizarre, another reason i would not want this freak to be my MP.

George Galloway won the Bradford by-election yesterday, he won via the Muslim block vote. He called his election result "the Bradford spring" (his version of the Arab spring) and promised his election in Bradford is a vote for an "uprising"

ARTICLE UPDATE: George Galloway and his mob of supporters were massing in Bradford for their victory parade and to gloat on their election win when an English born man, one of the few non-Muslims left in Bradford, walked up to the crowd alone and threw eggs at Galloway and mob and calling him a parasite and a sycophant, he was then threatened, abused and pushed and dragged away by Galloway's street army of young Muslim thugs ready to protect him, like they did in Tower Hamlets. The JDL UK say well done to that man! He showed bravery in the face of the freedom hating Muslim thugs and exercised his right to show his disgust at this man gaining power in his home town, before his freedom of speech was crushed by Galloway's savages. I hope there is a lot more eggs coming towards the hateful Galloway, Video below thanks to ITN news:

Article Update 2: sources close to one of the candidates in the Bradford West by-election has revealed that as newsworthy as yesterday’s victory for George Galloway proved to be, there is much more of interest that will shortly be forthcoming. Not only was the result itself unusual, but so was some of the behaviour that attended the campaign. 

“Labour supporters had to have a police escort out of Odsal Sports Centre last night after threats from Respect supporters.”

How strange. Why would Respect supporters threaten their Labour equivalents, and what was the nature of these threats? Were they simply a display of an overly vigorous partisan verbal aggression, or something more substantial and sinister?

Ken Livingstone and George Galloway, two pea's in a pod.

Unsurprisingly, given the demographic makeup of Bradford West, there have also been serious allegations of postal vote rigging, with the claim being made that residents at some addresses had voted over 100 times. Apparently, The Daily Telegraph is conducting an investigation into these allegations so we should hear more about this in the days or weeks to come. Whilst the journalists at the BBC purport to be puzzled by the result of this election, any objective observer can see that the Islamic factor was key to determining its outcome. As such, it highlights the reality that Respect is an emergent Islamist party, irrespective of the fact that Galloway himself says he is not a Muslim. Galloway has thus far proven to be adept at saddling and riding the Islamist tiger, and has been willing to employ inflammatory oratory to stir up Muslim emotions as illustrated in this video of one of his speeches made in Tower Hamlets. Now that he has successfully demonstrated the appeal of Islamic demagogy, how many others might follow in his footsteps? Labour have sown the seed of identity politics, and now they are reaping the Islamist whirlwind. 

The next stage of the Caliphate has begun, this is British Democracy ... Arab style!

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For more information on the  MUSLIM "Respect" party, see HERE.

- Jewish Defence League United Kingdom-

Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Hippies Latest Hype

Is anyone sick of hearing about Iran yet?

Well I have good news! This article is all about Iran... sorta

Finally, as with everything else Bibi does, the left find a reason to call for his resignation. And their latest, idiotic campaign, is well underway...

It's not that I like Bibi or have any intention of defending him, but it's quite obvious that no matter what Bibi does, the left want him out. Not because of anything Bibi does or doesn't do, but because the left simply want power.

The Israeli government's constant delays over an Iran strike has finally come back to bite them in the tuchis. The left have started a campaign against Israel taking out Iran's nukes. To be honest, I thought this was going to happen a lot sooner, but didn't say anything publicly for fear of giving some shmo the idea...

From Commentary magazine:

A peculiar phenomenon has been dominating Israeli social media. As tensions between Israel and Iran reach fever pitch, a young Israeli couple has launched a campaign showing pictures of couples kissing under the heading “Iran, we love you, we will never bomb your country.” Some Iranians have reciprocated with rosy memes of their own carrying a similar message to their Israeli courtiers.


Last Saturday, the campaign hit the streets of Tel Aviv. Hundreds waved banners and shouted into megaphones their disapproval of what they perceive to be Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s “needless” warmongering. Calls for Netanyahu’s resignation were heard over chants for “social justice instead of war.”

This isn't actually a very accurate picture. An eye-witness gave a somewhat different account and protesters called the IDF a 'terrorist army', and the mood was far more aggressive than this happy clappy campaign would have us believe (remind anyone of the Vietnam-era protests?)
The demonstrators’ claims aren’t likely to be taken seriously by Israeli decision makers who are focused more on intelligence evaluations of the Iranian challenge than social media.

Saturday’s demonstration is most remarkable for its curious intellectual undercurrent. The protesters seemed to have expressed a remarkable sense of inflated self-importance that stems from the fallacy that all of the Middle East’s problems are the result of the Israeli-Arab conflict.

Contrary to this myth, Israel doesn’t hold the key to regional stability and peace. The blind faith that a little less bellicosity from Israel will solve everything is based on a premise that treats Iranian domestic politics, American interests in Iraq, the destabilization of Syria, the rise of Sunni neo-Ottomanism on Iran’s western front, and Iran’s paranoia over its disgruntled non-Persian minorities as if they were problems that can all be resolved by a wave of the Jewish magic wand.

