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Why Jacob Campbell of UKIP Friends of Israel is not a Suitable Candidate or a genuine Friend of Israel


Re: UKIP and anti-Semitism

A supporter of the Jewish Defence League UK has emailed us with a story about a UKIP event she attended, where Nigel Farage welcomed as first speaker at the meeting, a member of the National Front.

This event occurred about 6 years ago in a small Kent coastal town. Apparently flyers were put through doors and caused some excitement among the neighbours as this was advertised as the only anti-European Union party. 

Kent is renowned for having to soak up the government's immigration policies disaster.

Our supporter was one of about 60 locals who filled the small hall. After a brief introduction, Nigel Farage welcomed a youngish man who said he came from Folkestone and was a member of the National Front. The supporter said she was astonished that the National Front was still going - but not surprised due to the problems that part of the country was experiencing, with huge increases of illegal immigrant crime, mainly from mozlems but also east Europeans.

However she was shocked when this person from Folkestone, who she presumed would speak about the problems the EU laid at England's door, went straight into a rant against (then) Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and how he was a "war criminal".

The whole room apparently erupted in applause. She then states she waited for Farage to intervene and stop this tirade.

But nothing from Farage, nor did he seem perturbed. Farage thanked the speaker, who did not mention anything to do with immigration or assaults by mozlems on local people.

According to our supporter, Farage then continued as if nothing had happened, as if this was normal and actually spoke very well about Europe.

Our supporter wrote that she really wanted to ask Farage what Ariel Sharon or Israel had to do with the EU  and how we were to fight its tentacles.

In fact, she states she was actually scared to bring up the subject as everyone in the room had cheered the National Front guy to the rafters. She also could not leave but had to wait till the end to make a friendly but swift exit.

This is one of our Twitter followers who had been following a so-called UKIP supporter who was attacking us on Twitter. She wrote that this is what motivated her to send details of her experience.


This post is a follow up to "Official Response to UKIP Creation of Pro-'Palestine' Section".

We are publishing a response to our article above, from a UKIP supporter who chose to remain anonymous. They posted the following here
At least the UKIP Friends of Israel Group was founded by UKIP members, jewish and gentile, and has a lot of support within the Party. Why do you call it fake?It supports Israel and contributes good articles about arab terrorism and the EU`s support for Hamas and Hezbollah. People like Jacob Campbell and Michael Zuckerman are good supporters of Israel.
But I agree with you that the founding of a Friends of Palestine Group is crazy and shouldn`t be allowed. I think this is because UKIP is in some points too libertarian and wants to have ALL opinions within its ranks, whilst the party line is pro Israel.But what would you say to a very pro Israel UKIP member who wants to battle people like Olly Neville within UKIP rather than giving up the party because of some stupid people like Neville ?
Would you agree with me that we need a pro Israel anti EU party in Britain that gets us out of the EU and makes us to rejoin the wider Anglosphere and cooperates with great democracies like Israel, Canada, USA, Australia ans so on?
I just post one Gerard Batten (UKIP) speech from 2006. It shows the great support of many high ranked UKIP politicians for IsraelBatten is more important in UKIP than an idiot like Neville
"Mr President, we have heard several times during this debate of the need for a negotiated settlement and a peace process. But with whom do we negotiate and on what basis?
The war in Lebanon was caused by Hizbollah kidnapping Israeli soldiers which, unsurprisingly,triggered retaliation by the Israelis and the escalating conflict we have witnessed.The leader of Hizbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, said that he would not have ordered the troops’ capture and kidnapping if he had known that it would lead to full-scale war. What did he expect? Those are not the words of a political leader but of a political gangster and terrorist. He ordered the kidnappings because he thought he might get away with it. He did not, but he got a war that he could blame on the Israelis anyway.The Palestinians have elected a terrorist government under Hamas and the Lebanese have two Hizbollah terrorist representatives in their government. These decisions have consequences for the Palestinians and the Lebanese, as we have seen. How does the European Union react to this? By sending the protagonists more money: R435 million so far this year to Palestine and R42 million to Lebanon.We should let the Hamas and Hizbollah ministers in questionrenounce their intentions to drive the Israelis into the sea before we consider sending their governments aid. Otherwise such payments amount to nothing more than financing terrorism. "
The reason we at JDL UK find the support of people like Jacob Campbell (full of pathetic self-importance) "fake" is that he seems to have no real understanding of the situation in Israel, (and no desire to know) vis a vis the Arabs and the constant DAILY barrage of bombs and rockets that rain down on the Israeli population, and has demonstrated no desire to listen to an alternative point of view. 

