Friday, 21 September 2012

Parliamentary Candidate Peter Reynolds and His Anti-Semitic Blog Posts

A parliamentary candidate has defended himself against strong allegations of anti-Semitism after ranting about “evil Jews” in a series of vile blog posts.

His name is Peter Reynolds and he is one of 12 candidates in the Corby by-election in November, called after the resignation of Tory MP Louise Mensch.

In a number of blogs from January 2009, Peter Reynolds attack Israel’s actions during Operation Cast Lead.

His blog revealed repeated references to Israelis as “Nazis” and an attack on the BBC for showing a programme about Anne Frank.

Now, why would somebody who claims he is not an anti-Semite, have a problem with a programme about Anne Frank?

Peter Reynolds is standing for the Cannabis Law Reform party after being elected as its leader in February 2011.

I wonder if Peter's rantings about Jews and Israel were a result of Marijuana pipe dreams?

He claims, however, that the offensive blogs were “forgeries” created by people who had reproduced his work and altered it in an effort to show him as anti-Semitic.

Peter Reynolds provided the Jewish Chronicle with a web address for his "real site", but it linked to the exact same site as the one which carried the offensive articles, thus proving his lies, deceit and anti-Semitism.

In a number of pieces the passages appeared to remain the same, except for the use of the word “Jews” changed to “Israelis”.

Police confirmed they were investigating a complaint made by him in March regarding computer misuse, but no arrests have been made.

Peter Reynolds said: “I am vehemently opposed to Israeli genocide  against Palestinians, but I refute entirely the allegations that I am anti-Jewish. I have Jewish friends.”

What kind of Jew would class a hate filled, anti-Semitic liar like Peter Reynolds as a friend? Unless Reynolds is referring to the lost and disowned "Jews" who join pro-Palestine rallies, call for the destruction of Israel and spit on the graves of real Jews.

In the first blog of 2009, Mr Reynolds appears to have written “I curse the evil Jews” before following it the next day with a claim that Israel was perpetrating “genocide” in Gaza.

Another blog post added: “Israel is now the Nazi power in the world. It is beyond forgiveness or redemption. Gaza is the new Auschwitz. The only difference is that your method of death is not Zyklon B.”

Unlike Gaza, Auschwitz did not have shopping malls or stockpiles of weaponry, the Jews who were sent there were systematically slaughtered in the thousands. 

In Gaza, Israelis let go of land, uprooted Jews from their homes and gave everything they could to Gaza in the hope of peace, what did they receive in return from the Palestinians? Rockets, Nazi style propaganda, bloodshed, kidnappings and a constant threat on their border.

The blog referred to the former BBC director-general Mark Thompson as a “Zionist Nazi collaborator” following his decision not to show a Disaster's Emergency appeal for Gaza.

The website Peter Reynolds Watch, which claims to be dedicated to “exposing the despotic, far-Left, extremist politician”, called for him to resign from the by-election race.

Mr Reynolds, of Sutton Poyntz, Dorset, said the attacks on him included people posting fake profiles of him on sex sites and accusations that he sold Nazi memorabilia on market stalls.

An odd accusation to make up out of thin air, what with ranting about "evil Jews" selling Nazi memorabilia would fit your persona well.

The hate filled, racist Peter Reynolds, perhaps you should study the holocaust in depth and speak to a survivor, before comparing it to Israel's defensive procedures in Gaza, you ignorant fool.

We will be keeping a close watch on Peter Reynolds on-line activities and post any updates on his hate speech against Jews.

Jewish Defence League UK


  1. im an edl member but support the jdl compatriates. i thought peter reynolds was on the same side as he also hates gays immigrants and shariah muslims. a mate of mine got pissed with him before and he offered my mate a line of charlie and came acros as a nice man. but attacking israel and jews? bad bad bad

  2. Its about time this charlatan was seen for what he is,The man is ostracized among the UK cannabis community for his views and opinions, along with the few idiots or uninformed folks that support him.Bigotry and racism is not welcome within the UK cannabis community.

  3. Thank you for keeping a close watch on Reynolds. Jews are not the only minority group he has had a go at, also he has shown intolerance to gays, Asians, Muslims. As well as Israelis, he has a problem with Pakistan, labeling the entire nation wicked and evil.

    The blog was not a forgery as claimed by Reynolds, as is proved by the Internet Archive - see

    The online sex profiles where Reynolds advertises for schoolgirl types are 5 years old, before he became leader of CLEAR, so there is no way they are faked, since he only came into the public eye 18 months ago. He is an habitual proven liar!

  4. Shalom. My Campaign site against Reynolds was referenced by him in a recent Northants Patriot blog post.

    Concerning myself, Reynolds said:

    "Jayelle Farmer, author of the abusive, dishonest ramblings posted by “Dave” lives in exile in Morocco. Her writing is a mixture of paranoid delusions and malicious lies. Were she ever to set foot in Britain she would be slapped with a writ for defamation and be arrested for multiple offences under the Malicious Communications Act 1983 and the Protection against Harassment Act 1997. Dorset police are already investigating people no doubt known to “Dave” under crime reference c.12c.12966."

    Thank you, JDL-UK for bringing Peter Reynolds to a wider public attention.

  5. It is indeed sickening that a man like this has so far got away with his extremist anti-everybody comments and the way he treats his own party members sacking those that dare to disagree.

    As a long-term activist for Human Rights and for the removal of cannabis from the Misuse of Drugs Act, I can say categorically that Reynolds does not represent me or my interests and the greatest move his party, the Cannabis Law Reform Party, which he took over by dishonest means and empty promises, SACK HIM and find an alternative candidate.

