Friday, 3 August 2012

Hide Under The Covers It's The Neocons!

Warning: This post contains some disturbing imagery

BNP Leader Nick Griffin
This week, BNP leader Nick Griffin released an hour long video called Exposing the EDL in which he gave a lecture alleging the involvement of everyone and everything in Britain and America to oust the BNP from politics. He made reference to us in his allegations as well.

As those of you from our Facebook page know, there’s rarely a day that goes by in which we’re not attacked (and we usually don't waste our time writing about it). But it’s not every day we’re attacked by someone so stupid it seems almost cruel to show the extent of their warped world view, such would be the ridicule and humiliation which follows. But today this honour must go to someone we’ve never written about before, Nick Griffin, the leader of the BNP (British National Party), Britain’s fascist party.

From what is legible (actually from what I could be bothered to listen to), he states that Frank Gaffney, a former member of the Reagan administration (and staunch friend of Israel) also funds the EDL in a bid to erode nationalism. Of course, who's behind the scenes pulling all the strings? Israel. Naturally.

With regards to any US war of late ‘Anywhere you look’, Griffin states, ‘eventually you’ll find Frank Gaffney’s name come up’. Why is this so? Griffin reveals that it is because of the American way of life. Apparently, in America everything is very far away requiring those shameless Americans to drive long distances to reach anywhere (to get away from Griffin?) so they need more oil for their cars in order to reach their destinations (hence all the need for those wars?). 

But my favourite part is when Griffin shows a slide of some explosion somewhere (Iraq possibly?) and leaps up with excitement stating "that’s Frank Gaffney’s work!"

Currently, Frank Gaffney is behind Congresswomen Michelle Bachmann's investigation of the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into the US. And his company, the Center For Security Policy, has been at the forefront of waking people up to the various threats of Islam. Everything from Shari'ah (Islamic law - PDF file), Shari'ah Finance, how the 2008 global financial catastrophe was deliberately brought on by various Islamic nations, and more.

Gaffney also has a ten part, free online video course on the Muslim Brotherhood. A truly magnificent bit of educational material.

Considering the fact that wherever the US liberates, the Muslim Brotherhood takes over, the Gaffney-inspired investigation seems critical. But no sooner did the investigation start then the left and the Islamophobia lobby started their usual witch-hunt. Now, rather coincidentally, Nick Griffin comes up with this nonsensical slur against Gaffney.

Yes, the world’s focus is on the BNP. The world isn't really interested in Syria, Iranian nukes, the Muslims Brotherhood and the fact that an American President has just given us the Iranian revolution 2.0. What’s really on our, the Jews, minds is manipulating British public opinion against its own interests into hating the BNP. 

Damn, looks like we've been rumbled guys...

The EU, the hellish left wing project which has brought Europe to its knees because of its desire for a one world government (funny, I thought that idea had been defeated in the Cold War?) is nowhere to be seen, as far as Griffin's concerned. Never mind the fact that the EU are one of the biggest enemies of Israel, it is Israeli nationalism (Zionism), completely anathema to the UN and EU, which is to blame for the BNP's lack of support.

Never heard that one before!

Watch it all here

Obviously, if you really listen to what the BNP have to say you’ll like them. The BNP’s current low membership numbers have nothing to do with any of the BNP’s positions on anything. Nothing to do with anything Nick Griffin believes or says. It’s all everybody else’s fault. Don't you hate it when that happens...

Although Griffin’s party essentially is no different to other fascist parties, he’s quite clearly learned how to speak and how to present himself, so as not to come across as... well, himself. But even with rudimentary analysis, this carefully crafted impression falls to pieces revealing the real Nick Griffin. While ideologically, Griffin’s a direct descendent of Hitler and the Third Reich, intellectually, he’s clearly a direct descendent of Mr. Bean.

Psychologically speaking, for anyone who knows about Hitler’s life there is more than a marked similarity within Griffin’s psyche to the delusions of grandeur of the leader of the Third Reich. In writing this article, we certainly don’t need to use the overdone, clichéd tactic of denouncing someone by calling them ‘Hitler’ or comparing them to Nazis. We can quite easily dismantle Griffin without doing this, but this similarity in psychology between the two is disturbing.

Hitler was rejected from study at art school, he later went on to steal major amounts of art work from Jews and from around Europe. This was his level of pettiness and vengefulness, not to mention an overinflated sense of worth. Hitler blamed an international conspiracy for Germany’s loss during WWI, naturally the Jews’ fault, refusing to distinguish between Marxism and Judaism (that’s not to say he wasn’t against capitalism, which was, naturally, Jewish driven...?). And here too, what Griffin reveals is the thinking that the world revolves around him and his insignificant little party. Even if the BNP is failing, it’s not because they are so reprehensible to many, it’s because of a hidden hand keeping them down.

Of course, do we even need mention Griffin provides absolutely no proof for this conspiracy?

But like all conspiracy theories there are holes and contradictions in the narrative, and this is no different. As if by magic, during the talk we leave Israel and we're suddenly onto Frank Gaffney funding the EDL and the likes of Pamela Geller. The fact that Griffin provides no link between Israel and the US seems not to have occurred to him. 