Beyond the pure naiveté of assuming that taking the military option off the table will somehow turn down the political temperature of an increasingly heated Middle East, the demonstration exposed beliefs underpinning much of the discourse on the Israeli Left: beliefs in Israel’s ability to control the trajectory of current affairs.

Such assumptions are not only factually unfounded, they are also downright dangerous to peace.

Read the rest here...

In light of the stupidity-stakes being raised to def-con 3 by the left in this latest campaign, some Israelis have fired back, coming up with their own posters for the campaign. In particular, the Israeli satire show 'Eretz Nehederet' (excellent country) featuring Iranian nuclear scientists!

Another good one...

And not to be outdone, I decided to make a few of my own... enjoy the lurrrve people!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The West is Blind

Many in Israel and in the West have condemned the Toulouse murders and killer's monstrosity in recent days, and some even expanded the scope of denunciation to include Mohammed Mareh's jihadist sources of inspiration and the hotbeds of fundamentalist Islamic incitement. Yet still, almost everyone is staying away from pointing the finger at Islam as a whole, a religion, no a CULT,  that like an interminable production line gives rise to such phenomena, organizations, murderers, hatred, sexism and a religion (cult) whose followers are flocking to Muhammed Merah's birthplace to lay tribute.

These terror attacks, in Israel and abroad, are aimed at killing as many people as possible, at times while executing children; the Islamic terror industry knows no boundaries and cannot be satisfied. In 2010 alone, according to official figures, Islamic terror and violence slaughtered no fewer than 29,832 people. The actual numbers are likely much higher.

Yet in the West, which has turned double standards into a vocation and the rolling of one's eyes into an art form, people are looking helplessly at the numbers and horrors. Not only do they fail to even imagine that something in Muslim culture may encourage this horrifying violence, they focus on identifying the "real culprits": Western colonialism, Israeli occupation, American imperialism or Western support for corrupt, greedy Arab leaders.

And so, a terror endorser like "Professor" Tariq Ramadan from Oxford enjoys wonderful Western hospitality and is an honorable guest at almost any relevant academic forum in the West. Moazzam Begg, known as the Taliban's most well-known supporter in Britain, receives Amnesty's patronage, and Iqbal Sacranie is knighted after warmly endorsing Ayatollah Khomeini's religious edict against Salman Rushdie.

Meanwhile, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf became President Barack Obama's envoy to the Persian Gulf, even though he claimed that US policy contributed to the September 11 attacks and does not view Hamas as a terrorist organization.

At this time, almost any terror group on earth originates from the Muslim world, with some Muslims not shying away from executing children, in Itamar or Toulouse. Nonetheless, we see an amazing alliance flourishing between the finest members of Western and Israel's elites - which seemingly espouse equality, democracy, human rights, and women's and minority's rights - and the finest Islamic zealots, who crudely trample all of these values.

Given such atmosphere, it is only natural for an "intellectual" like Noam Chomsky to curry favor with well-renowned Lebanese humanist Hassan Nasrallah and slam Israel, or for an eminent feminist like Judith Butler to gleefully endorse a boycott of Israel. At the same time, she travels to the kingdom of freedom and progress in Ramallah and Jenin in order to share with local Arabs her insights on women's rights, while outside the lecture hall the subjects of her lecture walk around wearing veils, burqas or hijabs.

In the West and in Israel, there is nothing new about this hypocrisy or blindness. In the same spirit, Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir were able to wholly deny the horrific acts of Stalin and Mao Zedong, even when evidence showing otherwise was piling up. When intellectual elites are the ones to distinguish the sons of light from the sons of darkness, leftist icon Sartre can become the flag bearer of the sons of light, while a man like Albert Camus, who dared to condemn the crimes of Soviet communism, is slammed as a son of darkness.

In this day and age, when anyone who praises the violent and repressive Islamic "religion and culture" is assured of dubious glory, we won't see a local Camus rising anytime soon. For the time being, we shall have to settle for the likes of David Grossman and Amos Oz, who will resort to holy literary fury in order to explain why blame lies almost entirely with the Jewish state, and not with our Muslim neighbors, heaven forbid.

Yes, The West is Blind.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Muslim women flock to lay floral tributes to Muhammed Merah

Muslim women in France have flocked to the childhood home of Muhammed Merah, "they want to retain a good image of Merah and blasted the media for painting his as a monster."

Muslims worshipping a child killer who was following Muhammeds orders in the Koran, Muslims actions are now so bad, they fail to shock me any more, I have learned to accept it as the norm from them, unbelievable.

Anti-Zionists should hang their heads in shame after the Toulouse Massacre

The school killings in Toulouse were motivated by anti-Zionism showing the extreme dangers of demonising the Jewish state

Barely had the news broken that the disgusting killings of 3 children and a Rabbi at a Jewish school in Toulouse earlier this week had been perpetrated by a French Muslim motivated by anti-Zionism than the head of the Grand Mosque in Paris was out in the media calling for the revelation not to lead to the stigmatisation of French Muslims in general. He's right of course. It shouldn't.

Our gripe here is not with what he said, or with him personally, it is with what most Muslim leaders don't say in such circumstances. For it is now clear that the killer was motivated by the same kind of lies about Israeli actions in Gaza that have been peddled and therefore legitimised for years by Muslim leaders in France and across Europe.

