Thursday, 23 August 2012

The only sex assault scandal in the Olympic games came from the Paralympic Palestinians from Jordan

Trainer Faisal Hammash (left) and fellow assaulters Power lifter Omar Sami Qaradhi (centre) and Motaz Al Junaidi (right)

Three Arab-Palestinian men from the Jordanian Paralympic team have been charged with sexual assault against females a week before the London 2012 Paralympic Games begin.
The Jordanian-Palestinian squad is training in County Antrim in Northern Ireland, and the sexual assaults are said to have taken place at the Antrim Forum.

Although only three Palestinian Jordanians have been charged, there have been others who were indirectly involved in these assaults.

Power lifter Omar Sami Qaradhi, 31, who lives in Barbados faces three charges of sexual assault, two against a child, and one of voyeurism after allegedly entering a women's changing room at the Antrim Forum leisure centre.

Trainer Faisal Hammash, 35, is accused of inciting (more like forcing) two girls to engage in sexual activity.

Mr Cahir said he was “merely photographing” the girls in the Antrim area, including on a riverside walk beside the Antrim Forum, as if this could exonerate him from a crime of voyeurism and possibly complicity.

Power lifter Motaz Al Junaidi, 45, who won bronze at the last Paralympics in Beijing, is also accused of sexual assault.

Now the King of Palestinian Jordan has stepped into the equation to show he is “doing something” about it. His Arab administration stated that they will bring the perpetrators back to face court charges in Coleraine, Co Londonderry if they were granted bail. So bail was given at the cost of £5,500 each and they were told to make contact with the Jordanian embassy in London before their next appearance in court, which will be October 18th 2012.  

“The police said  Omar Sami Qaradhi was identified by a girl aged 14 who said that on August 18 she posed for photos with him before he groped her between the legs in the town centre of Antrim.  The same day, a girl aged 16 said she was walking along the river path beside Antrim Forum, one of Northern Ireland's largest multi-sports centres, with a friend when their path was blocked by the three accused.  Police alleged that the girl was pushed by one of the men towards Omar, who placed his arm around her waist, tightening his grip, but then she ran away.  
Tony Cahir, a solicitor for three accused, said Omar had not had any legs since birth and was incapable of sexual gratification.”  (Since when “legless” people are incapable of sexual gratification? What utter rubbish!)

Once again we see people trying to defend Muslims who commit sexual assault on non-Muslims., including defending paedophilia.
These people were invited here as athletes to participate in the Paralympic games. Why do they disgrace themselves and their countries by acting like animals? If these charges are true, they should be expelled from the games, charged and punished accordingly.

The article from the Standard states:  

“One of the alleged victims came forward and made claims against Motaz after police had begun their investigation and several days after the disputed incident. Mr Cahir said wheelchair user Motaz was born with polio. He is married with four children.”  (As if this disability would stop him from sexually assaulting females).
“He added: "Now the authorities seek to deny him that opportunity which is his life's ambition, to participate in the Paralympic Games and hopefully win a gold medal for his country.” 

The authorities are not denying any true athlete to perform and win medals for their country, and no one forced him to assault the girls. If these men cannot control their genitalia like civilized people, they should not be allowed to roam free in civilized countries.  We in Britain do not appreciate such immoral and depraved behaviour.  When such behaviour comes from athletes is particularly disturbing, as athletes are supposed to be exemplary models, people we look up to. Obviously these ones fall short from any admiration.

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