Thursday, 29 November 2012

Moroccan Muslim Jew-Hating-Scum from Holland only gets 16 hours community service

Nazi Jew-hater and Racist vermin Moroccan "Dutch" Muslim Omar E.

In an outrageous travesty of justice, this young rabid anti-Semite Moroccan Muslim, Omar E. only got 16 hours of community service, at the Anne Frank's house at that, for the vile, racist, anti-Semitic and hateful rants he made in the video below. At the time of this article, the video had been viewed by 569,206 people.


We have translated his words below.

Q. What do you think of these anti-Israel actions?

A. We are against Israel. Because the Jews should be exterminated.

Q. Why?

A. Because they are ruining our palestinian muslimbrothers. They are ruining our land.

Q. Our land?

A. Yes. They are muslims so we see that as our land as well. Every muslim is our land.

Q. But you are not palestinian?

A. No, but because my muslim brothers live there.

Q. So you think that what these people are doing is good?

A. I think the actions are very good that they fight against Israel there. Because they have those temples on their heads. I don't like that.

Q. What kind of temples?

A. You know, those temple.. eeh those hats.

Q. You hate those hats?

A. Yes, I immediately want to 'djuke' them, I immediately want to stab them. I have a scriber here. Yes, but I have a scriber here.

Q. But is it about Jews or about Israelis?

A. It's about the Jews. The Israelis. All of them. They are all one.

Q. But aren't Jews and Israelis 2 different things?

A. No, for me they are the same. I hate the Israelis, then I hate the Jews as well.

I am not a racist. But I do hate Jews and Israelis. When it comes to them I am a racist.

Q. So you are not a racist, only when it concerns Jews...

A. Yes, then I am a racist. A very vile racist.
I think Geert Wilders can drop dead right now. I hope he gets cancer and I hate all Jews. Done with. Finished.

While this perversion of justice goes on in The Netherlands, others like Geert Wilders for example, are taken to court to be prosecuted as “Racists” even though Muslims are not a race but followers of a mad and fake “prophet”. 

Everything Wilders said was right. No one can deny it. 

Surely it is not pleasant for some Muslims to hear the truth, however the truth can be seen from their own behaviour throughout the world. There is tons of material available for those who truly wish to learn about Islam and Muslims, so there is no longer the excuse of ignorance. There is however the apathy, and the nonsensical attitude of “turning a blind eye”, as well as the dhimmified attitude of 'appeasement'.

Unlike the infamous and rabid anti-Zionist and anti-Semite organisations such as CAIR, BDS, IFE, etc... etc... who persistently regurgitate their vile Jew-hating lies and defamations about Jews and Israel, the counter-Jihad movement are only concerned with exposing the truth about Muslims and Islam. Our educational material come not only from Historical research but from observation, learning from their own books, and ultimately from the horse’s mouth.

The horror of it all is that there are still certain individuals as well as groups that keep on wasting public funds and police time by demanding prosecution for those who criticise Islam and expose the reality of the Muslim world, by claiming their motive is racism, when they know full well that it isn't.

Must we keep on repeating to the ignorant masses that Islam is not a race and neither are Muslims? 

The counter-jihad idea is not a new one, it has been in existence for over 100 years; one only has to read the right books to realise that criticism of Islam and Muslims is not a new trend, but a very old one indeed. And why? Because throughout the times, Muslims have behaved in the same manner that they do today, only in olden times the information was slower to be divulged and the truth was not as widely available as it is now. 

Furthermore, in the old days there were not many Muslims living in Western countries, but with Europe opening its gates to all sorts and sundries, they have overflowed our countries bringing with them their abhorrent "culture" and customs, which are not only utterly alien to us but at its worse barbaric and at best laughable. 

The Netherlands have been plagued by riots, rapes and countless crimes committed mainly by Muslims, and it baffles us all that the authorities that are paid by the Dutch people, to protect them from these very crimes are turning a blind eye to their vicious and unforgivable crimes and failing in their job. 

Furthermore the politicians and the government threaten to prosecute and jail all those who attempt to fight against this barbarity and protect their families from such violence.

This is nothing but sheer betrayal of the people who put their trust in them.

Consequently the victimized people are now within their g-d given rights to fight (and I wholeheartedly encourage and hope they do fight as hard as they can) against their government and this bunch of dhimmi appeasers. 

If the government in The Netherlands think that they can allow barbarians to come into the country to spout their filthy hate speech in the streets, they will have to accept what their own people may do to them in return. Every action has a reaction, and the consequences of not applying the justice the people demand may be extremely dangerous. 

We have been warning of this situation for a long time now and fools are those who choose to ignore the warnings.

Muslims intend to cause a second holocaust, but Jews are no longer silent. The JDL continues the struggle from where Rabbi Kahane left off. 
We want Jews all over the world to fight back against such Nazis wherever you find them. This is a matter of survival. 

What we are seeing is the result of Muslims brainwashing their children to hate Jews. This is unacceptable, and we must ensure that these people are held fully responsible for their actions. Crimes must be punished. If the law fails to act, you can be sure we will not. 



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  1. "Palestine is a territory which historically had nothing to do with Arab people. In fact, it was Roman Emperor Hadrian who renamed the region Palestinia from Judea to punish the Jews after their defeat in the second Jewish insurrection against Rome. The original word Palestinia comes from the root word Philistia and the ancient Philistines were originally Greek. After decades of good propaganda and a lack of historical understanding on the part of many, the United Nations has created something which has no historical basis. What is most disturbing is a terrorist organization, which is attacking a sovereign State, has now been awarded legitimacy."