Let us be clear. There has not been one single instance, ever, of the Israeli military deliberately targeting Palestinian children in a school in Gaza. Palestinian children have died in the overall conflict of course and due to Hamas choosing Schools and hospitals as defensive positions, knowing the Israeli forces will be hesitant to fire at such buildings. But even that indirect responsibility lies with the people who have started all the wars, namely "Palestinian" terror groups such as Hamas.

That is the incontrovertible truth of the matter. Yet you'd never know it if you listened to Europe's Muslim leaders who have whipped up the kind of hysteria against Israel in which the sort of attack that took place on Monday was always likely to take place.

The Union of Islamic Organisations of France in 2008, for example, spoke of Israel's actions in Gaza in terms of "starving an entire population". That's not far short of an accusation of attempted genocide. In 2003, to quote one of many such instances from the UK, the Muslim Council of Britain openly described Israeli policy towards the Palestinians as "genocide" and made a thinly veiled comparison with the Holocaust.

It's not just the Muslim organisations of course. Mainstream media outlets across the continent have added a further layer of legitimacy to this lethal ideology with papers and magazines such as the Guardian and the New Statesman engaged in what is little better than a hate campaign against the Jewish state.

Still another layer of legitimacy has been added by senior politicians. Only this week, EU foreign policy supremo (and national disgrace) Catherine Ashton approvingly referred to a Palestinian child's description of Gaza as a "prison". Rather than contribute to the edifice of dishonesty, why didn't she tell the Palestinian group she was addressing that peace will only come when their parents stop lying to them and inciting hatred of Jews? (She was misquoted on Toulouse, but that's another matter)

Parliamentarians across Europe have far too often joined in the hate fest. Last week it was the turn of Sigmar Gabriel, leader of Germany's Social Democrats, who slammed Israel for "apartheid", one of the anti-Zionist movement's most common and most dishonest epithets.

No-one will ever know whether the tragedy in Toulouse would not have taken place if the atmosphere were different. But we can say that history teaches that mass demonisation can all too easily lead to the dehumanisation of the group or people or nation that is being demonised. From there it is only one single step to the belief that murder itself can be justified.

Muslim leaders, Anti-Zionists, politicians, and journalists who have participated in the agenda of lies and hatred against Israel should today hang their heads in shame, more so than any other day!

- UK JDL -

Syrian soldiers have invaded Lebanon

You won't see this in the media right now, just in Israeli sites and blogs. 
Syrian troops have invaded Lebanon.

"Syrian troops fired machine guns on a border town in northern Lebanon, but Beirut denied reports that Assad’s crossed the border. Reuters reported that Syrian soldiers invaded Lebanon. (Are you really surprised?) 

One report stated that nearly three dozen Syrian troops destroyed a farmbuilding in Lebanon and fought rebels who had fled there. (They fought against innocent people by destroying farm buildings.)

One resident reported that soldiers crossed the border in armored personnel carriers. (They mean business)
Heavy gunfire was heard Tuesday morning, according to the Beirut Daily Star. No casualties were reported at the village of Al-Joura in Masharih al-Qaa, which has served as a passage for Syrian soldiers and civilians trying to escape the carnage in Syria. (So now Assad is sending his troops to murder the ones who tried to escape his regime and stop them from talking.)

At least six more people were killed Tuesday morning in a suburb of Damascus and in Homs, one of the strongest areas of opposition to the regime that it says has killed more than 10,000 people. (Then they claim Israel is the tyrant..hmmmm)

Assad reportedly visited Homs morning in a sign that his soldiers have successfully suppressed rebel forces. 
The Beirut newspaper reported that Syrian President Bashar Assad has accepted Kofi Anan’s plan to end the violence, but Assad previously has verbally accepted several proposals without executing them.
An opposition leader who has fled to Turkey told the Star, "The Syrian government is going to depend on propaganda as it has over the past few months - propaganda of armed terrorists. The government denies that there is a popular uprising in the country, saying the revolt is being driven by terrorists.”


Monday, 26 March 2012

Terrorist Abu Qatada is given a new and bigger home in England

Abu Qatada is the happiest man in England, as he has just been given a bigger and more expensive property in Wembley at the cost of London's taxpayer (Thanks Theresa May, you moron!) instead of being deported to Jordan to be punished for the crimes he committed there.

Left: Abu Qatada and one of his bin bag wives with shopping bags from Morrisons. 

The Daily mail has covered the story HERE.

This is what happens in sorry old England, when a Muslim terrorist is freed from prison they get new and expensive houses at the cost of the taxpayers, while thousands of English people are still on the council housing lists, and have been for many years!

I know people who have severe disabilities, and others with children who are made to live on the top floor of old buildings, while Islamic terrorists and their hateful families are given big houses with gardens and a new lease of life. 

According to the article Abu Qatada "asked" to be moved due to complaints from the old property owner who discovered his identity. 
How many decent hard working English people do you know who have asked to be moved due to the bad conditions of their property and never even got an offer?
How many English families with children live in 1 or 2 bedroom flats due to the lack of affordable housing? And then this terrorist koranimal is given a free house as soon as he comes our of jail??

