Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Calderdale Council Robin Tuddenham exposed as a Jew hater and having friends who encourage children to think like the 7/7 terrorists

Robin Tuddenham

Following our email to Calderdale Council, directed to Mr. Robin Tuddenham, where we have asked him to cancel the virulent and anti-Semitic screening of the film "The Promise", scheduled to be screened by the equally virulent and morally disturbed anti-Semitic group "Halifax Friends of Palestine" at the King's Cross library between the times of 5-7pm on the days 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd February, he replied as follows:

I am writing in response to your email on the planned events at King Cross library, which include screening the series ‘The Promise’.

Calderdale Council supports cultural events for all our communities. This reflects our organisational values ‘Everyone Different, Everyone Matters’. It is regrettable to receive this email in the same week that the Council has run a moving and well attended Holocaust Memorial Ceremony in partnership with Calderdale Interfaith Council.

The library has been booked by a local organisation to screen this drama which was produced by Channel 4 last year. This drama has previously been screened at Hebden Bridge Picture House. It is important to note that the production is a drama and this is reflected in the OFCOM judgement in response to complaints made when it was originally screened.

I attach the OFCOM judgement for your information, which did not uphold the complaints made.

In view of this, the Council has no intention of cancelling these events.

We then investigated a bit about Mr. Robin Tuddenham and we came across some rather disturbing facts inside Calderdale Council and had the opportunity to have a glimpse inside the mind of this individual and those he works with, whom we have concluded to be nothing more than anti-Semitic in its core.

Also we discovered that the "Halifax Friends of Palestine" are connected to the "EDL News" crowd from a pathetic group on facebook called "Exposing racism online". Unfortunately these demented individuals have no morality and end up exposing their own hate and racism by constantly attacking Israel and associating themselves with many who also do.

As proof we have Mr. Suhail Choudhury of OSHS Ltd (Also using the name Sohail Iqbal) After a small search we realised he is also linked with other companies as Simply Transit, who is the company hosting the website for "Halifax Friends of Palestine" and for "EDL News". How cosy to have all these Islamists cooperating with the communist scum!

Anyway, here are some interesting facts about Mr. Robin Tuddenham:

"Robin Tuddenham was the head of community safety (what a mistake!!!) who left his post in January to take up a similar role at Calderdale Council, an authority in West Yorkshire. His departure comes just weeks before the first independent probe into the mismanagement of millions of pounds of taxpayers' money is expected to be made public"

The article about it is here

Continuing with Mr. Robin Tuddenham, you might find the below transcript interesting in the light of his stance on The Promise video. I just see this man as a traitor, a hypocrite and appeaser of Islam, plus using/latching onto the PREVENT programme strategy as partially for job creation purposes. 

Here is trying to persuade the Select Committee that he knows all about the PREVENT strategy programme and that the local authorities (of which he is part of) are more than capable in working alongside the PREVENT programme.  See this link for the  transcript of oral evidence to be published as HC 65-iii House of Commons minutes of evidence taken before communities and local government committee - preventing violent extremism Amana Centre, Birmingham. 

Tuddenham (sort of Curriculum Vitae)  - Linkedin

In Calderdale council there is another very dodgy individual by the name of Sail Suleman who is a supposed Hate Crime Co-ordinator.  Incidentaly this same Sail Suleman, a Muslim, has encouraged children to think like the 7/7 terrorists. His excuse?  He reckons that by thinking like a terrorist, the children will "figure out" if the atrocities were right or wrong to be committed. Can you believe it?

The article about Mr. Sail Suleman promoting "Think like a terrorist" in schools is here.
You can also contact Sail here

Sail Suleman (Hate Crime Co-ordinator)
Tel: 01422 392869
Email: sail.suleman@calderdale.gov.uk

Now here is another email from one of our supporters, which I wish to share with you.