    And I am not afraid to put my name to my comment

  6. Melissa Dawdaughter22 September 2012 at 15:10

    So the Peter Reynolds saga continues . In one sense he is certianly equal rights: he insults EVERYONE equally.

    As noted in the past, his racist and xenophobic comments are often buffered by "but some of my best friends are .....(black/Jewish/gay/etc)".

    This man surely does not represent the community of cannabis users and campaigners in the UK, a community that has members both educated and not, religious and otherwise, of all colours, creeds, sick and healthy.

    Peter Reynolds' ongoing efforts to derail the pro cannabis lobby will in the end be proven unsuccessful. This is a campaign not about hate or ignorance, but a sincere attempt to provide the sick with a healing herb, to allow freedom of choice to those who grow and smoke cannabis, and to do away with the current hypocrisy that states one may poison oneself with tobacco or alcohol, but not to enjoy this G*d given herb.

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  8. Anonymous #1, we don't hate all gays and immigrants, only those who stay silent about the obvious crimes and hatred of islam and vote labour.

    Anonymous #2, we hope the UK cannabis community takes a strong stand against islam and the hate preached in the koran and hadith.

    1. JDL,The UK cannabis community is appalled to have someone with these views/opinions seek to "represent us",when in truth ,he represents nobody but himself and his corporate backers.This debacle has been going on for nearly a year,I shall add a link and you will see how he is viewed by the majority of the UK cannabis community.He and his followers are held in high disregard., Signed Anonymus 2

    2. Anonymous 2 - That was really funny! ;) Thanks for the laugh!

  9. 'Cannabis activists' supporting the JDL whilst concurrently claiming to be concerned about Reynolds' alleged homophobia is a laugh - the JDL say "JDL seeks to encourage belief in the morality of our Creator as set down in His eternal Torah, and the Torah forcefully denounces male homosexual activity." Stop wasting time making more publicity for him and get on with positive campaigning. By the way, Reynolds clarification on his site makes complete sense to me, actually getting the distinction that eludes supporters of this site, that Judiasm, Zionism/State of Israel are discrete ideas. You don't have to be a zionist as a Jew, in fact many orthodox and other Jews denounce it. I think people going on and on about Reynolds are are actually leading more and more people to him.

    1. Sunshine band don't post 2 posts that are practically the same.
      Where on this site does it say that we denounce homosexual activity? Are you a liar?

      Sticking up for Reynolds does not speak for your believability.

      Many Orthodox Jews denounce Zionism? Being a Jew indistinguishly means you are a Zionist. You are referring to Neturei Karta, who are paid by ahmadinejad who hangs gays, and promises them he will make them 'ministers of Jewish affairs'.

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    3. Sunshine band,

      We wrote an article about Islam and Homosexuality here: and at the end of the article we wrote the following:

      "We wish to point out to the reader that the JDL is PRO-LOVE, PRO-GAY, supports justice and supports the same rights for all consenting adults no matter what sex they are. The above article was written merely for education purposes and to point out that Muslims are ok with raping but not ok with two adults of the same sex living in a loving relationship. Their sick minds cannot comprehend love and instead, strive to control and subjugate others."

      So how are we anti-gay? Torah may be. Most religions are. But we are people who can make our own minds on the subject and NO ONE in JDL UK is anti-gay. We do not judge people on their sexual preferences, we judge them by their actions.

      Regarding Reynolds, he is an anti-Semite. His blogs and his words prove it. We are not anti-anybody, we simply expose those who pretend to be something they are not, as long as they are interfering with Jews, Judaism, Zionism and Free speech. Simple. And we do not condemn "legitimate" political views as racist, unless they are.

      Judaism is Zionism. Correct. There is no "being a Jew" without the ancient land of Israel. Therefore anyone who preaches the destruction of Israel or Zionism IS RACIST.

      There is no such thing as "the new incarnation of the State". We were exiled for many years. Our lands taken. Our people murdered. Now we returned. Why would any righteous Jew be against that is beyond my comprehension. You may have your opinions about what you believe the land of Israel to be, but you cannot have your own facts. Israel is Israel. It's not the whole Earth. All the states and countries in the planet are man made concoction, so your point is invalid and somewhat ignorant.

      Words are cheap. There are many tyrants and violent criminals who have good words about issues dear to our hearts too, but as I said, we judge people by their actions. Reynolds did not leave much out, so he got exposed. Our actions against the "Palestinians" is indeed disproportionate. I wish we did to them what they do to us, and giving Aid and hospitals, as well as equality is definitely not proportionate to the terrorism we get from them in return. We should be firmer and far more assertive than we are, as well as stop every single aid to such terrorist-supporting people.

      Maybe one day this will happen.

      Israel is Jewish land, and always has been. It doesn't matter if G-d gave us the land or not. Frankly I wish G-d has given us the land of Brazil. At least it's better than the minuscule strip of land we have as a home. G-d was not being that generous I have to say, so what is the problem with Jews living in their ancient land?

      Muslims are NOT fighting for land, since they have already stolen half of this planet and cannot even cultivate what they have. They are fighting to kill the only ancient people still alive in the world, the Jews.

      Anyone who supports the so-called "Palestinian cause" is racist, bigoted, anti-Semite and supports terrorists. We deplore such people consider them to be sub-human.

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  11. it is Derek William an ardent Reynolds apologist, he has been shown all screenshots and whatnot on Peter and he continues to stand by him blindly... he is a digrace of a man. as guilty as Reynolds almost