Something is definitely wrong here. The morality of some of our politicians and of the home secretary are twisted. They have decided to reward Islamofascist terrorists and punish the decent working people of this country, and I think it's time we hold them fully accountable for their disgusting lack of  good judgement.

What kind of message are these idiots giving to our people?

"The terror suspect has told relatives in his native Jordan that he is the ‘happiest man in England’ after he was rehoused to the more expensive property.
His wife and five children are also said to be ‘delighted’ with the move, because their new home has more bedrooms, a bigger garden and more modern fittings."

But of course they are!!!! What an affront to our tolerance! 

‘It is better for the family. They are all very happy in the larger house. 
‘My brother cannot work so the British government fund his family to live there. The new house is costing more but he does not have to pay it because there is no way he can earn money.’

So here we have a useless Islamofascist hate preacher, who supports the killing of Jews, homosexuals, barbaric Sharia, oppression of women, female genital mutilation, etc... being given a free ride on our (Taxpayers) back, in a country he despises and from the kuffar he hates. 

Thanks Theresa May, you moron!! And shame on you! You are not fit to be Home Secretary or represent the views of the people in this country. You should resign if you have any dignity! 


Friday, 23 March 2012

One British Mothers Shocking Account of the Anti-Semitic attacks her children suffer in the UK

One British Mothers Shocking Account of the Anti-Semitic attacks her children suffer in the UK:

Every weekday morning I drive to a building surrounded by razor wire. It has  bomb-proof windows, security guards posted next to its tall, iron gates, and sturdy fences that ring the perimeters. Access to anyone is by entry phone — or by convincing the guards you have a right to enter.

So do I work in a prison? No. I have children who attend a Jewish school near our home in Manchester.

Though the security at the school may sound shockingly heavy-handed, my sons barely notice it and we parents gratefully accept it. However, every so often I ask myself: is this how we really need to  protect a school in modern Britain? (We don't see Muslim schools being protected in the same manner, mainly because it's Muslims who are perpetrating such terrorist acts on peoples of other faiths) 

I was driving when the news came through on the radio and, shaking hard, I just about managed to manoeuvre the car through the morning traffic as I fought to take it in. As soon as I could, I pulled over to phone my husband and tell him what had happened.

One of the Jewish School children shot dead in Toulouse
(May her soul rest in peace, and the soul of her murderer burn in hell together with Muhammad for all eternity) 
Not only was there deep shock and profound sorrow, there was something else, too — a cold dread that fingered the spine. Put simply, I was terrified. For the sorry truth is that schools like my children’s would not need such protection if there was a not a genuine threat in  Britain, too. Don’t believe me? Three of my four children attend Jewish schools (the fourth is now on a gap year), and over recent years they, along with many of their friends and classmates, have been targets for anti-Semitic abuse. (Anti-Semitic abuse is encouraged also by the racist leftists in the UK, those who are into the trend of attending racist and anti-Jew "Palestinian" protests).

Only recently, my 13-year-old son and his friends were walking home from the local Jewish high school when a group of  yobs from across the road taunted them by shouting: ‘You Jews, Zeig Heil! We  hate you, Jews.’ (If I was one of those Jews I would have beaten the shit out of these "youths" while chanting Elohim Gadol!) 

Ask any of the pupils about this kind of incident and they will tell you — to quote my 16-year-old son — that ‘it happens all the time’. (And the shameful thing is that most Jews, including youngsters do nothing to stop it. Learn how to fight and show these animals that picking on a Jew will be a big mistake!)

These are not teenagers who are ultra-orthodox, so there are no overt signs of their religion, except that they are  walking home from a Jewish school. They look like any other scruffy kids as they amble along with their skewed ties, untucked shirts, backpacks and pockets jammed with jaw-rotting sweets. But even that relative anonymity doesn’t protect them. (Then go and join a good martial arts class and learn to protect yourselves.)

The tragedy in France has crystallised the fear of every Jewish parent in this country. The son of one friend of mine had eggs thrown at him by a group of youths as he made his way home, while another was actually set upon by a trio of mindless young idiots — though he managed to break free and run away, thankfully, with just a few bruises. Little wonder that on the afternoon of the Toulouse murders, as I went to collect my seven-year-old daughter from school, the atmosphere in the playground was febrile with what I can only describe as a collective terror.

For the tragedy in France has crystallised the fear of every Jewish parent in this country: that racial hatred takes no prisoners — even innocent ones — and can, in the worst-case scenario, lead to unimaginable tragedy. Thank goodness that our  children, buoyed by youthful  optimism, seem almost to take it in their stride. Part of me admires their fortitude. (Youthful optimism is not enough. Learn to throw a good punch and a killer kick too.)

As a mother, I would fight like a lioness with anyone who threatened their safety.
But I don’t want my teenage sons yoked to my side by a prevailing fear of anti-Semitic attack. I want to raise them to hold their heads high, to be proud of their Jewish heritage, to contribute to and integrate with the wider community and, above all, to know who they are. (Then put them to learn Krav Maga at least. Equip them for the battle that life may demand of them one day. This is true love from a parent to his/her child.) 

