Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Fogel Family Massacre - One Year On...

Today is the one year anniversary (according to the Jewish calendar) of the Fogel Family massacre.

The massacre is evidence not just of how much hatred the Muslims have towards us, but what each and every one of them is capable of with their own bare hands. For those that haven't seen the pictures from the horror, I advise you to take a look at them. The Fogel Family home looked worse than a slaughter house. But it wasn't an abattoir or a battlefield, it was a family home and a children's bedroom.

But we've seen this kind of genocidal hatred before, such as during the 2nd intifada when two IDF reservists mistakenly wandered into Ramallah and were lynched.

This begs the question how can we understand something like this. The short answer is that there is nothing to understand. In July of 2011, a survey came out which showed that 73% of so-called 'Palestinians' wanted to wipe out the Jews. 80% agreed with article 15 of the Hamas charter (Jihad for the liberation of Palestine is a personal duty), this means either by suicide bombings or self-sacrifice should Iran manage to send a nuclear bomb to Israel.

Indeed, if you take the only historical comparison of Nazi Germany, the 'Palestinians' are far worse. We know the effects post-WWII when the allied armies forced Germans to walk through the concentration camps and see exactly what was being done. With the Fogel massacre, we see the exact opposite, we see celebration.

In this era of supposed human rights, of the growing strength of international law (UN) and political correctness, the most evil measure of barbarism in the world is claimed to be the victim. We have fallen into the fatal trap of endlessly talking and trying to understand and reason with our enemies. But when we're confronted by such evil the only sensible cause of action is to destroy it.

The allies didn't negotiate with Hitler, they destroyed him. Neville Chamberlain tried to negotiate and Britain paid the price. The Fogel Family murderers were and are on the scale of depravity on which it is not possible to descend any further. The last person to be executed in Israel was Adolph Eichmann, and this is the only sentence befitting these murderers.

It shows the misunderstanding our leadership has, at a military, legal and political level, that a unanimous decision to have the two murderers wiped from the face of this earth was not given. Instead they were given 5 life sentences each.

Rabbi Meir Kahane speaking 30 years ago.

The Caped Crusader

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Jody Mcintyre Exposed

A JDL UK Expose: Jody McIntyre is a hate mongering, racist, anti-semite who uses his disability as a manipulative tool, Jody shot to fame after he falsely accused the police of dragging him out of his wheelchair, which has since been disproved, at last years student riots.

He has thousands of cretinous leftie followers on Twitter who worship him as a Chomskyite truth-teller against capitalist, neocon, zionist injustice etc. In reality, he is a proud Hamas supporter & the personification of the worst excesses of the non-thinking Left. He has now been sacked by the Independent for his Twitter comments trying to incite people to riot in London.

Anyone who has watched this evasive interview of his on BBC from last year will be more than familiar with his cunning technique of dodging a question, instead posing another of his own, especially about his main doctrine "Palestine".

Jody McIntyre got his "claim to fame" during the student protests last year in London, He was removed from his wheelchair by police (police who had been bombarded with Left Wing violence and hatred all day) and moved to the side of the street.  His complaints and crocodile tears about his treatment were quickly picked up by the media looking for a police ‘disproportionate force’ and in a flash he was on Sky News and the BBC claiming he had been ‘brutally attacked by the Police’.

Unfortunately for Jody, the BBC interview showed him up to be slippery and evasive individual and his story was extremely unstable as the footage was not clear at all.  When challenged about his self description as a ‘revolutionary’ who believes in ‘direct action’ McIntyre sought to get off the subject as quickly as possible, typically trying to drag the topic of "Palestine" into the interview but the interviewer was having none of it.  Clearly it would be inconvenient to present himself as a merely concerned citizen when the reality is he goes out of his way to get stuck into the thick of the action, violence and unrest anytime there is a protest, no matter what the cause.  However, McIntyre can be seen trying to crawl away from the police officer in the middle of the road as he resisted before being pulled to the kerb where he wouldn’t cause an obstruction.

Jody on his feet surrounded by his thuggish Palestinian entourage
So here we had this poor, wheelchair bound, downtrodden, young man who just wanted too engage in a "peaceful, democratic protest", being mistreated by the police. Not once, but twice.  But did we?  Because, before this incident, McIntyre had been right at the front of violent clashes with the police.  He deliberately put himself there despite knowing violence was taking place. The man even describes what happened on his blog! Here is a preview:

" As we parked up, and began walking back down the Strand, we saw a crowd emerging from Aldwych; around 2000 students had set off from LSE. However, they were only marching down one side of the road, and we were in a militant mood. Me and Finlay crossed over, into the oncoming traffic, and within seconds the whole crowd had followed.

It was an endless sea of people, but unfortunately, they had been corralled by police and NUS stewards into one lane of the dual carriageway. Me and Finlay immediately set to work, tearing down the metal barriers which separated the two lanes. Oncoming traffic drivers looked on in wonder.

The people with the music system must have had the same thought. All of a sudden, the bicycle burst out of the crowd, rushing through the pair of armed police guarding the private road of the Treasury. A group of 200 followed, including me in my wheelchair, and Finlay pushing at full speed. A dubstep tune came on, and the chanting began; “Fuck Cameron! Fuck Cameron! Fuck Cameron! Fuck Cameron!” Not the Treasury’s proudest day.