Jacob is part of the British Israel Coalition (BIC) group, that instead of supporting Israel (since they call themselves Zionist after all) they preach the two solution state i.e. they want to split Jerusalem between Arabs and Jews, as well as Judea and Samaria. See below link where we have already covered this issue.
Furthermore, Jacob Campbell has called us "racists" without any justification whatsoever, a response more in common with leftists, mozlems and other Israel/Jew-haters.

We feel there is evidence to show he is not a serious pro-Israel player, except as part of a new kind of group that pretends to support Israel but actually thinks and acts like a leftist. We have exposed some of these groups already here:
His point of view, and thus, we presume, UKIP Friends of Israel, is that there must be a "two-state solution" or "final solution" that must be imposed on Israel by Arabs and other terrorist groups.

Background to this discussion

The following are  a series of tweets from Jacob Campbell in response to a first question from us, below:

Campbell's response to this was a follows:

We can only quote Queen Gertrude in Shakespeare's Hamlet: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

This is the text of our email to Jacob Campbell and also to two other members of UKIP, Gerald Batten and David Challice, who did not bother to reply either.

We find it utterly disgraceful that as an official mouthpiece for Jews in UKIP, you have such a low level of tolerance for simple questions and knowledge about Jewish history.
It is disgusting, reprehensible and unprofessional for someone who is apparently representing an established political party, to slur and slander a group without bothering to find out about them: your behaviour is no different to anti-semitic leftists and you use the same language.
You have accused us of racism without making it clear what you were referring to, the leftists' scatter gun approach, hoping to hit something somewhere. Hardly the behaviour of anyone who has studied politics, more like a sweaty little student Marxist who can only spout slogans.
Instead of responding calmly to our question, about how the "Palestinians" in the UKIP "Palestine" group, would receive your promotion of Jewish issues, you just lost your temper.
We ask that you provide proof that we are racist.
Instead of seeking to divide Jewish groups, just what the enemy want, you should be seeking areas of agreement.
Isn't that what politics is about?
We received no response whatsoever. 

No coincidence that the Friends of "Palestine" group are at the same university, York. A city that instigated a pogrom of Jews in the 12th century.

The problem is, UKIP is not taking the initiative and creating a debate about why the EU continues to fund terrorists or even refuses to call Hezbollah terrorists! 

Why not? What is holding them back? Why are UKIP so ineffectual and the Friends of Israel equally so?

What the anonymous UKIP supporter above is saying, is that Israel needs any support it can get, regardless of the sincerity and meaningfulness of the support, as if she is so desperate!

The opposite is true!

Israel does not need any more badly educated political student yobs any more than it needs muslims who lie about their support for Israel in order to advance their stealth jihad, any more than it needs Jew-hating leftists and Nazis.

Jacob Campbell is clearly just using Israel and his so-called Friends of Israel group, to get himself up the political ladder. the only purpose of his "support" for Israel  is so he can add some sort of activism to his CV.

UKIP could not exist without the EU/Fourth Reich and its blatant anti-Israel policies, its refusal to denote the self-proclaimed murderers of Jews, Hezbollah, as a terrorist group.

The EU is not likely to fall yet and so deprive the fakes who survive by sucking on its teets, while at the same time calling for its dismantling.

JDL UK Team 

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  1. Am not surprised about Jacob Campbell. He still continues to call all racist who do not agree with every little thing he says. It is a sad day when debate gets stifled by little people such as him, only seeking their own self publicity.