Unfortunately, being Jewish and going to a Jewish school puts them in the firing line for threatening and abusive behaviour. (And as long as we tolerate it, it will continue. Put a stop to it by fighting back). 

Where I live, the situation is compounded by the fact that more anti-Semitic crime took place in Greater Manchester than London last year, despite seven times more Jews living in the capital. (That's because London has the JDL and we will hunt these animals down if they mess with our Jews).

There is no obvious reason for this except, perhaps, it is easier to target the tight-knit Jewish community in Manchester, which is concentrated in an area that is relatively small compared to  London’s sprawl.  In terms of the aggressors, there doesn’t seem to be any consistent racial or religious profile.

Mourners in Toulouse in France this week. Angela Epstein says she was terrified when she heard the news of the killings.

The victims of anti-Semitic violence in the UK include two Jewish schoolgirls who were approached by two other youngsters who held cigarette lighters up to them and threatened to ‘burn you like Hitler’. (If they knew martial arts, they could put these cigarette lighters... you know where) 

On another occasion, a lit firework was thrown from a car at three Jewish schoolchildren as they walked home. Let me ask the non-Jewish mothers and fathers reading this: wouldn’t your blood chill if pupils at your children’s school were being threatened  this way?
(Yes, and I would hunt them down, find them and deal with them.) 

I try to give my sons obvious advice such as never allow yourselves to be goaded into a street fight, and if someone yells abuse from a car, try to get the number plate. (My friend’s son who was covered in eggs did this, and police tracked down and charged the culprit.)
(Big deal. He should have got a good beating from a Jew instead. Charging him is not enough).

So why is Britain’s 350,000-strong Jewish community and particularly its children under the kind of attack that has uncomfortable echoes of 1930s Germany? (Because most of them are pathetic dhimmis and Islamic appeasers. They have no courage to fight back.) 

'My own children, along with many classmates, are only too happy to integrate' (Muslims are not).

The simple answer could be that anyone who seems different (To Muslims) will always be a butt for old-fashioned xenophobia, patriarchal bigotry and inherited prejudice.
Perhaps, and this is far more depressing, it’s down to a cultural hatred of Jews that has bled through the generations, creating an unapologetic loathing of anything to do with our religion. (It stems from Muhammad's attempt to convert to Judaism twice and failing twice. He hated the Jews thenceforth and ensured he perpetuated this legacy in his Qu'ran).

Certainly I believe anti-Semitic attacks are influenced by events in Israel — the CST, which also  monitors incidents against Jewish people and organisations — said anti-Semitic incidents spiked during last year’s conflict in Gaza. (Monitoring does not mean fixing the problem, and this has nothing to do with Gaza. It has to do with Muslims being brainwashed by their Imams to hate Jews because they covet what the Jews have. Life, Freedom and Liberty). 

But the vitriolic feelings that manifest themselves in this country must be fuelled by something more than politics. I simply fail to understand how a tiny democracy in the Middle East, one that is no larger than Wales and surrounded by hostile neighbours, elicits  such loathing. (Because this tiny democracy is endorsed by G-d. This surely upsets a few people...) 

In the end, I’m afraid I believe  that our children are a target because no one fears a Jewish reprisal. As comedian Jackie Mason once said, ‘Nobody ever crossed the street to avoid a group of Jewish accountants.’ (Then it's time to bring back the "Kosher Nostra gang" and make these animals fear the Jew armed with combat skills.) 

It sounds light-hearted but it’s true. We don’t make excessive demands for the State to absorb our culture. We just want to live a peaceful coexistence.
So what of the legacy of the  terrible events in Toulouse? Well, security at our school could barely get any tighter. Though judging from the pale, pinched faces of parents on the school run this week, confidence in what is already a well-fortified system is understandably shaken.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter how hard we Jews work to feel part of a broader culture, there will always be others who won’t stop reminding our children that we’re not. (Don't give in to bullies. Fight them back).

My own children — along with many classmates — are only too happy to integrate. They attend a Jewish school because my husband and I want them to get a first-class secular education as well as knowledge of their heritage and tradition. (Ensure Jewish schools also include Krav Maga in their curriculum then). 

That way, as they make the journey to adulthood, they can have a foot in the Jewish and the non-Jewish world, with no recourse to mutual exclusivity.
What a pity the yobs who yell Nazi slurs at them as they make their way to and from school will never see it that way.

JDL UK Comment: This sickening revelation on Anti-Semitism in the UK needs to be spread viral, people must know what is happening, recently many attacks have occurred on British Jews, Synagogues and Jewish cemeteries. The CST are not doing a good enough job, I will say their presence is appreciated but it is not good enough! the attacks are still occurring and something needs to be done! Join the JDL to make a difference!

Rabbi Meir Kahane once said: "Every Jew a .22" and how right he was, Jews now deserve a right to be legally armed to be able protect themselves in the UK and Europe, Do something David Cameron! Anything! these disgusting attacks cannot continue!

We would hugely appreciate it if you are able to share this article, This is something everybody, especially Jews, Need to see!

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Today, Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, his two children (aged 6 and 3), and with Miriam Monsonego (aged 8 Z"L) were buried in Jerusalem. It was their first time to Eretz Yisrael.