The building was occupied on the day the Browne Review was released, so here the police were ready for us. We flooded into the courtyard, but the riot cops were called within minutes. As batons began to swing, me and Finlay stood our ground on the front line. I stood up on my wheelchair, but attempts to re-take the courtyard soon fizzled out as a riot van was brought in.

In front of us, a huge glass building towered; it was the Conservative Party’s Headquarters, and it was under attack. The crowd was so tightly packed that even with the wheelchair, it was a huge effort to force our way through. Around half way we gave up. The crowd was swaying. "They’re smashing the windows!"

Me and Finlay looked at each other. We knew that we had to make it to the front. Kareem started pushing the wheelchair again, and Finlay cleared a path in front of us.

It wasn’t long before the next surge came. A Mexican wave of bodies. I fell out of my wheelchair and pushed through two cops. Finlay stood behind me, the wheelchair still in his hands.

Scores of demonstrators followed. Finlay came running in with the wheelchair a couple of minutes later. Victorious chants rang in the air; “Tory scum! Tory scum!” “When they say cut back, we say fight back!”

But then, the chants changed… “To the stairs! To the stairs!” Two policemen blocking a tiny door were soon brushed aside, and around fifty of us forced our way through before they had a chance to re-seal the entrance.

It was an epic mission to the top. Nine floors; eighteen flights of stairs. Two friends carried my wheelchair, and I walked. We couldn’t give up now.

When we finally made it to the roof, a feeling of calm descended. I looked over the edge; thousands of students, three massive bonfires and masses of passion still occupied the courtyard. The Tory’s HQ was on it’s last legs. And we were on the roof. "
Jody fighting with the Police before he was removed from his wheelchair
Mcintyre is not exactly innocent now is he?  All of this criminal activity, yet no complaints about being disabled or struggling.  Yet the moment the police moved him out of harms way on a street, Jody McIntyre was screaming blue murder and using his cerebral palsy and seemingly sporadic wheelchair use to underline their sheer evil and lack of concern for the disabled.
Jody doesn't let his disability get in the way of a good ol' Jihad
So here we have a man who is given a platform in The Guardian, The Independent and the Communist New Statesman, out in the thick of the violence until the early morning hours and inciting people elsewhere to riot in similar fashion.  A man who went on to condemn the police as troublemakers as properties, vehicles and businesses were torched, journalists and media were attacked and robbed, bystanders were mugged, and residents overrun by thugs who broke down their doors to steal from their homes.

The bad news for McIntyre was that not only was the part he played in the street part of the violence documented by a photographer, but the photographer even posted a blog piece explaining what Mcintyre had done and why his subsequent complaint was vexatious. It is a must read.  One of the photos included in it is of McIntyre, on his feet, about to hit a police officer, known in legal parlance as assault, clearly his wheelchair is a vital piece of equipment to you, isn't it Jody?

Mcintyre on his feet about to assault a police officer

Any Newspaper that endorses people like and including Jody Mcintyre will show themselves as part of this country’s enemy within who endorse and provide assistance those who engage in pre-meditated criminality, be it as a battering ram on wheels or walkabout agitator?

It is time to end the glorification of anti-Semetic, hate mongering, troublemakers like McInytre. It’s time for these papers to withdraw their endorsement and put an end to the Jody McIntyre media roadshow.

“Life on Wheels”? More like life on wheels apart from when he’s on his feet walking up staircases to join thugs throwing objects at police officers, trekking through South America or giving interviews. Jody even stood on his wheelchair! He only plays on his disability when it makes the police look bad. If he was able bodied he would be throwing the poles and bricks with the rest of them. The only word for Mcintyre is scum and It is high time he was arrested for incitement or such. The time has come for the Met to bite the bullet and let the lefties make a martyr out of him, he has been shown many times now, for what he is. He will get no sympathy outside anarchist/leftie/Communist circles. The rubbish he wrote for the Guardian is awful, even by their standards. End the roadshow, arrest him!

  Jewish Defence League UK 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Iran, Israel, Maps, & Elections

We know the Iranians want to wipe Israel off the map. We hear it almost every week. But just the other day on Sky News, a commentator (who sounded like she worked for Press TV, Tehran’s own propaganda channel), went back to the time honoured cliché when discussing Iran’s genocidal intentions towards Israel. She said that the translation, to wipe Israel off the map, was a misnomer, because there’s no direct translation of the idiom ‘wiping off the map’ in Persian...?

While it’s pretty difficult to argue with someone so obviously determined to allow another genocide of the Jews, there were several things wrong – beyond the point of absurdity – with her statement.

First off, the Iran-apologists have been using this 'idiom' argument for years, and it originated with someone whose statements can actually rival George Galloway’s in their pure idiocy/entertainment value; Michigan University professor Juan Cole, who works tirelessly to promote statements the growing Muslim population in Dearborn, Michigan, will find appealing. His blog is entitled 'Informed Comment', and from reading a couple of posts it's clear that the blog's title is more an aim, rather than a description of the contents...

The problem is, this line of defence about Iran's statements was made regarding one particular Ahmadiejad speech. Not only has Ahmadinejad been making threats for years against Israel, the Iranian leadership too has never been shy about similar statements.

