Wednesday, 12 December 2012

We have nothing to fear from Muslims - says Ian Birrell

Racist, fascist and anti-Semitic Muslims preaching their Jew hatred from an early age. 


I came across this particular article when I was reading the Evening Standard yesterday on my way back from work. The sheer idiocy of it made me look for it online and make my comments on it.

The article was written by a certain Ian Birrell, no doubt an ignorant leftist, who may (or may not) have any education whatsoever on religious issues, but certainly had none on Islam, the subject he attempts to write about.

Here are the headlines:

Ian Birrell 

Ian Birrell: We have nothing to fear from our Muslim citizens

New census figures showing an increase in the UK’s Muslim population are no excuse for scaremongering.

He is not only misleading the general populace with his utter ignorance he also goes on to refer to the new census figures, showing an increase in the UK's population of the followers of a paedophile, rapist and murderous prophet, as not an "excuse" for "scaremongering".  I am sure our intelligent readers will realise the naivety (or perhaps a deliberate misleading attempt to intimidate those who speak against Islam) of these headlines. 

Mr. Ian Birrell fails to use the correct words and of recognizing the dangers staring us all in the face. First of all, the words are not "excuse" and "scaremongering", they should instead read: REASON and CONCERN respectively.

He starts by talking of Catholicism and making a useless reference to certain Liberal leader known as William Gladstone. 

I challenge Mr. Ian Birrell to convince me and most of the British people that we have nothing to fear from Islam.

I, as an Israeli Jew, would be particularly interested to know what makes Mr. Ian Birrel so certain that this backwards "culture" that has been stealthily invading our shores (enabled by our own treacherous liberal government), a culture that has no tolerance for any other religion apart from Islam, has no tolerance for our conservative values, no tolerance for our food, our customs, our language, our ways of life, or our laws, can possibly pass by undetected and cause no serious concerns to any freedom loving individual. 

The Muslims have been massacring millions upon millions of Black Africans, as well as enslaving them to this day (See 'Mauritania' for further references), massacring Christian and Jewish ethnic groups to the point of their near extinction in their own homelands of Yemen, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Spain, massacring Zoroastrians in Iran, massacring Hindus and Buddhists in India, Indonesia and China, massacring Baha'is, Jains, Sikhs, Pagans, and the list goes on. 

Theirs is a violent, intolerant, racist, authoritarian, fascist, tyrannical, venomous, immoral and criminal "culture". And their "culture" is derived from their "religion" Islam, which literally means submission (not peace). 

It is obvious that pompous Mr. Birrell does not live amongst them, nor has he or will he ever, I assume. His article was not only a cheap shot, in an attempt to pacify the British public, but it reeked of dhimmified appeasement to the point that made my stomach churn. It is quite pathetic to see such a man humiliating himself by exposing his unexcusable ignorance on the matter.
After reading his article, which can be found here, I thought: "What an utter retard! He hasn't got a f***ing clue of what he is talking about, dumb dhimmi!"

Here is an excerpt of his ignorance:

"Today we see a clearer snapshot of the changing shape of our multi-hued nation and of the capital, with details of ethnicity, religion and falling home ownership in London especially. Given the pace of change and chilly economic climate, much of the discussion will focus on immigration. Sadly, it is powered in large part by misinformation and mistrust of Muslims."

So he not only believes that the people have no right to complain about the situation Britain is in today, or to focus on the reasons why it is in this situation in the first place, but he believes our distrust of Muslims is for something as shallow as that. The economic situation of Britain. Oh please!!!! 

I do not see anyone in our multicultural society complaining about how many Chinese, French, Italians, Irish, Africans, or Japanese live here. I do not see Buddhists burning churches. I do not see Christians burning Mosques. I do not see Jews burning temples. But I do see Muslims doing all these things and exulting at it! I see how their bloodlust shines through their orgasmic faces whenever one of their pathetic rockets hit an Israeli sea rock. And Mr. Birrell thinks we, as a civilized society, have no concern about hosting, and absorbing such savages into our lands? Why hasn't he read at least one single book on Islamic history before writing that piece of ignorant rubbish?

 He writes:

"The 2001 census found followers of Islam to have the youngest age profile of any religion — good news in our ageing society. But they were clustered in areas of deprivation, with high unemployment, poor education, overcrowded housing and few women working."

He forgot to mention that they were children of parents who married their own first cousins (which we consider incest and inbreeding), follow an extremely violent religion, come from extremely radical families and are an extreme danger to our society. 

Then this:

"Surveys have also found that Muslims from Bangladesh and Pakistan take more pride in being British than any other immigrant group. Despite this, we hear endlessly the same old lies about their lack of loyalty, their soaring reproduction rates, their desire to live apart, their hatred for host communities."

Lies???  It is clear that Mr. Birrell has passed over the ignorant mark, he is now inexcusably stupid. 
It is unacceptable that the Evening Standard allows such an ignorant man to write articles in its wide read papers. 

Perhaps Mr. Birrell must be reminded of the poppy burners, the Muslim riots in our streets, and their virulent anti-Semitic al-quds annual marches. Oh, lemme guess, he missed those! He could just as easily have looked on youtube, on google, and in the vast world wide web, and he would have learned something about it.

People like Ian Birrel shame themselves and destroy their reputations. Never again can anyone believe in what he writes, for he comes across as inexcusably ignorant and deliberately misleading. 

Muslim savages from Gaza bombing Kyriat Malachi - Israel.

Muslim savages sodomizing, torturing and murdering the US Ambassador in Benghazi.

Muslim savages stoning a woman to death for alleged "adultery".

These are just the nail clippings of a huge iceberg. Mr. Ian Birrell would do well in educating himself and fast! He cannot keep on poisoning the minds of people with his delusions of reality. 




  1. Another BBC type Brit who would love to be sodomised by a dirty arab mozlem. I'm sure one of them could oblige with a broken bottle...

  2. Barbaric mass murderer and huge slave trader, founder of Islam, Mohammad, declared: WAR IS DECEPTION. Wicked TRAITOR, Ian Birrell LIES and DECEIVES for Islam.

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

    In all of human history, there has never been such a betrayal by nations' leaders. European and British ruling elites have deliberately colonized our nations with many millions of Muslims - soldiers of Allah eager to obey their Quran book of war and wage jihad and conquer our countries. Future generations will condemn our ruling elites. G-d will judge them.

  3. Dude iv been reading your posts and stuff, you call muslims racists etc iv seen jews do the same thing you aint any better coming here and trying to save the world. Look in to your history who supported and funded the 2nd world war for hitler????? I found something quite interesting hitler was 1/4 jewish.........strange dont you think.
    You carry on and spread your hatered to the masses and your buddies at edl, oh sorry .most people here dont know jdl and edl get funding from israel. Masses of uk happy reading...........

    1. Life before the great flock of niqabi/burqa etc asylum seekers (approx 1980-2013) was alot pleaanter; you've ony go to pay attention the public's antipathy regarding immigration to see this for yourself. We're fed up with it. Why not go live in a muslim country? You'll be much happier anyway.

  4. "For world peace Israel must be destroyed." - (See image above.)

    But they missed out another vital aspect of Islamic peace:

    "For world peace the entire world must submit to Allah."

    Muslims never tell you the complete story of Islam.