On hearing of the tragic killings, for some reason the eulogy at the end of the film Exodus came to mind...

The context of this scene is the start of our Independence war (1948), but it is the continuation of a very old war for the Jewish people. Following the funeral, we see the men and women jump into their trucks and off to fight on the front lines.

We're living at a time in history which is full of tension (and Iran is just one piece of the puzzle). This is the quiet before the storm, the quiet bit in the run up to something significant. This is the bit of history where our children and grandchildren are going to ask us, couldn't we see what was coming?

Of course, with the benefit of hindsight, it's easier to admit what many Jews currently don't want to know. If history teaches us anything, it is firstly that history always repeats itself, and second, that people never learn from history.

As if to underline the point of all this madness, Catherine Ashton made it very clear that the victims of Toulouse were the same as the victims in Gaza. In other words, the Hitlerian Muslim murderer in Toulouse was no different to the IDF.

This means that according to Ashton, Israel is responsible for the inadvertent deaths of children used as human shields, but that Hamas, who uses these human shields (a war crime) and child soldiers (war crime) as a tactic of warfare, is exonerated. (*1)

Even for Israelis, known for their chutzpah (cheek), this was way over the line. To say it was a bit rich, would be a gross understatement. (*2) Ashton's comments only added to our pain but the point was clear (and it is the same point made in Exodus); Jews will not know peace or be given respect, not even when they grieve.

The environment in which the Toulouse murders happened is the creation of amoral bureaucrats like Catherine Ashton, one of the many slimey cogs in the EU machine that has led to that continent's current woes. As Bibi today stated, the 'confusion' of morals between merciless killers and the inadvertent killing of human shields, is what has encouraged this murder to take place.

One of the lessons for humanity after the Shoah (Holocaust), was that we must stand up to evil wherever and whenever we find it. The inconvenient truth most in Europe (and Germany) seem to have overlooked is that in order to stand up to evil and denounce it, it takes courage.

As Douglas Murray brilliantly put it (I'm paraphrasing from a video now deleted from youtube), "[in the face of growing Islamic aggression in Europe, politicians are all too happy to denounce neo-Nazism, and 'right wing fascism' like as if this is still the biggest threat we face... They're still fighting the last war, and expect to win awards for denouncing that enemy."

In light of the Toulouse massacre, the French ambassador to Israel said there is no need for Jews to flee France. He has his agenda, the Jewish people have our own.

Please follow the example of the bereaved families and come home.

By Caped Crusader


*1.  international law is quite clear on human shields

“the presence of a protected person [civilian] may not be used to render certain areas immune from military operations”. This means that civilians cannot, with their presence, protect military installations, for example from military attack. They can not be used as human shields (article 28 IVGC). The use of civilians to protect the military is an illegal method of warfare misusing their vulnerability and protected status by forcing them to take part in the hostilities. The involvement of civilians puts them under jeopardy and in fact strips them of their protection.

Even so, Israel still takes precautions not required such as warning civilians before bombings. This is why, despite all the hype, Israel is never prosecuted, and would not be successfully prosecuted for war crimes. (Incidentally, the quote is from an anti-Israel site. Their quotation of the law isn't wrong, it's how they apply it that is doubtful.)

*2. Ashton is an EU bureaucrat. The EU pays UNWRA which has a unique definition for the 'Palestinians' in which descendants of the original 'refugees' inherit their parents refugee status. No other refugee has needed this unique definition, and all other refugees have their human rights fulfilled with the standard definition of a refugee. This is a blatant attempt to not only keep the Israel-Arab conflict alive, but to expand it with each generation. Furthermore, the EU funds NGOs to create propaganda and provoke situations in which to create yet more propaganda, which the EU then uses as 'evidence' against Israel. And only in Muslim countries is Antisemitism worse than in Europe, thanks to a media which marches in lock-step with the EU's hostility to the Jewish State.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Get it right. It's ISRAEL, not "Palestine".

Don't you get sick and tired of listening to the name "Palestine" over and over again? Well, I do, and the reason I am sick of it is because Palestine has NEVER existed as a country anywhere else in the planet, but in the minds of RACIST BIGOTS.  Throughout history there has never been a country named "Palestine", so why are these Arab people suddenly referring to themselves as "Palestinians" or claiming a heritage that has never existed?  

Philistine is the land that has existed and Philistine is gone. Besides, the Philistines were  were a people who lived in the southern coast of Canaan at the beginning of the Iron age (circa 1175 BC), they were not Arabs and did not come from Arabia. They were people of the seas, with no fixed borders to the East. These people were constantly trying to attack their neighbours, the Israelites. Hence the Philistines were at the time the main enemies of the Jews.  Since they were not Arabs, they did not have Arab customs, language or religion; in fact they worshipped their own deities, which by the way had no Allah in it, but were Baal, Astarte, Dagon, etc.

The word Philistine may come from the Hebrew root word פלש (P-L-S) meaning invaders. Another historian suggests that the name Philistine is a corruption of the Greek "phyle histia" ("tribe of the hearth", with the Ionic spelling of "hestia").