For example, former Iranian president Rafsanjani, speaking in a Friday sermon promised that “if one day, a very important day of course, the Islamic world will also be equipped with the weapons available to Israel now, the imperialist strategy will reach an impasse, because the employment of even one atomic bomb inside Israel will wipe it off the face of the earth, but would only do damage to the Islamic world.”1

Second, the particular statement by Ahmadinejad the Sky commentator was talking about was made in a 2005 conference entitled “The World Without Zionism”, in which he engaged in Holocaust denial saying that the Holocaust was a ‘myth’ and ‘a fairy tale’ invented by Europe to legitimise establishing the State of Israel (of course, this ignores the fact that Jews had been fleeing Europe and elsewhere for approximately 100 years prior to 1948 in order to escape the kinds of obsessive paranoia Ahmadinejad himself is ridden with).

Thirdly, Iran’s military parades often show Shihab-3 missiles on the back of trucks with banners draped over them that read “wipe Israel off the map.”2 One wonders what other idiom would better explain this statement??

With all this it’s breathtakingly myopic, not to mention malicious, to argue over ‘idioms’ over one statement made in a particular speech made more than five years ago. The intentions of anyone attempting to do so should be quite clear.

To add to this, Irwin Cotler, a former Canadian justice minister has stated that there is enough evidence to prosecute Ahmadinejad for incitement to genocide.3 Joshua Teitlebaum of Stanford University says that it is a common theme of incitement to genocide that the intended victim is described not simply negatively, but in specially nonhuman, or dehumanised terminology. The Nazi weekly, Der Sturmer portrayed Jews as parasites and locusts. Ahmadinejad said in October 2005 that “in the Middle East, [the global powers] have created a black and filthy microbe called the Zionist regime."4

While many people are frustrated with the supposed lack of Israeli resolve over Iran, what seems increasingly likely is that president Obama has threatened and manipulated Israel by stating that the US would not support or re-supply Israel if it should strike Iran by itself (I only have John Bolton's statement to this effect). Considering the operational logistics required to take out Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, as well as the considerable defences Israel would simultaneously need to defend the home front, Israel would be left with no other option than to use nuclear weapons. This doesn’t mean nukes on cities, but in order to penetrate deep underground where the nuclear sites lie. Once these underground works are destroyed, what the strength of the blast will be with all the enriched uranium also reacting to a  bomb is anyone’s guess.

I have no desire to see any more damage happen to Iran than absolutely necessary. Israeli TV sometimes shows hooded students from Iran saying they're not enemies with Jews or Israel, and I've heard similar statements from protesters in Trafalgar Square when I've spoken to them. All they want is to be rid of their regime, and who can blame them?

The threats Iran poses, not just to Israel and Iran's own people, but to the rest of the world, from Mexico to Thailand, should be clear to anyone watching the news at the moment. There is a clear case for the world taking note of the Iranian threat, and some of them are, thankfully. But what is clear is that Barack Hussein Obama places Iran's priorities above those of the rest of the world. His use for Iran's destabilising effect for world revolution, should it acquire nukes, is too great to resist. One simply cannot downplay or explain away every seemingly 'bungled' decision Obama has made. If he's a Marxist radical, on the other hand, then every decision he has made has been exactly the right one; not only in the Middle East, but in America too. On the other hand, the chaos following a strike on Iran would potentially spell disaster for Obama's re-election hopes. Thus should Israel decide to strike Iran before the next US elections, she would be killing two turds, ops I mean two birds, with one stone.

Once again we're at another point in Israel's short history where we can say, so goes Israel, so goes the rest of the world.

The Caped Crusader

References 1-4 are all taken from Saving Israel by Daniel Gordis

Monday, 20 February 2012

JDL UK Expose Violent Respect Party Chairman Carole Swords

Carole Swords, were to begin? With a stake in the "Viva Palestina" money making train, Carole Swords is the East London based Respect parties chairman and very own mirror image of Nick Griffin. She is a hard line Jew hater, although I imagine she is too ignorant too realize she herself is Jewish, she took part in the Gaza flotilla of 2010, actively promotes hatred, engages in violence and proposes that Jews "go back to bloody Russia", read on.

Read our post exposing a second violent Jew hater in the UK, Jody Mcintyre, Here.

JDL comments in red:

From the Jewish Chronicle:

A hard line anti-Israel activist has been convicted of slapping a Jewish man during a protest last summer. Carole Swords, who is chairman of the Tower Hamlets Respect Party and Viva Palestina supporter, attacked Harvey Garfield as he attempted to defend Israeli products from potential vandalism by protesters.

This is typical, the respect party, led by the foaming Israel hater, Islamic appeaser and brainwashed turncoat George Galloway, The British Muslims "token White guy". The respect party is an openly pro Islamic, anti-Israel party. Here is a video of George Galloway trying but failing to use Fascist techniques to silence the director of the Dispatches program, Undercover Mosque. Galloway is also a presenter on Iranian propaganda network: Press TV.

Carole Swords, of East London, entered a Tesco store in Covent Garden on the afternoon of August 13 last year after attending an anti-Israel demonstration outside the nearby Ahava cosmetics store. Pro-Israel Volunteer Harvey Garfield was at the supermarket helping the supermarket staff to protect Israeli products in the store from potential acts of vandalism by the Pro-Palestine mob.

One of the respect parties chair members assaulting a Jewish man does not surprise me, The loud but mostly useless pro-Palestine mob are good for nothing except spreading hatred and violence based upon false foundations, in this case they produced their violence against a Jewish man who was putting himself at risk to protect a supermarket brave enough to stock Israeli produce from these thugs.

On trial at City of London Magistrates Court on Thursday, 59-year-old Swords claimed Mr Garfield had harassed and attacked her as she entered the store to buy a drink. But magistrates viewed CCTV footage of the incident and agreed with the prosecution's case that Swords used "threatening and abusive words or behaviour to cause harassment".

