Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Ugly Face of Palestinian Demonstrators Revealed

The IDF recently uploaded this video, showing the true side of Islamo-Nazi, Palestinian demonstrators, who taunt and provoke Israeli soldiers for hours upon end, in order to see a response and capture it on video, luckily, Israeli soldiers are highly trained to deal with the moronic behavior from Palestinian demonstrators. 

The focus of this video is a brainwashed child, The girl shouts at the soldiers in Arabic: 

“You’re a traitor! I know you speak Arabic. Our soldiers are stronger than you! I’ll smash your head.” Continuing her tirade until she’s practically hoarse, she screams: “I spit in your face. Go watch your mother instead of fighting little children. You’re a traitor. You kill people to get money from dogs.”

Many of these violent protests are psychically supported by upper class, Leftist Europeans and Americans, who travel to Israel to join the Pro-Palestine cause, take part in these violent demonstrations and to help provoke a response from IDF soldiers, only to unnecessarily scream and cry when they receive one in the form of a swift arrest.

The Palestinians claim to the holy land is a fabricated lie, as is the so called 'oppression' they claim to be under.

Palestinians are infamous for glorifying child suicide bombers, and the video shows the mothers of the children throwing them at the IDF soldiers, desperate to provoke a violent response, this backs up the fact that Palestinians simply see their children as a tool that can be used against Israel, in the words of Golda Meir:

"Peace will come when the Arabs love their children more than they hate us"

Also view the documentary of 'Pallywood' exposing the false victimization professionally demonstrated by Palestinians for the worlds TV cameras, in order to demonize Israel.

Here is the full video:

Jewish Defence League UK

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  1. I wouldn't be so tolerant with those arab assholes.