Therefore Arabs who claim to be Palestinians or having Palestinian heritage are lying, and are just pawns in a political game to destabilize Israel, by claiming to belong to a group of people that have never existed. These Philistines had connections to the Mycenaean people (Not Arabs) and proof of that was found when they excavated Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ekron and Gath, four of the five Philistines cities in Canaan. 

 As for the Philistine language, yes you guessed it, it's not Arabic. In fact there is evidence that they spoke some Indo-European language and were not a Semitic people. They had a lot more in common with the Greeks and the Anatolians. 

Having established now that the Ancient Philistines have absolutely no connection with the fake "Palestinians" of today, we can safely conclude that these people claiming to be "Palestinian" are nothing but Arabs from Syria, Iran, Jordan, Egypt and other Arab speaking places, who were given a fake identity by the late paedophile murderer Yasser Arafat, in order to attack Israel and claim Jewish land for themselves under false pretenses.

Anyone supporting the "Palestinian" cause is supporting mass genocide of Jews and Jew hatred. They are consequently also supporting everything our western culture detests, i.e. everything that Islam praises, such as "honour killings, murder of homosexuals, female genital mutilation, oppression of women, denigration of non-Muslims, slavery, paedophilia, barbaric atrocities and punishments belonging to a 7th Century time (Sharia), etc. Furthermore they are supporting neo-Nazism as well as supremacy of a particular group of people over others. 
Those who support "Palestinian" causes, are against Human Rights, Freedom and Liberty. And in my opinion they should all be made to live in the same place and conditions they wish for others, i.e as slaves to their masters, and being subjected to the things they preach towards others.

The Philistines are gone, but now we have peculiar breed of Arab terrorism, caused by the radicalisation of young minds to follow Islam in Muhammad's footsteps, committing the same atrocities he did in his days. 

There have been thousands of victims of Arab terror in the last few years and it's time for us all to deal with this situation and put an end to it by all means necessary, if we are to preserve our freedoms and our advanced culture.

Please stand against the Islamization of your countries. Do not let Muslims demand things they are not prepared to offer in their own countries. 
Our politicians must start learning that we are not their subjects, and they are only in power because we put them there to do our bidding. Allowing infiltration of the enemy into our political system is unacceptable and we will no longer tolerate it! 

Muslims "demand" to build mosques in our countries, so we must demand to build churches, synagogues, and other temples in theirs. It cannot be a one sided request. Our politicians must learn that we will no longer tolerate appeasing the enemy, the enemy must be destroyed in order for progress to flourish. 
It's time the world wakes up and learns that Islam is not a religion of peace, but a tyrannical ideology that seeks to repress and dominate all others.

We are a free society. There is no place for tyrannical ideologies in our lands.

JDL UK Team 

Friday, 16 March 2012

UK Jails run by Muslims

The Muslim prison population in England and Wales has sharply increased in recent years. Former inmates and prison officers claim gangs of Muslim prisoners are an increasingly powerful force. (No wonder. There are more Muslim criminals in the world than any other). 
A former inmate called Jay says: “Muslims run it. Muslims run the prisons and there’s nothing the officers can do about it. For a Muslim you’d say it’s good but for a non-Muslim, it’s very, very bad." (Start giving them some pork scratchings for breakfast and make them study Buddhism everyday. Who knows, they might even redeem their evil souls).
Jay has spent many years inside various prisons in the South of England. It is a claim which is backed by former prison officers and other inmates.
Jay, 24, is a Muslim and has been in and out of prison for most of his life. (No surprises there.)  He openly admits to helping to convert non-Muslim inmates to Islam and has meted out violence against anyone who dares to “disrespect” his religion. (He has no religion. Islam is a cult).
He first went to prison when he was 15 and said there were hardly any Muslims inmates back then. (Did he rape his sister? Hmm, maybe not, as this is allowed in Islam). 
“At the beginning not many knew about Islam. There weren’t many converts. The mosque was empty, but nowadays jails are run mostly by the Muslims,” he said. (This is a failure from our society. Put tough and patriotic prison officers there and stop this Islamic nonsense). 
“There are certain brothers that convert purely on the basis that they read Islam and they want to believe in something that does good for them. Then other people because they want to be looked after. (Islam surely is the best ideology for criminals).
“I’ve been in jail five times and on my last occasion, I’ve seen jails being run by Muslim inmates.
“Muslim prayers on a Friday are very, very busy. In some prisons there’s no space. In one jail I was in, they do the prayers in two sessions because there’s no space.” (So they all have brown noses then...)
Muslims represent 12% (9,795) of the prison population in England and Wales, according to the latest available figures from 2008. This has risen by 50% over five years.
In some high security prisons, the figures are well above average.
In 2008, Muslim prisoners accounted for a third (34%) of prisoners in HMP Whitemoor, in March, Cambridgeshire, and about a quarter (24%) of inmates in HMP Long Lartin, in Evesham, Worcestershire.
Speaking anonymously, a former prison officer, who worked at HMP Long Lartin, told the Donal MacIntyre programme about cases where non-Muslim prisoners were seriously assaulted and intimidated for refusing to abide by unofficial rules imposed by Muslim gangs, about eating pork or listening to Western music. (The Muslim prisoners should have then be put in solitaries for a good few months. Why wasn't this done?)
“Muslim gangs was something I was very concerned about – the situation changed where underworld gangsters who used to keep discipline and order were no longer in charge in the prison,” she said.
“The younger guys, who were being forced to convert, were doing it more for protection from a Muslim gang rather than follow the faith – most of them weren’t interested in the faith. 
“I knew one lad quite well who was approached by the radical Muslims, and he changed. He just seemed very frightened all the time. (There you go. Pisslam, the religion of piss) 
“He used to be forced to pray at certain times and I know for a fact they would be woken in the middle of the night to pray.
“He even grew a long beard even though he didn’t want to. I asked him why he grew the beard and he said ‘It’s survival miss, survival". (Shame on our government for turning a blind eye to this corruption and putting innocent people to share prisons with these koranimals). 