Like a cornered rat, Carole tried to snake her way out of the situation by giving lies to the court, thankfully she was proved wrong.

The court heard how she told Mr Garfield "don't you f***ing follow me" before turning around and landing the blow, knocking Mr Garfields glasses to the floor.

Due to Mr Garfield volunteering to protect the Israeli products, I imagine he would have been suspicious of a Kuffiah wearing, loud mouth, ignorant left winger, does this merit the right to punch him in the face? Of course not!

Swords, whose mother was from a Russian Jewish family, was found guilty on one charge of a public order offence and given a conditional discharge. She must also pay court costs of £250.

Carole Swords is a vile, self hating racist, she was recently filmed telling Jews to “Go back to bloody Russia!". I truly pity Swords mother, as I am a Jew whose family has its roots in Eastern Europe, specifically Poland and Southern Russia and know how they have experienced the pogroms and massacres put upon them through the generations, Her Mother should be deeply ashamed of her daughter Carole Swords, who is fighting alongside Islamic Fascists and appeasers and hopes for the same hell her past relatives lived through to be put upon us again in Israel. Well done Harvey Garfield for protecting the Israeli produce!

Below is the video of Carole Swords making the comment about Jews returning to Russia, the comment is made at 1:45 into the video.

Below are some pictures of Carole Swords from the public domain:

Carole Swords stood next to George Galloway
Carole Swords at a Pro-Palestine hate festival.
Carole Swords gazing lovingly at Hamas Officials

  Jewish Defence League UK 

Saturday, 18 February 2012

'Mosque-busters' leaflet delivered by EDL activist in Purley

An article was posted here, on thisiscroydontoday, claiming the man who posted  "Mosque Buster" leaflets in Croydon is a "far right activist" from the EDL English Defence League. See JDL comments in RED. 

The article says:

"The man attempting to stir up fears over plans to build a mosque in Purley is a far-right activist and avid supporter of the woman accused of racially abusing people on a tram."  - Note how the "media" loves to portray anyone and everyone who complains about mosques, Muslims or Islam as "Far right activists". 

English Defence League member Frank Day proudly claims to have put leaflets through the doors of 600 homes in the area. Good. We are proud of him too. 

His "Does Croydon need a mosque here?" leaflet contains information about a proposal to build an Islamic centre at 5 Russell Hill Place. [ ]
It urges residents to fight the application in the belief it will cause traffic issues.

Not only it will cause traffic issues but it will also cause radicalisation of our youth and as we all know, most mosques are used to harbour terrorists, to preach honour killings and discrimination of women,  to radicalise people, and to preach their segregational hate, as well as their intolerance for homosexuals. 

But despite his apparent concerns over parking issues in Purley, Mr Day lives six miles away on the New Addington estate – and freely admits he would object to a mosque being built anywhere. So would we. And...? We have every right to exercise our democratic right to protest against anything we find damaging to our society. 

Resident and Purley and Woodcote Residents' Association member Andrew Frazer was one of those to have received a letter. He said: "He (Mr Day) dropped a leaflet through the door and came back later after delivering some through other doors.

"He said, 'we don't agree with it, we are dead against it, we want as many people to complain to Croydon Council as possible'. So this idiot Andrew Frazer is an Islam enabler, and a retard who cares nothing for women's rights or the radicalisation of the country he lives in. In short he is a leftard. 

"He visited twice and when he came back after the first time he said 'if you want to find out more go to Mosque Busters by typing it into Google'."
We tracked Mr Day to his home in Arnhem Drive, which he shares with his 86-year-old mother. 
This is proof that the leftist media is invading people's privacy and disclosing personal issues online. Sickening. 

Here he told us that the information contained in his leaflets came directly from "Mosquebuster" Gavin Boby.  Excellent! We support Mr. Gavin Boby. He is a great lawyer and we wish him very good luck with this wonderful project. Someone has to act on our behalf after all! 

Mr Boby is a professional planning consultant who has posted videos on the internet advising people how to defeat applications for Islamic places of worship. Great job Gavin!! 

Mr Day, who was arrested at an EDL rally in November, told the Advertiser that "they" (Muslims) were "taking over" and that "one mosque is too many".  Too right! 
The 64-year-old added he had attended a court appearance of Emma West, who is accused of racially abusing people on a tram, to show his support.
Purley and Woodcote Residents' Association chairman Tarsem Flora said: "People are not silly and can come to their own conclusions. But if they are at all concerned then of course they can contact us."

Purley councillor Badsha Quadir - A MUSLIM of course - has said he believes the leaflets are 'racially motivated' and is seeking advice from police. Islam is not a race, so Muslims better stop trying to play the race card. 

He told the Advertiser: "My colleagues and I are concerned about this extremist leafleting. "I understand residents are concerned. It is not for people to come from New Addington and say what should happen in Purley. "I would not go to New Addington and comment on their amenities. People can do what they please, principally the indigenous residents of this country. If English people do not wish a mosque to be built in their area or in surrounding areas where they live, they have every right to complain and protest, and that includes leafleting. 

"The leaflet appears racially motivated and I will speak to the borough commander about this issue and see what he can do."  Learn this, ye ignorant! These leaflets are NOT racially motivated because Islam is not a race. People are worried about having yet another mosque being built, if what we have is not enough already, so deal with it. 