Dear JDL,
Thank you for your actions in response to the enclosed concern.
It may interest you to know that I rang the branch Library due to screen said anti-Jewish film and was referred to the area manager at the main central library who said he would get back to me on the issues raised.
I later attended the Holocaust Memorial Event (Israel has never been mentioned a single time in relation to the Holocaust despite my attending at these events for some years now) hosted by the local Inter-Faith group chaired by a Mr Raja Khan and whilst there spoke to the Calderdale Hate Crime Co-ordinator in attendance thereat - a Mr Sail Suleman - about my concerns and he asked me to put these in writing and send them to him.
This I did, putting my concerns on an evidential basis and in an appropriate manner and awaited response accordingly.
I have today telephoned the aforementioned area manager back asking for an update in this respect and he stated that he had been informed by the Chief Law Officer, Ian Hughes, that if I had any concerns I would have to raise them seperately with him and that said area manager was not permitted to discuss issues evidencing Calderdale Council's facilitation of anti-semitism with me.
Likewise, evidenced concerns appropriately put to Calderdale's Hate Crime co-ordinator at his request - and pertinent questions raised in respect of anti-semitism being effectively promoted as a cultural norm within Calderdale - have not been responded to and will only be responded to if communicated separately and exclusively to Ian Hughes, Calderdale Council's Chief Law Officer.
Clearly Mr Hughes is attempting to use his office to block further enquiry in this regard and to effectively marginalise those who would stand up and speak out against the facilitation of Jew-hatred within Calderdale. This Council is refusing point blank to address or to respond to my legitimate and evidenced concerns of anti-semitism appropriately and properly put - orally and in writing - to officers of this Council. It will only address such issues if they are separately and exclusively sent to its Chief Law Officer.
'Sole point of contact' is a well known device used to contrive and effect the blocking of enquiry and the minimisation of negative publicity
Jews and their supporters should never submit to such tactics - Calderdale Council should be actively confronting and addressing all evidenced concerns of anti-semitism however these are put to it - not refusing to respond to evidenced Jew-hatred unless those standing up and speaking out conform to restrictions it imposes - which restrictions are, significantly, only imposed upon those raising concerns of anti-semitism.
This is but one further instance of the facilitation of Jew-hatred by Calderdale Council - possibly the worst being the exploitation of 8 year old schoolkids being photographed, alongside Halifax Friends of Palestine activists and their teachers, holding "Palestinian" propaganda pamphlets demonising IDF soldiers. Such photographs were then put on the Internet without the parents permission and circulated worldwide - no doubt to further respectabilise Jew-hatred and caricature the state of Israel as a force of oppression. 

Calderdale council would do well in dismissing both of these people: Mr. Robin Tuddenham and Mr. Sail Suleman if it wants to be seen as a pro-active council who is truly stamping out racism and jew hatred.

See here for Robin Tuddenham's little friend Farzan Ahmed, a Nazi scumbag, Jew hating Muslim vermin.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Palestinians reject BDS as they are in fact boycotting their livelihoods

BDS shoot itself on the foot again. These RACIST degenerates want to boycott anything and everything to do with Israel even if that means putting Palestinian livelihoods at risk to fulfil their sick Jew hating agenda.  So again, they boycott the very people they claim to help.

And here below we have another article from Pro-Israel bay bloggers. Col ha'cavod!! 

Hat tip: http://proisraelbaybloggers.blogspot.com/2012/01/palestinians-reject-bds-find-jobs-at.html

With the already discredited PennBDS conference approaching, and their ubiquitous claim of being supported by Palestinian civil society, I just need to ask "Does the Palestinian civil society we keep hearing about include the workers of Sodastream"?

Sodastream, a beverage carbonation system is widely available at stores such as Costco, Bed Bath & Beyond and Sur La Table. It is under attack because one of its production facilities is located in Mishor Adumim. Yet of the 700 employees at least 160 are Palestinians.

The Palestinians working at Sodastream receive full social and health services in accordance with Israeli law. This includes pension contributions and insurance. Labor law in Israel requires an employer to pay wages and contributions 4 times higher than those required by the Palestinian Authority. In addition, SodaStream also provides benefits that include daily hot meals, clothing, transportation and overtime pay up to 200% as required by Israeli law.

Do the 160 Palestinian Sodastream workers really want you to boycott their company? Do they want their livlihoods put at risk?

Sodastream has been one of the objects of the BDS'er ire recently, but apparently the flash mobs had zero impact on consumers.

From the Sodastream Form 20-F(Annual and Transition Report -foreign private issuer
(Filed 06/30/11 for the Period Ending 12/31/10)

"We currently sell our products through more than 40,000 retail stores in 41 countries, including 25 new countries that we have entered since the beginning of 2007. We distribute our products directly in 12 countries and indirectly through local distributors in our remaining markets."

The song and dance routine and repeated spamming of retail websites clearly doesnt play in Peroia. Or Paris, for that matter, as Sodastream continues to grow and expand.