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Sarkozy warns murderer Assad will face trial for murdering his own people

In an article written by Joel Taylor,  Sarkozy states that Bashar Assad, the murderous Syrian leader will eventually face trial for murdering Syrian people, emphasis by JDL

Nicolas Sarkozy condemned Bashar Assad Nicolas Sarkozy condemned Bashar Assad (Picture: Reuters)
In his strongest condemnation yet he said president Bashar Assad’s (Who has no remorse in assassinating those who do not support his evil regime)  crackdown means he will one day stand trial for crimes against humanity one day. (Let's hope this day comes soon) 

Speaking yesterday, he said Mr Assad ‘is today behaving like a murderer and will have to answer for himself at the International Criminal Court’. (Just hang him like Saddam Hussein!) 
But he warned intervention similar to action taken in Libya would not happen without international agreement.
‘The French army can in no way intervene in Syria without UN backing,’ said Mr Sarkozy, whose country was Syria’s one-time colonial ruler. (Of course, no one really cares about the innocent Syrians (Christians and Jews too) being systematically murdered by Assad's dogs. After all they would only enter Syria if there was something in it for them, huh! Saving innocent lives is not the goal here, didn't you know?) 
Syrian refugee camps in Yayladagi, TurkeyEscapers: One of two Syrian refugee camps in Yayladagi, Turkey, which have sprung up to house civilians fleeing president Assad’s crackdown (Picture: AP)
He said it was essential to ‘obtain humanitarian corridors’ and for that they must unblock the Russian veto and Chinese veto at the UN Security Council. (Meanwhile Assad is free to continue in his murderous rampage against the civilians who had enough of his evil ways. And don't hold your breath for China or Russia to intervene, these two don't have much of a good "Human Rights" record anyway) 
The UN estimates that more than 7,500 people have been killed since the anti-Assad struggle started in Syria a year ago inspired by Arab Spring uprisings elsewhere. (Arab spring =  murderous Islamists uprising. Courtesy of the Muslim brotherhood)

International envoy Kofi Annan visited Syria over the weekend and was in Turkey on Tuesday to try to find a way to end the violence but both the Syrian government and the opposition are refusing to talk to one another. (Then bomb Assad's home and get it over and done with!!)

Italy said yesterday it had closed its embassy in Syria and recalled its staff in reaction to continued crackdown on civilians by government troops. 
The foreign ministry reaffirmed ‘the strongest condemnation of the unacceptable violence by the Syrian regime against its own citizen’. 
Britain, Canada, France, Spain and the United States have each announced the closure of their embassies to protest the crackdown.
(Big deal. This makes no difference to the suffering Syrians under Assad. The Syrians should just bomb the bastard's home and hope he is in while they do it.) 

Bashar has also been busy demonizing Israel in order to divert the world's focus from his murderous ways. 
His Iranian official friends have been telling him to focus on Israel  to avoid answering questions about his vicious crackdown on innocent Syrians. 

One email sent in December 31 indicated that Assad's aides advised the Syrian president on the contents on an upcoming speech following "consultations with a good number of people in addition to the media and political adviser for the Iranian ambassador.

In the composed memorandum, Assad was advised to stress the issue of Muslim identity through the use of Koran quotes, (i.e. radicalizing more Syrian into becoming terrorists) as well as centering on what the email called "Syria's principles," which included: "Resistance"; "Hostility to Israel, the first enemy of the Muslims"; (No, let's get it right. Muslims are the first enemy of Jews!) and "Protection of Palestinian (Fakestinians actually) people's rights (real prayers should be in the direction of Jerusalem)." (These are not Syrian principles, these are Islamofascist principles)
And while Syria burns and the people get massacred by a fanatical and paranoid President, his wife Asma, a blond British bimbo who doesn't give a damn about the Syrian people, continues to enjoy spending the hard earned cash of the people she is helping to murder. What a nice couple! 
Let's just hope that one of Israel's missiles miss the target and falls on their "palatial" home, while they are entertaining drunken and immoral Islamofascist radicals who love to dance with drag queens, heh? 
Here is what the Syrian people think of Assad:

He may claim to be a "secular" leader, but he is hand in hand with the Muslim brotherhood and al-Qaeda. Make no mistake. If Assad falls, of course the Muslim brotherhood will take over, just like they did in Egypt and Tunisia. However this is up to the Syrian people to deal with.
Let's hope they get rid of all these vermin soon.