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The romanticized Syrian “rebels” plus the terrorists cannot win against the Syrian military

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Syrian "rebels" includes al-Qaeda, and Syrian Muslim Brotherhood - Sharia totting Nazis. 

The romanticized Syrian “rebels” plus the terrorists cannot win against the Syrian military – not even with the Saudis and Qataris showering them with loads of cash and weapons (although the Western MSM whores said the “opposition” were unarmed Syrian civilians. Now it appears that was ‘less than truthful’ ……shocking…..NOT.
This is where the Power of WILL is proven superior.
Sun Tzu said: “The Moral Law causes the people to be in complete accord with their ruler, so that they will follow him regardless of their lives, undismayed by any danger.”
Now, we see Damascus has been officially cleansed of the Western backed FILTH – foreign mercenaries, CIA’s Al-Qaeda, FUKUS special forces, local misfits, criminals, and agent provocateurs – on the RUN. The Syrian Military cleansed their country of the FILTH infested by the darlings of Psychopath Obama, duddering fool Cameron, Muslim Brotherhood fornicator Hideous Hitlery Rotten Clinton, and Hague the Plague (the worst two leaders of diplomacy in the history of their countries) and the new wannabe Napolean with a Dutch name, Hollande, is sterilised.
Their satanic plan to balkanise Syria has failed. For now. What’s certain is who would profit from Syria being progressively balkanized? The House of Saud and Qatar would love nothing better than to have the civil war exported to Iraq and Lebanon; in their very narrow calculations, that would eventually yield fellow Sunni regimes.

Their Sunni Psychopath sitting in the highest office in Satan America, elected by American dungheads, Obama ‘s phone call to Erdogan how to “coordinate efforts to accelerate a political transition in Syria, which would include the departure of Bashar al-Assad” and to share the “growing concerns” about the violence in Syria and the “deteriorating humanitarian conditions”. Turkey is Sunni. BUT,  Erdogan has a problem. Sixty-eight pashas (a title used for military and civil officers) are locked up in jail facing charges of treason. 40 generals out of the 68 happen to be in the “promotion zone” but cannot be considered for promotion since they are in jail. Another former Chief of Staff Hilmi Ozkok is expected to appear before the Istanbul criminal court .
Ozkok’s testimony gets played out in the coming days and weeks in army barracks across Anatolia. Its about the 2 possible coups in 2003-2004 against the government.
Meanwhile, the British trained doctor of dentistry Bashar Al-Assad gave his Kurds their autonomy, he set off a massive firestorm for Turkey. Kurdish separatists watching from mountain hideouts have opened another front near the remote eastern town of Sendinli located in the tricky tri-junction between Turkey, Iraq and Iran. Turkish army has been fighting there for a week. As they say, “payback is a real bitch”.

Concurrently, the incipient political rift between Erdogan and incumbent President Abdullah Gul (who used to be his deputy in the AKP), surged.
Turkey’s military machinery needs to be toned up first, which takes time, and now Gul has opened a dicey political front. Syria is becoming a dangerous minefield for Erdogan. A perceptive and experienced Turkish security analyst, Nihat Ozcan, recently peered into Syria through the looking glass:
“In my opinion, we need to ask four questions to understand how the Syria model will be at the end of the process. Firstly, what does the changing character of the war mean in analyses? Secondly, how does the proxy war affect political development and the time period? Thirdly, how does the deep sociological division among the people in Syria shape the problem? Fourthly, if there is no authority or sufficient power and desire to end the interference, how will Syria turn out?”
Simply put, Erdogan is highly likely to find himself trapped in a Syrian quagmire.
Out here, we read the situation: Erdogan is playing fire in a gas station. And the Kurds (the muslim hero conqueror Saladdin was a KURD) are happy to roll more gasoline to torch Turkey to the ground for the years and years of persecution they suffered at the hands of the Armenian genociders.
Oh, the MeK, the Kurdish group designated terrorist is now given Blessing by Evil America to topple Assad.
And that reader dear, is the True Face of Satan America. Worshippers of Satan. At War with G-d. Still want to swallow their satanic Right to Protect?

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  1. Where is President Obama's understanding of the situation? Where is his leadership?