Sunday, 7 October 2012

Met Police Arrest JDL UK Members But Tolerate Mujahideen in London

I recently saw a photo on The Body of Truth, of a Muslim showing his allegiance to the Mujahideen, what was worse was the fact that, in the picture, was a police officer trying (and failing miserably) to calm the rabid looking Mujahid down, the police officer was none other than Sgt. Walker, the same man who arrested a female JDL UK member for trying to debate with a Muslim mob who were attacking Israel in the centre of London just two minutes away from where this picture was taken.

Sgt. Walker also attempted to censor some of our other members covering the arrest on video, you can read our article on the arrest, here.
Now, I am wondering just why Sgt. Walker, who believes a Jewish woman simply trying to debate a Muslim mob who threw anti-Semitic abuse and sexual and violent threats at her and were spreading lies and attacking Israel, is considered more of 'a breach of the peace' than a Muslim, physically assaulting him and openly showing his allegiance to a violent, worldwide Islamic militia, in public.

Below is a picture of Sgt. Walker attempting to knock the camera out of the hands of a JDL UK member who was trying to capture the unlawful arrest of one of our members on camera.

What a disgrace the Metropolitan Police force is, they are happy to arrest law abiding Jews to ensure Muslim mobs do not turn violent, instead of tackling the Muslim problem head on.

Jewish Defence League UK


  1. That guy with the red weard in the top photo is an English revert. He's got a tattoo on his neck. Tattoos are haram in pislam too.

    1. That is true, I bet his Muslim cohorts would not be pleased about the tattoo.

      It is funny how Muslims call those dumb enough to convert "reverts" giving the impression that everybody on earth is a Muslim, despite what you call yourself, you just need to lose your mind and join the cult of Islam to make it official, how deluded can they possibly get?

  2. Jews need to keep fighting back. This Walker cop is a pussy, too pussy to fight a Moslem so he picks on a Jewish woman...pfffttt

    Way to go guy, way to be a ball-less "man."

  3. I noticed the same thing happened a few weeks back when the EDL tried to peacefully protest while Muslims and Fascist were throwing rocks and bottles at them. Instead of arresting the Muslims, they ended up arresting the EDL members. What are the UK police afraid of. In that demonstration I also noticed a number of female Police. Political correctness isn't going to get the job done. When your facing an angry mob of Muslims, do you really want female police on the scene. I think thats part of the reason the UK police didn't try to stop the Muslims and instead told the EDL that their planned march wasn't going to happen. More bending backwards for those who want to destroy your country.

  4. That fat pig looks too stupid to judge who to silence. I stand with the Jews, I stand with Israel.

  5. muslims know the officers' names and their homes. officers' are threatened. it really is up to you to regain your towns by force and threats - however, i do not approve of bodily harm

  6. You are bought and sold. Not just the abdication in your 'peace at all cost' police surrender- not just in the weak-minded judicial surrender to multi-culturism and political correctness- no, the Saudi/caliphate stranglehold on your petrol and the Arab buy-out of your National debt has purchased your 'Commonwealth' and enslaved you. As we say back home... "nice knowin' ya!"