Thursday, 15 November 2012

G-d writes perfectly well even on crooked lines

Artwork from Zeev Ben Yosef

Whenever I complained of some injustice or moaned about the state of things in the world or even in my country of birth, my mother would say:  Learn this: "G-d writes perfectly well even on crooked lines".  
By that she meant that even when we think that something bad is happening, this may well be G-d's way of doing something good. The lines may be crooked but G-d's writing is always perfect on them. 

We Jews always hope G-d will write our names in the book of life, this is what we always wish one another during Rosh ha'shana, when we say: "Chatimah tova" - literally: Good signature, but meaning: "May your name be inscribed in the book of life".

Now, why am I saying all this?  I say this because as it happens we have just returned from Israel, where we were on a mission with our friends from JDL Canada, the guys from Blogwrath , Blazing Cat Fur, and others,  and on the very day we left, the murderous sub-humans from the cursed terrorist group Hamas started hitting Israel with missiles, with the purpose of killing Israelis of course!

We were at several parts of Israel, including Eshkol, Hebron, Kiryat Arba,  Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Eilat and others. We could have been hit too but somehow things only started after we left, on the last day of our mission. 

But what I want you to know is that when "G-d writes perfectly well even on crooked lines" it also applies to the situation in Israel at the moment. We may not see it this way but I think this war has arrived at a perfect time. Well, not so perfect because I and many of my friends (I am sure) would have preferred to stay in Israel and fight alongside our comrades in the IDF. I for example am gutted. I wish I had been given a few more days of action, so that I could put a few bullets in their rotten heads, but as fate would have it, we missed it by one day. 

So Hamas has re-started their offensive. In fact they never stopped, but this time it is because Mongrel-born Barack Hussein Obama (Yemach shmo ve'zichro), the Nazi US president in the White House, the one who won through a fraudulent voting system, has decided to once again cavort with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, reaffirming his commitment to Islamize America. This has given the Pisslamic Brotherhood the confidence to believe that their darlings, Hamas, can attack Israel with impunity. 

Perhaps they see this Nazi mongrel Obama's (fraudulent) victory as a green light to carry out a second holocaust against the Jews. 
Destruction of a house in Kyriat Malachi - Photo from Marc Israel 

Israelis taking cover behind their cars at Ayalon Highway in Tel Aviv

The good news however are that Israelis have had enough. Jews have had enough. And guess what? Those who support civilization and freedom also had enough. We are all rejoicing at the IDF's victories, and I hope we will continue to rejoice for many more to come.

I have just come across a post from the extreme left and degenerates from "Peace Now", who posted the above picture on their facebook page. I wonder what these Muslim appeasers are feeling now that Hamas is targeting their homes. I can only wish that in this case, their missiles do not miss. Good riddance to these imbeciles who have time and time again promoted a two solution state, and kept pushing Israelis to give their lands to these murderous sub-humans. I pray that Hamas missiles hit all their homes, and the homes of all those who still think there can be peace with these monsters. 

Now that the IDF has ELIMINATED the murderous sub-human Ahmed Jaabari, the gates of the HELL these beasts have come from are truly open and we should all now envision and pray for a speedy ELIMINATION of the remaining sub-humans that plague Gaza. 
Of course, innocents will inevitably die since the sub-humans of Hamas uses them as human shields, but if they are not targeted and pulverised from the face of the earth, they will continue their tirade and this will never stop.

Here is an amazing photo from the Iron Dome intercepting two missiles. Courtesy from IDF Elite. 
And to think that the leftards in Israel were at one point earlier this year protesting against the use of the Iron Dome.  Once again I hope other missiles will fall on their houses, so that they can understand how protesting against such defence was a very very dumb and idiotic thing to do. 

They shall learn the hard way and see how G-d writes perfectly well even on crooked lines. 


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