Police advised anyone concerned by the leaflets or the manner in which they were being given out to contact their local safer neighbourhood team on 020 8721 2467.  And what can the police do against people who complain against a genuine threat? Shouldn't the police be on the side of the people of this country who pay their wages to protect them from Islamo-fascist radicals?? 

In December last year the Advertisered how members of Purley Islamic Community Centre revealed plans for a place of worship to double up as a community centre, with a formal planning application registered by the council last month." - This is what Muslims do. They keep hijacking all the community centres in the areas and changing them into mosques, which do not serve the community at all, but serve only Muslims themselves. This practice must stop NOW!! 

We encourage residents to protest hard, loud and clear to Croydon council to STOP the building of more mosques and to stop allowing Muslims to use general community centres, which are supposed to be for all the communities, as MOSQUES.

We do not need any more mosques in the UK!

- JDL UK Team - 

British Museum glorifies Islamic Apartheid - Feb 2012

The British Museum is currently holding an exhibition on the Hajj - Journey to the heart of Islam - the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. 

The exhibition on the Hajj was the least informative exhibition I've ever seen (alas, it was also the busiest exhibition I've ever seen).  

It didn't mention that non-muslims face the death penalty if found in Mecca or Medina.  It did say how the British explorer Sir Richard Burton went on the Hajj, but it didn't say that he had to pretend to be a muslim, or else they would have killed him.  Can you imagine an exhibition in the British Museum glorifying racial segregation in the US in the 1950s?  Or one glorifying the Nazis and their racial segregation?

The motorway sign they proudly displayed made no comparison with apartheid in South Africa.  The curators missed every of opportunity to make any social, cultural and religious comparisons.  They were probably too scared to say anything remotely critical, in case they were accused of islamofauxbia.  I was surprised to see the motorway sign there at all.  Perhaps that was as close as they could get to commenting on islamic apartheid.  

"No mention was made that Medina had been a Jewish city before Islam.  No mention that Mecca was a multi-cultural society, before Mohammed imposed Islam on everyone.  No mention that churches are not allowed to be built in Saudi Arabia.  There is much to be done to inform people about the truth, but the British Museum is involved in propaganda not education."

The Dhimmis in attendance at the exhibition were all acting like they were at some great religious ceremony.  My companion and I talked loudly about all the different negative things about islam, and often found the Dhimmis eavesdropping on our conversations (no-one ever challenged us).  But as a learning experience, it was profoundly underwhelming.  

The recent exhibition at the British Museum about Christian reliquary and the exhibition of the (few) remaining treasures of Afghanistan were far more interesting than this blatant propaganda for islam.  There was a huge map showing all the routes that the "pilgrims" take to Mecca.  The route from Britain was obviously supposed to show that we are now considered Dar al Islam too.

On the opening night of such an exhibition, Members of the British Museum get to have a privileged view of the new exhibition.  When the Hajj exhibition opened, the members were left waiting outside for 40 minutes in the cold, whilst the Saudi royal family were shown around.  When the Members were allowed in, there was no alcohol on sale (which is not the norm).  

Karen Armstrong (hagiographer of Mohammed) is on the board of the British Museum, and there are rumours that the Director of the British Museum has converted to islam.  That would explain why there was an "open day" for Bangladeshis a few months ago.  I don't ever remember the British Museum having an open day directed at London's Irish, Jewish, Caribbean or Hindu citizens.

All attempts to "educate" the general public about islam failed.  The more we know about it, the less we like it.  The Dhimmi liberal enablers of islamisation are reduced to producing crude propaganda, such as this exhibition.  Perhaps now the Members of the British Museum have had a taste of Sharia, they will decide they prefer to hold on to their Shiraz.  As Ayatollah Khomeini said: "there is no fun in islam".

There was no sign of Amnesty International outside the exhibition, protesting about child marriages in Saudi Arabia, or protesting about gay people being executed there, or the lack of religious freedom for non-muslims who live there.  Such Dhimmi liberals are busy slandering and castigating Israel, hoping the rest of the world will not notice the horrific human rights abuses to be found all over the islamic world.  The more such libtards can keep Israel in the news, the more they can prevent the islamic world from receiving justifiable exposure.

- JDL UK Team - 

Friday, 17 February 2012

Two Civilian Jews Almost Lynched by Arabs in Jerusalem

Two civilian employees of the Defense Ministry are recovering from a near lynch attempt on Monday.

The two were traveling to Mount Scopus in Jerusalem when they accidentally made a wrong turn and ended up stuck in a traffic jam between two Arab cars. A crowd of Arab youths then showed up and began throwing rocks at them.

Rock Throwing Arabs
At one point the rock throwers, some of whom were students from a nearby school, approached the vehicle and slammed a large stone into the windshield. The rock struck the driver, Yehuda Attias, in the head. Attias, who was covered in blood, hit the gas and the two Israelis then fled toward a nearby hotel. They called security and rescue forces and were taken to the hospital. Attias was since hospitalized several times because of the severe head injuries.

Eliezer Hakshur, Attias’ brother-in-law, said that it was a miracle that Attias survived the lynching attempt. “He is suffering from headaches and has twice been hospitalized with vomiting and chills,” Hakshur said, adding the rock throwers were “probably a group of children from the nearby Arab school who realized the two were stuck, and called their friends who began to throw rocks at them. They smashed the car’s windshield and my brother-in-law’s head. He had deep cuts and his head is full of stitches.”

