Sunday, 23 September 2012

Ragheads bleating against Egyptian made Muhammad film but at the US Embassy

Some Abdolkarim Ahmadi posted an event on Facebook calling for Muslims to protest against a film they see as anti-Islam.
The film in question is "The innocence of Muslims" written and produced by Nakoula Basseley - or Sam Bacile. 

The protest was arranged for yesterday and we went there to have a look at these howling beasts parroting their usual disrespectful drivel, together with chants of "Allah hu'akbar" and other rubbish. Same old...

We were surprised to see mostly women with children there. It seems they have nothing better to do on Saturdays other than take to the streets of London to scream their hate for Jews, Americans, British, and everything western, and yet these parasites remain in western lands, enjoying but mostly abusing our Freedom of Speech. It is beyond comprehension that we tolerate and allow these people to use a right which they themselves claim to be so against. 

The film itself is no big deal. It was of poor production and low budget but you get the point, which by the way is true. The film is not anti-Islam, it is true to Islam, and true to Muhammad's character. The Muslims who are protesting are deluded and misguided. They are protesting just for the sake of making noise and causing disruption. Or are they now denying their own Quran and the words within it? Are they denying that Muhammad was a murderer, a tribal parasite on Khadija, or a paedophile? 

It does not matter how we say it or show it, the truth is one and this is who Muhammad was. It's not our fault that Muslims have been brainwashed, beyond the possibility of recognizing their own History, and think that despite all the rapes, murder, paedophilia, tortures and horrendous barbarity Muhammad and his barbarian hordes did to people, in the name of Islam and in his own name, Muhammad is still somewhat a "saint". He wasn't. End of story. He was nothing but a vicious beast. 

Now, the protest contained a mixture of messages. We are still not sure why these idiots were protesting outside the US Embassy when the man who did the film is actually Egyptian, but we learned never to underestimate the utter stupidity, bigotry and anti-Semitism of Muslims.

A child held a placard saying: 

"Islam is a religion of peace"  and right beside him, another child held a placard saying: "Burn google down". Huh?? Religion of peace, indeed! (Not)
Other placards also said funny things, such as "Ban you tube" or "Freedom yes, insult no". 

But the core of the issue really was that Muslims were spouting their hateful drivel as usual, and not particularly focused only on the film. They had anti-Zionist placards (Perhaps now they reckon Sam Bacile is a Zionist or something), Hezbollah flags and others as you can see from the photos below.

At one point we asked the police officers near to us if they knew what the flag was or who was Hezbollah. Not only didn't they want to comment but asked us to "enlighten" them. Surely they need a hell of a lot more enlightenment since they know absolutely nothing about this evil cult called Islam and the attitudes of its followers either.

Another officer (photo below) did not agree Hezbollah was a terrorist organization. Instead he said: "It depends on the interpretation". 

WHAAAAT??? What other interpretation would anyone with a sane mind give to what Hezbollah is, apart from the truth? They are proscribed because they are a terrorist organization! These officers indeed need enlightenment, but I am not sure where they will get it from, if not from us.

While there we witnessed quite a few people complaining to the police about the protest and met up with a lovely conservative British couple who also joined us in our astonishment as to why the police was not acting at all, and allowing such vile hate speech in our streets. 

Here is one of the Hezbollah's "houris". This Muslima was proudly holding the proscribed terrorist organization's flag and the officers, as the cowards that they are, did not want to enter the sea of women and children to arrest the perpetrator, lest they get hit by their handbags, and G-d forbid if any of them tried to defend themselves!  
(Photo courtesy of the British couple that were with us on site).

Here we have a better view of the terrorist supporting Muslima. 

Here are the cowards of the Met Police, who knew the flag was proscribed but allowed the haters to have their sunny day out, preaching more hatred in front of their children and in full view of the British public.

Here is another for your amusement below. The funniest word I have seen in most placards was: "demand".  

Yes, we were there. 

Once again the Muslims make total asses of themselves by protesting at the wrong place, while exposing once again the true face of Islam. Hate, hate and more hate. 
The Met police acted with the usual spineless apathy, the perfect dhimmis that they are, ignoring the filth of the words written on placards and the hellish ringing of their chanted hatred through megaphones, and allowed them the Western "Free speech" of preaching hatred and violence in the streets of England.  

Europe is now a very dangerous place for Jews. Britain is no longer great, and the survival of our people must be our goal.
These are desperate times and desperate times need desperate actions. 



  1. Hi I'm getting really sick of seeing British Police taking a 'softly softly' approach to Islamic extremism. In my view parading round the street with a Hizbollah flag is no different from flying a German flag from circa 1936.

    Over in Hereford we have the nauseating spectacle of a police officer actually encouraging Islam to move into the city. I used to respect the police but they have shown so much cowardice in the face of agressive Islam that I find that I can no longer respect then or support them.

  2. Same here my friend. We can no longer respect them. If they are not part of the solution, they are part of the problem.
    Some were even attempted to justify their lack of action by saying "Legislation needs to be changed".
    So these mugs will be forever waiting for legislation to change before they can act? Most officers I spoke to claimed that they are sick and tired of trying to prosecute these people because the CPS undo their work. They said it's the CPS' fault.
    I say it's everyone's fault. Theirs for not contesting or pushing the CPS to punish these criminals, the govt for enabling these criminals, and us for not kicking the shit out of them.

  3. The police are part of the problem now. They allow a Pakistani mozlem FAKE homeless person to stand outside Waitrose in a Jewish area, Temple Fortune London, begging Jews for money. He has the latest clothes on and a fancy mobile. He is a place man for terrorists.