Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Revolution Will Start From Within

JDL made lots of good friends in Israel

We went to visit Rabbi Meir David Kahane's grave in Jerusalem. The mood was great, with great atmosphere and people. A few jolly songs on the way. Watch our short video here

Sign showing the way to Rabbi Meir David Kahane's grave

Another sign showing us the way to Rabbi Kahane's grave. 

"Nekama Ba'Aravim" - It means: Revenge on the Arabs. This was seen written on the way to Kahane's grave. 

Rav Kahane's grave

JDL paying their respects and making friends. David's flag attracting many people.  

Zaza (JDL Canada) and a Kahanist supporter 
Mike and Zaza with supporters 

On the left is Meir David Sobelson, a really cool lad we met on the way to Kahane's grave. His cheerful character helped us get through the nightmare of up hills and down hills we had to walk until we got there. 
Between Mike and Zaza is a Kahanist supporter. 

Meir David and Mike - Salute to the JDL

It takes a lot to be a JDLer. It is a way of life. We are constantly fighting and helping others fight against anti-Semitism all over the world. 
During our stay in Jerusalem we were quite overwhelmed with the amount of support we received, and how the people of Jerusalem are true Kahanists by heart. 
They were holding a beautiful memorial service, and had many Kahane goodies for sale too. Great to show the world you are the Jew who fights back.

After the memorial we joined hundreds of other Kahanists at an after-service gathering, replete with delicious cakes, coffee and other refreshments. 

JDL Socialising with the righteous residents

Yeshiva boysfrom America supporting the JDL - All Kahanists

Goodies for sale. Igal Amir and Tag Mechir t-shirts. We got some. 

Cakes before the speeches

Kahanist gentlemen

Kahanist ladies

Michael Ben Ari 

We met up with the old members of the original JDL of Rav Kahane, and with many like minded people, who today continue to do an excellent work in defending our Eretz Israel, and educating the people on the dangers we are facing. It was refreshing to see so many good and conservative families coming out with their children and ensuring they listen to what the modern 'Maccabees' are saying. 

It was great to see and know that many, but many people in Israel are righteous and they will keep on fighting for what is righteous too. These people are the modern 'Maccabean Army'. They are the Jews who fight back. 

We embody the very spirit of Chanukkah. The Revolution started from within.