He added that the whole incident could have ended much differently. “It was a miracle, we have no other words to describe it. Yehuda, whose head was bleeding, fled at the last minute. Only when they came into the hotel did the security and rescue forces arrive.”

In recent months, Arabs have attacked Jewish motorists with rocks, in what is starting to again become a common phenomenon on the roads of Judea and Samaria, as it was in the days of the 2002 Second Intifada.

Rock attacks can be deadly, as they are indeed intended to be, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle and crash the car. That is precisely how two Jewish residents of the Judean city of Kiryat Arba, Asher Palmer and his baby son Yonatan, lost their lives last September.

Full article here:

  Jewish Defence League UK 

Former Gambino family associate Louis Ferrante recounts his transformation from violent criminal to observant Jew

The majority of ex-mobsters don’t keep kosher or observe Shabbat, but then again, most ex-mobsters don’t convert to Judaism in prison, or go on to donate their time speaking to Jewish educators.

His name is Louis Ferrante, and clearly he isn’t your typical ex-mobster. After years of criminal activity and nearly a decade behind bars in prison, the former associate of the Gambino crime family is now living what he calls “the right way”, a lifestyle that includes quality time each day with his siddur and tefillin, and writing books about his past. The transformation appears to have paid off as Ferrante’s most recent book, “Mob Rules,” has been translated into 11 languages, netting him appearances on “The Daily Show” and earning him shared speaking engagements with Nobel Prize winners and the dean of Harvard Business School.

Lois Ferrante
Ferrante says: “I didn’t know what I was going to say as I was walking out on the stage, There are Nobel laureates, CEOs of major companies, and I have to turn my mafia experiences into something that will go well in front an Economist audience.” He recalls “I reminded myself of what God told Moses: ‘I will be thy words."

Whoever did the speaking that day, the performance was a massive hit, for the same reasons Ferrante’s story has proven irresistible to book buyers and an ever-widening set of audiences at his speaking engagements.

The book: Mob Rules
Ferrante, now 42, was born and raised in Queens and he entered organised crime as a teenager, a story he tells in his first book, “Unlocked,” which recounts his years “sticking guns in people’s mouths and hijacking trucks” for the Gambino family.

Ferrante in Prison
Although the book is full of mafia-style colour, characters named Bobby Butterballs and Tony Porkchop, for example, it doesn’t glamorise Ferrante’s violent history or glorify his work in organised crime. Subtitled “A Journey From Prison to Proust,” the book instead focuses mostly on Ferrante’s jailhouse discovery of literature, philosophy and music, a revelation that led him to abandon his earlier life of violence and theft.

Capping off the redemption story is Ferrante’s unlikely embrace of Judaism, the result of a lengthy exploration of the major religions.

“I read the Gospels, the Koran, the Bhagavad Gita, and studied Buddhism,” he writes. “But the Torah was the book for me.”

“I decided to take a close look at the Jewish people, the first to receive the Bible, After all, could God have picked the wrong horse?”

The answer, Ferrante concludes, was no, leading him to intensively study the religion and adopt its customs, despite early scepticism from prison chaplains.

Fourteen years later, and nearly a decade since his release, Ferrante describes himself as modern Orthodox or ultra-Conservative. He said “I keep Shabbos like an Orthodox person,” he says. “I keep kosher, I daven, I lay tefillin. I read Torah in the morning and at night.”

Speaking by phone from the Catskills, where he lives partly to avoid running into old Gambino family associates, Ferrante discusses Judaism with the zeal of the convert he is. “You’re a Jew when you wake up in the morning, regardless of if you pick up a Torah or not,” he says, referring to those born into the religion. In an echo of Hillel, he asks, “But if I don’t do that, what am I?”

Ferrante now commands significant fees for most speaking engagements, but says he makes an exception for Jewish audiences, addressing them for free or for just the cost of expenses. A speech at a Jewish summer camp, of all places, led to his appearance last month at Limmud NY, a four-day gathering focused on Jewish learning. “I get paid pretty well for speaking now and swore to myself that I wouldn’t do any more freebies,” the ex-gangster says, “but I figured it’s a mitzva.”

Ferrante acknowledges the possibility that some may dismiss his jailhouse transformation as a “gimmick,” but says the feedback from “Unlocked” was positive. The acknowledgements section of “Mob Rules” thanks Arthur Rulnick, the Conservative rabbi who converted him, as well as the man who sent him his “first complete edition” of the Babylonian Talmud. The acknowledgements close by expressing gratitude to “Almighty God.”

Ferrante's arrest as circulated in Newspapers
While probation officers initially warned him against meeting with criminals from his past, he’s not being hunted, and isn’t risking trouble by writing. On the rare occasions when he crosses paths with an old colleague during a visit to Queens, “I say hello and goodbye, but I keep moving because I don’t have anything in common with them anymore,” he says. “They don’t like me writing books, but that’s not enough to send a hit team after me, I never gave up anyone for crimes.”

That’s not ordinary talk from a modern Orthodox or ultra-Conservative Jew, but Ferrante says his religious devotion is what has made his new life possible. “It’s important to me to get that across to any Jews I talk to,” he says. “I do know some who are very religious, and many more who aren’t, and sometimes it pains me because they’re missing a lot.”

UK JDL Comment: "In Jewish tradition, the man of bad deeds, the Rasha, is closer in nature to the righteous man, the Zadik, than the good, the ordinary, or the clever man. The reason for this is that the bad man is a man of passion, his evil behavior is the only outlet he has for those passions and passions can easily turn from bad to good. Bad and good are synonymous in that both are vehicles for passion. It is simply up to the passionate man to choose good. This passionate man has done just that. May G-d bless him.