"From 2008 through 2010, our revenues grew at a compound annual growth rate of 26.8% from €99.9 million to €160.7 million. We had net income of €530,000, €7.1 million and €9.7 million in 2008, 2009 and 2010, respectively. Similarly, from 2008 through 2010, our revenues from soda makers and exchangeable CO 2 cylinders grew from €31.4 million to €74.2 million, while our revenues from sales of consumables grew from €59.8 million to €80.4 million. Although we are only in the early stages of our United States marketing investment plan, our sales in the United States have increased from $4.4 million in 2007 to $39.8 million in2010, more than doubling in each of 2009 and 2010 as compared to the prior year."

If the American and European activists leading the jihad against home carbonation really cared about the Palestinians, why are they encouraging this boycott? A growing, prospering Sodastream will provide new opportunities for Palestinian workers. A rising tide raises all ships.

And yes, of course. BDS fail. Again.

London based Muslim Labour MP for Tooting - Sadiq Khan - condones racist separatism for Muslims

While most of us are concerned with the increasing segregationist behaviour from Islamic groups in the UK, Shadow Justice Minister and Labour MP for Tooting  Sadiq Khan,  writes in the Evening Standard about the "beauty" of the Haj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, where only Muslims are allowed to enter, thus condoning this racist separatism between Muslims and non-Muslims in a very subtle, nearly imperceptible way.

Here is the article. My comments are in red. 

"While the capital is home to an estimated 40 per cent of the UK's Muslim population, there are still many mysteries surrounding the faith that I follow. For I was born and raised a London Muslim.

I attended mosques and madrassas in Tooting and Balham, adding to the knowledge of Islam taught me by my family. From a young age we learned the importance of the five pillars of Islam; faith, prayer, charity, fasting - and Hajj, a pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, a journey every Muslim must try to make in their lifetime. So I was delighted to visit the British Museum's Hajj: Journey to the Heart of Islam.
Muslims have been performing this pilgrimage for centuries; non-Muslims are not allowed to enter this holy city. An estimated three million people from all over the globe do so every year: Chinese, Namibian, Azerbaijani and every other kind of Muslim, as well as the 25,000 British Muslims who travel each year to form this kaleidoscope of our planet.
(Note that He does not criticise the SEGREGATIONIST ways of the Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that only allows MUSLIMS to enter their so-called "holy" city. If Jews did not allow Muslims in their real holy city of Jerusalem all hell would break loose.)
We perform rituals that symbolise the lives of the Prophet Abraham and his wife Hagar. By completing these acts we develop a greater spiritual awareness, and share a sense of solidarity with other Muslims from across the world.
(Muslims go to Haj to worship a black meteorite stone in the shape of a woman's vagina, and throw stones at an imaginary Satan and not to symbolise the lives of Abraham or his Egyptian servant Hagar, who was sent away to the desert together with her son Ishmael). Sadiq Khan is using Taqqiya (deceit). Abraham's wife was called Sarah. Muslims are attempting to hijack the Jewish faith in order to promote their cult of evil. 
I first performed Hajj in 2007: I was told I was the first Western minister ever to make the pilgrimage.
I am used to the different fragrances and languages of London's streets and to jammed Tubes and buses in rush hour - but nothing can prepare you for the Hajj. The sheer crush of people, the food and outdoor restaurants, the heat and the babble of languages spoken by pilgrims all form a cocktail of smells and sounds that are still memorable and fresh to me today.
It can be stressful. I will never forget the 15 minutes during the farewell circling of the Kaaba where I lost my mum, whom I had taken to perform Hajj. It wasn't possible to run or to deviate from the thousands circling. My mum didn't have her mobile with her and I was filled with panic as I prayed that I would find her. But Hajj is an amazing thing: I found her with a doctor from Birmingham whom she had befriended in tent city, gossiping away about their Hajj experience (How fortunate that his mother was not beaten by the Islamists at the Kaaba for talking to another man who was not her relative, huh? ) 
I found the Hajj to be a great leveller of people: all male pilgrims wear the same two pieces of white cloth, share the same facilities, and live cheek by jowl for a number of days. You could be next to a pauper or a prince.
(G-d forbid if a non-Muslim was caught at the place!!)
In between prayers, groups from different parts of the world gather and swap stories. I fondly recall meeting up with an aunt and uncle from Pakistan there. The mobile phone is a godsend in catching up with friends and family but it is still amazing how many friends you simply bump into. 
But where the Hajj is strictly for followers of Islam, this exhibition is not. I toured it with a non-Muslim friend. He was as fascinated as I was to see how pilgrimages undertaken hundreds of years ago compare to those of today, where modernity and tradition meet, and the beauty of Islamic art, found in everything from milestones to water bottles. (There is no such thing as Islamic art. It's pre-Islamic Arab art and only became known as "Islamic" when most Christian, Jewish and Pagan Arabs were murdered or expelled from Arabia). 
This exhibition gives us a new window not just on to Islam, but on to modern London too. (The exhibition is a farce. Muslims are now promoting Arab culture and art as if it was Islamic, when this very art can be seen in pre-Islamic times quite clearly.) 
Sadiq Khan is Labour MP for Tooting. Hajj: Journey to the Heart of Islam opens today and runs until April 15 (britishmuseum.org)."

