Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Tale of The Two Towers

    Fairy Tale by Caesar for wise people of all ages.
    Amsterdam, July 2012 Anno Domini.

Tale of The Two Towers

Once upon a time in a mighty country in the West.... A king decided two build two high towers, to show Heaven that Man was made small, but capable of great deeds. He called the two towers: Babylon I and Babylon II, for the king was an atheist and thought he could joke with the Holy Scripture.

Many years after they were build, and really, they were high that one could see above the clouds, in lands far away from here, a people called the Momo's send 4 dragons to the West, to destroy the two towers and make the whole world afraid of them. The Momo's already for centuries had the plan to conquer the world, but only recently, due two the many friends they got in the rest of the world, saw their chance to submit all other people. 

The 4 dragons were flying at incredible speed and when they reached the two towers they burned them with balls of fire and crashed into them. Because the dragons were very large, they were able to take the whole towers with them in their destruction.

Immediately after this happened, the people of the West wanted to fight the Momo's in their deserts in the Middle-East. Large armies gathered. However, the traitors among them were numerous! Many soldiers in these armies pretended to be fighting the Momo's, but were actually spying for the Momo's. Some even defended the Momo's by saying that the dragons were not send by them! The lies by the traitors were undermining morale and soon many soldiers wanted to stop the war against the Momo's. 

A small group of commando's gathered around a campfire for a secret meeting. They decided that besides fighting the war, they had to fight a secret war against the traitors in their midst. Soon after this campfire meeting, they shot a commander of the Western Army dead, who always undermined morale and whom they suspected of being a spy for the Momo's. They shot him with a weapon from the Momo's, that they had confiscated. Everybody thought the commander had been killed by the enemy.

Many such incidents happened and the group, that the commando's had started, grew. Also regular soldiers got involved. One day they changed their tactics: they would now send traitor-soldiers that were amongst them on special patrols. Then, they secretly informed the Momo's with help of double-spies about the where-abouts of this patrol the Momo's could ambush them. This way they used the force of the enemy against itself.

The End.

JDL UK Team 

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