Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Code Red in Sderot

The sad reality of the daily life of peaceful Jews trying to live side by side with murderous Arabs.

Those gullible enough to believe a 'Two State Plan' will work need to take a long hard look at this picture.
If Hamas are not strapping explosives to their children, they are dropping explosives on our children!
Code Red in Sderot: Living in the most heavily bombed place in the world.
Medications, such as Valium and various antidepressants are in plentiful supply to keep the children calm.. 
"A woman's urgent voice repeats the words, "Tseva Adom, Tseva Adom," over public address loudspeakers.
In Hebrew this means, "Code Red".
It signifies a missile is on its way.
Sderot's jittery residents have no more than 15 seconds to take cover before the rocket hits.
On this occasion, they will have to wait there for a long time.
For the next 72 hours Code Red alerts will sound almost continuously; Islamic militant groups in Gaza have begun raining the first of more than 100 rockets on to the town during a terrifying three-day attack.
one-third of those aged between four and 18 now suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, while many more exhibit the symptoms of severe anxiety and feelings of helplessness that warn of more serious problems to come.
The fact that ten-year-olds receive daily tranquillisers demonstrates how they are being robbed of a normal childhood."
I wish Israel would turn Gaza into one big parking lot, but unfortunately, until many of the Liberal figures in the Israeli government grow a backbone, they will continue to seek the futile 'peace with the Arabs' all the while the ordinary Jewish people suffer like this.
Jewish Defence League UK

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