Sunday, 7 October 2012

Anjem Choudary - The Muslim Version of Nick Griffin

I was looking through Anjem Choudary's Twitter account when I came across something that looked like it came straight from the mouth of Nazi moron Nick Griffin.

Anjem Choudary stated: "Maybe if it was a black Jewish woman the media & UK gov't would think twice before saying nasty things about an innocent Muslim b4 trial?"

A pretty racist, Islamic statement in my opinion and Muslims even try to claim that Race is not an issue in Islam, despite the fact that Arab Muslims took countless slaves from Africa and the Caucasus regions.

Anjem Choudary has also been known to use the Muslim term 'Abeed' which is a derogatory term meaning "slave" and is used mainly in Arab countries and is usually applied as an insult to Black people to invoke stereotypes.

Perhaps Nick Griffin and Anjem Choudary should get to know each other better, due to them both being backward, racist morons who have a paranoid phobia of Zionists and after all, Muslims and Nazi's have been known to be more than friendly with each other in the past.

PS The "Innocent Muslim" Anjem is referring to is Abu Hamza, only somebody who is ranked in the highest levels of stupidity would call Hamza 'Innocent' due to the man being a hate mongering preacher full of Islamic hatred and despised by the people in many Western countries.

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  1. Abid (Arabic: عابد ‎) is a given name meaning "worshipper". It is based on the Arabic word "Ibadah", i.e. worship. The female version of the name is Abida.

    The word Abd is a cognate with the Hebrew word "eved" (עבד), meaning slave.