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Thursday, 16 February 2012

The House of Cards - The B'Tselem Witch Trials

By Noah Pollak

When the United Nations released the so-called Goldstone Report in September 2009, Israelis and their supporters around the world were astonished by the blunt words near its conclusion:

“There is evidence indicating serious violations of international human rights and humanitarian law were committed by Israel during the Gaza conflict, and that Israel committed actions amounting to war crimes, and possibly crimes against humanity.” 
The report declared that virtually everything Israel had done during Operation Cast Lead—Israel’s attempt in late 2008 and early 2009 to stop Hamas’s rocket war on Israeli civilians—had been a crime.

Israel's 'human rights community'
The report was largely compiled from material provided by what is often referred to as Israel’s “human rights community.”

And, as first pointed out by NGO Monitor, the Goldstone Report relied most heavily on the largest and most prominent among them: the group known as B’Tselem.

In making such a profound contribution to the Goldstone Report, B’Tselem was performing the task to which it has truly dedicated itself: not the defense of human rights in the West Bank and Gaza, but the delegitimization of Israel and its existence as a Jewish state. Biletzky, for one, is proud of her organization’s innovative approach:
In April of 2003, we issued a report called “Landgrab”. It showed how the whole settlement project is a violation of human rights according to international law and the Geneva Convention. . . . It’s amazing because I think that conceptually it’s very creative to think of settlements as being a violation of human rights.
Creative it certainly is, especially because the claim is also based on a false premise, namely that every dunam of the West Bank is sovereign Palestinian territory and therefore any Israeli presence there amounts to illegal occupation.

In 2002, after two years of Palestinian suicide bombings had left hundreds of Israelis dead, the IDF entered the West Bank in order to, among other things, protect the human rights of Israeli civilians to not be maimed and murdered. Biletzky responded by organizing a petition of academics “to express our appreciation and support for those of our students and lecturers who refuse to serve as soldiers in the occupied territories” and to “help students who encounter academic, administrative, or economic difficulties as a result of their refusal to serve.”

Later in 2002, as the United States contemplated invading Iraq, Biletzky signed a bizarre petition that read, “We are deeply worried by indications that the ‘fog of war’ [in Iraq] could be exploited by the Israeli government to commit further crimes against the Palestinian people, up to full-fledged ethnic cleansing.” It concluded by calling on the “International Community” to take “concrete measures” to prevent Israeli “crimes against humanity.”

All of this work has certainly paid off. In 2004, as Biletzky told an interviewer, “B’Tselem is trusted by all sides. If the American Embassy wants information, they come to us. If Tom Friedman wants information, he comes to us.” The U.S. State Department can be added to the list of those who not only trust B’Tselem, but rely on the group uncritically. Yet almost its entire annual budget is provided by European governments and American foundations, such as the New Israel Fund and the Ford Foundation.

B’Tselem, in fact, is consciously trying to have it both ways, using human-rights rhetoric to conceal a radical and indeed anti-Zionist political agenda that would be met with far less sympathy were it honestly expressed. It is not an unintelligent strategy.

Anat Biletzky told a small campus audience in 2007 just after she stepped down as the group’s chairman of the board, “B’Tselem is now opening an office in D.C. because we think that there are two main targets here. One is American policymakers. The other is the Jewish community. And the two are not unrelated, as we have seen in Walt and Mearsheimer’s book.”

For reasons that may be disturbing to contemplate, the journalists who eagerly report her organization’s accusations against Israel have never taken her biases into consideration when assessing the veracity of B’Tselem’s accusations. Most telling of all, perhaps, at no point did members of B’Tselem itself—its board, its employees, or its army of supporters—protest the extremism in its own ranks.

The situation is no better today. Biletzsky has been replaced by two people: Gilad Barnea, an attorney who avoids political statements, and Oren Yiftachel, a professor of “political geography” at Ben-Gurion University. Yiftachel is one of Israel’s most outspoken anti-Zionists.

B’Tselem is merely one player, albeit a leading one, in a political movement. It is joined by dozens of other groups in Israel and abroad that operate under the pretense of promoting human rights and civil society. The proliferation of these NGOs appears from the outside to be an independent and organic response to the worsening of real problems in Israel, but in fact the groups are closely allied. They have shared goals, shared funders, coordinate their work closely, defend each other from criticism, and collaborate on campaigns to promote specific accusations.

This war of delegitimization is so dangerous because it is targeted precisely at the heart of Western support for Israel—the belief in Europe and especially in America that Israel is not only a legitimate nation-state but also an exemplar of Western liberal values, deserving of the free world’s support and its protection in the face of constant attacks. The genius of the NGO movement is its promotion of Israelis themselves to make the case against Israel. Who better to convince Westerners that they are wrong to admire Israel than Jews feigning concern over Israel’s moral standing?

And so, over the past 15 years, the peace movement has fallen from a position of influence in Israeli politics to one, today, of irrelevance, an anachronism that no longer has realistic answers to Israel’s problems.

What remains of the peace movement is a white-hot core of activists who refuse to acknowledge their failure and yet cannot gracefully recede from the political stage. They have discovered an innovative formula for rebuilding their political relevance completely outside the democratic political arena: reconstitute themselves as NGOs and conceal their political agenda in the apolitical rhetoric of human rights and international law. In this guise, the peace movement no longer has any need to win elections or offer a serious platform for governance.

