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Elisheva Federman describes her life experiences in Hebron

We had the pleasure of meeting Elisheva Federman, one of the many Orthodox Jewish Warrior Queens of Israel, mother of 10 children, English Teacher and Wife to Noam Federman, Hero former leader of the Kach Party.

Noam and Elisheva's homes have been destroyed 6 times by Israeli Forces, which were most certainly under the command of some dhimmified mefakdim (Army commanders). 

Hear Elisheva tell us her story at Rav Kahane's memorial in Jerusalem, on November 1, 2012. 

Hear Elisheva speak exclusively at the Kahane memorial, here:

When I heard Elisheva speak, I had tears in my eyes. It was very emotional and despite the feeling of sadness I was also enraged with the injustice done to her and many others! Injustice done to us Jews, by other Jews. The spineless commanders of such missions should be ashamed of themselves for allowing themselves to be used as kapos once were. 

Army soldiers who remove Jews from their homes are kapos. There is no other word to describe them. Our own children who were born Sabras and joined the army as Sabras, to defend their country from invaders and terrorists, are now turning against us? Wake up and smell the Nana tea! 

There is a link online done by Gemma Blech, with some photos of one of the Federmans' homes being destroyed. Click here to see it. 

There is a revolution happening right now in Israel. This is the Jewish Spring! 
The Arabs have had theirs. Now it's our turn. 

If Arab terrorists want Jewish blood, then they will pay very high for it. Our lives do not come cheap. And these army soldiers who once removed us from our homes, are now having to fight for their own homes, just like we did. 

Perhaps they will tell us how does it feel being in the other person's shoes!

I believe that people only react when the problem hits home. Literally. And now that it has, perhaps it is wiser to start understanding that Jews from all over the world, and Israelis, must join together to save Israel and to destroy Hamas once and for all. We should not have to live in fear in our own land, in our own homes.

I ask you: What would you do if this was happening in your own country?

Roberta - JDL UK and Elisheva Federman - Hebron Nov 2012

Elisheva's home overlooks the beautiful hills of Samaria - A real mitzva to live here. 

Elisheva, Noam Federman and our Kahanist friend from JDL Canada, David (Wearing a Kahane t-shirt).

Elisheva explains that they are once again rebuilding their home. So far this last home has not been destroyed, and they hope they will be able to remain and lead a normal life, at the least. 

The Israeli government as well as Arabs have been harassing the Federmans for many years now, but they continue to fight back. Surrender is not an option. This is their home, this is their land, and G-d willing, as he surely is, they will remain. 

 The Israeli authorities opened Abraham's cave, our holy site, just to Arabs and Jews were not allowed to visit the cave of their patriarch.  Elisheva explains to us how she had to campaign day and night, bringing families together to force the Israeli authorities to open Abraham's cave to Jews again.

We encourage everyone to help families like the Federmans in Hebron and surrounding areas. We must ensure that Jews build as many homes as they wish in their land. We want Jews to get together to raise funds for these people, so we ask you for help. Contact us if you can donate and help these Israeli families in the most inhospitable areas of Israel. They are holding the country together. They are the ones defending our borders, every day of their lives, day and night. 

They need security fences, chicken wire, wood for building, security dogs, and several other defence tools. They have almost no security at all where they live, if not for the other Jewish families who live nearby. The Israeli authorities even took the only weapon Elisheva had to protect her family, her machine gun Uzi. 

Meanwhile Arab Muslims in Hebron are armed and never harassed by the Israeli authorities, thus they are a constant danger from the inside.

Arabs do not pay taxes either. Their homes are purposely left "unfinished" so that they do not have to pay taxes on "unfinished" typically 3-4 floor homes. 

Where is the justice in allowing Arabs to arm themselves and get rich at our expense, while removing Jews from their homes and every last thing a Jew can use for self-defence? How is it right or noble to allow Eretz Israel to be raped by murderous Arabs who are hell bent on a second Jewish Holocaust and the destruction of our country? 

Well, it won't happen. Just like the Federmans, my brothers and sisters in Israel are now fighting back. The lions roar. Can you hear them? Don't worry, you will. 

More on the Federmans here, from our friend of Blogwrath.  

JDL UK Team 

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