Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Real Side of The Current Israel-Gaza Situation

Today we have written an article on how the Western media is now bending to keep Muslim propagandists in their midst happy.

No schools tomorrow in Southern Israel. 1 million Israeli's sleeping tonight in bomb shelters. 55 rockets and missiles fired this evening towards Southern Israel. Iranian Grad missiles exploding in Beer-Sheva, sirens going off in Ashdud, Ofakim, Eshkol, Shaar Ha'negev, Dimona, Ashkelon..

 Let's get the word out! Israel has the right to protect their citizens!
My Facebook feed is currently filled with updates on the Israel-Gaza situation, which is becoming worse by the day.
Yesterday, Israel did a fantastic job at eliminating a senior Hamas chief and launched operation pillar of defense in response to more than 12,000 rockets fired at Israel from Gaza is the last 12 years.
The latest update is that 3 Israeli's, including children, have been killed by Hamas rocket strikes.
Whilst reading through major media networks, I noticed that the they did not report on the death and suffering Israeli's are facing, instead deciding to report on a Palestinian propaganda picture of a dead child, as if all of a sudden, Hamas and Gazans are innocent in all of this.. despite forcing over one million Israeli's to sleep in bomb shelters for the coming nights.
What the Daily Mail did not show was the efforts the IDF made to ensure the least amount of civilian casualties, in effect even jepodising their operation in order to save civilian lives, something we could only dream of Hamas doing.
The Huffington Post also joined in on the Biased reporting:
What the Huffington post did not report, was the images of the 3 Israeli dead:
What the Western media also did not report is what happened today in Haifa university in Israel, 20 percent of the students are Arab and today, a crowd of them held a 2 minutes silence in memory of the Hamas leader that was killed yesterday  and still the West still foolishly call Israel an 'Apartheid State'
I only hope people see the truth about this conflict and support the civilized and rightous side, Israel.
I pray Israel and Operation Pillar of Defense is successful and the soil of Gaza is manured with Islamic terrorists. 
Jewish Defence League UK


  1. Keep up the good work and NEVER SURRENDER!!!

  2. You can blame that baby's death on the terrorists all around Gaza. They are directly responsible.

  3. Am Y'Israel Chai! Keep up great work and Never Ever Surrender!!!
    G-d Bless the IDF and Israel.