See the article here.

Monday, 23 January 2012

The virulent Jew-hatred from Calderdale council

This is not the first time that Calderdale Council has decided to succumb to the forces of evil, and use its council headquarters to promote virulent Jew-hatred and facilitate anti-Israel propaganda.
Last year they promoted "Palestine day" in Halifax and distributed virulent and hateful anti-Jew literature. Note that I am not using the wrong terminology of anti-"Semitism", since their hate is purely directed towards JEWS ONLY, not other "Semitic" people.

We have received the below email on 21/01/12 from a friend of Israel, and he describes yet another action of Jew-hatred from Calderdale Council, where the council has allowed the "Halifax Friends of Palestine" (A group of RACIST, FASCIST, NAZI, OBNOXIOUS, ANTI-JEWISH and ANTI-ISRAELI idiots, who promote a country that does NOT exist)  to screen the extremely biased and misleading Channel 4 "drama" - "The Promise", which in itself has received overwhelming complaints from Jews and non-Jews, pointing out the blatant Jew-hatred from the film makers. 

Please refer to the below email where the numbers for contacting the council is given, and get calling. 
We need to show these vile racists that we will not tolerate them using PUBLIC FUNDS, paid with OUR TAXES to promote virulent Jew-hatred in our land. 
Demand the sacking of anyone involved in such racist action. 


Dear JDL,
Calderdale Council in West Yorkshire has a long history of facilitating anti-semitic and anti-Israel propaganda.
I wish to bring to your attention the latest example of the facilitation of anti-semitism by these wretched and notorious haters of the State of Israel. Calderdale Council is now publicising the screening of the anti-semitic Channel 4 drama "The Promise" by Halifax Friends of Palestine -  at one of its libraries located within a predominantly Muslim area of Halifax - via the use of its neighbourhood circulars.
This same area recently had "Kill the Jews" and "Free Gaza" spray-painted in red within the hallway of the local college.
"The Promise" will be shown on consecutive Thursdays on the 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd February, at King Cross Library in Halifax. If anyone is under any illusion as to its virulently anti-semitic and anti-Israeli stance please reference - http://honestreporting.com/channel-4-breaking-the-promise
I will be reporting this as a hate incident and complaining to the Council that it is allowing its public facilities to be used yet again to further the propogation of hatred against Jews and against Israel.
If anyone wishes to communicate their disgust at the continuing denigration of Jews and the ongoing demonisation of Israel by Calderdale Council using public monies the Library's contact number is 01422 288028 / 288026. The contact number for Community Cohesion is 01422 393180.
A True Friend of Israel and of Jews
PS:  JDL has my permission to do whatsoever it likes with this e-mail.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Palestinian Authority, the UN, and Now Ezra Nawi in Netzer?! We Must Be Doing Something Important!

By Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar of the Women in Green.

Our thanks to the anonymous Alon Shvut resident who called Women in Green on Friday, reporting that from her window she could see the Arabs uprooting and burning the trees that activists from Women in Green and the Netzer Group had planted just an hour earlier in Netzer, on the state lands that the Arabs had plowed.
            This was not the first time, and apparently not the last, either.

The Arabs sense the weakness of Israeli rule, read the geopolitical map, and the internal confusion in Israel regarding the status of Eretz Israel.

            Last Wednesday, as we do almost every day, Women in Green patrolled the area of Netzer and discovered that the Arabs had plowed state lands. An additional clarification was conducted with the relevant authorities, and these are indeed state lands over which the Arabs are trying to take control, by plowing. It was immediately decided to plant on these lands, to prevent the Arabs from doing so.

