Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A Message To Any Jew Who Voted for Obama..

Any Jew who voted for Obama should be truly and deeply ashamed of themselves... it shows an absolute lack of Jewish pride and a blatant disregard for the 6 million+ Jews living in Israel. 

68% of these idiots have voted for the most openly hostile president the Jewish state has ever seen. You should have to declare at the Ben Gurion airport who you voted for when you visit, so we can give you what you deserve before sending you out of the country as an enemy of the state.

The damage Obama will cause and the increased hostility towards the Jewish state in the next 4 years, means any Jew who voted for Obama is an enemy to the Jewish people and Israel, pure and simple.

G-d help America and the rest of the world.

Jewish Defence League UK


  1. Blew my mind when I kept seeing comments last night that hussein is the most pro-Israel president we've had. Where on earth are these people living?

  2. Obama is not anti jew from what i've listened about his stance.

    is there any proof to support the fact that he is anti jew ??

    1. Obama relies on gullible, Liberal Jews to vote for him so of course he would not display his anti-Jewish stance in public.

      He does, however, show his anti-Israel sentiment through his disrespectful and dangerous actions against the Jewish state.

      Obama is the most anti-Israel president we have ever seen, just look at the damage he has done to the country he is supposed to 'Lead'

      How Americans have voted him for a second term is beyond belief..

    2. this is another anonymous replying to a blind anonymous, obama is a muslim socialist who stands with the enemies of Israel. I am a Gentile who believes in my Holy Bible and God loves Isreal and we as Christians must support God's chosen people. Read your Bible and you will see for yourself how God gave the land Isreal to the Jewish people and no one has the right to take it away from them. Isreal must never allow no muslims to take their land for peace, it belongs to them the Jewish people.

  3. michael blackcrest7 November 2012 at 19:26

    Oy not the 6 million again...

  4. There are way too many videos of him out there that have him as a guest at parties and functions run by Palestinian terrorists, plenty of jew haters, and lots of enemies of our people. The fact that he treats Israeli dignitaries like crap is more idiocy on his part as far as I'm concerned.

    I'm embarrassed to even go to synagogue anymore-I just don't relate to the modern liberal jew. Heck- Thank goodness Shelley Berkley is no longer employed! She goes to my synagogue, and is an absolute enemy to the Jewish people as far as I'm concerned-simply because for years she was nothing more than the lapdog of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi.

  5. Im American, and I cant believe it either...he was an open muslim for alot of his early years, there is plenty of proof of this, how we could vote a man w the name Hussein Obama into the White House, 7 YEARS after the most heinous terrorist attack to ever b perpetrated on American soil, done to us BY muslims, the people of this once mighty nation are blind sheep, who are enamored of this man simply bc of the color of his skin. they think that we are worshipped and looked up to by other countries bc we have a black president, we are a laughingstock, and have been for years. since clinton and the cigar, who would respect that nation? we are done for...

  6. obama is a enemy of America and Israel, all those people that voted for him are blind and stupid. God will deal with them.