He then contradicts himself by moving on to say that the EDL have booted their original Jewish division because a member 'backed Jewish terrorists who hung British soldiers' during their time in British Mandate Palestine. Of course, no evidence of these libellous accusations have ever been provided and never will, since they are all false.

Another of Griffin's favourite targets is what he calls neo-cons (neo, latin for new, and con for conservative). But he denies he's using it in the traditional form (ie. as a euphemism for Jews). But 'neo cons' are generally credited with the naive position that democracy can and should be enforced on the Mideast, with the belief that everything will turn out well.

But in Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism, the 'neocon' is more accurately described as a progressive republican (a rather noxious and frightening mixture of conservatism and socialism, a distant cousin of national socialism). John McCain is a progressive republican. George W Bush is a progressive republican. Condoleeza Rice is a progressive republican, and under George W's administration, Condoleeza Rice pressured Israel to withdraw from Gush Katif, Gaza. This led to Hamas taking hold and a continuous state of war existing between Israel and Gaza ever since.

Way to go Israel lobby!
An Arab about to disembowel a
fellow Arab for alleged
collaboration with Israel

In the belief that such a project to implement democracy in the Mideast is a disaster, we agree with Griffin. As anyone who's spent even a little while in Israel will tell you, the Mid East is not only a cesspit of the most primitive, barbaric and savage humans on the face of the earth, it is a region that contains some of the most barbaric people ever to have existed. But here's another contradiction, Griffin now support's a Palestinian State. Even though there is no evidence, economy, or history of an Arab Palestinian peoples.

However, in the Middle East, Saddam was run of the mill. All Israelis believed at the time Saddam was a useful buffer to Iran; the only thing keeping the Ayatollahs in check. Since Saddam's removal Iran has been allowed to expand around the world, virtually unimpeded. Threatening not only Europe, Israel and Iran's Arab neighbours, but America (via Mexico and Venezuela) as well. The current Iranian crisis with Israel is a direct consequence of the overthrow of Iraq.

Thanks George.

To disprove the accusation that Israel was behind the US-led Iraq invasion? Go read any book written by an Israeli (or Jew) from around 2003. You'll see that nowhere does anyone mention Iraq. 

One such book, which in fact came out in 1993, mentions Iran and the global terrorism threat, not Iraq, and was written by Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's current Prime Minister (not bad actually, our only wish is that he'd read it again now).

And as if all these long debunked clichés weren't enough (we went to war on a lie? Hello? Syrian WMDs? Where did they get those?).

Griffin, in his desperation, is attempting to de-legitimize a perfectly legitimate mass movement against jihad which encompasses many European and Eastern European countries, as well as the US, South America and Israel. Why shouldn't Israel be included in this? After all Israel and the Jews are the ones on the very frontline of this counter-jihad. It's the Jews these Muslims want to commit genocide against, it's Israel that Iran and his friends want to annihilate. 

But as we know now, pushing the 'poor Palestinian' narrative when an ever increasing amount of evidence shows us something else is on the one hand to de-legitimise Israel, but it is also a clever method of making Britain adopt more Islamic values. The more Britain becomes anti-Semitic, the more Islam will appeal to those Jew-haters (note the example of Guardian readers). 

So it seems justice is with us this time. Nick Griffin supporting the Palestinian project out of sympathy for its fascist qualities makes sense, but he's simply not bright enough to figure out how the Palestine project is being used to Islamise Britain. In carelessly parroting the human rights bilge about 'Palestinians' in a bid to sound more responsible, he shoots himself in the foot by supporting a cause completely against the aims of his party.

Unfortunately, this kind of rhetoric (which was the main reason we resigned from the EDL and closed the original Jewish Division) isn't rare. In fact it's the very same stuff that has emerged this year in the ranks of the "new" EDL, their forums, facebook pages, and their splinter groups such as the NWI (Northwest Infidels) and UKFD, who have an online forum which was exposed in this blog some time last year. 

Our resignation last year caused some kind of confusion in the Counter-Jihad movement with the EDL quickly opening a "new and improved Jewish Division" in order to brush off the Left's accusations of them being racists or Nazis. 
However, this Canadian-run division has never been seen at any EDL demo.

This new direction the EDL has taken corroborates with the announcement that the EDL is to enter politics under the name of British Freedom Party - BFP, headed by Mr. Paul Weston.

If there are any covert take-overs being carried out of any groups, they're in the BNP's direction, not Israel's!

Whichever way you look at it, his accusations don't stand up to scrutiny. But as a clarifier, we have never received any monies from America, Frank Gaffney, or anyone else mentioned in Griffin's video, while we were in the EDL (as the Jewish Division) or since we have become independent. However, if you are a multibillionaire who is looking for a group or cause to donate to, you can be assured we won't be too upset to hear from you!

With Griffin's latest stunt, he hasn't in fact taken his party in any new direction. But has the BNP planted squarely in a classic Fascist mould (nationalism with socialism; Jew hate with left wing rhetoric).

Griffin is now in the sticky position that the more he says the more he reveals himself, and when that happens, he's disliked more. Digging his own grave and his own demise.


  1. To Islam peace only means a piece of you here and a piece of you there.

  2. In Islam, peace is between communities within an islammic state, not between states.

    Peace means "hang on while I reload my rifle"