In these circumstances, where there is no point in trying to succeed at the ballot box, leftist Israeli activism now directs itself internationally in the hopes that fomenting a narrative of Israeli criminality will invite enough sanction and condemnation from Europe, the United Nations, and America to force Israel to accede to the demands of these otherwise powerless radicals.

The policies they support would constitute nothing less than Zionism’s destruction. And they apparently have no compunction about seeking its destruction from without, since they have learned to their disappointment and rage that Israel is too strong a nation to allow itself to be destroyed from within.

Read the full thing:

(heavily) edited by Caped Crusader

Disgusting Personal Bias Keeps Jewish Nationalists in Jail

In Jerusalem, state prosecutors are keeping Jewish nationalist activists behind bars due to their personal bias. Several Jews have been kept in an Israeli jail until trial for charges of vandalism.

A Jewish Nationalist goes face to face with an IDF soldier during the state ordered eviction of his home in Hevron.
Nachi Eyal (Legal Forum head) expressed shock as prosecutors fought an order releasing right-wing activists who protested two months ago in Qasr al-Yahud, He said “We have checked the precedents regarding anarchists in Bilin and Nalin, and we were shocked to find that there were no cases in which left-wing activists were arrested in similar circumstances”

The Qasr al-Yahud protesters have been held in prison for several weeks. The release order would see them freed until trial but under very tight restrictions.

A similar situation is happening in the case of Oryan Nizri, She is a young Jewish woman who has been accused of vandalizing an Arab man’s property in the town of Luban a-Sharkiya. Nizri is accused of puncturing bags of cement and leaving anti-Islamic graffiti.

Just like the Qasr al-Yahud protesters, Nizri was to be released until trial but under strict conditions, some of these conditions included supervised house arrest, But, Jerusalem state prosecutors have filed an appeal aimed at keeping her in jail.

Her attorneys say the situation is unprecedented. They said vandalism is not a charge that has previously been used to justify detention until trial.

Legal experts confirmed the attorneys claims and said “It is not customary to arrest suspects for breaking laws regarding graffiti or property damage, There is no doubt that if the detainees were left-wing activists or Arabs the police would not have arrested them even for a single day, and probably would not have attached any importance to the complaint.”

With the departure of Shai Nitzan from the Prosecutor’s Office they said “we have hoped for a new spirit, a balanced professional approach which would see each case individually and not ideologically.

JDL UK Comment: "Jewish Nationalists are the unsung heroes and defenders of the real Jewish Homeland, Yet they are being treated like common criminals by the Israeli authority. This is a disgrace!"


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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Islamization of Europe, The 3rd Jihad, Europe is seeing its final days.

Brutal Political murders, corruption at the highest levels of law enforcement, artists murdered in the street simply for expressing themselves, constant bomb attacks, shootings, honour killings, outspoken public figures live in hiding and under armed protection for fear of death, Segregation and religiously divided ghetto's, no entry area's and slums. You are probably thinking i am talking about some sort of central African dictatorship, A war torn country in the middle east or Southern Russia or maybe even the Arab spring?

Wrong, this is Europe, 2012!

Islam is taking over the European continent and finding no obstacles at an uncontrollable rate, Anti-Semetism and a vile hatred against Israel is allowed to flourish openly. In countries such as France, Sweden, Denmark, the UK and the Netherlands, Islamic Ghetto's and slums are appearing all over the map. These area's are typically no entry for the native police force as they are a hub of crime and completely uncontrollable, many inhabitants do not pay tax but collect state benefits.

A Muslim police of Chief in the UK, Ali Dizaei AKA "Scotland Yard's Teflon Commander" or "The police playboy", loved to play the race card to intimidate his critics, but he will never wear a police uniform again after finally receiving a three-year sentence for misconduct in a public office and perverting the course of justice. For nearly three decades, Ali considered himself above the law in a career littered with lies, sickening threats to women and old-fashioned corruption. Yesterday the Scotland Yard’s ‘Teflon Commander’ was convicted for the second time of framing an innocent man and sent back to jail. Sickening Police corruption like this is rise throughout the EU.

In one specific country, Holland, A politician and critic of Islam named Pim Fortuyn was shot dead a day before the Dutch elections by a man who stated "He was standing up for Dutch Muslims". A director/artist called Theo Van Gogh, also a strong critic of Islam, made a short film called submission, which highlighted the mistreatment of women under Islam, due to him making this film he was murdered by an Islamic fanatic in the street and stabbed through the chest with a knife, a Fatwa was attached to the murder weapon, It stated that the main actress in the film, Ayaan Hirsi Ali (A Somalian born critic of Islam) was next to be murdered, she has lived under police protection ever since. A current Dutch politician is also under armed protection for fear of his life, His name is Geert Wilders, and yes, you guessed it, he is a critic of Islam too.

Cities such as London, Madrid, Paris and Glasgow have all suffered blood thirstyIslamic bomb attacks, Countless brutal Islamic honour killings have occurred across Europe and a string of religiously aggravated attacks, primarily Muslim on Jew, have occurred, with many being unreported.

Below is a series of short videos to give an example of some of the countries in Europe that are suffering Islamization at its worst:

United Kingdom






Many more countries in Europe are suffering the same fate but unfortunately i cannot list them all here.

Something must be done about this problem before it becomes to late, it is 5 minutes to 12 in Europe, this is an epidemic, we do not have any time too waste, join us.

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