            In very high spirits, about 60 eucalyptus trees were planted by those attending the weekly class on the hills of Judea, on "The Blessing of Children" that was delivered by Rebbitzen Geula Twersky.

            Our high spirits quickly turned to sorrow, searing pain, and a feeling of hillul Hashem - the desecration of G-d's Name, when someone looking from the nearby Hachish hill in Alon Shvut called to inform us: "The Arabs are uprooting and burning the trees that you planted!"

            Following the telephone call, an emergency mobilization of activists was conducted. The time was 2 p.m. - Shabbbat was in two and a half hours.... We returned to Netzer and, once again, planted the same plot with another 60 eucalyptus trees. A confrontation developed with the Arabs, who were still there. The Arabs, while cursing and trying to attack the Jews, called the police. Women in Green called the IDF, and informed the Civil Administration.

            The security forces arrived at the area in the limited Friday order of forces, even though it is known that there is an intensive Arab presence on the ground, specifically on Fridays and Shabbatot. When the forces were already in the area, it transpired that they were incapable of doing anything, and were not succeeding in removing the Arabs.

            In the meantime, the savior of the Arabs arrived, the radical left activist Ezra Nawi, who is concerned for the "unfortunate" Arabs who are stealing state lands in the southern Hebron hills, and now, so we learned, also in Gush Etzion. Clearly the Arabs have contacts. This time they alerted Ezra Nawi; the last time it was the United Nations. Obviously, the Arab effort to steal Jewish lands on the hills of Judea and Samaria is well organized and amply funded, by local and international elements.

            Shabbat is fast approaching...
            The IDF loses no time in issuing a closed military zone order in order to remove the Arabs. The Jews were told: "Leave, we're removing the Arabs." But the activists saw that the IDF was not succeeding in removing the Arabs, and they declared that if the Arabs were not removed, they would organize a Shabbat at Netzer.

            An Arabic-speaking liaison officer was summoned to explain to the Arabs the meaning of the military order, and that they must leave the area.

            The activists rubbed their eyes in disbelief, with what courtesy the IDF soldiers treated the Arabs who had just uprooted and burned the Jews' trees. What gentleness, what attentiveness - so distant from the way that "settlers" are dragged off, beaten, and imprisoned. It's no wonder that the Arabs have no fear of Israeli rule. There is no deterrence, no fear, just infinite insolence and provocations.

            In the end, the security forces, seeing the determination of the activists who did not intend to leave the area, despite the pressure of erev Shabbat, and realizing that the confrontations were continuing, succeeded in removing the Arabs. Thank G-d, as this is being written, the planted trees stand tall and wait for rain.

            This is the process for all the area that we redeem on the lands of Netzer: the Jews plant, the Arabs uproot and burn, the Jews plant, and this goes on and on. The efforts, the resolve, and the dedication of the area's Jewish residents will determine the future. With G-d's help, the residents of Gush Etzion are continuing the history of stubbornly cleaving to the hill country with their very hands. This was clearly understood by the frustrated Arab who said to the Women in Green and Netzer activists: "I see that you are strong and will not leave here."

Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar
Women in Green


Commentary of JDL UK:

Shoot that filthy scum.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Pro-Israel demo - Israeli embassy 27th December 2011 - British Muslim Initiative exposes its Jew hatred once again.

Once again we have the degenerates of the British Muslim Initiative calling for the destruction of Israel. It seems these fellows have nothing better to do with their lives other than expose their Jew hatred for all to see.
What is extremely disturbing is that the Metropolitan Police does not seem to care and instead rather pick on Jews who defend themselves rather than reprimand those filthy animals from the BMI. 

While Mohammed Kozbar of the British Muslim Initiative chanted his evil words opposite the Israeli embassy, amongst a mob of  Islamo-Nazis,  the Zionist Federation had organized a counter demonstration in return. 

We had representatives of both JDL and JTF on the site. Unfortunately our camera ran out of battery at the time and we only managed a few photos. 
But luckily Richard Millet has covered the event in detail here: 

Here is a small piece of footage that we managed to do before the battery ran out. 


This event brought together a few new faces and some old ones too. All supporting Israel and standing up for justice. Placards read: "Support Justice, Support Israel", while the Islamo-Nazis chanted "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free".