Wednesday, 24 October 2012

JDL UK Featured on Norwegian Documentary

The Jewish Defence League UK were recently featured in a Norwegian documentary called Focal Point: Nothing Comes in a Closed Hand.

The documentary featured various Counter-Jihad groups all over Europe.

Chaim ben Pesach, leader of the Jewish Task Force was also featured in the documentary.

Although 90% of the documentary is spoken in English, the narrative is Norwegian, at present the documentary only has Norwegian subtitles, we are currently awaiting a link with English subtitles.

The documentary can be viewed here.

Lena Andreasson was also featured in the documentary, this woman infiltrated various Counter-Jihad groups over the past two years and recently revealed herself to the Norwegian media in this article as a police informant, anti-Counter Jihad and Pro-Islam.

To maintain security in Counter Jihad groups, it is crucial to cut all ties with Lena Andreasson now that she has revealed herself as a police informant and warn others of her true intentions.

Jewish Defence League UK

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