Saturday, 4 August 2012

Muslims In Europe - We Will Not Integrate!

I have been saying that Muslims in the Western Europe are not here to assimilate, and it was just a matter of time until they called for Islamic Law to triumph over our laws, to wreak havoc in the countries that have taken them under their wing and to establish the Islamic Caliphate in Europe. Well that time is here.

Here are 10 examples of Muslims demonstrating how well they can "integrate" in Europe, In no particular order: 

1) A few thousand strong mob of Muslims at a violent Pro-Palestine hate rally in London, Supported by extreme Leftist groups such as the Socialist Workers Party, UAF and Antifa. The protest quickly descended into violence, with protesters chasing and assaulting British police and can clearly be heard calling them "Filthy Kuffar" as well as other things.

2) Muslims disrupt a homecoming parade of heroic British soldiers returning from a tour of Afghanistan, which claimed the lives of many soldiers, they were also met by opposition groups, in Barking, London. This is not the first time Muslims have dishonoured a homecoming parade in the UK.

3) Muslims in Bonn, Germany, riot over Muhammed Cartoon, 100 arrests and 2 stabbing followed. You can read our article on the event here.

4) Rabid Muslims in Sweden attempt to lynch a cartoonist in response to him drawing a picture of Muhammed. The cartoonist was brutally assaulted before escaping the building as police struggled to keep the baying Muslim mob back.

5) Muslim man verbally assaults an elderly woman on a Copenhagen train, uses derogatory terms and stated "you have no right to stand there"

6) Muslims and Left Wing Extremists riot against a 9/11 memorial in Harrow, London.

7) Muslim Police Officer refused to protect the Israeli Embassy in London and the workers inside from a baying mob of Muslims and Leftist Extremist's violently trying to storm into the embassy.

8) Muslims Occupying France

9) Muslims on a bus in France, chanting "make their (regarding non-Muslims) children orphans, widow their women, The Jew is the enemy of Allah" as well as other disgusting things.

10) Muslims verbally attack Jews in Holland

Unfortunately 10 examples is nowhere near enough to show everything that is happening in modern Europe, the countless foiled terror attacks plotted against innocent people in the name of Islamic wars, the Toulouse killings and the constant violence that rages everyday in an undeclared war Muslims are carrying out everyday in Europe.

  Jewish Defence League UK  


  1. The Muslims in those videos Re reLly stupid! They are pissing on our generosity a bit too much! I tell you what, you come near me and you will have a few less braincells, then what you already have! Fuck them out of Europe! WAKE UP YOU STUPID POLITICIANS, SHOW SOME BALLS OR LEAVE YOUR JOB.

  2. This is well put together, really appreciate you opening our eyes! Keep going!

  3. Thanks for your comments! We don't think that the politicians are sleeping. This is a deliberate action from their part, to destabilize our nation, remove our identity and control the people.
    However I do not think they knew the beast they have unleashed upon us all.
    Now it's time to put an end to this madness.
    People must stand up against these atrocities, speak out and demand strong action.

  4. People must speak when votin time comes.

  5. Yes well presented, pity the vast majority of Europeans don't feel like you. They sleeping lost in naive excessive tolerance, brainwashed and controlled by PC elites.

    It is a very sad situation, really, TERRIBLE!, to see that Europe, once the bastion of civilization will be destroyed because of it's own "goodwill".

    Being decent and tolerant only works when it is reciprocated.

    And being Jewish as you are, you have lot to fear. In Denmark, a country that was tolerant of Jews, many Jews are now being attacked and bashed. This is now being repeated in many European states, Sweden included. Soon Europe will not be say for Jews as it was in the 40's.