Thursday, 25 October 2012

Video: JDL France Pour Red Paint on Kapo's and Anti-Semites

JDL France have recently released excellent footage of their group marking the Kapo's and Anti-Semite's of France with red paint.

Among those targeted were Houria Bouteldja, who referred to the indigenous French as "sous-chiens", a pun meaning "sub-dogs" She also said "I am Mohammed Merah", Olivia Zemor and Jacob Cohen.

A similar punishment, in the final days of world war 2, was dished out to those who collaborated with the Nazis, hence it is a fitting for modern day Kapo's and traitors who collaborate with Islamo-Nazi's.

Excellent Work by La Ligue de Défense Juive (LDJ)!

View more activism by the JDL France, here.

Jewish Defence League UK


  1. the one in the garbage bag sounds like minnie mouselime.
    This is just magnifique.

    1. yes thats the one I hoped would have got the paint.

  2. This just made my morning. LOL

  3. Only wish It was translated in English. But I did enjoy watching them get soaked. Next time try and get the baghead that was yapping on and on.